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Neutronic Tai Chi Training Drills

Advanced Tai Chi Training Drills

So let’s talk about Tai Chi training

and let’s talk about Neutronics.

In Neutronics

one of the things you do

is figure out whether a motion is positive or negative

(whether it is coming towards you or going away)

and you do the opposite motion

until a balance is achieved,

until one goes neutronic,

until there is harmony,

until there is no threat

from either positive or negative.

In Tai Chi

this relates to

if they push…pull.

If they pull…push.

Simple dimple, eh?

My problem

was that I was figuring this stuff out

without anybody to work out with.


how does one go Neutronic

while doing the form?

It’s easy if you have somebody to attack you,

you just keep doing it,

keep thinking about how to work those principles

make your mistakes,


zingo bingo

you find the perfect balance


without anybody to play with,

how do you do it?

Probably one of the most impactful drills

I ever did,

was just do the form

and imagine in my head

that I was fifty feet above.

After doing this for an hour

I got in the car to go to a store

and found that I was so disconnected

(in a good way)

that I couldn’t operate the car.


where are my hands?


my depth perception is totally F.

Is this my body sitting in the seat…


if it’s not my body…

whose is it?

And the feeling of total and utter joy

just permeated my beingness,

and my body felt lighter than a feather.

At one point I was actually holding on to the steering wheel

as if to keep myself from floating.


I make no guarantees,

I won’t ever say

‘this drill is guaranteed to work this way,’

because everybody is so different.


that’s what happened to me

from doing a tai chi form

and imagining myself

fifty feet above my body

watching from afar,

giving commands to my body from afar.

Another drill I did

when doing the Tai Chi form

was to imagine balls (bubbles?) attached to my palms.

And I had to imagine myself

sucking with my hands

to keep the balls in place.

Sometimes the balls would be small,

sometimes they would join into a big ball,

and the ball would expand until it was the size of a room.

Sometimes I had my hand palm up

and had to balance the ball(s).

Sometimes I had my palm face down

and I had to imagine extra suction power in my palms

to keep them from falling.

I quickly grew a sensation in my palms that was beyond warm.

Another drill I did

was to do the form in a dark room,

no light at all

and even my eyes closed,

and imagine the arcs of energy I am describing

with my hands,

with shoulders,




I mean

what geometric form

does each body part create

in space

as I do the form?


this next one,

I vacillate,

sometimes do it one way,

and sometimes the other.

It has to do with the legs.


I feel the power and push against the earth.


I take all weight out of my body

and pretend my legs have no power

and that there is no sensation…

I don’t ‘push legs’ from stance to stance,

I just move the body

and the legs are empty things

that just come along for the ride.


there are lots of other things I do.

Sometime I should write

a book of exercises

that I do

like the ones I am telling you of here.

And it would have to be a book,

a long one.


I’ve been reading and researching for near fifty years,

and as I grow

the list of exercises I find

to make myself grow

grows longer and longer.


I have to tell you,

some of these exercises will work with other arts,

and some other arts

have their own unique exercises.

The trick is

you have to understand the geometry

of each individual art

and how that geometry fits

with the arts on the whole.

That’s why I sell so many arts,

each one of them showed me things

about how to manifest energy,

chi power, if you wish.

And the thing is,

even with a book of chi exercises

(should I get around to writing such a thing)

I always feel that I am just scratching the surface.


to be honest,

I am.


I would be remiss

if I did not tell you

that the exercises I describe here

and a lot more

that you will encounter and discover for yourselves

as you progress

I used while I was doing

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.

Here’s the URL



and remember,

you should feel a distinct difference

in the way you do your push hands or freestyle

or other practical applications

when you do Tai Chi

after doing some of these exercises.

You should feel more sensitivity,

more energy,

even better see the intention of your partner.

I mean,

these Neutronic drills

should make something happen,


keep doing them.

Be willing to spend a few hours on each one

before progressing to the next.

Make sure you have gotten everything you can

out of each drill

before moving on.

Oinky doinky

Time for me to move on.

Don’t forget to visit the Tai Chi page,

and I’ll talk to you next time.

Have a great work out.


zen martial arts

This has been a page about Neutronic Tai chi Chuan Training Drills.

Using Tai Chi Push Hands to Know and Control Your Real Body!

Happy rainy day to you!
You get to stay inside where it’s warm and work out,
if you have the eggs for it,
you can go outside and work out
in the pouring rain!

I’ve worked out in the rain,
in the snow,
on mountain tops,
in back alleys
on rooftops,
wherever there’s a place to stand.
I remember once
I wanted to to some impromptu instructing
all rooms were taken,
people walking through the hallways,
I didn’t want to work out in the front yard,
so we went in the back yard,
saw a tire laying amongst the weeds,
so we jumped on the tire,
and started working our stances
while doing Sticky Hands.
The loser had to fall in the weeds.
talk about heaven is where you find it!

here’s something for you soft guys…
As you know,
most people think they are their body.
They rely on the five senses,
and that’s about all.
your real body is
defined by your perceptions.
As far as you can perceive,
that is your real body.
That mountaintop
fourteen miles away,
that’s actually part of you.

The trick,
of course,
is how do you move your real body?
How do you get those clouds in the sky
to move the way you want them to.

The quick answer is…
The quick answer is…
stop ‘trying.’

There are lots of quick answers
that won’t help you move
your real body.

glory of the martial arts,
start a little closer to home,
and it might all make sense.
Start with the body of the guy in front of you.
It’s outside your five senses temporary body,
so it is part of your real body,
whether somebody else thinks they own it or not.

somebody says I can’t move them.
So I walk up and push on them,
and I have a wrestling match.

if I walk up to them and don’t push them,
just touch them,
then I can feel a surge of awareness go through them.
Whether they resist or not
doesn’t matter at this point.
What matters is the surge of energy,
of body reaction
that is moving first one way,
then the other.

It is like setting up a wave in a bathtub,
first it goes one way,
then it sloshes the other way.
At that point
everything is timing.
I just have to join with the slosh of the energy wave
and control it.

you’ve probably read descriptions of this phenomena,
especially if you’re in one of the soft arts,
but here is my direct experience…

If a guy punches me,
sinks his weight,
tightens his body,
I simply stand outside his fist,
and realize that his body is like an empty crate,
I don’t accept his ability to ground his weight.

I don’t shove on his fist,
I extend my perceptions through his body,
and that’s how I uproot him.

Here’s the key…
When I push on his fist,
I am not pushing,
because that would create resistance.
I am perceiving down his arm and through his body.
It’s like the radar you feel
on the back of your neck,
when somebody walks behind you.
I extend the radar through his body
until I feel body solidity.
Then I move his whole body.

You see,
he has a disjointed body,
but I treat his body as one unit,
I actually create Coordinated Body Motion
in his body,
and once I have done that
I am in charge of his body
and he is not.
and I can push, pull, or do whatever I want.

When the body is one unit
it is capable of using this ‘sixth sense’ radar.
When it is not CBMed,
then it cannot feel even what is being done to it.

Let me repeat this in a different way,

I touch my opponent’s extended fist,
and feel down his arm
for a bit of solidity.
That solidity is most likely
a place where his body
because it is not CBMed,
is massing energy.
The energy simply can’t get through his body
and stops.
He doesn’t know it,
it doesn’t injure him,
when I detect the uncoordinated nature of his body
two things happen,
one is that I can now manipulate his whole body as one unit.
and this is important,
his body will let me,
will go with me,
will go with my directions
rather than his direction
(give up his ownership of itself to me)
and even aid me in moving it around.

An individual body likes to have somebody in charge of it
who knows what he is doing,
and a person who CBMs
is treating bodies
the way they want to be treated.

take a look at the youtube of me doing Rollback at the top of this page.

In the last move of it I throw Nehemiah away.
Look at it,
I am not using effort.
I simply move my body in as one unit,
and his body goes with it
and even likes it.
Now Nehemiah has wonderful CBM,
I have been CBMing for near forty years,
I have an edge.
to be honest,
every time I throw him now
it is getting more and more difficult.
I can feel his CBM growing,
and his body is less and less willing
to give itself to me.
He is taking charge of his own body.

is sort of a shock to many people,
they have been kicking and punching for a few decades,
but they have never joined their body.
It appears that their body is doing what they want it to,
but only on the surface.
it wants to be one unit,
to treat it as less than one unit
is to disrespect it.
and to not really own it.

didn’t mean to go on such a rant,
but once I get started…

I hope this helps you grok the importance
of studying all arts,
of CBMing,
and of the process of realizing
some of your true potential,
and the true size
of your real body.

Here’s the URL for Five Army Tai Chi.
Good place to start
if you want to get into controlling other people’s bodies
in the most effortless manner possible.

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan

Okey doke,
everythinsg been said,
the yearly rendition of
The Monster Night Before Christmas
is going to be rendered
next week.
So pile the twigs under your computer,
strike a match,
and get ready!

Hanakwanmass to all!


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~Josh Billings

The Martial Arts teach you to love yourself. ~Al Case

Begin to be now what you will be hereafter. ~William James

The martial arts you do today will create who you are tomorrow. ~Al Case

Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. ~Fred Brooks

Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from practicing the martial arts every day. ~Al Case

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Monster Newsletter #351–The Secret of Enlightenment! (first half–a tai chi win)

Great day in the morning!
Or even the afternoon.
Or evening.
The day is just great all day
you know the tune…
because you get to work out!

gonna give you the secret of the universe today.
But before I do,
here is one the coolest wins,
comes from Master Instructor Harry Hsu…

Hey here’s a cool win. I’m teaching this young girl Matrix Tai Chi… She was routed out of (her job) because (of her) heart, which has some kind of condition whereby it accelerates its beat for no reason at various times! Doctors say she shouldn’t do sports and should only walk for exercise. So I gave her ONE Tai Chi lesson so far, and I took her pulse before the lesson, throughout the lesson, and at the end of the lesson. I had to keep the lesson ultra-simple, but check this out!!!! –

10:41 AM: Beats-Per-Minute set at 82.

10:46: Demo’d on her arm the unbendable arm and then tried to collapse her elbow to no avail: 84 BPM.

11:09: Taught her the basic rise and fall arm movements (usually the 1st move in most versions of Tai Chi as you already know) and then the application of blocking someone’s two handed push by raising both arms and then pushing downward on the attacker with a full front stance shift: 90 BPM. told her that we have to stop if her BPM goes above 95.

11:28: Showed her a high block (closing the opponent’s punch) in a back stance and then leaned my whole body on her high block while telling her to ’empty’ herself as much as possible: 70 BPM!!!

11:54: Showed her Fair Lady (since the closing high block fed into this final app for the day): 70 BPM!!!!

12:05PM: Did a little bit of Push Hands with her (this had the most ‘action’ and ‘body movement’ done compared with the rest of the entire lesson): 85 BPM!

Pretty sweet shit old man!!!!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!

Numba Wan :0)

well done MI Harry!
I don’t have a page for Matrix Tai Chi,
but if you don’t have it and want it,
just email me and we’ll work something out.
I have to tell you,
the stuff Harry was doing
he was using Master Instructor tools,
that’s the course to look at.
that’s how he was making the Matrix Tai Chi work.
That’s how he makes any and all arts work.
Master Instructors,
they are gold.

that said,
I’ve been getting so many wins,
I decided to put them in my blog,


So if you go there
and subscribe to the blog
you’ll be getting ALL sorts of stuff,
and you won’t have to go look for it.

Okey doke,
let’s cut the chatter and give you the secret of the universe.

Sorry guys, had to put this in two parts. The blog right after this will have the actual secret of the universe…and it is a secret, and it is a mind stopper. Talk to you there.

Monster Newsletter #300–How To Read Minds!

It’s the 300th issue of the newsletter!
That’s 300 times
I’ve told you to get off your fanny
and go work out!

Think about it,
maybe three hundred hours
of perfecting your form,
of growing younger and healthier.
life is worth it.

let’s celebrate 300
with a special newsletter.
Let me tell you the truth about reading minds.

At some point in my martial career,
somewhere past twenty years,
I hadn’t been freestyling much,
just working on forms,
and I went to freestyle with a student

I was suddenly looking down a long tube at my student.
I was motionless,
didn’t lean in any direction,
and my ability to explode and win the fight was totally certain.
I knew it,
my student could feel it.
Actually began shaking.

I bowed and backed off,
bowed and set again,
I was definitely looking down a long tube.
It was mystical,
but not mystical,
and it wasn’t going away.
Anybody who does his forms for thirty or forty years
and pays attention to certain factors,
is going to achieve this.
how do you achieve it faster?
Why decades?
Why not years?
Or…even months!
Why not?

since that time
I have tried to isolate the exact factors
behind this ability.

you must do forms,
and you must have CBM
(Coordinated Body Motion)
All parts of the body start motion at the same time,
and all parts of the body stop at the same time,
and the motion is synchronized
in accordance with size, shape, mass of body part,
and so on.

your forms,
and your whole system,
must be matrixed
(if you want it to happen in years or months instead of decades).
You must make your motions efficient,
and there must be an underlying logic
to how and why you move.

you must do your forms with singular intention.
You must concentrate only on what you are doing,
you must put aside distractions.
I read a lot of zen to get this concept.
You can read Neutronics
and understand it a lot faster.
The mere description
of what is actually happening in the universe
is going to make it difficult
to get distracted.

you must realize that
there are only three motions in the universe.
A person is either going towards you,
away from you,
or with you.
Understanding this
makes it easier to understand what direction
a person is going to take.
It is a simplicity which works,
and will open up other doors.

as time passes,
as you become more and more distraction free,
more in the tube,
you will actually start to pick up people’s thoughts.
to be honest,
it probably won’t happen in the dojo
so much as the work a day world.
It’ll happen at a party,
or at a store,
or somewhere weird.

what has happened is that your mind is like a radio transmitter/receiver.
You have used a body discipline
to get rid of mental distractions (static),
and you have focused your awareness
and really looked at what is happening,
and your mind can now pick up thoughts.

it will take work,
but it is not mystical,
though it does result in an ability
that some people are going to think is mystical.
When you get there,
you will know that it is just hard work,
and paying attention to detail.

I know there are a couple of people reading this
who have already put in the work,
and what I have said here
is going to jog it all for them
and give them the ability now.

You guys who this happens to,
write and let me know your experiences.
I want the wins,
and I want to use them to encourage people
to get this ability faster.

Okey doke,
you need to work out,
and you need to matrix your art.
I should probably give you a link
so you know where to go
to get your matrixing.
Go to this link…

Monster Martial Arts

Pick out the course that interests you!

great things coming up.
Got another Master Instructor to announce,
will do so next newsletter.

BlindingSteel is going to shut down any day,
Last chance to take advantage of that site and courses.
I’m going to reload Monkeyland pretty soon.
Been working hard on that one.
My fingers are a little shorter for pounding on the keyboard over that one.

Last announcement,
I have had a couple of problems with the mail.
One fellow was not receiving,
I have sent him three courses,
and it looks like it is going to get there now.

One fellow sent me a check,
but didn’t tell me what course,
I am waiting for his reply,
and have misplaced his original letter.
If you are him,
let me know!

Another fellow,
I received his course back in the mail,
no one at that address.
No response to emails,
if you are him,
let me know.

In short,
if you have any problems,
have not received your order,
please let me know.

My business works
if I fill orders fast,
and keep people jazzed
on the martial arts,
and life in general.
So let me know if there is any problem.

Have a great work out,
and know that you are the most powerful person in the universe.
There is no doubt and no argument
concerning that.



Want a stronger punch? Here’s the article that will give it to you.
Internal Karate, Matrixing, And The Strongest Punch!
Leave a comment if you can, it helps my statistics.

Metaphysics means nothing but an unusually obstinate effort to think clearly.
William James

The Cruel Trap Of The Martial Arts And Fah Jing

I’m going to tell you about Fah Jing, and Matrix Martial Arts, and what it really is, but to do so I have to push your face into one of the cruel traps of the martial arts. This cruel trap has bedeviled martial artists since forever, and it really is time to break out of the trap. It is time to find out what holds up the progress of the martial arts, makes them long and hard to learn, and makes them even ineffective.

The cruel trap of which I speak is the lack of adequate language. This trap comes in two specifics, yet is easily broken. The strength to pick up a dictionary, however, is more than a student seems to have.

Many martial arts instructors come to this country, and they don’t always speak the language of the people they wish to teach. Thus, the students are left with memorizing terms which are poorly understood. Thus, the student must learn not just the surface meaning of a term, but the reality behind the term.

The second specific, in this matter of languages, is that ancient languages do not describe a science. But the martial arts are a science, and they must be understood as such. To demonstrate this concept, let’s consider Fah Jing.

Fah Jing means explosive power. But where do you explode from, and how do you channel the energy, and what do you do with it? Simple practice will show you, but it takes ten times longer than it should, and it would take ten times shorter to understand if the language was adequate and scientific.

Pretend the arm is a hollow tube. Take a firm stance and move the tube so that energy shifts the length of the tube and impacts upon the far end. This is Fahjing.

Now explore the physics of the matter. What kind of relaxation is necessary to enable you to move the tube properly, so that energy runs the length of the tube. How is the tube connected to the body, and what must you do with the body so as to best and most efficiently move the tube?

When you get past the misunderstood language, and the terms that might mean something to an ancient culture, but which lack scientific relativity, you will find that tai chi, and other arts, open up like the doors of heaven. It is physics, you see, that will enable you to master the mystical arts, and to truly delve deep into them. It is physics that we study and master when we Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.

The Inside And The Outside of Matrix Tai Chi Chuan

It takes three lifetimes to learn Karate. I heard that one when I first began the martial arts, and it takes on new meaning when you consider Tai Chi Chuan. I mean, you do Tai Chi slow, so it’s got to take longer to get there than something like karate, so to learn Tai Chi has got to take something like thirty lifetimes, right?

Okay, I’m having fun with you. We all know that Tai Chi, because it concentrates awareness, should be faster and easier to learn than one of the faster arts. Right?

The truth of the matter actually hinges on something rather interesting. To get to this interesting something we have to consider that there are two viewpoints when it comes to Tai Chi Chuan. There is the inside viewpoint and the outside viewpoint.

Inside, like inside your body. The viewpoint from inside your skull, as if you had to use your eyeballs, as if you were a meat body. Like you are not an immortal spirit taking residence inside a body.

Outside, like outside your body. The viewpoint from slight, or more than slightly, outside your body, as if you were a spirit and didn’t really need those eyeball things. Like you are immortal and merely renting that meaty thing with all its sweaty urges.

One does the martial arts and immerses themselves in the day to day operations of the thing. How do you peel an apple or teach a kid or…these fingers and toes…how do they really work? And as you learn to operate each unique and individual part of the body something strange and wondrous occurs.

Strange and wondrous if you learn through the martial arts, for the martial arts impart the second viewpoint, the outside viewpoint. People doing other arts, like ballet and gymnastics, don’t really get this viewpoint, for those skills do not force one outside his body. Or, perhaps they do, but there is no measuring stick so they don’t really know that they are getting outside their body.

But you do get outside your body by practicing the martial arts, and especially Tai Chi, but mostly by studying enough martial arts to learn all the viewpoints to pop you slightly out of that meaty runaround you are in. Then you stop aging as drastically as the artistically challenged, and you lose this weird thing called reaction time, and you start picking up on other people’s thoughts, and all sort of other sixth sense types of abilities. And if you don’t get all these abilities, maybe you are stuck in a slow version of the art, that really does take three lifetimes, and if that is the case, Matrix Tai Chi Chuan takes about three months, or so it is rumored.