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The Truth of Chi and Pa Kua Chang

Do enough Pa Kua Chang and something really weird happens…

Pa Kua, as many people know, is that martial art where you walk in a circle endlessly. Circles where you find loops within spirals within circles.

Circlepa kua chang instructorTo explain this really weird thing that happens in Pa Kua Chang, let me explain a couple of things first. Understand these things, and you will find that weird is normal in this universe, and normal is weird. Okey dokey?

The circle must consist of eight steps from beginning to end. This is about one good leg sweep, or six feet in diameter. And, of course, the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning, and so on.

Long time Pa Kua students claim that if you explore various positions of the palms as you walk the circle, that the positions stand for various phenomena. Fire palms, water palms, lightening palms, thunder palms, and so on. By following this analogy they have created a separate and entire universe. While this universe can occupy a student for a lifetime, there hasn’t been a good explanation for what is happening, up till now.

When you create this Pa Kua universe, you should understand that the body is a machine. Just like alternating current, power goes down and up the legs. You should confirm it with a good dictionary, at this point, that power is energy, and energy is the capacity for work, and the capacity for work is how much weight you can lift.

Energy of the body is credited with being created by the tan tien. The tan tien is a point a couple of inches below the navel. The tan tien sends the energy down and up and the legs and back into the tan tien. What happens is that the body becomes a capacitor, a storage device, and the energy can be stored for later use.

But also, and most interesting, is that after walking the circle sufficient with the idea I’ve detailed here, you will experience actual lightening going up and down your legs. You will also, as you explore the potential of the palms in conjunction with the storing of the energy, experience a barber pole type energy swirl up and down your arms.

Pa Kua is not mystical, it is common sense physics, but it does take a dedicated practitioner and a calm mind to experience what I have explained here. For the body to start acting as a capacitor one must tell the body to do so enough times and with enough sincerity, and this while walking the circle enough times. If one learns to believe that this universe is not a trap, but a journey, what I have told you here is not only possible, but even easy.

The best Pa Kua Chang for learning what I’ve told you here is the Butterfly Pa Ku Chang. It is specifically designed to fit the concepts here, and it won’t be long before your Pa Kua Chang is giving you lightening legs and thunder palms.

Here is another article describing the Pa Kua Chang universe.

Four Stages of Mind over Matter

Think and It Shall Happen…Through the Martial Arts!

May the force be with you. Did the Egyptians levitate those pyramidal building blocks with their minds? I wanna have the power of mind over matter!

if you don't have a mind it doesn't matterHey, who doesn’t. The problem is, you don’t see anybody else who has it, either. Even the bible, translated through seventy different special interest groups, is not entirely believable when it comes to matters of the mind over matter.

That said, the first stage in learning how to have powers of mind over matter is to learn that the body is a machine. This can be done through many different methods, but the best one I have found is good old martial arts. You have to translate a lot of stuff into physics, and there is a lot of bushwah out there, but if you stick to the empirical method you can actually isolate True Martial Arts.

The second stage is learning how to use the mind. The first stage, in teaching you that the body is a machine, opens up the mind, but most people misunderstand what has happened. They think they have to build their bodies more, when, at a certain point, they have to use their bodies less, and energy less, and let their mental powers transcend any desire for physicality.

The third stage, interesting enough, deals with an analysis of flow, such as in Aikido, or Pa Kua, or others of the soft arts. Once flow is mastered, the third stage starts to manifest, and this is a stage of imagination. Can you make people back away from you just by looking at them, can you fall somebody down with your intent, as opposed to actually touching them.

The fourth stage is going to be available after you have achieved the abilities I’ve just described. This is going to be where you make stones levitate. Can you take imagination and make the things of the world do what you want them to do?

Can you imagine a stone lifting, and it lifts solely through your imagination? This is not muscle, and is, in fact, in a direction opposite to muscle. Though, remember, it is necessary on the first stage.

The real key is in understanding, not in mysticism, for mysticism is the fact of words and concepts not really being understood and therefore not really usable. The real key is in running imagination through your body on the lower levels, and then being able to manifest that imagination outside your body. Of course, at this point, you should probably find a workable method for isolating the exact physics of The True Martial Arts.

But to start from scratch, go to MonsterMartialArts.com and find a course on good Kung Fu.

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Chess…and the Perfect Martial Arts: A Case History

Is it Possible to have Perfect Martial Arts?

I recently wrote on article on ‘Beyond Western Muscles and the Martial Arts,’ and in that article I mentioned an idea I had come across many years ago: that in a perfect chess game white will win for the simple reason that it moved first.

This has obvious implications in the martial arts. Two combatants edging towards each other, the perfect gunfight, searching for that threshold of distance wherein they can strike first and without getting struck.

Some people didn’t agree with this. I thought it a simple matter of extrapolating Einstein’s theory of relativity, and the resulting corollaries in subatomic physics, but, alas, I guess I was not…the first to move.

Then I had an interesting email wherein the fellow said that if two tai chi masters fight, the one who moves first will always lose.

Lord! Now I didn’t know what to think!

Except (aha!), if one understands that the perfect state of consciousness (awareness) is to consider oneself the center of the universe, and that everything revolves around oneself, and that there is no proof that anything (or entity) exists, except as is created by the being at the center of the universe.

This theory holds up to the concept that at the center of all motion is motionlessness. This theory finally achieves the concept of perfection in the martial arts, and in the whole universe!

In this realm thought ceases to be motion, and becomes the ultimate no motion.

Which brings us to the grand conclusion.

If one doesn’t move first, then one will win. This fulfills the highest goals of the the martial arts, defines the highest attributes of an individual, and results in the cessation of all wars for an everlasting reign of peace on earth.

After, of course, one puts a big juicy, raw steak on his eyeball.

If you want perfection in your fighting abilities you have to matrix your martial arts. Go to Monster Martial Arts and find out what Matrixing is.

If you like martial arts humor you should check out the Case Histories column at Monster Martial Arts.

Totally Different Way of Doing Tai Chi Chuan

Matrix Tai Chi Chuan

Speaking of Tai Chi Chuan,

I have just released Matrix Tai Chi Chaun.

learn taiji quan

Totally different method for learning Tai Chi Chuan ~ click on image above!

I actually released this some years ago,
but I stopped selling it.
The reason
I was not happy with the book.
being on a mountaintop
head above the clouds,
I was able to see what I had done and not done,
and I was able to write
one of the best matrixing books I have ever written!

Matrixing a posture
matrixing the postures
how to matrixing the techniques so you get 50 plus applications
matrixing the footwork so you get 25+ silk reeling exercises!
Two matrixes,
one for hard tai chi applications,
and the information so you can change that into hard and soft applications!

And here is something you’re really going to like…
I always talk about the blank spots one finds by using a matrix,
how you can find out the data that was hidden,
glossed over,
made mysterious,
In Matrix Tai Chi I really show how this happens,
and how I compare two matrixes to find all sorts of stuff!

And here’s something you should know…
Matrix TCC is based on this principle…
A beginner learns hard applications
an intermediate learns hard/soft applications
An expert learns soft applications.

Do you understand?
All the TCC boys and girls out there are pushing soft apps,
expecting people to jump from the floor to the roof!
They are missing the basic and intermediate steps!
No wonder TCC can get so messy and misunderstood!

In Matrix TCC you get all three steps.

You’re going to be able to do hard TCC within a couple of weeks,
and then start working on the hard/soft apps for a couple of months,
and then you’ll be capable of the REAL Tai Chi Chuan!

a couple of things.

If you ordered the old Matrix TCC,
and there was only a couple of you,
send me the third page of the matrix TCC book I sold you,
and I will send you the new Matrix TCC book.

The video is the same,
no need to replace that.
It is me and Nehemiah going through
the lines, applications, footworks, form and freestyles.

So if you ordered before,
you get the book for free.
Just follow the instructions above.

what is the difference between Matrix TCC and Five Army TCC,
a little and a lot.

Matrix TCC breaks it all down.
You even get a quick breakdown of the form.

it is not as in depth and comprehensive
as my breakdown of the form and applications of the form
on Five Army TCC.

It’s a matter of time,
and how much I could pack on the course.

Matrix TCC has matrixing,
breaks TCC down like it has NEVER been broken down before.

Five Army TCC I go into the form in depth and detail,
so if you like what I am saying and doing on Matrix TCC,
then you are going to want to get the finer detailed analysis.

So you can now get Matrix TCC by itself,
or you can get the package of both Matrix and Five Army TCC,
and save a few bucks.

Here’s the link for Matrix TCC..

And here’s the link for the TCC package…

I haven’t had time to expand the larger Kung Fu package
but I will int he future.
If anybody is interested in that, let me know.

Matrix TCC is one CD and two DVDs,
Five Army TCC is four DVDs
Together, that’s about one CD and six DVDs
or a book and almost FIVE HOURS hours
of a new logic
presented one on one
in a very hands on format
so you can’t not understand!

I always recommend the instant download,
because being on a mountaintop
I don’t get to the post office every day.

The videos are on youtube
and it is the simplest thing in the world
to find software to download videos from youtube for free.

If ever a disk or download doesn’t work
just let me know at aganzul@gmail.com
and I will see to fixing it as quickly as I can.

that’s about it.
I’ve been working hard on this,
didn’t even put out a newsletter last Friday,
but…this is the gold.
This course,
and especially the book
really puts the cap on Matrixing.
All the way from hard to soft,
so you can understand EVERYTHING,
and even turn around and teach it.

And in the shortest possible time.

Think about it,
people spend a couple of decades
to get what I’ve put together,
and then what they’ve got is slanted towards one art,
filled with illogic and blank spots.
And you can get ALL the martial arts,
understand EVERYTHING
and within a couple of years.
Three or four months for each Matrixing course,
and you get DECADES of knowledge
without the mistakes and missteps.

if you’ve just been reading this newsletter
it’s time to get your stuff in gear,
it’s not just…’be all you can be.’
It’s…’become more than anybody imagined!’

And if you’re ready for Matrix TCC,
the gloves are off!
Come and get it!

Don’t just have a great workout…
Have yourself a most spectacular journey!



Why Tai Chi Chuan is The Grand Ultimate Art

An odd reason as to Why Tai Chi Chuan is the ‘Top.’

Good morning to All!

and may each day bring a better and better workout!

I’m going to talk about something weird today,
but before I do,
you may have noticed that my communications are sporadic.
That is because I am living on a mountaintop,
and my internet connection, is…odd.
So just be patient if my emails are delayed,
or if the newsletters arrive at odd intervals.
It’ll all get sorted out with time.

that said,
the work outs up here are absolutely incredible!

Imagine standing on top of the highest peak around,
able to see a million miles in every direction,
and doing your tai chi form.

you really understand what ‘grand ultimate’ means.

Oinkly donkly,
let me go weird on you.

One of the things I have noticed is that the bigger the group,
the smaller the intelligence.

For instance,
ants, a million ants in a colony,
and there’s only one intelligence.
And that intelligence isn’t too smart.
It is survival oriented,
but on the lowest order.

Move up to the cows.
They are so smart they line up for the slaughter and never figure it out.

Move up to humans.
Uh…maybe we shouldn’t.

Well, maybe we should.

After all, you don’t want to be one forever, do you? Heh?

Lower level humans are caught in a herd mentality.
At best they gather in places and discuss stuff that has no relevance nor importance.
At worst they are a mob, killing and slaughtering their way to their own demise.
Sort of Republicans or democrats. (Sorry, had to slip that in.)

the higher the level of human, the more individuality there is.

If somebody wants you to get with the program,
shut up and do your work we’ll let you know when you’re done,
or vote…
They are asking you to be a low level human being.
Basically, they want to rule, and they are looking for fools to rule.
Which brings us to high level human beings.

High level human beings are individuals.
They work,
they speak when relevant or important,
they listen a lot, and they actually learn.

Martial Arts make high level human beings.
Most of the time.

People often start in classes,
not a bad thing in this instance,
if actual learning is going on.

But the more they learn the more individual they become.

The more apart from the crowd they become.

The more they have their own viewpoint,
and the strength to stick to it.

Find an individual and you find things like virtue.
The willingness to sacrifice for the group.
(whereas the group is rarely willing to sacrifice for the individual)

Martial Arts makes individuals.

They make people who teach,
people who help others,
people who have a larger view for the good of humanity.
They are part of groups that are not herds or mobs,
but actually concerned with the direction of mankind.

The question here is…how long do you want to take
to become that unique individual that you are?

Twenty years?
Do it that way and the sad fact is that
by the time you are an individual you are too old
to enjoy the particular glory that it brings.

the only way to do something is to throw yourself into it,
get through it as fast as you can,
and enjoy the heck out of life.

Don’t be slow.

Get there,
and have more left in your life to enjoy the rewards.

Get to the top of the mountain as fast as you can…
and do your forms.

Believe me,
I wish I’d arrived at Monkeyland lo-o-ong ago!

the point is this…
when everybody expects you to act a certain way,
go your own way.

Believe me,
you can be as if on top of a mountain,
if you just resist the herd mentality
and practice your martial arts.

Monkeyland can be anywhere there is an individual
who is willing to stand alone,
to stand up for himself…

Here’s the URL for Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.


It’s the art to study
if you want to feel like you are on top of a mountain.
It is definitely the art of the individual.


Congrats to Latest Student to Become a Tai Chi Chuan Expert!

Newsletter 616

New Tai Chi Expert!

Sigh of relief…
I get to work out!
How about you?
Every day this week,
a work out,
all right?

got a great win from Kurt Nelle’
on the Five Army Tai Chi Chuan course.

tai chi chuan expertI have been practicing Yang style Tai chi, both 88 form and 24 form for many years. So when I started your Five Army Program I skipped right to the Push Hands and applications, thinking I knew it all. Boy was I wrong. When I went back to Five Army, with my new found understanding and appreciation of Matrixing it was very easy to learn. The postures are as in Yang with the exception of the Butterfly Palm and Phoenix type fist you use in Butterfly Pakua. The difference is that Five Army translates better and easier to combat. …I treated every section as if it was it’s own short form and within two weeks the whole sequence (was) committed to memory. The applications are easy as they are prevalent in all your other programs including the Monkey Boxing which I call the Chi Na of your Five Army and Pakua Programs. The Push Hands section of the program is consistent with all my previous Taichi training.

…I do not have any credentials in Taichi but now, when I teach, or should I say share Taichi with my students and others, I do so with the authority that comes with greater knowledge of the subject. Again, thanks for all your hard work and practice as well as your willingness to share. Your programs have greatly enhanced my understanding of and ability in the martial arts.                                                                                                                 ~ Respectfully, Kurt

Thanks Kurt,
and well done!
And it looks like you’ve got credentials now.
Kurt is a Master Instructor,
has completed other programs,
so he is also getting certified as a higher ranking black belt.

While other systems give you more of the same old forms
to get higher ranked in a system,
I give you more arts.
This not only provides the polish,
but provides greater viewpoint,
larger perspective,
let’s you see how the arts work together.

So well done and thanks
to Master Instructor Fourth Degree Expert in Tai Chi Chuan Kurt Nelle’

let’s talk about matrixing.
Here are some numbers…
3, 5, , t, 4, 9, watermelon…
please count to ten.

Huh? What?
But all the numbers aren’t there!
And some of them aren’t even numbers?
How do you expect me to count to ten?

let me get personal…
would you send your child to a school
that larnt ‘em how to count to ten with these numbers?

Heck, no!
That would be crazy!
I would NEVER send my kid to a school
that teaches how to count like that!

So why are you teaching yourself the martial arts
in the same manner?

You have been learning,
it’s fun,
it makes sense,
but when you start to REALLY learn
then you suddenly realize,
those first three moves make sense,
but the fourth one is on the wrong side,
and that move in the form,
it’s a throw,
what’s a throw doing in this art for?
And at that place?

wait a minute!
Those are simultaneous moves,
there was no lead in!
How did we get to simultaneous moves?
let’s do stick hands.
With what?

This exercise isn’t in any of the forms!
Freestyle is totally disassociated from the forms!
What am I studying here?

You’re studying how to count with
3, 5, , t, 4, 9, watermelon…

here’s the cruel trick.
There is enough logic in what you are doing,
and it is so much fun doing it,
that you don’t see the illogic.
believe me,
you will.
One day you’re going to get tired of doing the martial arts.
Go on,
read through some of the wins on my websites,
there’s a lot of people who thank me
and say that it is like starting all over again,
that it finally makes sense.

People who quit.
Not because they were weak or stupid,
or even old!
But because the accumulation of what didn’t make sense
finally buried them.

you don’t even have to buy anything.
Read the newsletter.
See if it makes sense.
just pop over to the blog,
do a search on your martial art
see what turns up.
See if it makes sense.
See if I’ve dealt with your art fairly.

Oinkey doinkey.
I’ve said enough,
some will believe,
some will look,
and some won’t.
Way of the world.

But either way,
remember to have a GREAT work out,
and a lot of fun!



Light Kung Fu Can Be Made Out of Any Martial Art

Change Your Martial Art into Light Kung Fu

It’s true, Light Kung Fu can be made out of any art you study, and that includes Karate, Silat, Aikido, whatever! In fact, it is incredibly simple!

All you have to do is go get some cinderblocks, set them on end, and do your forms (kata) on them! Instant Light Kung Fu!

light kung fu

The author developing his Light Kung Fu.

Here are some hints to help you out in this search for light body kung fu.

You don’t need a lot of blocks. As little as four, but you can use as many as you want.

It is best to lay them on the side the first few times you do this. After you are comfortable (won’t take but a day or two), you stand them on end. After a week or two, you can lay two on the side. Then you can go to one on end on top of one on end, and then two on end, and so on.

You want to pick a good surface to eliminate wobble. And when you purchase the cinder blocks, set them on end and pick out the ones with the least wobble.

IMPORTANT: when you fall, learn to pick up your feet and search for a place to land. You don’t want to break an ankle by stepping on the falling cinderblock.

Now, this method of light kung fu has been around for years. It is called sunken post, or sunken pillar training. Usually you dig holes and ascend poles until you are six or eight feet off the ground, striking kung fu postures and dancing around like a kung fu crane.

But, that’s a lot of work, so my method is simpler and quicker, and saves a lot of digging and measuring and leveling and basic construction work.

Nothing wrong with the ancient sunken pole method, especially if you are an official kung fu school, but, my method of light kung fu is just easier.

Now, the main area where you grow is going to be in balance.

Everything I balance. From being able to stop yourself in a karate charge without falling forward, to the delicate hourlong meditation of holding the bowl. Everything is balance.

So standing on a couple of cinderblocks on end is going to give you tremendous balance.

First, you will feel awkward, the body will shift back and forth in attempts to keep your balance.

After a while your kung fu maneuvering will become second nature, and it will be as natural as walking, and you will likely feel a nice, little glow developing in your tan tien.

The muscles on both sides of the leg, you see, are going to fire up, work back and forth, and that will start up the body energy generator, which is what the tan tien is.

And that is how you create light kung fu out of Karate, or taekwondo, or pa kua, or…ANY…Martial Art.

Here’s a great article in which the author demonstrates light kung fu. And here’s a great piece on how to learn Shaolin Kung Fu.

Working Both Sides of the Martial Arts

The Two Sides of the Martial Arts!

There was a famous karateka in Japan.
everybody thought he was the greatest.
One day he up and left for China.
While there,
he began studying Tai Chi,
and Pa Kua,
and all sorts of other stuff.
Now you’ve got to remember,
he was a karate master,
much looked up to,
but this Chinese stuff…
and the whispers started.

‘He betrayed Karate.
He lost his faith.
He was wrong.
How could he possibly stomach that Chinese stuff!’

Several years passed,
he returned home
went back into Karate,
and everybody forgave him.

People said things like
he saw the error of his ways.
He was just making sure Karate was the best.’
And so on.

But what could they say?
He was better than them!
And it seems like all the little people
want to pull down the big people.
Small minds.

here’s the thing,
when people actually asked him
why he went to China and studied
martial arts like Tai Chi and so on,
he said,
‘So I could understand Karate better.’

I began Karate in November of 1967.
I began Tai Chi Chuan about 1974.
Right after I got my black belt.

I started with a book,
Modified Tai Chi for Health,
by Lee Ying Arng.
Probably one of the first books ever printed in English
on Tai Chi Chuan.
Came from a publishing house in Hawaii.
Sold a few copies and moved on.
Some of you old guys might remember it.

the book was a mess.
The pictures were bad,
the motion was depicted with odd arrows
that didn’t always seem to make sense,
and the instructions were weird!
night after night,
I kept at it.

I left the Kang Duk Won,
studied Aikido.
Kept doing that darned Tai Chi book late into the night.

Funny thing,
my wife once asked me,
‘What are you doing?’
I answered honestly.
‘I don’t really know.’
And I kept going.

for years,
I was a tai chi book student,
slowly worming my way into
The Grand Ultimate Fist.

and I wrote my first article for the mags.
The article was called,
‘The Perfect Strike.’
It was in a karate mag,
it’s somewhere on the Monster now.
Want to know where I got the idea for that article?
Tai Chi.

Tai Chi concepts,
you see
were alien to Karate.
Strange things,
didn’t fit.
But I was finally figuring it out.
So I got paid a hundred bucks,
just because I was studying something
that made my karate better.

Years later I ran into a fellow
who took the time to show me real Tai Chi.
I hadn’t done badly
in my book learning.
here’s the interesting thing,
I would do Tai Chi,
and people would ask me why I was good at it.
And I said,
‘Karate helped me understand it.’

Do you understand?

Here are two arts that are almost in opposition.
They contradict each other.
They are different.
they are different only in that
they are opposite sides of the same coin.

In other words,
they are not different,
only people’s viewpoints are different.

Do you want to understand the martial arts?
Really understand them?
Then do two arts that oppose each other.
at least provide different viewpoints.
The jujitsu practitioner,
who relies on things like
force and hard leverage,
will find the doors of his art opening wide
when he studies Aikido.

both grab arts,
but one is force,
and the other is flow.

My particular path was karate and Tai Chi.
Lots of other stuff,
but those are the two that had the most impact in my universe.

Those are the two that short circuited my opinions
and gave me facts.

try it.
If you study Karate,
try some Five Army Tai Chi.
If you study Tai Chi,
try some Matrix Karate.
if you really have an aversion to Karate,
do some Shaolin Butterfly.

the old masters were not masters because they studied one art,
they were masters because they studied many arts.

Here’s the link to Tai Chi Chuan.

One other thing before I head out
for another work out…

If you go to the Monster,
look in the menu for the products page,
you’ll find some neat stuff.

every time you get a course,
or a hat or mug or whatever,
you bring me one step closer to Monkeyland,
and that brings everybody one step closer.

Talk to you later.



Tai Chi Chuan: Notes on the Classical v the New Age

Tai Chi Chuan…Pleasure or Function?

Watching Tai Chi Chuan on the youtube this morning, and it was interesting, very interesting. Young chinese gal swung into a modern Tai Chi New Age version, and my mind began to dissect the bits and pieces, the rights and wrongs. Of course, one could argue that there is no right and wrong, there is only interpretation.

tai chi chuanBut, in this matter of Tai Chi Chuan, should there be interpretation? The young gal flowed like a sparkler in molasses, whirling chi energy, wielding chi power, and was as beautiful as a constellation in the summer sky. But…shouldn’t function define the mess?

The original Tai Chi was low, powerful, thrusting poppings of power that would slay a dragon or four. Her new age Tai Chi Chi was low and slow, and there were circles in her movements, but the arms were not arranged in the unbendable circle. Rather, they were bendable and wonderful to see…and useless in a fight.

Standing on one leg executing Open Kick…but borrowing from Shaolin for the length and the flair and the dazzling impression. But a kick done that way can easily be seen, and easily prevented…often at cost to the kicker. Shouldn’t the kick be light and fleeting, non-balletic, in and out and defeating the attacker on the proper level?

Still, she rippled and writhed, and one could see the energy pulsating up the form and out the limbs. But–I am beginning to hate that word ‘but’–the energy was contained in body, not brought forth as it would be in combat function. A form done within oneself, without manifesting in the outer, is a form that stifles in nature (in spirit), no matter how pleasing to the eye.

The crowd, of course, loved what she was doing; she enraptured the eye with her grace. But what does a crowd know? Is this not just a titallation of the group mind, a playing to the politics of the moment and the group think and the base desire?

I think of the real power available to the practitioner, should they restrict themselves to function, and eschew the clap of hand and intake of breath. I think of the power that ripples unseen, which is what good Tai Chi Chuan should be…invisible to the eye and pleasing to the Gods. Not the masses nor even the muse, not the gold and the glory, but the inner reality of the soul in emptiness, an emptiness that is manipulated beyond the ken of man.

That is the human soul: an expanding of an Awareness that is beyond the eye and the ear…and shouldn’t that be the thrust of Tai Chi? Shouldn’t the true power be wielded in the spaces of the soul, and used only to enhance the quality of life in this universe? Shouldn’t, when we practice our Tai Chi, play to the Gods first, ourselves second, and the people last?
tai chi chuan