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Bruce Lee Workout Increases Strength and Power

Bruce Lee Work Out for More Power!

The Bruce Lee Workout I am describing comes from studies of about Bruce Lee, but is combined with research from other sources. There is data from bodybuilding exercises, weightlifting workouts, and so on.

Mind you, I call it the Bruce Lee Workout, but it comes from a variety of sources. many of which cropped up after his death, or were studies of his workout routines.

bruce lee workout

Bruce Lee used weight training, diet, and other factors to get this physique

There are three component parts to a Bruce Lee Workout.

The first deals with Bruce Lee Strength training. This is that weightlifting is the third best way of increasing strength. This is because when you weight lift you isolate the muscles. Yes, the muscles get bigger, but since the whole body is not being used, one will not get the tremendous speed of Bruce Lee.

The second principle associated with a Bruce Lee Workout deals with dynamic strength training, sometimes referred to as dynamic tension. This is when muscle works against muscle. This is a type of workout Bruce Lee liked, but didn’t always talk about. There are, however, Wing Chun exercises in which dynamic tension is present, or can easily be put in. The glory in these exercise routines is that the muscles, though they work against each other, do not isolate. They stay in a ‘group mode,’ and so one is able to use these exercises to achieve Bruce’s speed.

bruce lee quote martial arts classical mess

Bruce Lee believed in simple Body Weight exercises!

The third Bruce Lee workout principle holds that body calisthenics are the best method for increasing personal strength and power. While the Little Dragon did weights and dynamic tension, he also did Yoga and other body calisthenic exercises.

Tying all of the above together, of course, are things like the Bruce Lee diet, and other fitness concepts.
Thus, to make your own Bruce Lee Workout, one should do a lot of stretching, especially Yoga style. Then do light weight training. Light as one doesn’t want mass so much as definition and efficiency. Finally, the heavy stuff, body weight calisthenics.

bruce lee wing chun exercises

Bruce did do weights, but his lack of mass puts them lower on his priorities

And, though many people may object, especially in light of certain Bruce Lee quotes regarding classical martial arts, this author prefers classical martial arts for his body weight calisthenics. It is just more fun to do than simply lifting heavy metal plates, or other similar types of weight training. And, finally, more yoga to cool down and make sure the muscles relax after the work out.

So consider these points when you analyze your own body, what you want to get out of your training, what you think is fun, and then create your own Bruce Lee Workout.

The Bruce Lee Workout was originally posted at MonsterMArtialArts.com.

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Bruce Lee Workouts And Developing Real Strength-Part Two

Bruce Lee Workouts!

bruce lee workoutsWhen people do Bruce Lee workouts of some sort they have no idea what they are getting into. They see the movies, they read the books, but they don’t know what Bruce Lee was really capable of. They don’t know just how powerful he really was.

You see, it wasn’t just that he was a martial arts fanatic, a physical cultist, but that he could actually do superhuman feats of strength. I’ve listed a few of the things he could do here, and you should consider them seriously when you do your Bruce Lee workouts routine. It’s more than just push ups and sit ups, you see, it is going beyond the limits of the body.

First, the sheer speed coming out of Bruce Lee training routines is astounding. He could deliver a punch in five one hundredths of second…that’s 0.05 seconds. Try timing that on your stopwatch!

Second, Bruce Lee could hold a 75 pound barbell straight from his body-arm horizontal to the ground-for several seconds. That is a massive feat. Go ahead, pick up a simply kitchen chair and hold it arm’s length, and that is only a few pounds.

Here is your magician’s trick-The Little Dragon could snatch a dime from your open palm and deposit a penny. Man, that is faster than a banker forecloses on a widow! It’s hard enough to just grab a coin from somebody’s palm, let alone leave some change!

Fourth, think you can do a pretty good push up? Try doing one with just the thumb and index finger! His fingers were stronger than your whole arm!

And this one will send the posers packing, Mr. Lee could do 50 one arm chin up repetitions! Let me say that again…that’s FIFTY one hand pull ups. How would you like to have a python as strong as his arm wrapped around your neck?

Sixth, and this is for all those tough guys out there who think that kicks are for kids, Bruce Lee could kick a 300 pound kicking bag and make it hit the ceiling! Now that is rocket launching power! Interestingly, it’s tough to find a 300 pound martial arts kicking bag, and Bruce special ordered his.

Seventh and last, Bruce could hold an elevated V-sit up position for 30 minutes. I would think that that would actually qualify him as a yoga master, in addition to all his other accomplishments. At any rate, think about some of these things when you are doing your own brand of Bruce Lee workouts.

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Bruce Lee was a Wimp and Here’s the Proof!

Everybody thinks Bruce Lee was tough.

Well, maybe…but let me tell you a story concerning this.

I wrote for the mags, mostly for CFW. My editor was John Soet (since passed), and he told me of a time he was in Hong Kong. He was in a room filled with actors, and they were talking about parts and roles and such, and amongst the actors were George Lazenby and Bruce Lee.

George Lazenby, you may recall, did one James Bond movie, and then was replaced. So all these guys are sitting there, small talk, and suddenly George blurts out how hurt he was that he had been replaced, and he said it was difficult to get roles, and it was like nobody liked him.

The room went silent. Everybody realized that George had gone beyond small talk, that he had shown a piece of his soul, and what do you say to a guy who shows his real pain?

So everybody was quiet, silent, and not looking at each other.

Bruce was sitting across the room, and he took note of the silence. He looked around, realized that nobody was going to say anything, and he spoke softly but so that everybody could hear him. “I like you, George.”

The room went totally electric, then everybody started smiling and grinning, talk started up, and George…George suddenly felt pretty good.

So I apologize for the misleading headline, but I really wanted to share a very powerful Bruce Lee moment. This is the kind of stuff you don’t hear about, but which reveals the compassion behind the Little Dragon.

No, Bruce Lee wasn’t a wimp, he was powerfully kind, and that is the best and strongest kind of art.

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Four Techniques to Make the Funnel Work in Wing Chun Kung Fu

While these four techniques work for Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, or any close distance martial arts system, they will actually work for any martial arts system. The techniques are grown from the Wing Chun book by James Yimm Lee. This book is rumored to have been written by Bruce Lee.

To set up the techniques, as one would in most Jeet Kune Do schools, one should put the hands up at shoulder width apart, palms towards the attacker. This is a universal peace sign, ‘I don’t want to fight,’ and it is a good thing to try to ‘fight without fighting’ by using this type of motion. The person might not fight, but if he does, he will find himself ‘in the funnel’ and being handled quite easily.

There are three possible paths a punch might follow in this set up. The first path is through the hands, straight for the face, and the defense here is obvious, simply turn the hips, slap the hands over the wrist and elbow, and you have a great trap or throw or lock or whatever. This is the technique you might be taught by a great teacher like Danny Inosanto.

If the fellow decides to punch around the hands, you simply shift to the side and bring up a simultaneous high block and punch. This technique comes off the leg, turns the hips, and can crush a chest quite easily. If you don’t feel like crushing a chest…open the fingers and spear the throat, this technique is found in Wing Chun Chum Kiu

If the attacker tries to back fist around the open palms, he is falling into classical jeet kune do techniques. Simply shift to the other side, pop up an elbow block, and launch a series of quick strikes to the closed body. You might not find this technique on the wooden dummy, but it is excellent for shoving an opponent into a corner while you strike him.

If the attacker tries to kick, simply shift the legs away, lower the hands, and realize that he is going to follow up with a hand strike. When you shift the legs back you automatically set yourself up to spring. Knowing that there is a high probability of a hand attack encourages you to raise your hands as you go in, maybe even letting your jeet kune do training out with a few oblique kicks to the knees.

Now, the point of all this is that when you raise your hands you set up a path for the fellow to attack. He is either going to go through the hands, around the hands, or under the hands. And thus he becomes totally and utterly predictable, and if you know what somebody is going to do, then that somebody is ten times easier to handle.

If you want to make him even more predictable, separate your hands and he will go into the funnel, put your hands closer together and he will go around the funnel, and so on. In other words, you actually tell a person what to do by your positioning of the hands. Be it wing chun schools, jeet kune do training, or whatever, this type of set up is the ultimate for winning any kind of fight.

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