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To Kung Fu Fight Raises IQ, To Karate Fight Makes People Smarter!

To Kung Fu Fight or Karate Fight, That Is The Question!

Call it a Kung Fu fight, call it a karate fight, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this type of martial arts fighting is going to raise your intelligence. That’s right, stepping onto the mat and going man to man is actually going to result in higher intelligence.

karate fighting

Opinion Vs The Hard Punch of Facts!

This flies in the face of those silly people who claim that martial arts, be it Karate or Kung Fu or whatever, is just a brutal undertaking. They watch the blood and knock outs on the latest MMA spectacle and call for laws. But they really are people who haven’t learned lessons on the mat, and so …they are stupid.

I know, stupid is a stupid word, and it would be stupid of me to use it so lightly, but consider what intelligence really is. It is how fast people can figure things out. It is how fast they can connect the dots of reality (and unreality).

Now, modern educators and scientists and psycho types and that sort of thing would have you believe that intelligence is how much you can remember. It is an A or an F. It is a high score on a school exam.

But a high score on a school exam has nothing to do with the real world. Further, it has nothing to do with common sense. And both the real world and common sense are what occur in a martial arts dojo during the learning process.

First, one is going to learn social conditioning by the simple expedient of walking into walls and fists and things. Not by being told politely by a teacher. Being told how to be polite and nice is merely following directions, and has nothing to do with real learning and the input of cause and effect action into one’s own universe.

Second, one is going to learn how to input data and make decisions off that data a hundred, nay, a thousand times more efficiently. The fist flying towards the face impels a person to make a connection, to make a decision, to do something. Thus, reality becomes the lesson which is really learned.

The ability to think quickly, to connect the dots, to handle reality in expedient fashion, then becomes the true education. This education can be shared with ANY field of knowledge. Thus, if you want to be smarter, then learn how to karate fight…if you want your children to be intelligent, teach them to kung fu fight.

 kung fu fight