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Why Can’t I just Kill With One Strike!

Newsletter 929

For the People Who REALLY Want to Kill somebody with One Martial Arts Technique!

I get this every once in a while,
somebody wants to find the ‘magic technique,’
the technique that works for everything.
Somebody wants to study just one thing
and be able to kill anybody with it.

I am not going to teach you how to spell comic book,
and for a simple reason,
there actually is a technique,
a perfect technique,
that will do this.
not to be mystical,
or obfuscate,
it is the last move at the end of Seisan.
Go ahead,
find it,
see what it does,
figure it out,
and practice just that one technique.

that having been said,
I want to describe the philosophy behind
why you have to learn a whole martial art,
spend years studying,
instead of just buying a gun.

let’s consider celestial navigation.
You want to take your rocket ship to Arcturus.
You blast off,
you’re sailing away,
but…where is that durned star?
You’re confused by the time you reach Jupiter.
There’s the big dipper,
bunch of stars over there,
and the seven sisters,

Wish you had a map, eh?

let’s compare that to taking somebody DOWN!
You punch for the throat,
except he’s punching too,
so you shift, and he misses, but you miss.
But his arm is there,
so you go for an elbow roll,
except he’s twisting in response,
but your foot is…

Do you get the idea?
The same as going for a star without a map,
there is amazing confusion in a fight.
So you have to make a map.
You have to make it with your experience.

You punch,
he strikes,
but you’ve studied slipping in JKD,
the elbow roll comes,
he shifts,
but you know about shifting from Tai Chi.
he strikes,
but you know about dropping an elbow from karate,
and you finally strike him in the throat,
AND…manipulate him,
AND…take him down.

the analogy may not be quite clear,
so let me elucidate.
You find arcturus by your knowledge of what and where the other stars are.
you achieve your takedown by navigating a map of the human body,
by knowing where the joints are and how they turn,
by understanding leverage,
by subtle shifts of anatomy,
his and yours,
and you navigate to the final strike and takedown.

So when you study a whole art,
instead of buying a gun,
or searching for that mystical one finger technique
that reverse spirals the energy
so that the chakra explodes
in the fourth lumbar…
what you are doing is studying
a method for navigating the body.
No star will confuse you,
no motion or joint will confuse,
and you will find your way to…
better health,
understanding that common folk don’t have,
and the certainty that martial arts bring.

So, the best map for understanding the body,
because it can be applied to ANY martial Art!
The Master Instructor Course.
You learn how the body works.
You learn how techniques work.
You can make any art work,
any technique work,
you understand forms better,
and…and it just gets better.

Here be da link!

Have a great work out!

Here’s the link for the ‘One Terrorist, one bomb, one martial arts technique… http://www.sooperarticles.com/sports-articles/martial-arts-articles/one-terrorist-one-bomb-one-martial-artist-1657952.html


Study Martial Arts Before the World Ends!

Study Martial Arts Before It’s Too Late!

Did you know that the more people study martial arts
the less insanity there is?
This is an absolutely true statement,
one which society should embrace.
Think about it,
when you finish working out,
you don’t feel like going out
and knocking over a gas station.
On the contrary,
you’re feeling good,
even want to go to work
and get a little done.
learn how to fight

There are those that don’t…and there are those that do!

You’re more stable.

You’re more willing to work.
The bad news in the world
doesn’t bother you as much.
So why does this happen?
Because when you take charge of your body
you gain a little more ability
to take charge of the universe.
When you learn how to deal with an adversary,
you learn how to deal with adversity.
When you learn how to focus,
to stay calm during the fray,
when you get physically stronger,
this makes you a better person.
There are so many reasons
martial arts help a person.
Did you know that not many martial artists
realize just how enlightened they are?
There is a cool competence to them,
and they just get the job done
and don’t bother thinking
about how different they really are.
Enlightened means
‘that from which light flows.’
At some point in your martial arts training
usually at black belt
if you are in a classical
and well proven art,
light starts to flow from you.
Instead of fighting,
the fact of staring at an opponent
drives the distractions out of you,
and you start to perceive the world,
and when you perceive the world,
light comes out of you.
You are no longer the screen upon which the universe writes,
you are the projector which creates the universe.
I write about all this stuff in Neutronics.
Neutronics is largely geared
towards helping people
who have evolved as human beings
and become enlightened,
to understand the facts
of their enhanced existence.
On the other hand,
people without a good, classical martial arts base,
they beat their wives,
they get drunk,
they have problems at work.
They simply don’t have the discipline
to grapple and win over life’s problems.
So martial arts causes enlightenment,
not necessarily in the thunderbolt,
but in the education
of how to handle life.
And the martial artist,
going through it,
isn’t always aware
of just how drastic a change he is going through,
and how elevated and unique he is
as a human being.
I’ve said this before…
if the leaders in government studied the martial arts,
we wouldn’t be going through
war and depression
and all the other bushwah that government is currently providing.
Enlightenment is a personal thing.
It is a statement of sanity.
Government is just a false god,
an excuse to squash and suppress
the Awareness that is us All.
So I push matrixing
for the simple reason,
that it makes saner people faster.
I am particularly proud
of the three month black belt course.
it isn’t pretty,
my student doesn’t become a ballerina,
or a Chuck Norris,
or some other symbol,
he merely becomes…
more him.
Light flows from him.
Loss of reaction time and more intuition.
A confidence in himself
that is obvious
in the way he talks,
the questions he asks.
his personal point of enlightenment
has to do with success.
how can you stop somebody who has the concept of success
as the cornerstone of his life?
if you don’t have the 3 month Black Belt course,
here’s EW’s win.
If you’re a newbie,
then you will get an idea of where you should be going.
If you’re an oldster in the martial arts,
align this concept with what you have studied,
see how you can make your students have these wins.
there is bushwah in the world,
you have people calling for doom and destruction,
the world is going to melt down,
governments are going to fall,
everybody is going to be standing in bread lines,
begging for food,
fighting off the zombies of destruction.
but if enough people knew enough martial arts,
then no.
But even if the maybe happens,
and society falls apart
and everything goes stone age,
do you know what your best bet at survival is?
Not the government,
they are full of stuff.
you’re best bet is yourself,
pure, unadulterated you.
The competence that is you,
the confidence that is you.
if the world falls apart,
I want you on my side.
I want calm people
who can get the job done,
to offset the criminals and politicians
who are causing all this mess.
So that is the reason I push martial arts
and matrixing so hard,
one of the reasons.
There are a few other things that happen.
the official end of the world is
December 21, 2012.
On December 21, 2012,
we don’t know exactly what is going to happen,
but…end of the world.
Who knows,
maybe there will be a financial meltdown
and the world will  go into absolute and utter depression
and we will disappear
be a race whose bones will populate the sands.
Maybe a meteor will strike earth,
or a nuclear war will happen
and we will have a winter
which decimates the population.
Maybe the stone on which the Mayan calendar is written
will break.
we don’t know what is going to happen,
but do we ever?
The world ends for lots of people every day,
there is only one question
that we should be concerned with.
Not whether the world will end,
but whether we will be enlightened before it does.
It is June 25 as I write this,
so you have about six months left to live.
And I am giving you one item
for your bucket list.
Become matrixed.
If you haven’t become a black belt,
then you must.
If you have a black belt,
then you must learn enough matrixing
so that you can pass it down
to those who survive the end of the world.
Six months.
read EWs win.
Think about what is involved.
Think about what he goes through.
The hard work,
the worry,
the problems.
imagine yourself at the end,
Imagine yourself
exuding light,
in fantastic physical shape.
Imagine a world that is better,
a world that you leave better than you found it.
You are the ki,
you know.
You are the ki to the universe.
Please open the door.
Have success
Here’s a quote for you…
“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”
Who wrote it?
And, here is the ultimate article on martial arts an insanity.
study martial arts

Einstein Did Study Kung Fu!

There is No Doubt that Einstein Did Study Kung Fu

That he did study Kung Fu is obvious, ’cause he was smart. Right? This is something that the smartest people in the world know.

You see, while people drawn in the doldrums, feel sorry for themselves, or otherwise carry on about the end of the world and doom and gloom and share the despair and all that, a martial artist goes out and gets the job done.

study karateHe knows how to work hard because he had to work hard to survive the dojo.

He knows how to get along with people, because he doesn’t want to fight; he has overcome the desire to beat people up.

He is smart because he has applied himself to the assessment of body motion.

He is artistic because, well, because he studies a martial art.

Now, having said all that, let me give you Einstein’s quote that is my favorite, and in my top ten quotes of all time.

‘Vision without execution is merely hallucination.’

Do you see the brilliance? This is a man who recognizes the value of hard work, and how it cures us of doldrums, sadness, and even tragedy.

Got the blues? Get to work. So sayeth Einstein. And since that is what Martial Artists do, they are all on equal footing with the big brain himself.

A good way to start is to study kung fu. Or, study karate. Or aikido or kenpo or taekwondo or…or whatever martial art happens to grab your fancy.

Go get yourself a book at the library, a magazine at the newstand. Heck, go type in a few words on youtube and start the educatin’ process. And if you’re really brave, ready to go whole hog, ready to plumb your depths and pull out the hero, hie on over to Monster Martial Arts. Study Kung Fu, or karate or krav maga or jujistsu or whatever, online.

Well, that should cure the world. If everybody knew the martial arts there would be no war, politicians would be honest, and dogs would love cats. So go for it. Study Kung Fu.

study kung fu

At a Martial Arts School I Learned to Fart on Your Food!

Martial Arts School and the Things You Learn!

As time went on, I realized that having gone to a Martial Arts School, I was different. I don’t think I knew how much martial arts had made me different until the day I conducted a social experiment wherein we farted on food. BTW, no food was harmed in the making of this social experiment…grin.

learn martial arts

Are you a socially acclimated, politically correct slave? Or do you study Martial Arts?

First, I knew I was different because I don’t follow the rules of society. I was always getting in trouble, saying the wrong thing, and being the only one laughing and having a good time. Turns out breaking the rules and having a good time are actually pretty hand in glove.

And, I noticed that everybody around me was getting older, especially in attitude. They got serious about politicians and other fools and liars, and they got grim lines on their faces. Me, I just kept practicing martial arts.

So one day I got this fart machine on the internet. You press a button and it makes an obscene sound, and most people are fooled. Then I put it in the back pocket of one of my martial arts students, and had him back up to a table at a restaurant.

Now, I expected to have to go to his rescue, to save him when somebody got upset, but I was wrong. It was a sidewalk arrangement, and he would back up and put his fanny right over the table, and press the button. People stopped talking, looked down at their plates, and kept eating.

At first, I was in shock, farts are airborne fecal matter, and every single person we did this to just looked down and kept eating. I would have gotten violent if somebody did that to me. So why wasn’t anybody reacting? 

Well, I would have reacted because I study martial arts, and I am trained to stand up to people. Simply, I am not afraid, and not afraid of somebody who lets one rip. And all those people whose bacon and eggs we were farting over had not studied the martial arts.

The people of this country, you see, have gone to school, been given tickets, watched too much TV, and had the gumption socially acclimated right out of them. Political correctness has now replaced the instinct to survive in most people, and they just sit around and take it…be victims…are afraid to stand up and say: that’s not right and don’t you ever do that again! So go ahead and continue the way you are going, encourage your kids to go to school and be politically correct, vote Repub or Demo, don’t go to a martial arts school, and the next time you sit down and hear a strange sound ripping out the back of somebodys pants…just look down at your plate and keep eating.

Toss out political correctness, click to Monster Martial Arts, learn real martial arts…right off the net…and start undoing what has been done to you.

Martial Arts School

If You Want To Study Martial Arts You Should Make Sure You Choose The Right One

Everybody has, at one time or another, considered a study of the martial arts. They see the Bruce Lee movies, they hear the crime horror stories, and they realize knowing something like Karate or Kung Fu is a good thing.

The question becomes, then, do you study Karate or Kung Fu? Or Aikido or jujitsu or kenpo or taekwondo or…the choices can actually be a bit overwhelming. So chekc out the following video, then let’s go through a few arts and consider what the correct decision is going to be.

Karate is constructed of powerful kicks and punches. The training tends to be regimented, and you will be expected to sweat. Depending on the style of karate you choose, you may end up studying such things as jointlocks, throws, and so on.

There is a large variety of kung fu styles. There are styles which focus on close quarter combat, like Wing Chun, and there are styles like Shaolin which allow for more space and arm swinging techniques. There are very combative methods, like Preying Mantis, and there are esoteric and athletic methods, like Monkey style, Drunken style, or even the Drunken Monkey Style.

Most people usually start studying at nearby strip malls, and these locations often showcase Chinese Kenpo Karate. Chinese Kenpo is a tournament oriented style with an immense range of one on one self defense techniques. The difficult thing here is to ascertain whether the instructor is more focused on the street, or on tournaments.

Another art one will see in strip malls is Taekwondo. Taekwondo advocates a variety of kicks. This is an excellent strategy which keeps attackers away, and gives a tremendous work out. There is usually an emphasis on sparring in some taekwondo dojangs.

If one wishes to study more peaceful methods, one should look into Aikido. Aikdio means ‘the way of harmony in the spirit,’ and it concentrates on circular movements which harmonize with the incoming force. This is an art where it becomes obvious that one must truly conquer oneself before attempting to conquer another.

Another peaceful art is Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is slow moving, good for old people, but possessed of some of the wickedest self defense moves you will ever see. Mind you, being slow moving, it sometimes takes a while to reach the level of effective self defense.

Speaking of functional self defense moves, one should consider Krav Maga. Krav Maga was developed not just for street use, but for use in actual combat. It is technique heavy, and one of the most useful arts one can study.

The last martial art we will consider, though there are more that one will come across and should look up on their own, is jujitsu. Jujitsu has a classical history, but most of it is heavily related these days to such things as Ultimate Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, and venues of that sort. This is an extremely useful martial art on the street, though one should always try to avoid going to the ground in any confrontation, as this presents an opportunity for an attacker’s friends to wade in, there could be sharp objects on the ground, and so on.

As I said, there are many other martial arts one should look at when selecting the fighting discipline that is right for them. In the end, there are as many arts as there are individuals teaching them. Which study of martial arts you pursue is going to be up to you.

free martial arts

The One Reason All People Should Take Martial Arts Instruction

Everybody has heard the list of reasons as to why people should take martial arts instruction, and they never speak of the one real reason. I’m going to write a few sentences about the common reasons, then present you with the one real reason. See if you can figure out that reason before I speak of it.

The number one reason people give for studying martial arts, be it karate or kung fu or whatever, is self defense. Simply, they sell the mugging point. You must learn or somebody is going to beat you up.

The second reason people have is fitness. You must learn martial arts so you will be big and strong and everybody will respect you. This is a ‘self image’ selling point.

A third reason, and not a bad one, one that parents are always harping about but never understanding themselves, is to get discipline. But the matter of discipline is only a shadow of the real reason for learning ancient fighting arts. Are you ready to learn the real reason people should study the ancient oriental ways?

Not to fight, because the purpose of the martial arts is to learn how to not fight. Not for self image, because this is merely a corruption of learning competence, which will correct all self image problems. The real reason is…drum roll…focus.

The secret of life, the universe, and everything in between, can be known if one looks. But one has to know how to look, and be disciplined to see, and this is possible only through learning how to focus your attention. Guaranteed, you can do anything, be anything you want to be, if you just learn how to look…and see what you are looking at.

It doesn’t matter what you look at, you have to see it. Most people, when they try to look at something, are attention dispersed, and thus only see fragments of what is. Or, they are short attention span, which, again, stops them from really seeing what they are looking at.

But by learning and doing the martial arts, the real arts, and not just fighting for the sake of fighting, teaches them how to focus their attention,and keep it focused, and thus to actually see what they are looking at. It is this ability for a person to actually see what they are looking at that is at the heart of the martial arts, and which shines an actual light on the possible brilliant future for mankind. And this is the real reason why one should take Martial Arts Instruction.

You can actually see the martial arts, the true martial arts, at Monster Martial Arts.

Where Did the Martial Arts Really Come From?

I was working in a factory many years ago, and word got around that I studied the martial arts. A Philippine co-worker came up to me one day, and he said, “No study martial arts, martial Arts bad…bad, “ then he shook his head and walked away. From this odd beginning I discovered where the martial arts really came from.

As one might expect, I was quite interested in my co-workers attitude, the Philippines were renowned for their martial arts, and so I tracked him down and questioned him further. “Why are the martial arts bad?” I asked him. This is the story he told me.

“One day I decide I learn martial arts, so I go outside and practice on tree tree. I chop like so (he did a vertical chop, as if chopping down on somebody’s forehead), and a I chop and I chop. I chop two hour a day for two year.

“One night my neighbor have wild party, and three in morning I go ask him to stop music. He laughed at me, so I use karate on him. I chop his head and he turn upside down, so I run home and worry I kill him…that why Karate bad!”

I didn’t laugh, because he was serious, he really thought the karate style arts were bad, and didn’t understand that his unique ways of self training, and his own lack of control, might have something to do with ‘being bad.’ But his tale led me to wonder where the martial arts came from. I mean, they are the world’s second oldest profession, so where did they come from?

They came into being because somebody wanted to steal something from somebody, and they came from somebody wanting to stop somebody from taking something away from him. This is the same as lawyerism, but applied to the actual hit and punch that occurs when politics breaks down. Eventually, the idea of taking something away from somebody, or protecting your property from somebody reached the levels of armies and weapons of mass destruction.

The idea that what belongs to you is really mine, and I don’t have to pay you no stinkin’ money…that is where the martial arts came from. And people train to war, and steal money and property and wives and whatever else they covet. And, oddly, as my previous words indicate, the solution to this avarice and misbegotten art is…in the study of the true art.

You study the art to protect yourself, and in that study you realize the truth of yourself…you discover your self worth, and the idea that you are honorable and don’t have to fear others, or that they might take from you. On the day that everybody on earth knows the martial arts, on that day the avarice and war stop, and on that day everybody will know where the martial arts come from. They come from within, from the spirit that is you, from the honor that motivates every beat of your heart and every breath you take.