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Seeking Martial Perfection

Newsletter 794
How to Achieve Martial Arts Perfection

Gichin Funakoshi talked about seeking perfection in the martial arts.
He also wrote a poem.
The two come together in a most interesting way.
Here’s the poem.

To search for the old is to understand the new.
The old, the new
This is a matter of time.
In all things man must have a clear mind.
The Way:
Who will pass it on straight and well?

So here’s some stuff to think about…

What is ‘The Way?’
The way is a method.
it is the method of the martial arts.
Done correctly,
it leads to a lessening of distractive thoughts,
and the ability to focus one’s spirit.
all too often the method changes
according to the whim of the teacher.

The key is in the words ‘straight and well.’

If you look up the word ‘perfection,’
you will find references to being free of flaw.
Free of flaw means scientifically true.
The problem is that nobody knows how to use the body in a ‘true’ fashion.

I remember being in the sixth grade,
looking at medical charts,
trying to figure out the best way to place the foot
so I could run faster.
Analyzing the arch as a spring,
and pondering how best to activate the spring.
Tracing the muscles on the legs,
trying to figure out which way to turn the legs
so that the muscles were best utilized.

I took this same method of analyzing with me into the martial arts.

This isn’t some branch of kinetics,
for kinetics studies the body without considering ‘chi.’
This isn’t western science,
though it is quite empirical.

The funny thing is that in the end
I came up with a simple method,
one that takes mere moments to understand,
and to utilize,
and one can utilize this method throughout the forms.
This illuminates the forms,
and makes them perfect.

So perfection is attainable.

the good news,
I describe and show the method in
The Master Instructor course.
I even show the seven specific ways of breaking this method down
for the individual parts of the body.

So perfection of art is possible,

Real simple stuff.
But nobody has ever written it down anywhere.
But here’s the thing.

If you walk with your feet turned out,
or inwards,
you wear the heels of your shoes in odd patterns.
Maybe the inside of the heel wears down,
rendering the shoe useless long before it is due to wear out.
Maybe the outside.
What you have to understand is that this wearing effect occurs
on the inside of the body, too.

Have you come across martial arts masters
who have knee replacements?
Or hip replacements?
Or worn out shoulders?
Or other malfunctioning body parts?
This is because they were doing the martial arts
without understanding the correct way to use the body.
All the western ‘kinetics’ they study,
doesn’t do a bit of good if you haven’t analyzed how the foot places,
how the muscles are arranged.
And people can actually tear their bodies apart.

The Master Instructor Course fixes this.

you start using the body in the right way,
according to the seven things I tell you about the body and using chi.
You start using less energy,
and having more impact.
This is true economy of motion.
the body starts working like a well oiled machine,
you start aging slower,
your skin stays clearer,
you have full range of motion,
full strength,
you just resist aging in the most delightful way.

Some martial artists have stumbled upon this,
and they age well,
but they don’t understand why.
They simply used their body in the correct manner
without understanding or analyzing why.
even though they had the truth,
they were not able to teach the way…
straight and true.
The way Gichin,
and others,
wish it to be taught.

You either want the true art,
or you don’t.
Sup to you.

Here’s the link for the Master Instructor Course.


check it out,
think about whether what I say makes sense,
and then take a mont back guaranteed chance.

Have a great work out!



Computer Terminology and Wired In to the Martial Arts!

Wired in is pretty much a computer term these days, and it refers to tapping into the program. To being able to access massive amounts of information. And this brings us to the martial arts.

Wired in, in general, means to be so fixed on something that you don’t notice the rest of the world. To read a book and notice that time has passed. To having so much fun you…’don’t know where the time went.’

Actually, to be utterly accurate, ‘wired in’ refers to creating your own universe, and not bothering with the rest of the universe.

Thus, you can be wired in to a program, a book, a friend or group of friends, a movie, or anything that suspends time and reality.

When I wrote The Master Instructor Course I didn’t actually realize what was going to happen. I was just writing down the things that a martial arts instructor needs to know to be an effective martial arts teacher. And, hoot of all hoots, I didn’t know that everybody didn’t know the stuff I was writing down. I thought everybody knew this stuff, and I was just trying to put it down for easy reference, to help the young guys out, and that sort of thing.

Thus, when the wins started pouring in, I was somewhat taken aback.

I shouldn’t have been. My other courses were causing great effect. Matrix Karate, in particular, was knocking socks off.

Of course, Matrix Karate had the fundamental matrix graph. It was different.

But the Master Instructor Course…why was that causing so much effect? And that bent my head down to analyzing wins and really looking at what was happening.

What was happening was that people were getting wired in to the martial arts. Simply, knowing the truth was enabling them to  tap in to the great artistic realm that is martial arts. They were suspending reality, and jumping up into a different and more aesthetic universe. They were not being distracted by slants and bias and impure notions, and so could see the truth of the motion, and art, and the generator of that motion and art…the self.

Remember, the martial arts being taught were being taught so people could win tournaments, beat people up, smash and trash, bully and badmouth. Even the best of the arts had an inbred snobbery wherein they looked down on their fellow man.

Insert truth, and the wired in effect happened.

Insert truth, and people began to look at what they were doing. To analyze, to consider implications and consequences. And a new day was born.

What happens, you see, is that when one considers the martial arts without slant or bias, the art opens up.

If you think the martial arts are to beat people up, the art closes down for you. That is just the nature of the True Art. If you look at the martial arts with slant or bias…you won’t see them. Period. And that has been true ever since the martial arts were invented, or perhaps I should say, since the universe of the martial arts was created.

Anyway, I’d like to go on, but I can feel the art telling me that I’ve said enough, and that I should wind this up.

Look, these words are different than any you’ve ever read. I don’t promise you that you’ll get to beat up a dozen skinhead bikers wielding chains and knives. I only offer to open up a world that you haven’t seen. A world of perfection and satisfaction, a world where you are wired in to a higher and more aesthetic reality.

And there is the caution: you must be intelligent, willing to learn, and able to open your eyes.

There is a Way, but you must be willing to set foot upon it. You must be willing to travel to the end and look at a very spiritual mirror.

And, if these words don’t strike you, that is okay. Time will pass, and we will meet again. That, too, is the essence of The Way of the Martial Arts.