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A Brand New Professional Martial Arts Instructor!

Newsletter 928

A New Professional MA Instructor

Congrats to

Professional Martial Arts Instructor
Ralph Wildermuth!

Ralph completed the test quickly,
doing it on his breaks at work!
he racked up a score of 97.2%
This may be the highest score thus far recorded.

Well done, Ralph!

Now the link is at


There is a sample test for you,
and most people are surprised to find out how much they know,
or…don’t know,
about the martial arts.
This is,
in spite of Ralph making it look easy,
not a simple test.

The question here is this…
Do you want to be an instructor in the martial arts?
how the heck are you going to do that
if you don’t understand what the martial arts really are?

So check it out,
take the sample test.
If you do well…excellent.
If you don’t…then you know how to improve.

people who think,
just because they stood in class for a few years,
that they can teach the martial arts,
are usually sadly mistaken.
There is some VERY specialized knowledge here.
almost nobody has it,
and until they do have it,
the martial arts will continue to dwindle,
be replaced by boxing, MMA, and other sports.

here go…


Have a great work out!