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Creating Your Martial Arts Every Day!

Newsletter 910

What Does the New Year Hold for the Real Martial Artist?

Happy New Year!
And…what ya gonna do about it?
Gonna get that next belt?
Gonna study a new art?

The truth is this:
we create ourselves anew each day.
So you have 365 chances to create a new you
in the coming year.

here’s the plan.

print out goals and tape them somewhere
you will see them every day.

Put them on the bath mirror,
the door you have to go through
to get to the world,
put them on the frig.
Put them somewhere…
Don’t let your goals fade.

back up your goals with actual action.
Set up a time and place,
set up a schedule for classes…AND MAKE ALL WORK OUTS
the most important thing
is to NOT get lazy.
Don’t let the action fade.
Wake up ten minutes early for the forms routine,
meet with the guys Tuesday and Thursday and Sat for working out.
Go to the gym,
especially your personal martial arts gym

realize that life doesn’t work unless you work.
In some ways this is the most important thing,
this simple realization.

Here’s what I did…and still do.

I set up my garage
or some area in the backyard,
as my dojo.
I set up a kicking bag,
I have a place where I can stretch.
I have enough room for forms.

Then I make a schedule and keep it.
For instance,
I would do martial arts Tuesday and Thursday,
Monday and Wednesday I would bike or run.
Friday I ate pizza.
I am not kidding.
Hard work needs a reward,
but if I missed one of my work outs…
I didn’t get pizza,
or whatever thing I had set up for my reward.
No ice cream,
no soda pop and popcorn and a movie.
I would use my wasted time,
for an extra work out.
That’d teach me!

the fun thing was setting up which martial art i wanted to study.
I liked to start with tai chi,
especially if I was feeling lazy.
Just standing in my dojo,
watching my body move,
and suddenly I started to feel more energy.

Another thing I do is change the art I study every month or two.
I liked doing karate one month,
kung fu (shaolin butterfly) the next month
Tai Chi the third month,
and then I would do it all again.
This type of rotational cross training
really helps me keep a fresh mind on it all.
It tends to get rid of plateaus
and keeps me on a steady rise
of mental acuity and physical ability.

So…what is this year going to hold for you?

Check out the courses here
and select the arts you wish to learn this year.

Don’t stop,
don’t drop,
just come out on top!

Have a great work out and…




Matrixing the geometry of the Martial Arts

Matrixing Martial Arts!

Had an interesting conversation with a fellow who goes to ‘Frontsight,’ which is a gun training place. He was asking about the logic of matrixing, and how I arranged my courses.

I explained about the basic geometry of matrixing, and how I had arranged the courses around that logic.

For instance, Matrix Karate is based on explosions form the tan tien and linear motions, and the proper arrangement of blocks.

Matrix Kung Fu is based on an analysis of joint locks, and the arrangement of the jointlocks into the proper order.

Matrix Aikido is an instant conceptualization of the above, but slanted towards flow as a  solution to flow. (Karate would be force as a solution to force, Kung Fu would be a slanting of force to establish flow, and so on.

Now, the point here is that people want to learn the martial arts, and they think that by learning karate (for instance) they are learning the martial arts. They never seem to get that karate is only a piece of the martial arts. They don’t get that each art describes  precise geometry, and that Matrixing doesn’t just arrange the bits and pieces of the arts in logical order, but arranges the geometries of the separate arts in a logical order, and thus creates the wholistic ‘picture’ of the whole martial arts.

So you don’t study karate to learn the martial arts, you study ALL the martial arts to learn the martial arts.

And, matrixing is the process by which you learn a logic that will enable you to learn ALL the martial arts in a year or two, as opposed to the decade or two for the one, single art approach.

Look, let me sum it up exactly.

You can study a system of karate, and if you are a good student, and the system is a good system, and the instructor is a good instructor, and all those pieces stay in place, you don’t move in twenty years, nor does the instructor, then in twenty years you could actually say that you know the martial arts.

It would be a badly distorted picture, the jointlocks out of synch with the tan tien and the tai chi fumbling under the taekwondo…but you could say that you knew it all. It’s more like a big box full of pieces than a completed puzzle, but you could still say you know everything.

But, when you do Matrixing you learn the individual arts quickly and easily, and you learn how to put them together so they are smooth, unified whole. A picture of beauty and intuition.

And that is what I am pushing with all these courses; and that is what I will be doing at Monkeyland, training  vast amounts of people in how to matrix people, arts, and even things outside the arts.

So that the martial arts come together as a complete and unified science.

Anyway, I know you’ve heard me rant on this subject before, but you would be surprised at how often I get a question or comment regarding matrixing and what it really does.

I hope this dispels any confusion.

There is only one martial art, and it is accessed by Matrixing, and only matrixing, on this planet at this time.

We are totally and utterly unique.

Now, the reason I say this is simple: because of the instant downloads I am setting up prices are changing. But, the prices of the packages will stay low, at least for a while. So you aren’t saving $20 on a package, you might be saving $40, which would be almost 30%.

Look, I encourage people to buy a single course at first, to make sure that they are ready for matrixing. Believe me, there are some people that aren’t ready for matrixing, and they should stay far away. Their minds simply aren’t ready to be made logical. A little too much mystery and confusion in their minds, and they should study the classical martial arts long enough to stabilize their minds, before they even think about getting them ready to be arranged.

But, if you’ve already purchased a course, or you know, in your heart of hearts, that you are ready, then get a package. Get a whole chunk of martial arts geometry. Eat matrixing with a shovel, and not a little, bitty teaspoon.

Heck, save some money. It isn’t instant download, but it is a serious savings of cash, and that’s a good thing in this crazy day and age.

Here is the Core package URL…http://www.monstermartialarts.com/Core_Package.html

But you can also find a package for kung fu, and other packages if you look around the monster.

HanaKwanMass to you, and have a great work out!



Einstein Did Study Kung Fu!

There is No Doubt that Einstein Did Study Kung Fu

That he did study Kung Fu is obvious, ’cause he was smart. Right? This is something that the smartest people in the world know.

You see, while people drawn in the doldrums, feel sorry for themselves, or otherwise carry on about the end of the world and doom and gloom and share the despair and all that, a martial artist goes out and gets the job done.

study karateHe knows how to work hard because he had to work hard to survive the dojo.

He knows how to get along with people, because he doesn’t want to fight; he has overcome the desire to beat people up.

He is smart because he has applied himself to the assessment of body motion.

He is artistic because, well, because he studies a martial art.

Now, having said all that, let me give you Einstein’s quote that is my favorite, and in my top ten quotes of all time.

‘Vision without execution is merely hallucination.’

Do you see the brilliance? This is a man who recognizes the value of hard work, and how it cures us of doldrums, sadness, and even tragedy.

Got the blues? Get to work. So sayeth Einstein. And since that is what Martial Artists do, they are all on equal footing with the big brain himself.

A good way to start is to study kung fu. Or, study karate. Or aikido or kenpo or taekwondo or…or whatever martial art happens to grab your fancy.

Go get yourself a book at the library, a magazine at the newstand. Heck, go type in a few words on youtube and start the educatin’ process. And if you’re really brave, ready to go whole hog, ready to plumb your depths and pull out the hero, hie on over to Monster Martial Arts. Study Kung Fu, or karate or krav maga or jujistsu or whatever, online.

Well, that should cure the world. If everybody knew the martial arts there would be no war, politicians would be honest, and dogs would love cats. So go for it. Study Kung Fu.

study kung fu