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Classical Martial Arts are Better than Street Fighting Methods

Classical Martial Arts Have the Edge!

Street fighting methods are aimed at survival on the street, and the classical martial art is aimed at evolution of the individual.

Interestingly enough, the street defense is better…for a while. Then the classical kicks in and becomes better.

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

street fighting method versus classical martial arts training manual

The reason for this is simple, the higher purpose will hold sway.

Survival is important, but to seek a higher existence is more important.

How long a while before classical becomes a better fighting method? Depends on the system and the individual, with a third but slightly minor factor being the instructor.

Think about it this way: street fighting self defense systems are aimed at survival on the street, beating somebody else up so that one is not beaten up themselves.

But classical methods are designed to evolve the character of the individual until there is no fight, not on the street, and this because of the enhanced ability of the artist to transform even a substantial altercation into no fight.

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Karate is Best for Real Fighting Proven by Statistic!

Karate and Real Fighting

I came across these statistics somebody compiled about actual street fighting, and they are pretty interesting.

First, 80% of all fights had a clear winner. This is interesting because it means that four out of five real fights were taken to the point where one person was incapacitated. This means that people should be studying martial arts which are effective. Tournaments are fine, and one has to learn how to do kumite, but one also has to understand how real a confrontation can get.

10% were broken up and 5% were outright draws. This means that once a real fight starts, it’s not likely that somebody is going to come and save you.

Second, 10% ended up on the ground. Well, there goes the big hype for MMA and Jujitsu and the argument that combatants are likely to end up on the ground. This means that one would be better served by learning a stand up martial art like Karate or Kung Fu.

10% of real fighting started with a punch. But that means that 90% started with…a push? A weapon? something else? But not a kick, as we will see below. Again, the need for combat oriented karate or something that is specific to punching distance, yet adaptable to other types of attacks.

80% of first punches were with the right hand. And, follow this statistic up with the fact that 95% of the right hand punches were to the head. So you have to prepare for a right punch to the face.

And, finally, only 10% of the fights had a kick in them. This statistic deals out Taekwondo.

Now, I have made a few remarks about the statistics here, and I should probably offer some sort of explanation so that there is no misunderstanding. So here’s the conclusion:

Fights can start with anything, but they don’t usually go to the ground, and they don’t contain much in the way of kicks. Thus, you need some knowledge of grappling and kicking, but not a lot. There is grappling and kicking in Karate, but not to the exclusion of other distances or ranges.

These are the statistics of real fighting, not the rare atmosphere of cage fighting, or tournament fighting, or any other organized sort of match, and since the average person will get in three fights in his life, it behooves Joe Average to start a study of Karate. I say Karate because it deals with kicks, does have some ground work, but is heavy on fists and blocking punches. Makes it perfect for a street altercation.

Probably the fastest and most efficient way to become competent enough to survive real fighting, be it on the street or anywhere, is at Learn Karate Online. You can get some Free Karate Lessons starting here.

Probably the fastest and most efficient way to become competent enough to survive real fighting, be it on the street or anywhere, is at Learn Karate Online. You can get some Free Karate Lessons starting here.

Karate Fighting…A Basic How To Do It Guide

Karate Fighting is Blast!

Had a student query me about karate fighting the other day, got me thinking. He wanted to enter a stickfighting tournament. Tournaments are fun, but they are different from the street, and the same.

Fighting on the street is chaos, a struggle for survival. It takes a while to cultivate the mindset that will stay calm in combat.

Fighting in a tournament is more controlled, you can focus on one opponent, and this requires a whole different set of skills.

First, you’re going to want to load your muscles for the forward and back motion. This is a constant adjustment of foot and leg angles to provide the best traction and the most leg thrust; you need to be able to go forward fasdter than he can block, and go back faster than he can hit; and you need to be balanced between them so you don’t get caught ‘flatfooted.’

Second, you need to hair trigger your mind. You aren’t going to go on reaction time here, you are going to have to go on your ‘reads.’

Third, there ain’t no third. Fighting is that simple. Well, maybe you should do a thousand hours of various training drills to cultivate the unique mindset required for controlled war. Or all out war, if you happen to be of the street fighting sort.

Oddly, I remember when karate freestyle became a corrupt game controlled by fighters with no respect, who just wanted to fight, who didn’t want to learn about themselves.

It was a tournament over in some small town above Richmond, California. This was back in the late sixties. I was fighting in the tournament, striving for pin point control, trying to get that moment of transition from thought to action into one blink. I looked over at the next ring, and the ‘Karate sensei’ was telling his white belt fighter to run across the ring and hit his opponent. And he did.

But this wasn’t Karate fighting, this was just fighting. It was the desire to win, with no appreciation for technique, and no way to better as a human being.

I didn’t fight after that.

And, after that fighting went full contact, and would eventually go MMA. Through all the years that impression, of the karate instructor just telling his beginning student to just hit his opponent, stuck with me.

I’m sure that white belt was abused, probably lost his teeth in some dark alley brawl, and has a gnarly opinion that people listen to. Unfortunately, that opinion is worthless, for it is based on fighting, and not learning how to get over fighting in your soul.

This has been about karate fighting.

karate fighting

Three Street Fighting Martial Arts Techniques That Really Don’t Work!

I’ve taught for over forty years, and I’ve seen martial arts techniques that work, and martial arts moves that don’t work. Of course, I haven’t seen everything that doesn’t work. It seems like there is always some fool that will invent a new trick that doesn’t work.

To start with an odd one, I don’t recommend a front kick or side kick to the head. People dodge that one and throw you just by flailing their arms. On the other hand, if you do a flying kick to the head, or a spinning kick to the head, it can actually work.

I’ve actually seen it work, and the reason it worked was because it shocked the crap out of the guy being kicked. He honestly was confused by all the action. Of course, he didn’t know martial arts, but still, if you practice it hard enough, you might be able to make it work when the guy is inexperienced.

I don’t recommend footstomps not because they don’t work, but because a kick to the knee is better. It’s easier to pull the foot out of the way than it is to move the knee if you’re standing on that leg. One has to lift the knee and shift the weight, and that tells a person what is coming.

On the other hand, you must learn how to do a knee stomp effectively if you’re going to make it work. Don’t lift the foot (your knee) too high, because, again, the fellow will see it coming. Try doing it old style, lifting the knee just high enough, then slamming it out.

I don’t recommend take downs if you’re not experienced. Too many people see the MMA and want to do the body slam, but those guys in the ring have many years of experience, they know what they are doing. They know what to do if the takedown turns into a rassle down.

They know what to do once they are on the ground. And, they know enough to avoid the takedown if conditions are not right. Really, though the body slam looks so cool, those guys in the ring only use it when they can get away with it, or when nothing else works.

Okay, I know there will be disagreements with what I’ve said here, and there should be. After all, everybody comes from different back grounds and has different martial arts training. Still, you can use my observations as a platform for figuring out what works for you when it comes to street fighting martial arts techniques.

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