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A Neutronic Viewpoint of Martial Arts Weapons and How to Use Them

People are always asking me about Martial Arts Weapons. Why are they funny shaped and how do they work? What’s the best Weapon in Tai Chi Chuan Karate, or Pa Kua Chang, or whatever. My answer to this is right below the video…

The truth of how to master weapons is contained in a thought so simple that most people never figure it out. There is, you see, an easy way to understanding the truth of weapons. That simple thought is…geometry.

Self defense weapons, no matter what the shape, are based on a straight line. The simplest and most basic is a pole. The pole is used for two things, bashing and poking.

Put a knife on the end of the pole and you have a spear. This is a pole with a sharp end. It is used for poking, and more delicate bashing.

Shorten that pole and sharpen it all the way, and you have a sword. A Jian, or Chinese Tai Chi Chuan sword is a rather lengthy knitting needle. It is used for poking, and for extremely delicate one inch bashing using only the tip.

Curve the Jian and you have a samurai sword. Or a cutlass or some other big sounding name. Good for poking, but especially bashing.

Shorten the samurai sword and you have a knife. Good for poking and short range bashing, of a sort. Easily concealed, used to open boxes, and swell for quick surgery on that mugger who tries to take your wallet, grab your wife, invade your home, and so on.

So, knife to sword to pole to even gun…there is a line, usually straight, that is used. The line can be hinged not at all or many times (nunchucks or nine section staffs), or handled with little hand grips (a tonfa) poking out the side, and so on. And the geometry, the ultimate geometry of all martial arts weapons, is deciding whether the shape of the tool best supports poking or bashing.

If you like this viewpoint of Martial Arts Weapons, you need to look into Matrixing and Neutronics. Here’s the weapons page, Blinding Steel, but if you go to the home page and check out the top left corner you can get a free ebook which explains Matixing.