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Einstein Did Study Kung Fu!

There is No Doubt that Einstein Did Study Kung Fu

That he did study Kung Fu is obvious, ’cause he was smart. Right? This is something that the smartest people in the world know.

You see, while people drawn in the doldrums, feel sorry for themselves, or otherwise carry on about the end of the world and doom and gloom and share the despair and all that, a martial artist goes out and gets the job done.

study karateHe knows how to work hard because he had to work hard to survive the dojo.

He knows how to get along with people, because he doesn’t want to fight; he has overcome the desire to beat people up.

He is smart because he has applied himself to the assessment of body motion.

He is artistic because, well, because he studies a martial art.

Now, having said all that, let me give you Einstein’s quote that is my favorite, and in my top ten quotes of all time.

‘Vision without execution is merely hallucination.’

Do you see the brilliance? This is a man who recognizes the value of hard work, and how it cures us of doldrums, sadness, and even tragedy.

Got the blues? Get to work. So sayeth Einstein. And since that is what Martial Artists do, they are all on equal footing with the big brain himself.

A good way to start is to study kung fu. Or, study karate. Or aikido or kenpo or taekwondo or…or whatever martial art happens to grab your fancy.

Go get yourself a book at the library, a magazine at the newstand. Heck, go type in a few words on youtube and start the educatin’ process. And if you’re really brave, ready to go whole hog, ready to plumb your depths and pull out the hero, hie on over to Monster Martial Arts. Study Kung Fu, or karate or krav maga or jujistsu or whatever, online.

Well, that should cure the world. If everybody knew the martial arts there would be no war, politicians would be honest, and dogs would love cats. So go for it. Study Kung Fu.

study kung fu

Old Man Knocked Out…Is It Time to Study Kung Fu?

Time to Study Kung Fu?

You’re going to realize it is time to Study Kung Fu when you see this video. It takes place on a Chicago subway, some old guy is walking along begging for change, and he runs into the wrong people. To see the video simply google ‘Elderly Man Attacked on CTA Platform (Chicago).’

Now, time for some serious consideration about what just happened. You see somebody old and helpless, almost dazed, definitely doesn’t have a clue, get the sense knocked out of him. So what is it about him that drives a bunch of young criminals to violence?

He isn’t a threat, not in any sense of the word. He’s not harming anybody, doesn’t really look like he knows what he is doing. So there is no reason, and let’s consider the criminal who did the deed to him.

The guy is young and full of himself, probably doesn’t work for a living, and doesn’t look like he wants to. He’s got his circle of friends, all as full of themselves and as criminal as him, and they are cheering him on. So here’s the question: is this what is happening to America?

Or, maybe the question should be, what are you going to do about things like this? Obviously, there are no cops around, and, just as obviously, no one comes to the old man’s defense. People just scuttle out of the way and goggle and act like stupid people at a circus.

And, here’s the point I want to make: nobody knows Kung Fu. Nobody knows Shaolin or Wing Chun or even Tai Chi Chuan. Nobody, even after the fact, goes after the kid and takes him down and holds him for the police.

Now, with America going the way it is going, people out of work, or, like this kid, not even wanting to work, there is obviously going to be violence on the streets. We see the protestors and the mobs, and we hear the rumors of food riots on their way, and do you know any kind of personal self defense? Have you ever had a martial arts class, learned a karate kata, done a few taekwondo kicks?

Maybe it’s time, you know? If the future is going to be filled with what you just saw in the subway beating, maybe it’s time to learn how to take somebody out with a good swift kick, a poke to the eyes, some, old fashioned Kung fu self defense moves. Well, while you think about whether you are going to survive the coming years, I’m going to find a class to study Kung Fu.

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