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The Yoga Kata Perfect For Martial Arts Warm Up

Downward Facing DogGood morning! And I mean morning. Woke up about four, couldn’t sleep, live is so exciting, so…time to work out! And, I begin with a quick round of The Yoga Kata, what I call the Yogata.
For a warm up I simply go from posture to posture, Tai Chi style. A quick hold and go. Nothing strenuous, just relaxing my way through life.
Most Yogis don’t understand the real truth about stretching. I watch them put beginners in postures, and I shudder for the beginners. No wonder so many people come and go. If it weren’t that there were so many people, yoga would have run out of them by now. The isolation blues is what I call it: their form of stretching.
And, horrors, so many are so unwilling to look further, to figure the truth out. They are proud of their ability, and don’t understand that a natural ability is no substitute for wisdom.
Ah, well. They’ll make it. Maybe. If they don’t injure or just get blown off by what they are doing.
Well, time for some martial arts now. The body is fine tuned, fit, and humming. Strength is perfectly apportioned to martial arts techniques, and I’m ready to go.
BTW, gonna be a website up within a week or so. Read this too soon and it won’t be up yet, but…the URL is Yogata.org. I should have a simple page up pretty quick, then I’ll flesh it out a bit.
You’ll be able to find out all you need to know about The Yoga Kata, and how perfect it is for Martial Arts fitness and conditioning and awareness.
See ya.

Monster Newsletter #369~How to Not Fight

Good, great morning to ya!
It’s time for another work out,
it’s time for another opportunity to make life great.
You get stronger,
smarter, healthier…

did you know the secret to good health is to decompact?
You go to sleep six feet tall,
you wake up six foot two.
When the day is done,
you are six foot again.
tromping around on your feet,
even those low stances,
they all make you shorter.
night allows you to get longer,
which is healthier,
all the joints are more relaxed,
they have space within,
and the nerves all sigh in relief.

the conclusion,
stretching is good.

I have a favor to ask you.
It costs nothing,
doesn’t require any work,
and I will ask you at the bottom of this newsletter.

before we get there,
let‘s talk martial arts.

When I was in brand x martial arts,
I freestyled every day,
loved it.
Went to tournaments,
loved it.
Lived for it.

one day I went to a tournament,
and in the ring next to mine
I could see a couple of instructors
talking into the face of their fighter.
They kept looking over their shoulders,
at the other fighter,
and then talking really intently,
and smacking their fists into their hands.

The fight started,
and the fellow the instructors had been talking to
rushed across the ring
and started pounding on the other fighter.

this was a shock.
We were all following the rules,
and this guy was really fighting,
here is the funny thing,
he didn’t know any martial arts.
He had just been told to run across the ring
and start punching the other guy.
here is the really funny thing,
he wasn’t disqualified.

This was a different time.
Now everybody screams about reality,
and the training is getting all skewed around.
Got to hit the guy first,
take him down,
ground and pound.

forget about that for a second.
I left brand x
and I went to the Kang Duk Won.
Started all over again as a white belt.
Gave up being an instructor.
I was not allowed to freestyle for several years.
We just did drills.
Fighting with only one hand,
fighting with the right side of the body,
fighting with kicks only,
various other types of freestyle.
here is the odd thing,
I started to learn.

It’s easy to pump a guy up,
tell him to hit somebody,
but it’s harder to teach a guy to think.
And here is the really odd thing,
I actually learned how to fight.

In brand x,
I thought I was fighting.
But it was a game of tag,
in which,
the guy who broke the rules
could kick your fanny.

The things I learned at the Kang Duk Won
by not being allowed to freestyle,
but by being forced to examine parts of my body
and how they were used in combat,
taught me to think
until my thinking became intuitive
and taught me to fight.

By the time I finished at the Kang Duk Won
if somebody had rushed at me and tried to punch me,
they would have been dead meat.
Not because I was tough,
or hard core,
or any of that stuff,
but because I knew the martial arts.

when I teach
I don’t teach people how to fight.
I teach them how to keep drilling,
to trust the forms and exercises,
to open their eyes and look.
And when I fight…
I don’t fight.
I’ve been trained to well to allow myself to do that.
I look,
trust my intuition,
and enjoy myself.

Here’s a link
Got some of the best
training drills
you will ever find.

Now, that said,
I am going to ask you that favor.
I’m going to do one of those stupid scroll down things,
and ask you to read something.
Then I’ll tell you why.
Here we go…

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

almost there

read the next thing

Al Case is published.

I’ve got a novel at the publisher,
they’re going to make a decision on it
by the end of this month.

When you read
Al Case is published
that became your supporting thought.
No mental chatter
no gee whiz stuff,
just the thought,
pure and simple
and the thought becomes reality.

I get stuff published,
it widens my base of readers
jump starts the motor
and matrixing is going to benefit,
as will all martial arts.

That’s what it’s all about,
The martial arts,
having a planet of sane people
practicing all the various martial arts
enjoying life.

no quotes today,
no distractions,
just the thought…

Al Case is published.

Thanks again,
talk to you later,
and have the greatest day of your life.
Make money,
your family be happy and healthy,
and you just smiling.

Have a great work out!


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