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Using Tai Chi Push Hands to Know and Control Your Real Body!

Happy rainy day to you!
You get to stay inside where it’s warm and work out,
if you have the eggs for it,
you can go outside and work out
in the pouring rain!

I’ve worked out in the rain,
in the snow,
on mountain tops,
in back alleys
on rooftops,
wherever there’s a place to stand.
I remember once
I wanted to to some impromptu instructing
all rooms were taken,
people walking through the hallways,
I didn’t want to work out in the front yard,
so we went in the back yard,
saw a tire laying amongst the weeds,
so we jumped on the tire,
and started working our stances
while doing Sticky Hands.
The loser had to fall in the weeds.
talk about heaven is where you find it!

here’s something for you soft guys…
As you know,
most people think they are their body.
They rely on the five senses,
and that’s about all.
your real body is
defined by your perceptions.
As far as you can perceive,
that is your real body.
That mountaintop
fourteen miles away,
that’s actually part of you.

The trick,
of course,
is how do you move your real body?
How do you get those clouds in the sky
to move the way you want them to.

The quick answer is…
The quick answer is…
stop ‘trying.’

There are lots of quick answers
that won’t help you move
your real body.

glory of the martial arts,
start a little closer to home,
and it might all make sense.
Start with the body of the guy in front of you.
It’s outside your five senses temporary body,
so it is part of your real body,
whether somebody else thinks they own it or not.

somebody says I can’t move them.
So I walk up and push on them,
and I have a wrestling match.

if I walk up to them and don’t push them,
just touch them,
then I can feel a surge of awareness go through them.
Whether they resist or not
doesn’t matter at this point.
What matters is the surge of energy,
of body reaction
that is moving first one way,
then the other.

It is like setting up a wave in a bathtub,
first it goes one way,
then it sloshes the other way.
At that point
everything is timing.
I just have to join with the slosh of the energy wave
and control it.

you’ve probably read descriptions of this phenomena,
especially if you’re in one of the soft arts,
but here is my direct experience…

If a guy punches me,
sinks his weight,
tightens his body,
I simply stand outside his fist,
and realize that his body is like an empty crate,
I don’t accept his ability to ground his weight.

I don’t shove on his fist,
I extend my perceptions through his body,
and that’s how I uproot him.

Here’s the key…
When I push on his fist,
I am not pushing,
because that would create resistance.
I am perceiving down his arm and through his body.
It’s like the radar you feel
on the back of your neck,
when somebody walks behind you.
I extend the radar through his body
until I feel body solidity.
Then I move his whole body.

You see,
he has a disjointed body,
but I treat his body as one unit,
I actually create Coordinated Body Motion
in his body,
and once I have done that
I am in charge of his body
and he is not.
and I can push, pull, or do whatever I want.

When the body is one unit
it is capable of using this ‘sixth sense’ radar.
When it is not CBMed,
then it cannot feel even what is being done to it.

Let me repeat this in a different way,

I touch my opponent’s extended fist,
and feel down his arm
for a bit of solidity.
That solidity is most likely
a place where his body
because it is not CBMed,
is massing energy.
The energy simply can’t get through his body
and stops.
He doesn’t know it,
it doesn’t injure him,
when I detect the uncoordinated nature of his body
two things happen,
one is that I can now manipulate his whole body as one unit.
and this is important,
his body will let me,
will go with me,
will go with my directions
rather than his direction
(give up his ownership of itself to me)
and even aid me in moving it around.

An individual body likes to have somebody in charge of it
who knows what he is doing,
and a person who CBMs
is treating bodies
the way they want to be treated.

take a look at the youtube of me doing Rollback at the top of this page.

In the last move of it I throw Nehemiah away.
Look at it,
I am not using effort.
I simply move my body in as one unit,
and his body goes with it
and even likes it.
Now Nehemiah has wonderful CBM,
I have been CBMing for near forty years,
I have an edge.
to be honest,
every time I throw him now
it is getting more and more difficult.
I can feel his CBM growing,
and his body is less and less willing
to give itself to me.
He is taking charge of his own body.

is sort of a shock to many people,
they have been kicking and punching for a few decades,
but they have never joined their body.
It appears that their body is doing what they want it to,
but only on the surface.
it wants to be one unit,
to treat it as less than one unit
is to disrespect it.
and to not really own it.

didn’t mean to go on such a rant,
but once I get started…

I hope this helps you grok the importance
of studying all arts,
of CBMing,
and of the process of realizing
some of your true potential,
and the true size
of your real body.

Here’s the URL for Five Army Tai Chi.
Good place to start
if you want to get into controlling other people’s bodies
in the most effortless manner possible.

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan

Okey doke,
everythinsg been said,
the yearly rendition of
The Monster Night Before Christmas
is going to be rendered
next week.
So pile the twigs under your computer,
strike a match,
and get ready!

Hanakwanmass to all!


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~Josh Billings

The Martial Arts teach you to love yourself. ~Al Case

Begin to be now what you will be hereafter. ~William James

The martial arts you do today will create who you are tomorrow. ~Al Case

Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. ~Fred Brooks

Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from practicing the martial arts every day. ~Al Case

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