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You Have to Follow the Directions To Get The Most Powerful Punch

I’ve had quite a few people write in and ask me how the last exercise works. Usually the question starts off with I don’t understand the Empty Punch that you describe in The Most Powerful Punch.

First, I usually call the book The Punch. I shortened it. Hope that causes no confusion.

Second, you have to do the exercises in order, otherwise you won’t understand the last one. If you do the exercises in order, you will understand that last one.

Now, each exercise doesn’t take long, maybe a week or two, a couple of hours, usually spread out over a week, should do it.

Now, I don’t fault you for reading through to the end of the book, but the book is to be done…not just read. You have to do each exercise.

Look, usually an art, if they have anything like this last exercise, will require you to work for three or four years, or a decade, or even more, and then you might get it.

But I’m a writer as well as a martial artist. I’m telling you exactly how to do each step–no skipped steps–and the result is going to be that you will understand, and be able to do that last exercise…if you have understood what I’m saying (use a simple dictionary if you have to) and have done the preceding exercises.

So, this is no disclaimer, The Punch is real, especially that last exercise, but you’re going to have to work to get it. Guaranteed, if you read, understand, and do the exercises in the book, a couple of hours a week, maybe five weeks, you’re going to get The Most Powerful Punch in the world. Guaranteed.

For those of you who came in late, just click on The Punch.