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The Five Principles of a True Martial Art

What Makes a ‘True Martial Art?’

true martial art

Analyzing the body lines to find proper alignment…

Oddly, back when I was training in the Kang Duk Won, we bypassed the first few elements of a True Martial Art. As I studied other other martial arts, however, such as Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, and so on, the importance of the items we hadn’t focused on became more important, and I began to see the whole picture. Continue reading

People Bugged by Real Aikido Teacher

It always irks people when I claim I can teach people how to do Real Aikido in hours. I get surly email, and I don’t bother with the phone anymore.

What crime have I committed by inventing a better, faster way of learning?

If people didn’t invent we’d still have buggy whip factories.

And what I do is no secret. It’s a logic that permeates the art, takes into account every variable, and makes the steps oflearning lead one to the next.

I mean, have you ever been to a class, and you have to memorize sequences? Yes, you have to work on sequences, but memorize them? That means you’re being trained to remember in combat!

To remember involves reaction time, and while you’re thinking he’s moving,and then you’re dead.

Now, I know, you have to remember a bit in the beginning, and the idea is to make the memory come alive, to live in an instant, and to have a plan. To be the art.

I don’t argue with that, I merely present a method whereby people don’t have to work so hard to remember because the logic leads them one step to the next. I tell you, when people experience my Real Aikido they shortly realize that each step leads logically to the next, and within an hour or two they are slapping their heads and saying ‘OMG!’

Here’s a win…

“I just had to write to you to say WOW. Your INSTANT AIKIDO is great!!!
My friends and I watched the DVD’s over the weekend and we…”

Feel free to check out my Real Aikido page. Pick up a free ebook on the home page while you’re there.

Win #55