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The Third Evolutionary Step Of The Martial Arts

There are actually three steps when it comes to the evolution of man. These steps are cut and dried, but are unrecognizable in todays martial arts. When you Matrix the martial arts, however, even specific arts, like karate or kung fu, then your evolutionary path opens up before you.

The first step is nothing more than the struggle for survival. We are born, and our parents try to protect us and educate us, but at some point we all must enter into the struggle for survival. Making a living, finding out what we really want to do, day to day survival.

Interestingly, many of these early struggles have to do with our fellow man. It is not just the struggle for body survival, but how to get along with society which, lets face it, is not always sane. If we survive this early struggle, if we do not jump off a cliff or hang ourselves, then we become sane, though this is a relative state.

Sanity is the second step, and it is marked by the fact that we realize that we are not alone. Mankind is not necessarily something to struggle against, but a force that can enhance ourselves and the fact of survival. But, as I said, there is relative sanity.

Some people, upon learning that they are not alone, resist this state and try to destroy it. People build machines of war, corporations dedicated to slavery, governments of intolerance and…insanity. This is the stage where martial arts is most crucial, for it not only aids survival, it offers opportunities to step out of the increased insanity sometimes offered by humanity, and to find and develop the unique abilities that make individuals what they are.

This third step, finding our true worth, is what the martial arts are all about; this is where the human being rises to his full magnitude, or dwindles into a cinder. And, at this point, let me tell you the exact method one needs to pursue to discover the truth of self that is our true birthright. Here is where Matrixing and Neutronics establish themselves.

Matrixing provides the discipline, and Neutronics offers the actual how and why for discipline and survival. The secret is to do your martial art form, and rid yourself of surface thought. Do this by aligning your form with matrixing, and understanding why you need to align it with Neutronics.

Surface thoughts are nothing more than bland sentences, and have little to do with what is under the surface of our beingness. By dedicating oneself to a form until one is only doing the form, and not thinking about anything else at all, one finds and develops a Great Space of Awareness. It is this Great Space of Awareness that is the point of it all, and it can be developed through any art, be it kung fu, karate or whatever, if a person merely applies Matrixing, and understands what they are doing through Neutronics.

Monster Newsletter #298–A New Master Instructor!

When it rains it pours!
Another new Master Instructor,
talk about making my day!
So here are the words of the latest…

Dear Al,
I have purchased your courses on Matrix Karate, Butterfly Pa Kua Chang, Matrix Tai Chi Chuan, The Master Books, The Punch and the Master Instructor Course. I do not know why I waited so long to purchase the Master instructor course because it should have been the second course I purchased. Either way I have learned from each course. I am surprised at how much information and detail I have been able to absorb. I now can look at Pa kua forms for example and without being shown any application can already see the applications. My brain starts to process applications faster than I can say them.
Studying your Master Instructor coarse has taught me so much that I almost do not know where to begin. It has helped me to realize any shortcomings in my teaching methods. The coarse has given me a greater appreciation for my instructors and Masters. There were things in the Master Instructor course that I remember having been taught. As a result there are specific instructors I feel compelled to go back to and just say thank you!
Being taught by many different instructors has allowed me to first hand learn the importance of showing proper application of technique to a student. There were times I would learn a form but not know how to apply it. Another instructor would show application and I would look at the movements in the form with a newfound understanding and appreciation. They now had purpose. I like that your forms have application upon application. There is nothing mystical, just pure science.
The four powers were enlightening to me. After I purchased your book on The Punch I began to explore the powers. Seeing it in the Master Instructor coarse made me examine how the four powers work in all my techniques.
Looking at my Tan Tui forms I now understand and recognize them clearly.  I can now honestly say that I can take any move from my forms and apply it directly to my sparring. I’ve used techniques as simple as springing Leg form 2 to move guys across the floor. I was the guy you spoke about who would CBM by accident. I had a lot of lucky accidents. Now there is no accident. I have been able to move guys twice my size with ease.
The six (secrets) are amazing concepts and ways to analyze my techniques. Chin Na Fa techniques and any joint locking techniques are now easier to breakdown. There is so much technique to analyze that I can give myself a headache. Yet I cannot think of anything else worth getting a headache over. Thank You Al for your knowledge and experience!
Luis Bonnet

You’re welcome, Luis,
and I thank you.

there are a couple of points here
that we should take note of.

One, applications as the key to understanding the art.
We can understand this from several viewpoints,
and Luis has summed them up beautifully.

After the Master Instructor Course
you should be able to make a technique out of anything.

the speed of absorbing the information.
Matrixing is not a system,
it is a method for absorbing systems.
Done properly,
and it is hard not to do properly,
you don’t learn with it,
it enables you to absorb,
which is not just an advanced method of learning,
but the way human beings are supposed to input knowledge.

children are taught to read
a time.
And hardly anybody
actually considers
how a grown up should learn.
that’s where matrixing comes in.

and I think this is incredibly important,
Luis has increased respect
for his instructors.

You know,
I get hate mail every once in a while.
It’s always from people
who have never taken a course,
and have judged me without knowing what I am doing,
and they miss the point…
I love and am in awe
of the instructors,
the masters,
the guys who started systems
who went before…
they were giants.
They ignored the gaps of knowledge in their own minds,
created their masterpieces,
and passed on the data.
Do you know how much strength of character it takes
to do something like this?

So they should be respected.

people often overlook one other thing,
I am not out to destroy the art,
I merely want to enhance the arts.
Make them not a mystery,
make them so anybody can achieve
the incredible abilities
the martial arts have to offer.

compared to Joe Normal,
you are stronger and longer lasting,
you have patience and an ability to see
to the heart of things.
When bullies arise,
so do you.

Wouldn’t you want
everybody in the world
to be like you?

You should.

get the rest of the world to do the martial arts.
Confidence and competence
leads away from fighting.
Being calm and patient
makes human beings.

The concepts of the martial arts
leads one to solutions in real life.
Wouldn’t you like people to solve problems
and stop the whining and fighting?

I could go for hours on this,
I need do only one thing,
get somebody out there
to do the Master Instructor Course.
One person.
One more idea in the world
that people are good
and we deserve better
and we CAN get along.

One person.
Which one of you is going to step up to the plate?
Which one of you has read the Master Instructor Wins
and wants some of those wins for yourself?
Which one of you wants the abilities,
like being able to make an application out of anything,
the ability to absorb whole fields of knowledge,
the gratitude for those who have gone before,
the ability to take students
and even entire arts,
and transform them
into something the planet needs,
that mankind needs?

Which one of you?

The MasterInstructor Course

Master Instructor Luis Bonnet,
and thank you for showing the way.



Google this…
Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!
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A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Thomas Carlyle

Three Reasons Tai Chi Works Better Than Any Other Martial Art

I love writing articles like this, because artists from other arts blink and trifle with a bit of an inner snarl. Tai Chi ain’t so great! What’s wrong with my art!

And, of course, there is nothing wrong with any other art, it is just which art has more data, more information. Information, after all, is the heart of the soul, it is like a lever to manipulate the universe. Give me enough information and I’ll topple the universe, and that’s the first reason.

The second reason Tai Chi works better than just about anything else is that tai chi works backwards. Eh, maybe I should say it teaches people to learn backwards. Or, perhaps it is more accurate to say that the Ultimate Art enables people to see that the universe works backwards.

Look, when a fight starts, people shove, and people shove back, and…you have a fight. In tai chi, somebody shoves, and somebody gives way, and the shover is face to face with his face on the ground. Forgive my snicker, but that is just smarter.

The third and final reason Taiji is so grand an ultimate is that you can do it forever. I mean this in several senses, so let me elaborate. Let me tell you what forever means.

I met a boxer who had cauliflower ears, false teeth, a nose he had to shove sideways in the morning, and who had trouble putting together a coherent sentence. This guy had been hit way to many times, and it is fair to note that the less violent an art is the more long lasting it is. Now the art must remain workable, or it is no art at all, but the truth of the matter is that you can actually evaluate the depth of an art by how long its practitioners last.

And, beyond the basic short lived brutality of some arts, there is the fact that–and I love this quote–you never run out of nothing. When you do Tai Chi you are building energy, but not by building energy, rather by building space. The more space you have, the more energy can build and flow, and the further your senses can expand, and the more potential you have to build ability, and so on and so on forever.

So, three reasons why I am a Taji Quan believer: information, backwards, and emptiness. These three reasons can enlighten any art, but the artist must first consider that perhaps there is something wrong with his art. And the most difficult thing in the world, especially for people who don’t know how to empty information backwards into the universe, is to do these three things.

How To Make Power Kenpo!

You can make your system of Kenpo into Power Kenpo fairly easily. Of course, you’re going to have to go against the old school boys, but this isn’t always bad. In fact, if you do make your system into a Power Kenpo system, you will be following the footsteps of Ed Parker more closely than the old school boys.

The concept of Power Kenpo is something I coined many decades ago, and have never really talked about. It actually grew from an incident in 1968 in which I asked my instructor to take a look at a form I had been working on. My instructor stepped on to the mat and I took a position and began to move.

The form was actually out of a series of books on Japanese Karate, and it is called Heian Five. It is a strong form, with solid stance and large, significant movements. As such, it seems to stand opposed to the fast whirling arms of Parker Kenpo theory.

I finished the form, and my instructor observed, “Yes, definitely a Japanese form.” He didn’t say much more, and I had the feeling that he was displeased. Many decades later, I understand the displeasure, he was trying to teach me one thing, and I was straying in an entirely different direction.

To be honest, Kenpo Karate does not fit well with classical Shotokan Karate. Kenpo, as I have intimated, relies on fast hands and circling motions. Shotokan holds a disdain for subterfuge, and preaches the power of a strong stance, facing your enemy squarely, and attacking in a linear manner.

Each system has its strengths, and its weaknesses, but they don’t fit together. It is difficult even to shift from one art to another in the middle of combat. The funny thing about all this is that original Kenpo was built upon the Heian forms of classical Karate.

Most people blink when I say such a thing, but it is true. If you can find a copy of one of Ed Parker’s first books you will find that it is nothing more than a sequence of the applications of the Heian forms. Indeed, if you link the applications in his book, you are actually doing the Heians.

In conclusion, now you understand what I mean when I remarked about Power Kenpo and being true to the footsteps of Ed Parker. The fact is that true and dedicated martial artists should study as many systems as they can. The truth of the matter is that if you want power in your Kenpo, or accelerated weapons, or better kicks, then study a separate system that has what you want, and let the power of that other art bleed back to your kenpo, and that is how you will have Power Kenpo.

Don Buck, The Tiger of Kyokushinkai

One of the instructors you never hear about, and should, was Don Buck. He was the first to open a Kyokushinjai school on the continental United States. Following is a list of his accomplishments.
Sensei Buck joined the army at 16, the tail end of world war 2. He so excelled at the physical tests that he was slated for commando school. He studied martial arts and boxing.
He was trained by Mas Oyama himself. He studied judo, jujitsu, and many kung fu systems, including hung gar and tai chi chuan. Mas Oyama liked Don, which meant that he was extra brutal in his training.
He is said to have completed the 100 man kumite without a loss. This statement alone is an eye blinker of massive proportion.
He was a champion powerlifter.
He was a police officer who, in spite of being injured in the line of duty (being hit from behind with a tire iron), went on to train intensively in the martial arts.
Many, many Kyokushinkai students can train their lineage back to this man.
There are biographies of Don Buck on the net, and they are interesting, to say the least. Students of Kyokushinakai will be fascinated, and proud, to be able to point at their lineage and know that this incredible person was responsible for their Kyokushinkai.

This is the kind of instructor we like to point at as a true inspiration at Monster Martial Arts.

Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!

There is a trick that is used to give you the most powerful punch in the world. This is a trick from classical karate, and students frequently struggle with it for years. I think if you understand the physics I give you here, you will be able to do this trick.

This trick is from the third move in the form called Pinan One. It is called Heian One in Japanese. This is the move where you block and kick at the same time, then stomp your foot as you block in the other direction.

To understand the physics you have to understand that bending your leg makes you create more energy. The deeper the stance, the more you bend your legs, the more your legs work, the more energy you have to create. This energy locates from the Tan tien, which is an energy generator located just below the navel.

When you stomp your foot in precisely the right manner, you have a sudden increase in weight. A sudden increase in weight is going to trigger a sudden increase in the energy produced by the tan tien. This energy can be channeled out to you kick, block or punch.

To make this work you must not stomp the foot too hard. Stomping the foot too hard is going to result in damage to the foot. It can also cause long term damage up the leg and into the spine.

To make this work, then, does not require excessive strength, it requires exquisite timing. The arms must come back at the same time the leg comes back. The hips must turn at the correct rate of speed so that the body is moving as one unit.

Moving the hips is crucial, they must turn with the whole body, and support the alignment of the legs and arms. The hips must be able to stop at the right time. Stopping is done by emphasizing, gently, the stomp of the foot.

Not too much strength, perfect timing, using the body as one unit. This is the key to supercharging your punch, kick or block. Guaranteed, if you can do these things, and especially with the move from Pinan One, then you are going to have the most powerful punch in the world.

Monster Newsletter #294–Changing the Program!

I just got up,
and I am so-o-o-o
looking forward to working out.
Better than coffee,
better than TV,
better than…

Have I told you what TV actually is?
Look, before I do that,
Work out quick,
make sure you’re strong enough to take it,
(hummm, tap toe, look at watch)
you’re back already!
Go work out again,
and this time
take your time,
(hummm, tap toe, look at watch)
that’s better.
You’re looking good now.

let me give you the skinny.

Mine was the television generation.
We watched something like six to eight hours of TV a night.
Leave it to Beaver,
Dick Van Dyke,
Laugh In.

the funny thing is,
when I was done with school and had found the martial arts,
I was gone for two three hours a night,
and I was sweating,
communicating with real people,
learning that nothing is as enlightening,
and unforgiving
as a punch in the face.

No TV,
and I felt smarter than any time I had been in school.

let me tell you something.
There is a difference between schooling,
and education.
Schooling trains you,
like a mindless dog,
to do tricks on command.
Education enlightens you.

And TV is programming.
You watch a TV
and you are getting programmed.
Do you want to work out,
laugh and have fun
with some of the best guys and gals in the world?
Or do you want to get programmed?

you see,
is an electronic raygun.
The earlier TVs this was really obvious.
They were actual electronic projectors,
and they shot electrons right into your brain,
your mind,
the way you think.

When I was a kid,
I was getting schooled,
and therefore wanted to be programmed,
so I could get a job
and do what I was told.

When I became a martial artist
I took joy in my friends,
in my competence,
in being enlightened and observant,
in actually seeing the world,
and not a bunch of electronic pictures.

Is TV bad?
It’s just a tool.
Use it to learn,
use it to watch DVDs you buy from
worthy martial artists.
But if you find yourself becoming addicted to a program,
be careful.
Might be time to pull the plug and go work out.
Sweat out all those nasty electrons that have
parasited themselves
right in to your fragile, eggshell mind.

That said,
let me give you a couple of wins.

Keep up the good work Al.


Thanks Jack,
I will!

By the way I wanted to tell you that Matrix Aikido was mind blowing!

That is from Matt,
Thanks Matt.
You have yourself a ball!

I have been teaching a couple of MA classes on the side for about 12 months so I just was wondering whether I can scale up and make a living from MA instruction and along comes your little freebie dealing with the same subject. Co-incidence or fate????
Be Well

Thanks Nick,
I am well,
and well done to you for making the universe work
exactly the way you want it to.
Be professional and businesslike
and you can make a living doing martial arts,
and should.
The world always has room for more dedicated,
fire breathing martial artists!

I could go on and on,
and should.
After all,
I’m not watching TV,
so I’m getting the wins,
the point is this…
these people are not watching TV.
they are not doing as they are told,
they are so bright that
I gotta wear shades!

What about it?
Gonna scroll through the mail,
shut down and hit the tube?

are you going to scroll through the mail,
head on over to Monster Martial Arts,
get inspired,
Have the Work Out of Your Life!

Monster awaits.

The Punch!

take advantage of this link,
I not only put the kick and the punch on CD,
but I have been putting the
how to Put Out a Candle on it.
that’s three books,
and a savings of $50.
That’s if you can (heh) drag yourself away from the TV!

Now go work out again!



Google The Combative Strategy of the Five Animals of Shaolin Kung Fu
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Television is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome.
TS Eliot

Kang Duk Won Korean Karate Research Engineer

I remember a class mate of mine named John. He worked over at Ames Research center as a research engineer. Imagine that, a geek, sweating and punching his all for the knowledge of the Kang Duk Won.
One day he showed up at class all glum. “There going to fire me,” he said. The college I got my degree from said I hadn’t really gotten my doctorate. I owe them one thesis.
It was one of those bureaucratic snafus. Nobody was at fault, but John was going to lose his job, stop his Kang Duk Won studies, and have to travel back to the east coast to do one lousy thesis.
The next day he came in all happy. “My boss said it was stupid. He declassified some of my work and told me to send it in as a thesis!”
The upshot of it was this, and we of the Kang Duk Won knew it to be true: he didn’t want to stop studying the Kang Duk Won, and he moved the universe to fulfill his dreams.
Those were the kind of people I studied with at the Kang Duk Won.

The First Time I Ever Used Karate to Hit Somebody

I had trained in karate for near seven years. I had thrown a million punches, caused bruises and split lips, made people fall down gasping, even made them hold their, uh, cahonies.
But I had never hit anybody.
My body had hit other bodies, but me, the ‘I am,’ had never actually struck anybody.
One night we were doing two on one. One fellow grabbed one arm and held tight, the other fellow pummeled me in the ribs.
It was a massive problem, every time I turned to shake loose I got hit. Again and again and again, and my attention was split, and there was no solution and…several things happened so quick and fast in the world, and yet so incrediblly slow to the ‘I am’ that is me.
My foot felt heavy, it felt like somebody had stuffed a car in it.
I couldn’t move my foot. The guy hitting my ribs was coming in to thump me again. I couldnt’ move…I couldn’t…
I was far away from my body, looking at it. something happened, and then I was back in my body.
The guy who had been hitting me was lying ten feet away, crumpled up in a heap. The other fellow was jumping away fro me, his arms up, palms out…he didn’t want any part of this action.
And my foot,it felt light again. I dimly remembered, it had been heavy, and then…I remembered kicking.
I had gone out of my body, I–the ‘I am’–had thrown my foot, and knocked my opponent twelve feet into a wall, and then he had collapsed on the floor.
I had always known what the martial arts were about, but this was the first time I had ever experienced it. This was what, thirty-five years later, I was trying to get people to be able to do with my Monster Martial Arts courses.

The Truth Behind the Discipline of Zen Karate!

What joy do you get out of doing the Martial Arts? What strange abilities can you really discover and make real? Is there a reality that could be called Zen Karate…or zen kenpo, or zen whatever other martial art you might study?

There is a discipline referred to as zen, and the best book for describing it is Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. Past that, zen is the method by which you experience yourself, as discovered through specific discipline. My specific discipline and experience was through the martial art of Kang Duk Won karate.

The discipline is achieved through the practice of kata and bunkai, and through this discipline you learn to control your body. People who fight just because they like to fight, as in MMA, never experience this discipline. They might know how to do the martial, but they don’t know how to do the art.

And, if you can learn to control all the intricacies of your body, you realize that it took control of mind to do so. The struggle to make your body do the things that you want it to do exactly as you want comes from you making your mind do exactly what you want. And now we come to the crux of the situation.

Why doesn’t life happen the way you want it to happen? Why can’t you drive that fast car, have the cheerleader for a girlfriend, get that great job? The reason, for most people, is that they haven’t learned the secret of controlling themselves.

I am not speaking of controlling your body, nor even that weird thing you call a mind, now. I am talking about the fact of controlling you, controlling the person who tells your body and mind what to do. You.

You want to be as snazzy as Bruce Lee, as rapid as Jet Lee, able to jump through hoops better than Jackie Chan? Learn to control your body, then learn to control your mind, and, ultimately, learn the secrets of controlling yourself. Learn to control that person who is controlling your body and mind.

I advocate a study of the martial arts as the the best method for learning to control yourself. Karate, tae kwon do, krav maga, they are all valid paths for learning how to control yourself, and to see yourself as separate from body and mind. Learn to do this, dedicate yourself to the gladiatorial method that will make you have zen karate, or zen pa kua chang or zen whatever, and you will be able to control the universe, and all the fast cars and cheerleaders therein.