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When Kicks are King!

The Best Martial Arts Kicks in the World!

I was okay with kicks
back when I was starting out.
Kicks were a new thing,
hadn’t ever used those muscles before,
but it was pretty easy to follow along in class
so I was okay.

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as time progressed I noticed something,
there were guys in class that had GREAT kicks.
These guys were strong and fluid,
they could use their feet like delicate tools,
and knock you on your fanny!
So I went to one of the instructors
and asked why this one guy was so good with his kicks.

“He does 200 kicks per kick per side.”

I blinked.
I was doing ten kicks per kick per side.
I thought I was toughening
getting strong
improving at a wild rate.

I was fortunate enough to have a job
where I sat on my butt and watched a machine.
Sounds funny to say something like that
that’s what I did.
So I got up off my butt
and I began doing 250 kicks per kick per side.
It wasn’t hard!
Took some time,
and some sweat
and the first few days my legs were pretty tired,
it got to be so much fun
I began doing it two and even three times a day.
And I began looking around for things to kick.
We had these big telephone cable spools,
and I would practice kicking them across the floor
so then I set up stations
and began practicing my multiple kicks.
it was fun!
the mystery of kicks suddenly resolved
and I learned something…
good kicks are just like walking.
If you walk ten miles a day
then your legs do ten miles of work,
they get used to it.
No big deal.
Same thing with kicks.
I learned something else,

‘Make the legs as flexible as the arms,
make the arms as powerful as the legs.’

Things were different after that,
I became a LOT more confident,
and I started doing a lot better at freestyle.
it changed my whole work ethic!
I started looking at stances differently,
trying to make them as simple as walking.
I began punching big cable spools,
knocking them across the factory floor
I even set up a punching station at home.
I tacked two carpet samples
to a 100 ft tall redwood tree.
It never fell over,
but I sure scared it!

I still work the kicks to this day.
Not as much,
I’m more into forms,
I make sure I do the following stretching routine
several times a day.

20 – 50 deep squats
20 leg raises front and side
20 single leg squats
(leg on a rail and deep bend with supporting leg)
20 single leg squats
(squat on one leg – stand – squat other leg)
Some jumping jacks to loosen it all up.

I’m all over the place
up here at Monkeyland.
It’s nothing to walk ten miles
checking the fence.
It’s nothing to take a twenty mile hike back into the BLM lands.
It’s nothing to hike up a mountain and down.
And I still do fast, snappy kicks,
strong enough to knock over a bull.
So this leg regimen I recommend
as a true fountain of youth.
Whether you want strong kicks,
or better stances,
or anything,
do this routine
at the beginning and end of your work out
and the legs are king.

Okey dokey,
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It’s a site I set up for the sole purpose
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be off with you,
have a work out that the Gods themselves would envy!



Great but Inexpensive Martial Arts Training Device!

Good morning!
The party is over,
and it’s time to get down to some good, hard work!
Let’s start with one of the cheapest,
yet coolest martial arts training devices
I ever came across.
I am speaking, of course, of the humble cinder block.

Now, one of the best exercises
is a simple toss and catch.
You start standing up
with the cinder block held
shoulder height.
Doesn’t have to be straight out,
and you can play with in front,
to the sides,
or whatever.

You drop the cinder block,
as it falls,
you go into a horse stance and catch it
with your fingers.
you are working on an iron stance,
and iron fingers.

You can get a friend and toss the sucker back and forth.

You learn how to grab
without tearing up the skin of your fingers,
you learn how to keep your attention on the turn of the thing
to achieve the best grab,
and so on.

Fantastic exercise

you can put a couple of cinder blocks on the ground
and practice hopping up and down.
Practice hopping up into a stance,
and down into a stance.
Lots of brute strength will develop.
Just be careful,
if a block falls over,
search for a place and way to land
without turning an ankle
or landing on the block.

place a cinder block in front of you
and practice kicking over it.
You have to raise the knee
which is going to put more hips into the kick
and give it more power.
You can turn sideways
and practice your side kick the same way.

you take two cinder blocks and stack them.
Practice your wheel kick over them.
High knee,
hips and weight in the action
and your joints get real loose
and your kick starts to come alive.
You treat your leg like it was a bullwhip.

my personal favorite cinder block work out,
combines a couple of things here
and offers a mini matrix of sorts.
Place a cinder block on the ground
stand on it,
and kick in the four directions.
Turn kick, turn kick, turn kick.
Do a couple of hundred snap kicks with the right leg,
then do a couple of hundred snap kicks with the left leg,
maybe a hundred while turning first in one direction
and then a hundred while turning in the other direction.
Then do the same for the side kick,
then do the same for the wheel kick
or whatever kick you feel like working on.

a word here.
I used to go to class,
and I did okay,
and we’d all breath hard
and act like we had had our tails worked off
after doing ten kicks per side per kick.

But the guys who were winning
were going in the back room
and practicing 200 kicks per side per kick,
and then starting their real work out.

Do you get the idea?

Here it is in simple form…
you can take a walk,
maybe take a few thousand steps,
and not be tired.
so why can’t you do a few thousand kicks
and not be tired?
Once you get past the
‘Oh, that was tough!’
then things open up.
Once you realize that pain is in your head,
and that you just treat it all like taking a walk,
that pure, unadulterated concentration
will get you through the exercise,
then you can start to build up some real reps,
and your kicks will turn into real motherbusters.

It’s the difference between high school,
and a real job.
You know?

with all this in mind,
you might check out the second article I ever wrote,,
it’s in the article section of the Monster,
and I believe it is called
‘The Ultimate Empty Hand Exercise,’
or something like that.
Got pictures,
and a few other things you can do on the cinder blocks.

Okey dokey,
probably time to do my yogata,
I do it every day,
I’ve dropped off a couple more pounds,
shoulder feels great,
feel healthy as a horse.
Here’s the URL
if you want the ultimate combat body

click on this link
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I also wrote a blog on it,
more of an advertisement with articles,
but it’s not bad,
you can find it in the blogroll
at my wordpress blog
Matrix Martial Arts.

That’s about it,
a great exercise,
some places to go for more info,
and a blatant ad for Yogata,
can’t think of anything else.

if you didn’t receive any order you have made
over the last month,
let me know.
The mail is getting back to normal,
but if I have to send anything twice, just let me know.

go get yourself a few cinder blocks,
and have yourself a blast!



Energy and persistence conquer all things.~Benjamin Franklin

Put energy and persistence in the martial arts and you will conquer all things. ~Al Case

It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.~Jean Nidetch

It’s martial arts – not chance – that determines your destiny. ~Al Case

The incompetent with nothing to do can still make a mess of it.~Laurence J. Peter

Even the incompetent, with martial arts to do, will stop making a mess of it. ~Al Case

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