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The Muscle that Isn’t!

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Happy afternoon!

I hope you guys are all eating ribs off the barbie, eh?


Oh, wait,

this isn’t the cooking channel…



what is the one moving body part?

That’s an easy one.

The muscles.

They are the only body part that actually moves.

The kidney doesn’t move,

it just goes on for the ride.

The brain doesn’t move,

it just sits in the skull and imitates a rock.


So the muscles move.

So here’s some stuff to think about.

A muscle is a motor.

The matrix definitiion of a motor…

‘A motor is two poles between which there is tension.’

Push or pull, doesn’t matter.


all muscles should work together,

so when you move a lot of motors (muscles) make motion.

the individual muscle is a motor in that it has two ends (poles)

and there is pull between those two points.

Muscles can make a motor against other muscles.


here’s the weird one,

there is in your body something I have decided to call…

‘tacking muscles.’



I don’t know exactly how to define this term.

It comes from the process of ‘tacking,’

which is when you shift the sails of a boat

so the boat can sail against the wind.

Have you ever thought about how weird that is?

But it’s ingenious.


when you stretch,

when you reach up for the sky

what muscles are contracting

to make you longer?

Those are the tacking muscles.


I’ll be honest,

after much thought,

I don’t think I can define what muscles actually cause

this ‘tacking’ of the body.

this is one of those weird questions

I can’t really wrap my head around.

I have stood and stretched,

especially in yoga,

and asked myself what muscle is doing what.

I have the weird idea

that if I can figure this out

it will make me a better martial artist.

Maybe one of you guys out there

can enlighten me,

or at least be as confused as me.


the muscles are important,

I see people get old,

and they are always ‘out of muscle.’

They have ignored the one moving body part.

They talk about the right food,

but they never look at the one moving body part

that makes EVERY other part of the body healthy.

Motion massages the innards,

there are trigger points

that are activated by muscle motion,

and so on.

The martial arts are one of the few activities

that enhance every muscle in the body.

Yoga is good,

gymnastics are good,

but martial arts are…FUN!

Now if i could only figure out where the tracking muscles are.


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that’s three different viewpoints

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have a great work out,

and build up your appetite for that old barbie.




Thanks to those guys who volunteered to read and review my novel…