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Classical Martial Arts are Better than Street Fighting Methods

Classical Martial Arts Have the Edge!

Street fighting methods are aimed at survival on the street, and the classical martial art is aimed at evolution of the individual.

Interestingly enough, the street defense is better…for a while. Then the classical kicks in and becomes better.

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

street fighting method versus classical martial arts training manual

The reason for this is simple, the higher purpose will hold sway.

Survival is important, but to seek a higher existence is more important.

How long a while before classical becomes a better fighting method? Depends on the system and the individual, with a third but slightly minor factor being the instructor.

Think about it this way: street fighting self defense systems are aimed at survival on the street, beating somebody else up so that one is not beaten up themselves.

But classical methods are designed to evolve the character of the individual until there is no fight, not on the street, and this because of the enhanced ability of the artist to transform even a substantial altercation into no fight.

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