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Neutronic Tai Chi Training Drills

Advanced Tai Chi Training Drills

So let’s talk about Tai Chi training

and let’s talk about Neutronics.

In Neutronics

one of the things you do

is figure out whether a motion is positive or negative

(whether it is coming towards you or going away)

and you do the opposite motion

until a balance is achieved,

until one goes neutronic,

until there is harmony,

until there is no threat

from either positive or negative.

In Tai Chi

this relates to

if they push…pull.

If they pull…push.

Simple dimple, eh?

My problem

was that I was figuring this stuff out

without anybody to work out with.


how does one go Neutronic

while doing the form?

It’s easy if you have somebody to attack you,

you just keep doing it,

keep thinking about how to work those principles

make your mistakes,


zingo bingo

you find the perfect balance


without anybody to play with,

how do you do it?

Probably one of the most impactful drills

I ever did,

was just do the form

and imagine in my head

that I was fifty feet above.

After doing this for an hour

I got in the car to go to a store

and found that I was so disconnected

(in a good way)

that I couldn’t operate the car.


where are my hands?


my depth perception is totally F.

Is this my body sitting in the seat…


if it’s not my body…

whose is it?

And the feeling of total and utter joy

just permeated my beingness,

and my body felt lighter than a feather.

At one point I was actually holding on to the steering wheel

as if to keep myself from floating.


I make no guarantees,

I won’t ever say

‘this drill is guaranteed to work this way,’

because everybody is so different.


that’s what happened to me

from doing a tai chi form

and imagining myself

fifty feet above my body

watching from afar,

giving commands to my body from afar.

Another drill I did

when doing the Tai Chi form

was to imagine balls (bubbles?) attached to my palms.

And I had to imagine myself

sucking with my hands

to keep the balls in place.

Sometimes the balls would be small,

sometimes they would join into a big ball,

and the ball would expand until it was the size of a room.

Sometimes I had my hand palm up

and had to balance the ball(s).

Sometimes I had my palm face down

and I had to imagine extra suction power in my palms

to keep them from falling.

I quickly grew a sensation in my palms that was beyond warm.

Another drill I did

was to do the form in a dark room,

no light at all

and even my eyes closed,

and imagine the arcs of energy I am describing

with my hands,

with shoulders,




I mean

what geometric form

does each body part create

in space

as I do the form?


this next one,

I vacillate,

sometimes do it one way,

and sometimes the other.

It has to do with the legs.


I feel the power and push against the earth.


I take all weight out of my body

and pretend my legs have no power

and that there is no sensation…

I don’t ‘push legs’ from stance to stance,

I just move the body

and the legs are empty things

that just come along for the ride.


there are lots of other things I do.

Sometime I should write

a book of exercises

that I do

like the ones I am telling you of here.

And it would have to be a book,

a long one.


I’ve been reading and researching for near fifty years,

and as I grow

the list of exercises I find

to make myself grow

grows longer and longer.


I have to tell you,

some of these exercises will work with other arts,

and some other arts

have their own unique exercises.

The trick is

you have to understand the geometry

of each individual art

and how that geometry fits

with the arts on the whole.

That’s why I sell so many arts,

each one of them showed me things

about how to manifest energy,

chi power, if you wish.

And the thing is,

even with a book of chi exercises

(should I get around to writing such a thing)

I always feel that I am just scratching the surface.


to be honest,

I am.


I would be remiss

if I did not tell you

that the exercises I describe here

and a lot more

that you will encounter and discover for yourselves

as you progress

I used while I was doing

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.

Here’s the URL



and remember,

you should feel a distinct difference

in the way you do your push hands or freestyle

or other practical applications

when you do Tai Chi

after doing some of these exercises.

You should feel more sensitivity,

more energy,

even better see the intention of your partner.

I mean,

these Neutronic drills

should make something happen,


keep doing them.

Be willing to spend a few hours on each one

before progressing to the next.

Make sure you have gotten everything you can

out of each drill

before moving on.

Oinky doinky

Time for me to move on.

Don’t forget to visit the Tai Chi page,

and I’ll talk to you next time.

Have a great work out.


zen martial arts

This has been a page about Neutronic Tai chi Chuan Training Drills.

Win #20–Tai Chi Energy Makes for a Competent Martial Artist!

I’ve been talking about Instructor wins lately, but I thought it was time for a Tai Chi energy win. After all, Tai Chi is one of the most widely studied, and most potent arts there is.

The art of flow to the extreme. With this under my belt, I had a much finer and greater understanding of how the body worked, how intention worked, and how easily a person can be manipulated into doing whatever you want, with the minimal amount of force and direction.–NL

Now here’s the deal…hard martial arts explode, and the explosion and resulting wave of energy makes the opponent blink.
But the tai chi chuan student doesn’t blink because he just goes with the energy, lets the energy lift up his body (even while rooting) and turn it so that the mass of weight behind the flow will pass quickly and easily.
I should add this note…quickly and easily is achieved by slowing the perceptions so that you can manipulate the opponent easily.
But you knew that.
You can get Five army Tai Chi at Monster Martial Arts, or at Five Army Tai Chi Chuan. I think I might have some sort of a deal at the Five Army site. A smaller package of some sort. Something like that.
Or, if you’re a beginner, you’d have to write me and ask about Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.
Anyway, that’s the scoop on Tai Chi energy, and the quick thought on how you use it.