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Karate ‘punch’ lines, and a hard truth about the Martial Arts

Newsletter 888

Martial Arts Punch Lines (get it?)

Happy Labor Day!
I think I’ll labor at the martial arts today.

A quick word,
I had inadvertently taken my list of courses off the site.
This is the full list,
so examine the left sidebar on the Monster,
everything is there.

came across these little gems,
thought I would share…

You’re not outnumbered,
you’re target rich.

When people ask me what I do for a living:
‘I teach people how to maim and kill.’

Bruises are really just temporary tattoos.

Kung Fu has been curing ADHD
since 500 AD

For my birthday
I want pound cake and punch.

violence isn’t always the answer,
but it sure is an option

the best part of a joke is the punch line.

Nuff frivolity.
Let’s get serious.

It is true,
a picture is worth a thousand words.
that being true,
a video is worth a thousand thousand words.
here’s the cruel truth…
you still have to understand what the words mean.

I remember when Karate first hit the shores,
the Japanese said:
‘it will take an American three lifetimes to understand the martial arts.’
that’s true,
if you don’t understand the words.

For me,
chi was the big mysterious.
Thought about it,
tried to figure it out,
made no sense.
Then I started looking up words like:
will power,
and so on.
it all made sense.


Tell me I don’t understand chi.
I can project it outside my body.
You know the funny thing?
I wish somebody had told me
the power of understanding words
back when I was 19.
I would be moving cars,
not just putting out candles.
All my training would have changed,
gone in a different direction.

The power of words.

here’s the whole story…


How I came up with matrixing,
the evolution,
arts studied,
and so on.
All you have to do is understand the words.
But don’t worry,
I’ve included a few pictures to help you out.

have a great bunch of work outs this labor day.

To the degree that people rally round,
to the degree that government sits on the sidelines,
to that degree Texas comes back.

have a GREAT work out!




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How to be a Master of Karate Kicking!

Newsletter 737
Mastering Kicking in the Karate

This truly is a great morning,
you know?
I mean,
the chance to work out,
one more time!
The odd thing is
after a lifetime of work outs
one would think they would blend together
and mush up in your mind.
But the truth is the opposite,
each work out becomes more and more unique,
more singular,
more stand alone all by itself.
It is just that much fun.

kenpo karate training manualAnyway,
don’t mean to rant,
but working out is that much fun.

So let’s talk about kicking,
before we get going,
let me say one thing,
the influences that made me a matrixer
are wide and varied,
and you’re about to see that.
Here are a whole bunch of bits and pieces…

I was in Kenpo,
and there was a guy there,
tall skinny hippy guy,
hair all over,
name of Ted.
Ted was a master of kickers.
when you freestyled him
he would kick your ass with kicks,
then move in and kick your ass with hands.
I mean,
those long, bony legs
just bruised the heck out of you,
set you up,
and sat you down.

He was much admired for his kicking ability.

One day he was driving,
a guy cut him off,
he honked,
and the guy got out of the car
and stomped back towards him.
Ted gets out,
and they face each other.
Ted is maybe six feet,
skinny as a rail,
looks like a hippy.
The other guy towers over him
he’s as solid as a brick shithouse.
The guy swings.
Ted leans back,
kicks him in the chest,
and sets the guy right on his fanny.
Ted say,
‘Man, I don’t want to fight!’
But the guy is now pissed.
He stands up,
and Ted leans back and kicks him,
a perfect wheel kick,
in the chin.
Guy drops.
He’s out like a light.
People are watching,
Ted drags the guy to the meridian,
leaves him on the grass,
shrugs his shoulders to the people watching,
and drives away.

That’s a one strike knockout
with a kick.

in particular,
was curious about Ted’s training methods.
natural talent,
but there was more.
What did Ted do for training?
the interesting thing,
Ted used to get to class an hour early,
and he would go back in the back room,
close the door,
and do his private work out.
One day he didn’t close the door all the way,
and I did my pre class work out
in a position so I could watch his work out.

He started with kicks.
He just stood in one place,
and did kicks.
I got bored.
And when I happened to glance
through the door again,
he was still doing kicks.

Wait a minute!
That’s a half hour of kicks!
I did ten kicks each side,
through a half dozen kicks,
then wheezed and gasped,
and pitied myself for how exhausted and empty
my legs were.

Ted didn’t waist time pitying himself.
He just went to work.

here’s a couple of datums
that influenced me in matrixing.

First datum,
did you know that if you put two pigeons in the same cage
they will mate in six weeks.
That’s a lifetime decision.
Six weeks to make a lifetime decision.

Second datum,
every cell in the human body is replaced every six weeks.

Got it?

I was not of sufficient caliber,
I wasn’t developed enough
to make a decision,
to change my work out
to the grueling routine Ted did.
I was a white boy from suburbia,
had not a clue.

Then I went to the Kang Duk Won,
and the white boy’s eyes were opened.
i can’t tell you how grueling those work outs were.
Every hour
was the equivalent of eight hours of hard work.
My bones would be so bruised
I couldn’t press the clutch pedal in my car.
On hot summer nights,
after class,
my work out partner and I
would walk to a hamburger stand,
and drink the the equivalent of big gulp after big gulp,
trying to replace the fluids we had sweated out.
speaking of sweat,
my uniform would be sopping wet after class.
I would take it off and wring it out
over the toilet,
it was like the gi had been immersed in water.

I became of caliber.
And I started working on my kicks.

I did 250 kicks, each side, for the front kick,
for the side kick,
for the wheel kick,
for the rear kick,
for the crescent kick,
for the spinning kick.

And then,
I would frequently do it again.
I would spend hours and hours doing this,
and I realized a truth.

In Karate you want your arms to be as strong as your legs,
and you want your legs to be as flexible as your arms.

here’s the thing,
in six weeks I changed.
I replaced all the cells in my body,
I mated to a concept,
and my kicks started to work.

if you want the power of the martial arts,
whether it be in kicks or punches,
in forms or some kung fu concept,
or whatever,
you have to dig deep,
and to dig deep you have to work hard.
You have to work hard until the work out is easy.

Okely dokely,
end of story,
hope it helps.
Gives you legs stronger than the Hulk.

One of the forms I used
to transform myself,
is ‘The Kicking Form.’
It is on the ‘Power Kicks’ course,
which is a freeby,
bundled with the Matrix Karate course.

You know,
the reason I bundled the Power Kicks course
in with the Matrixing Karate course,
is interesting.
If I can give you this one more aside.

Matrix Karate was the first course I made,
and when I packaged it,
I thought to myself,
you know,
I’ve never done this before,
I don’t want to make any mistakes,
I could sell this Power Kicks course by itself,
if I just put it in with the Matrix Karate,
nobody can complain.
I’ve given them more than they bought,
so how can they complain?

And I try to follow this datum on all my courses.
You’ll almost always find an extra book tossed in,
or a bundle of things
above and beyond what you order.

It’s to make up for any mistakes I make.
And it works.
Turned out to be good business sense.

when I make a mistake in burning a disk,
or the links for the downloads don’t work,
or the postal system doesn’t like me,
people don’t complain,
they know I am doing my best,
they know I am trying to give back
better than I get,
so they tend to forgive me,
and then everything gets solved
with simple communication.

So that’s the reason you usually find a little extra
on courses you get from me.

here’s the link for the Power Kicks (Matrix Karate) course


So start doing your 250 kicks per kick per side,
(or maybe 300 – yowza!)
And check out the Kicking form,
let it kick your butt
until you have Fng great kicks.

And I’ll talk to you later.



Here’s the tong bei book.


How to do Martial Arts Kicks

I say Martial Arts kicks, but the advice of this article holds for Karate Kicks, Kung Fu kicks, or taekwondo kicks. There are two things that we need to cover when considering the best way to kick somebody’s, uh…fanny. One is keeping to the basic kicks, and the other is the mechanics of the kicks involved.

karate kick

The Author practicing his 1000 kicks a day in 1974.

When doing martial arts kicks one can get involved in a lengthy list of showboat kicks. This includes jumping, spinning, and even gymnastic leg techniques. These, however, while fun and even a benefit to the individual, will not work in a street fight. Thus, when doing martial arts kicks one should stick to the four martial arts basics: front, side, wheel (roundhouse), or spinning rear kick.

When practicing these kicks make sure that you raise the knee high enough. Raising the knee puts the hips and whole body behind the kick. A good technique for doing this is to practice kicking over a chair.

Make sure that you use the appropriate part of the foot when kicking. The basic parts of the foot are the toes, the ball of the foot, the instep, and the heel. When selecting which part of the foot to use, remember that the smallest striking area will concentrate the most power.

Always turn the hips into the kick. Turning the hips commits the whole weight of the body into the martial arts technique. This must be done smooth and whiplike, all pieces moving as one coordinated whole.

Do not waste time in the chambering position. One must kick like a whip, up from the ground to the target point, and back down from the target point to the ground. To hold in chamber is to take the power out of the kick, and to render it into pieces.

Use the kick at the right distance. Just as you shouldn’t punch when at kicking distance, don’t kick when at punching distance. The better strategy is not to do something sneaky, which has the potential of robbing you of power and range, but to get so good at the basic moves that you can’t be stopped.

Most important rule of all: do hundreds, even thousands, of kicks every day. The fool who thinks ten kicks per foot per kick per day is enough is just that…a fool. Only by dedicating oneself, by going fanatic and mad dog in your training, whether in martial arts kicks, or whatever type of leg movement you are practicing, will you hope to obtain the best benefits that your martial arts discipline has to offer.

 karate kicking

Everything You Wanted To Know about Martial Arts Kicks!

There are pivotal moments
in everybody’s life.
My pivotal moments came
when I earned my black belt.
I went through a tremendous number of interesting experiences.
I had visions,
learned things,
my world just changed.
kung fu kickOne of the things that happened
that really tweaked me
had to do with kicks.
At the Kang Duk Won
we practiced kicks a lot.
We started class
with hundreds of kicks,
just for the warm up.
The bag in the back
was taken down every few months
just because somebody kicked a hole in it.
You could feel the whole building shake
when somebody started bouncing that bag
on the end of his foot.
Kicks are good.
So one day we were freestyling.
I was first brown,
going into the changes at Black Belt
and the second instructor was in charge.
He decided to have me fight two guys.
This wasn’t normally done,
the head instructor
kept a tight rein on us,
made sure we stayed on the way.
here I was,
fighting two guys.
So one jumped in and grabbed my arm,
and the other one started hitting me.
I couldn’t block,
my ribs were getting pummeled,
it was all out of control,
I felt this big weight in my foot.
It was like somebody had tried to stuff a car in my shoe,
except I wasn’t wearing shoes.
Then I vaguely remembered
looking at my leg.
What was I doing?
I was doing a side kick.
And then I came back to myself.
I was actually sort of dazed,
and I realized
that I had been out of my body.
Sort of unconscious,
not really understanding what had happened.
I remembered kicking,
and the guy who had been pummeling my ribs
was lying in a heap
on the side of the room
some twelve feet away.
I had kicked him.
Except that I hadn’t kicked him.
I had
And he had flown  twelve feet through the air.
he wasn’t hurt.
Just bent a little,
had trouble breathing,
but nothing was broken.
I have practiced kicks for forty years
trying to figure out
how to do that again.
I can break ribs,
but I can’t move a guy twelve feet
without breaking ribs.
Interesting problem,
But the point of it all is this:
that is classical power!
That is the power somebody has
when they do the classical forms.
So I practice classical forms.
A lot.
Of course,
I’ve changed things a little,
done a lot of Matrixing,
but I always try to point out what I’ve changed,
and why.
At any rate,
the thing that I discovered
after many years
is that it is not more power that I need,
but less.
I can get back of my head pretty easily these days,
and I can KICK,
but my best kicks are gentle little things.
The more gentle I get,
the more KICK there is.
That’s the classical power,
when you finally figure it all out
you realize that it is not how much you kick,
but how little.
You just have to coordinate your body
so that intention comes out.
Pretty easy,
but nobody talks about it,
nobody really understands it
they just keep doing forms,
searching for violence,
and not realizing the truth.
you can find all sorts of writings
by the old masters
that back me up.
Mark Bishop details many of these
in his book.
There are Tai Chi classics,
and so on.
Gichin Funakoshi understood this.
He noted that the forms he had brought to Japan
had been changed,
and he actually passed on the official stuff
of his school
to Shotokai.
Not Shotokan.
Though Shotokan has claim,
they are not the legitimate inheritors of the system.
The Shotokai is.
Go on,
youtube it,
see if you can see some shotokai examples of forms,
compare it with shotokan forms.
Quite interesting.
times have changed yet again,
and you might have to look to find the changes.
Interesting problem.
the point of it all is
learn how to do less,
not more.
if ten guys attack you
are you going to be ten times more powerful?
I think not.
if you fight one tenth the power for each
you might make it.
It will take ten times the intelligence,
but if you study hard,
do your work outs religiously,
you’ll survive.
if you want to look some kicks
I give away a free kicking course,
complete with form and applications
on the Matrix Karate Course.
Here’s the URL
I picked out a couple of wins to share…

No longer do we punch and kick and wait for the skill to come. Now we use concepts and practice our understanding of them, thereby traveling a road directly to skill.

people think that I’m some sort of mystical genius, when I use your Punch & Kick technologies…
if you want some good kicks,
that’s what this newsletter is about.
Lot of data here,
and I hope you use
and have the best work out of your life.
At the end of the work out is the truth,
and the truth is…you.
Have an absolutely incredible day.

try googling this…
‘Karate Kick Harder with These Seven Simple Tips’
Battle is an orgy of disorder.

Three Ways to Make a Harder Martial Arts Kick!

I don’t care what art your martial arts kick is form, whether it is a karate kick, a taekwondo kick, or a kung fu kick, these three principles will make it much more efficient. Check out the snippet, then I’ll tell you about the three things.

First, get the knee high before you kick. Break it down to lifting the knee, extending the foot, retracting the foot (to the high knee position). Take your time and work on these parts, then let them come together naturally. The point here is that you will be shooting the foot in straight, not arcing up and then in, but shooting straight.
Second, turn the hips slightly into the kick. This means you must turn the body slightly, from support foot to knee to hip, but you must also tilt the hips slightly upward. The hips are the cornerstone of the body, and by committing them to the action you are putting more body into the action.
Three, and this one is the toughy, sink your weight when you kick.
Many people raise themselves up, straightening the support leg, but this is the wrong way to go. You must bend the knee, sink the weight, and connect the body better to the ground. It may take a while for this method to have effect, but eventually you will start putting a lot more energy into the kick. I know it feels good and powerful to just explode it out there, but if you straighten the support leg you are throwing yourself upwards, hurting your connection to the earth, and not creating as much energy as you can.
Now, as I said before, break the kick down to pieces. Examine each piece, examine the knee, the tilt of the hip, the turn of the foot, and most of all, the sinking of weight. Guaranteed, whether you are doing a Karate kick, a taekwondo kick,or a kung fu kick, the end result will be a martial arts kick that can knock over an elephant!

monster martial arts

A free book on kicking is bundled into this offer!

The Right and Scientific Way to do a Wheel Kick in Taekwondo

taekwondo kick

wheel kick

One would think that the Wheel kicks in Taekwondo are beyond reproach. Unfortunately, it ain’t so. Most people do the Taekwondo Wheel Kick wrong.
Mind you, this is physics we are talking about here, and a physics honed over forty years, so try it before you argue.
The wheel kick should come in horizontal; it is a snap kick on the side. A great exercise is to kick over a chair.
Use the ball of the foot if possible;train to use the ball of the foot. To use the toes is to chancy,and to use the instep is to broad, it is like swinging a baseball bat instead of using a hammer. A hammer is a better tool for the kind of work you do in the martial arts…at least if you want what you practice to remain an art.
Do not go up on the toes or straighten the support leg. This breaks your connection with the ground, which is a sizable source of energy. Simply, you must bolt a machine down if you want it to work most efficiently.
inspect the bone structure so that all the bones are aligned. I find this is a killer. So many people make a fancy foot, but that foot would fall apart upon contact in a real situation.
Align your breathing, breath out when you kick out, and breath in when you retract your foot (deviate only to breath out if you are getting struck).
Now, here is the one that too many people really screw up on. Kick out, and don’t spin or lose balance, but retract the foot in one single motion (no stopping at the cocking position) all the way to the ground. This creates a wholebody whip motion which puts the whole body into the kick.
Okay, think about it all, and if what I makes sense, if you want all the data, and not just a snippet, then check out the Matrix Karate Course on my website. I have bundled a free Kicking course in with Matrix Karate, so it is a real deal. And don’t forget to pick up a free bookwhile you’re there.

The Three Things That Make For The Most Powerful Kick In The Universe!

Whether you do Silat, Gung Fu, Krav Maga, or whatever, what I am going to tell you in will give you the most Powerful Kick on earth. This is because this is the way the body is designed to function. This is the actual physics of the human shape, not mystical bushwah or wishful thinking.

The first thing you must know is that the secret to a good kick is a high knee. Yes, there is a leg raise type of foot maneuver, but this is more for quick scoops and pops to the groin or some other low area. But we want to deal with the foot to the midsection or head.

When you lift up your knee you raise your foot and then you are able to drive the foot in on a straight line. This means that there will be a more efficient line between your body and the target. Practice kicking over a chair or some other object to get this one.

The second thing that is of vital important is to tilt the hips. This is entirely overlooked by martial arts senseis, and yet it is extremely important. The hips are the cornerstone of martial arts techniques, you see.

They have much weight behind them, and it is crucial to put this weight to work in the kick. Just a slight tilt or turn, depending on the kick is all it takes. The way to practice this is to hold a broomstick against your hips and watch how the ends move.

The third thing is you must make sure you sink your weight when you do a kicking technique. This is the one that everybody overlooks, and it is the most important. Simply, machines work best when they are bolted down.

Bend the knee of your support leg when the kick is at the end of the snap or thrust. This will not only fasten your body to the earth, it will create energy in the tan tien. This energy can be channeled into the technique.

These three items, and especially dropping your weight, should actually be put into all your moves. These are conformed exactly to how the body works. If you want the most powerful kick on earth, be it in Hapkido, Kenpo, Kung Fu, or whatever, then these are the three things that will get you there.

Here’s an old but useful article which can be adapted to powerful kicks. There’s a free Power Kicks Course bundled into the Matrix Karate Course, which you can find on the front page.

The Three Secrets to a Good Taekwondo Kick

taekwondo kickWell, it’s not just a taekwondo kick, but one from Karate or Kung Fu or whatever.

1) get the knee high.

2) tilt the hip into the kick

3) sink the weight as you kick

There are other things you can do, but they have to do with specific kicks. These three items are the stuff that the real martial arts keg techniques are made of. Oddly, they aren’t much taught. But these things are the physics of the body. If you like these kinds of ideas, whether it be in a taekwondo kick, or a karate block, or a kung fu stance, or whatever, check out Power Kicks, it’s a free course (when you get another one) at Monster Martial Arts. You’re going to get a lot of power if you do. Pick up the  ebook on the top  left of the home page–it’s free!