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Using Martial Arts to Boil Water with your Bare Hands

Chi Power and Boiling Water with your hands

I was watching the news,
murder and stabbings
crime and politics,
at risk of becoming sad,
which is,
after all,
the intent of most news programs,
I turned the tube off,
cursing myself for turning it on,
and go work out.

boiling chi with your tan tien

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

lop sau rolling fists freestyle drill

Complete scientific analysis of Kenpo Karate

Silence greets me,
I listen to the complaints and reliefs of my body,
and all becomes sacred.

Don’t you see it?
The world goes away,
and I am left with me,
and that knowledge that I am alive,
life becomes great.

here’s something you might not know,
the old classics
concerning the martial arts,
actually say some of the things
I say in Matrixing.
They just say it in words from another time,
another place,
a time and place without a science to accurately describe
what the martial artists are going through.

I get a kick out of the old classics,
read them every once in a while
and change the language into English and physics,
and it all makes sense.

Here’s one,
the tan tien boils the chi…

the body is a motor,
the legs are leads,
and the tan tien is actually an energy generator.
Shift and twist back and forth
through the stances,
make energy go up and down the legs,
and you excite the generator.

Don’t my words make more sense?
And yet they are nothing than an accurate interpretation
of ancient writing.

Writing by the uneducated who were doing their best
to describe the experiences they were going through
and what they had discovered.

to move into the future a bit,
try this exercise,

Close your eyes
stand in a horse stance,
start shifting side to side,
front stance to back,
twisting the energy up and down the legs.
After a while you become aware only of your legs,
having reached that stage, do this:
imagine the space between the top of the legs as a table top.
Place a cup on the table top,
imagine your motion as an intent
to swirl the liquid
within the cup.

Do this for a while and you can boil water with your hands.
Of course,
it depends upon how unlimited you can imagine yourself,
which means,
it depends upon the strength of your visualization,
it depends on the strength of your discipline.
Have you done your forms enough to control your form?
Unloose your imagination?
Be you?

I know a lot of people,
upon reading these instructions
will nod their heads and say,
uh huh,
and go on about their lives.

And there is the tragedy of those who set up a work out time,
practice as I have indicated,
do it for a while,
and get bored and stop.

I know a few of you are going to go somewhere with this.

I encourage you all,
and even if you don’t go all the way,
even if you just nod your head and move on,
what I have said will be good for you.

for those few who make it all the way
and boil water in their hands,
I want to say something to you…
I know that only people who can make water boil in their hands
will understand these words…

be redactive in your elementalizing

I could hear somebody a hundred years from now,
sighing in relief.
You’re welcome.

pop over here if you want to see my system,

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan!

Not only do you get a system,
you get data on how to set up drills,
the matrix theory of push hands,
and 90 minutes of hard core applications.

Form is useless without function,
and this puts the function back into Tai Chi.

Okey dokey, amigos,
now leave the TV alone,
and get back to working out.

Or maybe just boil up a little tea using my martial arts hands.



Here’s The Truth About Tai Chi Power

One of the more delightful Karate books is a martial arts biography by C W Nicol entitled ‘Moving Zen.’ Amongst the incisive anecdotes is one of my favorites, which concerns the authors experience with Tai Chi Power. Following is that anecdote, and then a short explanation of the energy involved.

Mister Nicol, when he was a lower ranking Shotokan student, was sleeping in a rather large Japanese house. A virtual castle, it had a central pillar running up the center of the structure. On that night he was awakened by a booming that actually shook the whole structure.

At first panicked, thinking it was some kind of earthquake or other disaster, he quickly realized that it wasn’t, and that something out of the ordinary was happening. He went searching through the house, and found the source of the booming in the basement. A Tai Chi Master was striking the central pillar.

This was more power than CW had ever seen, and it was different than the power he had been training in Shotokan. The Karate master (Kanazawa, I believe) present merely observed that there is power, and then thereis superhuman power. The Tai Chi Master continued shaking the massive structure with his fah jing strikes.

To create Fah Jing one needs to thrust from a backwards stance to a forward stance. In the movement he must use awareness to focus on the sensation of power going through his legs. The power goes up the lower limbs and into the Tan Tien, which is located about an inch below the navel.

The Tan Tien is the source of energy for a person’s body. One must take the energy coming from the tan tien and push it through the body to the limbs. Again, the key ingredient is to use ones awareness.

Finally, using that same awareness to create a pulsing motion, one concentrates on moving the power through the arms. These three notions, lower limbs to energy generator to arms, must be tied together by using the body as a single unit. I know it sounds contradictory, to think of the body into three pieces, and then use it as one unit, but that is the way it works.

The real truth here, of course, is understanding the worth of awareness. Awareness is the one thing that can’t be seen in this universe, and yet controls the universe. Anyway, that is how it works, and I recommend the book Moving Zen for further conclusions concerning such things as Fah Jing Power.

If you want the whole story on Tai Chi Power you might want to check out Matrixing Chi by Al Case.

Win #20–Tai Chi Energy Makes for a Competent Martial Artist!

I’ve been talking about Instructor wins lately, but I thought it was time for a Tai Chi energy win. After all, Tai Chi is one of the most widely studied, and most potent arts there is.

The art of flow to the extreme. With this under my belt, I had a much finer and greater understanding of how the body worked, how intention worked, and how easily a person can be manipulated into doing whatever you want, with the minimal amount of force and direction.–NL

Now here’s the deal…hard martial arts explode, and the explosion and resulting wave of energy makes the opponent blink.
But the tai chi chuan student doesn’t blink because he just goes with the energy, lets the energy lift up his body (even while rooting) and turn it so that the mass of weight behind the flow will pass quickly and easily.
I should add this note…quickly and easily is achieved by slowing the perceptions so that you can manipulate the opponent easily.
But you knew that.
You can get Five army Tai Chi at Monster Martial Arts, or at Five Army Tai Chi Chuan. I think I might have some sort of a deal at the Five Army site. A smaller package of some sort. Something like that.
Or, if you’re a beginner, you’d have to write me and ask about Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.
Anyway, that’s the scoop on Tai Chi energy, and the quick thought on how you use it.