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New Book Sets New Standard for Martial Arts

Newsletter 867

Professional Martial Arts Instructor Manual

Good Cinco de Mayo morning!
I love the US…
we get to celebrate independence twice!
July 4th and May 5th.
And that means we have twice the freedom
to work out twice as hard!

got a new book coming out.
I’ve been working on this for a while.
If anybody has wondered where I’ve been,
I’ve been sitting at the computer
pounding the keys madly,

In fact,
when you see what I’ve done
you will understand that this book sets a new standard.
Far beyond Black Belt,
far beyond Master,
it’s even better than a Founder.

Let me give you a few facts on this book.
The book is 8 1/2 by 11.
Those are big pages,
especially compared to normal books.
There are 232 pages.
The book is JAMMED full of stuff.
There is a lot of old material,
pieces of the master instructor course,
the art of matrix karate from the matrix karate course,
drills and exercises from out of print books,
and a sh*tload of new stuff.

What the book is
is how I teach a person
from white belt to black belt.
All the tricks I use,
all the drills,
all the extra drills and how to make more.
and all in the right order.

this is a very creative book,
it is not a MSMD book
(monkey see monkey do)
but rather a how to book that shows how,
and encourages one to create their own drills.
Use mine as the template,
configure to your art,
make new drills.
You’ll see how I do it,
how I break out of the same old same old
of the classical method,
to make the best martial artists in the world.

the inspiration for this book.

About twenty or so years ago
I had a few students
and no place to teach them.
So I walked into World Gym
and asked if I could rent a room.
They said no,
and hired me as a personal trainer.
A martial arts personal trainer.
I was a bit shocked,
to say the least.
They were paying me a couple of hundred a month
to teach students who were already paying me
sixty a month.
Sweet, eh?

So I taught for a while,
then I went and did other things.

A couple of years ago I decided to do this again.
A gym is a perfect place to find students,
and even dedicated students.
The people at a gym want to get fit,
they are more than willing to learn martial arts
if approached in the right way.
So I went to a gym,
asked the owner if he needed a trainer,
and he said no.
I blinked.
I had been talking to personal trainers
and they said there was a huge demand.
That if I was good,
I could make up to a hundred dollars an hour.
But the owner had said no to me.

So I went to another gym,
Another one.

So I managed to get ahold of a gym owner
and I asked him why,
and his answer surprised me
(though it shouldn’t have)
He said:
‘Martial Artists don’t make good trainers.
They don’t know how to run classes,
every art is different so there is no standard
and they just aren’t professional.’

Martial Artists don’t make good trainers.
Let’s take it point by point.

They don’t know how to run classes?
But they have learned in classes,
they should know all about classes!
but they tended to drive students off,
costing the gym owner money.

Every art is different…well, yes,
and I could understand how that might make things difficult
for someone who wants to give his customers
a standard experience.

But the thing that REALLY got me was…
Martial Artists just aren’t professional.

That was the kicker.
Because I consider myself a totally professional martial artist!

But…how was the gym owner supposed to know that?
How was he to know that I knew enough arts
and could teach classical arts
in a totally standard manner?
How was he to know that I was different from all the others?
That I was a true professional?

here’s the thing:
gym owners have actually had this problem for a long time,
and not just with martial artists.
Back a couple of decades
and anybody who could lift a bit of iron
could call himself a personal trainer
and get away with it.
You had knuckleheads that were actually damaging clients!
And there was no standard of professionalism.

What was the solution?
The solution were the rise of companies
that gave trainers certification.

Todays trainers have to go through courses
which give very intense data
on how to teach
the types of exercises
musculature and skeletal structure,
cardio and aerobics and endurance vs resistance training
and nutrition and the structure of a muscle and…
and on and on and on.

And I know this is true
because I signed up for a course
and got a first hand look at what the training is like.

And there is absolutely nothing like it in the martial arts.


So I looked at the training manual of one company
and I wrote my own training manual.

I didn’t duplicate the whole thing on muscles and stuff,
you should do a personal trainer course on your own for that.
But I did lay out the martial arts
using my courses and a lot of new stuff
to create somebody who knows what a martial arts instructor has to know
and can actually teach it.

Never been anything like it before in the history of the Martial Arts.

Professional Martial Arts Instructor.

if you do this book,
actually, it is a course,
then you learn the martial arts from the inside out.
you learn how to teach.
It’s how I teach,
and I have had a number of schools,
taught classes everywhere,
and they have all paid off.

So this is my answer to that gym owner’s remark,
that martial artists aren’t professional.

No, we aren’t,
but know we can be.

A person who does this book
and takes the test for it
will be certified,
and that means he can walk into ANY gym
and say
‘I’m a professional.’
He can show his certificate,
show the book he had to do,
zingo bingo
you’re head of the line
for a job doing what you want to do,
for a job teaching martial arts.

And I wasn’t kidding,
here in Los Angeles,
people can make $100 an hour
teaching some of these big name people.

Bruce Lee was charging $300 an hour,
and that was back in the early 70s!

the money is there,
and now the method to the money is there.

The only problem…
have you seen how expensive the personal trainer courses are?
We’re talking $500!
You get a book,
a test,
some sample questions,
but then you can get a job!

my book,
it’s got pieces of several courses,
books that are out of print,
new stuff,
and it’s all organized.
It’s lined up 1, 2, 3…
from white belt to black belt.

If you learn this stuff,
know how to smile to people,
then you can get a job.

the book will be out officially
in a couple of weeks.
Right now I am ordering proofs,
getting editing and such,
and exploring POD methods (Print On Demand).
The price of a book like this,
full color,
this big
is about $30.
Then I’ve got to mail it.
Probably $20 bucks there.
But if somebody wants a proof,
I’ll probably charge $75.
It might be more,
I won’t know until the book is in the final stages of production
and I am quoted a price on proofs.
But I’m guessing $75 might be fair.
And the price,
once it is officially released,
will probably be over $100.
So this is a deal.

You think I won’t get it?
I’ll get a company that does certification for personal trainers,
piggy back on them,
and it will sell like hotcakes.

After all,
it’s a path to a real fun job,
a break out from the same old same old hum drum 9 to 5.

for the next week or two,
I’ll sell proofs.

You’ll have to be willing to wait a week or so to get it,
because the company has to mail it to me,
then I have to mail it to you.

And the only reason I’m willing to do this
is because I need feedback.
I need wins to put on a site,
I need people to tell me where I’ve made mistakes.

there it is.

let me emphasize one last thing…
a Black Belt is an expert
a Master is fantastic,
but that doesn’t mean they know how to teach,
it doesn’t mean they are professional.
So this book raises the standard.
This book creates martial artists that are better than a black belt, master, or whatever.
A fellow who can teach,
is responsible for the future of the martial arts.
It doesn’t matter how much you know
if you can’t pass it on.
So a Professional Martial Arts Instructor
is actually the highest rank possible.
Nothing higher.

Even a founder has to know how to teach and be professional.

So a PMAI is the highest rank there is.

thanks for listening.
If you’re interested in picking up a proof of
Professional Martial Arts Instructor
send me an email at

Proofs will probably be available in the next few days,
almost definitely by Monday.

Have a great work out!




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The Latest Martial Arts Master Instructor!

A New Master Instructor!

Happy weekend to all!
and to all a great work out!
It’s hot,
it’s fun,
make sure you work out twice before
imbibing in the beverage of your choice.

Congrats to Master Instructor Jamie Andrews!
Here are portions of his win…

Dear Mr Case,

kenpo karate

Fascinating book on how to align keno and make it more powerful.

Thank you for sending me the Master Instructor course so promptly. Below I touch upon some of the things I’ve learned from it, and other observations…

I joined a school of Wing Chun about six months ago, and dropped out two months ago. The reason for this was that the three forms were just rushed through at break-neck speed at the start of each class, and we were expected to learn them with a single glance. It was a definite case of ‘monkey see monkey do,’ but with one of the monkeys being on amphetamines. Thank God that wasn’t the first style I had ever done or I would have walked away from the Martial Arts in disgust, but fortunately I already had good chunks of Karate, various interpretations of Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga and even Capoeira under my belt, as well as being a TKD instructor myself.

I understand the importance of teaching in small increments that build on one another. I have been doing this since I began teaching in 1987.

I am lucky to have many ‘ideal students’. The main reason I did this course was so that I don’t let them down. And I believe I have learned much from you in this respect.

Each time I show a sequence, I always follow it with an application. In some of the later Hyung, the movements are slightly stylized, so I teach the “Art” and then the real world tweaking that makes it workable.

After teaching students a new move I already usually ask them if they can think of an application. I myself have actually learned from students in doing so.

Due to current class numbers and the range of grades I often leave students to work on small snippets of techniques alone or paired up for a while. It’s more of a logistical necessity than strategy though, but I have taken what you have written about letting students work alone on board.

The four principles are already adhered to in our style of TKD (Australian Freestyle Tae Kwon Do Academy – ‘AFTA’) but currently in a haphazard manner and are rarely, and differently,  named. The same can be said of The Four Powers. They are treated as things students are meant to intuitively learn through practice and experience. This is another thing I will be focusing on more in future as you lay it out in a very logical manner, and I don’t want to keep my students in the dark.

Thank you for your words on introducing Freestyle sparring. This is something else I have now taken on board.

I was dumbfounded at your explanation of the ‘perfect strike’. The few times I have pulled this off, I too felt no impact, and have actually puzzled over why my opponents were lying on the ground. I thought I was unusual in that sense and couldn’t explain it.

Thank you for the elucidation of the principles of physics in relation to the Martial Arts. It is something I have never come across before, but makes a lot of sense. Much food for thought and reflection (and experimentation). The DVDs really drove it home as well.

Well done Jamie!

I mailed your certificate.

for all,
why not you?
the course is easy,
it is filled with things you have not come across,
if you have,
the principles are firmed up and stated correctly,
and ready for you to actually use.

Not a bit of wisdom,
like a line from the Tao,
obscure but…how do you use it?

a solid piece of data
related to the real world,
backed by physics,
so you can use and understand
and actually teach!

I tell you,
without the data on this course,
a person is not really a teacher,
he is a money see monkey do-er.

And the real point here is as Jamie says…

I don’t want to keep my students in the dark.

Isn’t that really the point of it all?
Do you want to just monkey seeing and monkey doing?
OR do you want to teach,
to pass on the real martial arts
and really help your students,
and improve the world?

Sort of a no brainer,
isn’t it?

I’ll look for your order in the email.


have a great work out!



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My Mother’s Can Opener, Vitamin Water, and Good Gung Fu

Good Gung Fu Turns from Survival to Selling

We all know about good Gung Fu. It’s when you can take that idjit who’s hittin’ on yer girl and do the smackdown on him without hardly raisin’ a sweat. Right?

What we don’t know is about my mother’s can opener.

martial arts instructor course

The knowledge how to make the Martial Arts really work!

Now, before I tell you about my mother’s can opener, let me tell you what the word gung fu means. Gung fu doesn’t mean ‘hit ‘em harder,’ or ‘the killing art,’ or anything like that.  What it means is ‘skill.’ Specifically, skill earned over time through hard work.

Now what the heck does that have to do with my mother’s kitchen implements? Well, in my usual fashion, let me slide in on that sideways.

Have you ever walked into a store, bought something, and taken it home only to find out…you can’t open the package?

You beat it you cut it you tear it…and the stupid thing grins, all shiny and new at you from within it’s shiny, hard plastic.

Please inject a few curse words here, and I know that ALL of you have encountered this.

What is really funny, if you’ve got a sense of humor like mine, is to call the store manager and tell him you will buy his fancy all wrapped up tight doodad if he can open the thing for you.

He won’t even try. And you’ll all laugh and grin. And then you might buy it or not. Depends upon if you have a sledge hammer at home.

The other day I bought a bottle of vitamin water. My wife and I are driving along and I ask her to open it.

“I can’t,” she groans in frustration, trying to unscrew the SOB.

So I steer the truck with knees and struggle with the B.


So I pull over and get out of the car, brace all my 45 years of gung fu muscles, summon up my inner chi, give that sucker a  twist, and it laughs at me.

I try, I try, all my might, and I am defeated by a bottle of vitamin water.


I have lost the battle, but I am about to win the war.

BAM! I throw that bottle down and it explodes on the pavement.

Insert curse words here, and I get back in the truck and drive off.

And it doesn’t help that my wife is trying to stifle laughter.

So for the next month wifey keeps suggesting that we go to the store for a little vitamin water.

Insert curse words here.

That month the vitamin water people lost money.

And, to this day, I will grab brand x before I grab a vitamin water.

Now, we know there is a method to the madness here. Companies wrap their crap so tight to defeat shop lifters, or maybe it is even a marketing ploy. People will buy a problem, you know? The water tastes sweeter if you have to work for it, whatever.

So, if I had had my mother’s can opener I would have twisted that top off and guzzled the sweetness within inside of a half second.

My mother’s can opener was made back in the thirties. When things were trundled across the country and had to be sealed solid.

But housewives couldn’t open the bottles, so they came up with this sweet, little device that works like a charm. It is a handle, a mechanical ratchet that closes the grippers the harder you turn.

Believe me, when you turn that sucker, the bottle opens. If it doesn’t, the gripper digs in, and you got the leverage, and any housewife, no matter how weak and slothful, can open any bottle known to man.

I don’t care if it is a jihad bottle made by a mad arab, it opens.

The terrible truth is that these can openers are unknown. They are a forgotten technology. They are not sold in ANY store I have ever been in, or even online.

‘Not online?’ you gasp. ‘But Al…everything is online!’

Not my mother’s can opener.

My mother’s can opener, you see, is good gung fu.

It is the product of a people struggling to survive, fighting injuns as they progressed across the prairies, braving hurricanes in their little clipper ships as they criss crossed the world, and taming a vast wilderness filled with unfriendly critters.

This was a product that was made by a culture steeped in the concept that everything had to work, or else their very lives were at stake.

My mother’s can opener.

Now, let’s look at your good gung fu. Or Karate, or taekwondo, or kenpo, or whatever.

The stuff you are learning at that strip mall dojo used to work. It had to work because it was necessary to fight off the bandits, defeat the hordes, stand up to the emperors troops.

It was the stuff culled from the battlefield.

It was the stuff that enabled you to live, while the foe expired under you, bleeding and screaming even while he succumbed to your superior skills.

Why doesn’t it work know?

Because civilization has turned from survival to selling.

To earn a buck, Jimmy Dojomaker has to make sure the kids don’t drop dead in his class, so he gives them rubber knives.

He has to make sure Janey Studentmother doesn’t take her precious little Johnny out of class because he was crying over a boo boo, so he sells protective gear. (Which doesn’t really work, but it fools Janey into thinking it does).

He has to compete with Johnny Kwoonhead down the street, so he tailors his techniques into tournament fighting stuff that is great…on the mat. But doesn’t really work on the street when the SOB is bigger, is swinging a baseball bat, and was (shudder) raised up in a ghetto.

And there are all sorts of other reasons your good gung fu, or karate or aikido or whatever, wouldn’t work on the street.

Now, you think I am dissing everybody (except my own sterling art), right?


I am telling you that hidden inside your strip mall McDojo are the seeds of my mother’s can opener.

That art you are sweating over came from somewhere. It survived bandits and wars and back alleys and all manner of confrontation.

The trick is to get the shiny packaging off it so you can find the workable can opener inside.

So, here’s the product push. You can stop right here, if you don’t want my solution.

When you do the Master Instructor course you get the can opener.

You don’t get the deadly, stick ‘em in the gut technique…you get the method by which you can find that technique. And find that technique in virtually everything you do.

When you do the Master Instructor course the stuff that doesn’t work bubbles off. The poser techniques stand revealed. A mere glance will tell you what is wrong with a technique, and whether there is real good gung fu inside it.

Now, some people think I am talking trash on other arts, and that just to make a buck.


Think about the price of my course, and read some wins on the testimonial page, and you’ll understand that’s not what I am doing at all.

I LOVE the old arts.

But I understand that they have been mangled by culture and language and religious beliefs and all manner of crap.

So I am not trying to throw away old martial arts, to replace them with my shiny, new invention…I am giving you the exact data, the actual knowledge, as refined by over 45 years of experience, of how to make ALL arts work.

I am not saying taekwondo is bad, I am saying you can find the Korean Karate principles that are underneath.

I am not saying that Aikido is terrible, I am saying you can analyze the techniques and find the samurai killing art hidden under the surface.

I am not saying kenpo is a trashcan filled with Ed PArker’s bad dreams and whimsy, I am saying that you can understand what he was doing, the evolutions he was undergoing, and you can distill kenpo into what it actually is.

Under the glitter and the ribbon.

Behind the concerns of tournaments and over protective mothers.

I am saying that the Master Instructor Course is the real knowledge of how to scientifically analyze the functions of the body, and the workability of the technique.

Have you noticed that I have been selling this stuff for near ten years, and NOBODY has been able to argue with me?

Instead, I get wins, over 600 pages of wins and counting.

Everybody says, ‘Oh, I never saw this stuff before!’

I think the only guy who said he had seen it had studied some 12 different arts for 35 years, and he said that he had seen the stuff, but didn’t understand it until he read how I organized it.

Yes, you’ll have come across bits and pieces, but not the whole, and even then, there is the problem of organization.

So, end of push.

Go ahead and study your art. Please do. There is gold in there. But if you want to mine the real gold, find the motherlode…if you want to find my mother’s can opener in the mess, then there is one, and ONLY one course in the world that enables you to do this.

The Master Instructor Course.

And that is the story of my mother’s can opener, vitamin water, and good gung fu.

You can find out more about the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts.

How to Teach Yourself Martial Arts

What You Need to Teach Yourself Martial Arts

teach yourself martial arts

There are three things you need if you are going to teach yourself Martial Arts, and a couple of secondary things you should know. Continue reading

Martial Arts Gets Rid of the Monkey Mind…Rejuvenates Mankind!

 Warrior Mind? Or Monkey Mind?

Everybody in the world is engaged in struggle.

everybody in the world is a warrior…
whether they know it or not.

Even if they don’t learn martial arts,
study martial arts or do martial arts…
they are still stuck with being a warrior.
a sadly inefficient warrior.

Joe Citizen struggles in the workplace
to bring bread home for the family.

Charlene Fatcells struggles in the gym
to get her weight down.

Even little Jimmy Nogood,
he struggles with teachers who should know better!

here is the problem,
the ability to fight is being bred out of us.

Did you know that sperm counts are going down
in the American male?
He’s been losing the struggle with GMO,
and his actual DNA may be changing!

And how about all those obese people?
Tons of them laying on the couches of America!
They lost the struggle with potato chips and ipads!
No real life,
just eat and tweet…eat and tweet!

if you want a real good example,
how about them politicians?
They lost the struggle with…their Monkey Minds!

That’s right,
you see,
the real struggle is not against DNA,
or some boss who has his own struggles,
or the politician or even against Lays Chips.
The real struggle is against your Monkey Mind.

The Monkey Mind is that chatter in your brain.
It is static…
meant to distract you from actually living!

there is one way to end the Monkey Mind,
to cease the endless static that says things like…
should I go to Mickey Ds today?
With things like…

The way to end the Monkey Mind,
and this is written in one of the oldest texts in the history of man,
is to learn how to concentrate your awareness.
To focus,
and eliminate the monkey chatter,
and replace it with accomplishments.

The easiest,
most fun way
to learn how to focus your awareness
is to do the martial arts.

That said,
the fastest way to do the martial arts
is to matrix them.

of course!
Everybody knows that!

How long can you think of one thing?
Go on,
try it.
Look at a table, or a pen, or something that is not a TV.
How long can you stay focused and have your attention
on only that one thing?

Chances are,
not long.
Within 30 seconds your mind is thinking of other things.
Bye bye awareness,
hello Monkey Mind.

some people can read this,
and just do it,
focus their attention,
bye bye monkey mind.

But 99.99 per cent of the people,
and this certainly included me when I first started out,
can’t do this.
Can’t focus their awareness
for more than 30 seconds.
If that.

you need to do something
that is more fun,
has more point to it
than just sitting and meditating your way
through the Monkey Mind.

Most people need an activity that focuses their attention
if they wish to increase their awareness.
A fun activity with a point.

you do your forms,
focusing your attention on each move.
You mock up villains,
and you mock up yourself as a warrior.

as you focus on your opponent,
your awareness grows.

Do you understand?
Do you understand why
people who do martial arts are smarter?
More aware?
More responsible?

Because they have put the Monkey Mind on hold,
and grown as Aware beings.

people with the Monkey Mind in full gear,
they are on endless welfare,
can’t get a good job,
are constantly crying in their beer.

People without the Monkey Mind
are relaxed,
have good friends,
and enjoy life.

here is the question of the day…
would you like to live half your life with a Monkey Mind?
Taking 3 decades to get rid of it
through traditional training?
Or do you want to get rid of it now!
Inside of a few months!
Then you matrix.

You matrix,
and that means you organize your mind,
by organizing your martial arts,
and getting rid of mental chatter,
becoming able to focus your awareness on anything you want!
For as long as you want!

I’ve said what I’ve said.
I’ve either convinced you to kick out your Monkey Mind
by having a ball
working out more,
doing the martial arts,
and enjoying life more,
you are paying attention to that clutching beast on your back…
the Monkey Mind.

So what’s it going to be?
Thirty years of work outs,
if you manage to stay in good health,
not get waylaid by bad marriages (the result of a Monkey Mind)
Changing one bad job for another (the result of a Monkey Mind)

Or get there quick.
The Matrixed Way.

For me,
it was never a choice.
I saw the martial arts and I ran towards them,
laughing and having the time of my life.
getting rid of my Monkey Mind
I am a warrior.
Good health,
good times,
making the world happen,
and I slew my Monkey Mind.

And that’s what I want for everybody…
especially you!

I want you to be a warrior
and slay your Monkey Mind.

All righty tighty…
I’ve done my work out,
my awareness is on
and yours will be too
of you look at this page…


Simply, you will learn about transforming your karate,
or any art you’ve got,
and making yourself more aware.

And when you see how simple it is,
head for this page.


This has all the data
so you can focus your awareness
the right way.
Not some mythical Bushwah way
that happens when your martial arts teacher
makes up stuff
for when he doesn’t know the real reasons.
(Bad case of Monkey Mind, you know?)

that said,
you guys have an AWESOME week!
LOTS of work outs!



zen martial arts

How to Teach Martial Arts to People Who Don’t Want to Learn!

Here’s a helpful hint on how to teach martial arts…

One of the most interesting things I encounter
is the student who can’t learn.

to be honest,
I don’t have any.
I wish I could say something cool,
like if they don’t learn,
I beat it into them,
but…it ain’t so.

martial arts pics

How to teach martial arts to anybody!

But I use a couple of tricks,
not just my fists,
to make students learn.
So let’s consider how you can get somebody
to actually listen to you
and to actually learn.

As a person on the street,
if you tell somebody a thousand times,
he might get what you are talking about.
and that’s a lot of talk.

As a martial arts instructor,
you might hit somebody a hundred times,
and they might get it.

The problem here is getting the idea out of your head
and putting it into their head.
So what is the problem…exactly?

if you don’t have good powers of mental focus,
you can’t generate an idea.
The solution is simple,
practice your forms,
but practice them correctly.

There is a difference between working out,
and learning.

Working out may instill the art in your bones,
but if you are doing your art incorrectly,
the bones are getting a poor lesson,
and you are not learning to focus your awareness,
and this will hurt your ability to create an idea.

So you have to not just practice,
but practice correctly.
You have to see your mistakes,
and you have to learn from your mistakes,
and as your body becomes more polished and efficient,
that shows that your mental powers are becoming
more polished and efficient.

you’ve done martial arts long enough,
and you have raised your powers of awareness,
learned to focus,
and you reach into your mind,
generate a thought,
and you send it to Joe Blow
with a simple sentence.

“Hey, Joe, it’s raining.”

His jaw drops,
he drools,
and he says,
and he doesn’t get out the umbrella.

You got the thought,
you sent the thought,
so why didn’t he get it?
And here is where you get the real lesson
in how to teach actual data in the martial arts.

Joe Blow didn’t listen,
couldn’t listen,
because his head is full of crap.

He’s not a bad guy.
He got through school (sort of),
but his head is so full of stuff packed in
by teachers
by parents
by friends
by enemies
by the man in the moon…
that he just doesn’t want any more in there,
so he goes blank.
Refuses to accept your thought.

So how do you get Joe Blow,
who looks like he is functioning but is actually unconscious,
but who, in spite of being unconscious,
actually walked into your school and said,
“Teach me…”
in reality means,
he is seeking to be Aware.)
To accept a thought.
To actually listen to your instructions.

Some people tell Joe to watch the class,
to just try to figure things out,
and then they explain later,
and it only takes three or four years,
but…it works.

I walk up to Joe,
ask him how he’s doing,
and when he starts to talk I let him talk for a minute.
somewhere in there I cock my head,
give a surprised blink,
and Joe suddenly says,
“Oh, nothing,” I respond.
“No, no, what…you just blinked…what?”

Joe is actually curious.
First time since first grade when the teacher told him
to shut up and sit down.
He is,
in fact,
actually listening to another human being.
Hasn’t heard his parents in ten years.
Barely listens to his friends,
who are as unconscious as him.
he is now listening to you.
So you MUST choose your words wisely.
I say something like,

“You have a really nice silence in your mind.”
A compliment which puts him at ease.
A statement which elicits more listening,
and he grins.
And you say,
“I like the way you pick up on things.”

I have just whammied the crap out of the fellow.

people like people who say nice things about them.

he is unconscious and I have told him…
to have silence in his mind.
that he learns well.
And I have done it in a manner
that is almost like a hypnotic command,
which makes him have silence in his mind
and learn well.

Two incredibly important things.
Amazing things, really.

And thing is this.
It is POSITIVE reinforcement.
Not the slap to the back of the head
that everybody usually gives
when they want somebody to shut up and listen,

I have told him the truth.
He DOES have nice silence in his mind.
Everybody does.
That’s a truth of people.
he does have the ability to learn quickly and easily.
everybody does.
Every last one of you mofos out there
who struggle and do your best
but sometimes it seems so slow,
you just have to get over that thing stuffed into you
called education.

Get over the slap on the back of the head,
get over the kid who made fun of you,
get rid of the bone brained parent who told you..
“Do what you’re told!”

In short,
get rid of everything that stopped you
from wanting to be Aware
to listen,
to learn,
to be yourself…

In short,
let yourself wake up.

I don’t mean to rant at you,
just to tell you how to get people who are less than awake
to wake up and listen
and to love life the way they are meant to.

Simply tell them how great they are,
and when they realize that you are telling the truth,
and they want to hear more,
tell them more truth…
and it is perfectly okay if you use the martial arts to do so.

if what I say makes sense,
then you should hear what I have to say
on the Master Instructor Course.


All right,
time for you to finish up a few things,
maybe shave the cat,
paint the lawn red,
and get ready for the weekend
and for your work outs.

And I tell you this,
not only do you have a wonderful silence in your mind,
very appealing and genuine,
you are going to have a truly fantastic work out.


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Martial Artists Who Refuse to Change

Martial Artists Who Refuse to Change Crack Me Up

Now, I don’t mean to offend you, but I want you to think about something.

When I was a kid, every three or four years my father would get a new car. We were middle class, it was a big expense, but it was worth it.

Cars back then didn’t last as long. They were made out of inferior materials, the manufacturing process wasn’t the greatest, and, let’s face it, new car technology was advancing.

Do you know how exciting it was to go from roll up windows to power windows? And, let me tell you, variable speed windshield wipers were amazing!

And, let’s face it, I know that you get excited when you buy a new car. You always want bigger and better. More horsepower, titanium hub caps…whatever is better, you want it.

It’s the human condition, right? something comes along that is better, and we want it.

Then we consider the sad case of the martial arts.

It’s been taught this way for thousands of years, so we aren’t going to change it.  But, think about it, the only new innovation in the martial arts seems to be how to sell it to more people. Keep those strip malls filled; more contracts for the McDojo.

Face it. When it comes to martial arts people have been sold a bill of goods. We actually pride ourselves on how long our lineage has gone on without changing a darn thing!

I heard one fellow, all dressed up in fancy robes, talking about he was the 18th grandmaster, so you could be sure that you were taught the way children were taught in the 1600s.

Isn’t that great? Kindergarten for 400 years.

No sports medicine. No discoveries. And don’t talk about research.

Would you go to a hospital that advertised that they were using the same methods used in the 1600s?

Now, do you understand why martial artists who refuse to change crack me up?

You think there isn’t a better way to do your snap kicks?

You think there isn’t a better method for making your techniques fast and intuitive?

You think there isn’t a better method for teaching you how to remember those forms in minutes…and so that you don’t forget them?

You think there isn’t a better method for learning how to put ALL the martial arts into one logical system that works no matter what?

Then you’re buying into an advertisement that says, ‘We reached perfection a thousand years ago, and we never changed.” And that, of course, is why the martial arts have changed the world, done away with war, made the world a better place. Grin.

Okey donkey, time to wrap it up.

If you think that there might actually be room for improvement in the martial arts…if you think that your karate might be able to be learned faster and quicker, using modern methods that weren’t available to peasants in the middle ages, then come see me at Monster Martial Arts.

And, if you don’t want to see if you can make your martial arts better, that’s okay. BTW, I hear there’s an opening for a worker in a buggy whip factory.

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This has been a page about making your martial arts better.martial art,

How to Teach Martial Arts to Yourself!

Teach Martial Arts to Yourself!

The benefits of work outs accumulate.
Each day,
you just add a little more,
after a while
you suddenly notice that you are different.
I am reminded of the old story
of the father who wanted his son to practice Tai Chi,
durned kid wanted to go play.
So the father started yelling at him.
The grandfather steps in,
says he’ll handle it.
He asks the kid to do one thing.
The kid does it.
The grandfather tells him to go play.
The kid is bewildered,
and he shows it.
The grandfather says,
‘You did an inch of Tai Chi today.
Maybe tomorrow you’ll do another inch.
Maybe two inches.
Let it build,
and it will be what you want.’
work out.
An inch,
a foot
or the whole durned nine yards.
You’ll get where you are going
if you take the long  view.
speaking of the long view,
did you know that I offer
around fifteen separate and complete
martial arts?
And I studied a lot of different arts
to accumulate those.
Let me outline the arts briefly,
and then tell you something interesting
about how long it takes to learn an art.
I was in Kenpo for a couple of years,
long enough to become an instructor
and write the training manual
for the school I was at.
Then I researched the five different arts of kenpo
that Ed Parker created,
and some three others besides.
I studied Kang Duk Won for some  seven years,
which was the forerunner for Shotokan based arts,
of which there are several.
I researched probably a hundred different forms
from every variety of KArate I coudl find
to make sure I understood
this karate thing.
I studied Northern and southern Shaolin
I studied Tai Chi,
probably a dozen different variations
definitely included
Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun,
and I think there was another Wu in there.
I did a lot of PRC.
I did Aikido, Wing Chun,
and I went through as much Silat and Arnis
as I could find.
The problem here
is that there weren’t a lot of teachers
when I was starting out.
So I would have to talk to people
go places,
read books and see tapes,
and just drive myself nuts
trying to figure all this stuff out.
Being a writer for the magazine helped,
got me in a couple of doors
which would have remained closed.
When people found out that I wrote articles
that the magazines trusted what I wrote,
they tended to open up.
It was fame of the cheapest kind.
here comes the interesting stuff,
If I had gone the traditional route
I would need a couple of hundred years of training.
Three to five years per art,
that’s a long time.
So I figured out short cuts.
I figured out ways to accumulate the data
to organize it,
this is important,
to cross section it.
I don’t think I could do that
in today’s martial arts.
There’s too many people
too willing to talk
saying it is going to take so long
and make sure you pay your monthly dues.
The glut of information
is overwhelming.
But when I was researching everything
there wasn’t a glut,
and I had to fill in the pieces.
And I got very creative,
made a few mistakes.
But I think I’ve fixed them all.
That’s what Matrixing does,
after all,
it fixes mistakes.
So how long does it take to learn an art?
As fast as you can get the motions
and make them work.
Here’s the trick,
some good instructor gets you there,
then insists on polishing your moves.
But time will polish your moves!
Another person will just get in the way!
In the true art,
you see,
you reach a certain point
and you realize certain things
and you become your own teacher.
A guy reaches black belt,
then he quits.
There was still eight levels of black belt to learn!
Because he had reached the point
where he had to teach himself,
and something inside him
told him that
teachers would actually slow him down,
get in the way,
make things harder,
confuse everything.
And this can happen before Black Belt,
it can happen as soon as the fellow reaches a point
where he understands the moves
and can make them work.
Here’s something interesting,
I read a book on Tai Chi
it didn’t make any sense.
I did the form in the book,
tried to understand it,
but it made no sense.
It was the Modified Tai Chi
by Lee Ying Arng,
for those of you who are interested.
So I put the book aside,
went ahead and learned more kung fu,
did some aikido,
did all sorts of other things.
One day I was moving,
looked through a box of books
to see what to throw out,
and there was Modified Tai Chi.
I opened it up,
I read it,
and I understood everything.
It was so simple
I actually started to laugh
at certain things.
don’t you see?
I hadn’t been studying Tai Chi,
so it wasn’t doing Tai Chi
that made me understand it.
It was studying ALL the martial arts.
It was figuring out the geometries
and how they related.
It was doing applications from all angles.
It was the fact that I didn’t have a teacher
and so had to teach myself.
So a beginner can learn from my courses.
Pretty easily,
I’m a good writer.
Good descriptions.
The videos are pretty easy to understand.
it is the guys with years of experience
who are really going to benefit.
I’m going to undo
all the teachers they had
that got in their way.
I’m going to undo the glut of information.
I’m going to make it all simple and logical
and easy to understand.
I took some short cuts.
I didn’t shortcut the physical side of it.
I’ve done all the forms,
I’ve walked the circle
until the universe walked around me.
the point here is this,
take the long view.
An inch at a time.
Learn one art,
then the next,
then the next.
Figure out how they fit together,
understand the geometries,
be able to make the moves work
no matter what angle.
I seem to be ranting.
But I hope it gave you something.
Even if only an extra inch.
You guys have a great work out,
and here’s something to think about.
There are three different arts
(small but different)
in the Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.
there are three different arts
in the Evolution of an Art course.
Big hefty doses of diehard Karate.
there are three different arts
in the Create Your Own Art course.
if you count the bonus I’ve thrown in
(Buddha Crane Karate)
So any of those courses
should give you your money’s worth.
Think about it this way.
Three years per art,
that’s nine years,
at $50 a month (cheap)
we’re talking $1800 worth of instruction.
And it is instruction aimed
at people who can teach themselves.
That’s a pretty powerful inch of martial arts.
You guys and gals have a great…
What am I doing?
you want a real deal?
That’s a hundred bucks for the lot.
So go here,
and I’ll offer you all three courses,
that is nine different and complete arts,
go and find out.
right here
Have a great work out.

Five Secrets of Japanese Goju Ryu.

Move quickly.

Sound, calm mind.

Be light in body.

Have a clever mind.

Master the basics.”

– Gogen Yamaguchi

If You Want To Study Martial Arts You Should Make Sure You Choose The Right One

Everybody has, at one time or another, considered a study of the martial arts. They see the Bruce Lee movies, they hear the crime horror stories, and they realize knowing something like Karate or Kung Fu is a good thing.

The question becomes, then, do you study Karate or Kung Fu? Or Aikido or jujitsu or kenpo or taekwondo or…the choices can actually be a bit overwhelming. So chekc out the following video, then let’s go through a few arts and consider what the correct decision is going to be.

Karate is constructed of powerful kicks and punches. The training tends to be regimented, and you will be expected to sweat. Depending on the style of karate you choose, you may end up studying such things as jointlocks, throws, and so on.

There is a large variety of kung fu styles. There are styles which focus on close quarter combat, like Wing Chun, and there are styles like Shaolin which allow for more space and arm swinging techniques. There are very combative methods, like Preying Mantis, and there are esoteric and athletic methods, like Monkey style, Drunken style, or even the Drunken Monkey Style.

Most people usually start studying at nearby strip malls, and these locations often showcase Chinese Kenpo Karate. Chinese Kenpo is a tournament oriented style with an immense range of one on one self defense techniques. The difficult thing here is to ascertain whether the instructor is more focused on the street, or on tournaments.

Another art one will see in strip malls is Taekwondo. Taekwondo advocates a variety of kicks. This is an excellent strategy which keeps attackers away, and gives a tremendous work out. There is usually an emphasis on sparring in some taekwondo dojangs.

If one wishes to study more peaceful methods, one should look into Aikido. Aikdio means ‘the way of harmony in the spirit,’ and it concentrates on circular movements which harmonize with the incoming force. This is an art where it becomes obvious that one must truly conquer oneself before attempting to conquer another.

Another peaceful art is Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is slow moving, good for old people, but possessed of some of the wickedest self defense moves you will ever see. Mind you, being slow moving, it sometimes takes a while to reach the level of effective self defense.

Speaking of functional self defense moves, one should consider Krav Maga. Krav Maga was developed not just for street use, but for use in actual combat. It is technique heavy, and one of the most useful arts one can study.

The last martial art we will consider, though there are more that one will come across and should look up on their own, is jujitsu. Jujitsu has a classical history, but most of it is heavily related these days to such things as Ultimate Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, and venues of that sort. This is an extremely useful martial art on the street, though one should always try to avoid going to the ground in any confrontation, as this presents an opportunity for an attacker’s friends to wade in, there could be sharp objects on the ground, and so on.

As I said, there are many other martial arts one should look at when selecting the fighting discipline that is right for them. In the end, there are as many arts as there are individuals teaching them. Which study of martial arts you pursue is going to be up to you.

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Who You Should Teach Martial Arts To and Why

Interesting question. Lot of nut cases out there, and you don’t want to waste your time, so who do you teach martial arts to?

I have one rule that I follow. I look for people who smile, who make jokes, who don’t take life too seriously.

I’ll teach anybody who has the desire, mind you, but I look for the happy people.

Life is up or down. And you take it up or down.

You are on your way to happy, or you are going in the other direction.

Martial Arts can reverse the downward direction, and make a happy person, and I don’t deny that to anybody.

But I look for happy people to teach. People who smile. They are the ones I concentrate on finding.

Life is a choice, and I made mine, and that’s how and why and who I teach martial arts to.

Check out the free ebook offered on the Monster Martial Arts home page.