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Zombie Loops and the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Spirit Revealed

Good evening!
great evening!
And have a great late night work out.
When everybody is asleep,
go out in the middle of the street,
or the field,
or whatever,
and feel the silence.
And let your emotion fill the silence.
All of it,
all the way to the moon.

I got in a discussion the other day,
with a very smart fellow.
He was telling me about these things,
I think he called them ‘zombie loops.’
Zombie loops are memories,
that condense in the brain,
or condense the mind,
or something,
so you can break through to true artistry.

The problem was,
he was telling me
that zombie loops are the result of meat,
and the body is meat,
and inspiration is meat,
and spirit is the imagination of the meat body,
and when you die
there is nothing more.

Pretty grim.

So I told him he was wrong.
I asked him who was looking through his eyes,
I told him that this was awareness,
that it couldn’t be measured,
and it was spirit,
that he was a spirit,
an ‘I am.’

But he was solid.
He believed in zombie loops,
and art as a manifestation of meat.


So we argued,
and discussed,
and I couldn’t convince him,
and the reason was simple:
he had never done the martial arts.
He had never stared at a man on the mat,
watched the eyes
until he could see the thought behind the action.
He had never sweated himself
beyond what he thought he could accomplish.
He had never experienced

Himself apart from his body,
as an awareness that is not the eyes,
but looks through the eyes.

He was spiritually void.

And it really is a shame.

These people who believe in science,
to the exclusion of the spirit,
you have to ask yourself…’why?’

Why can’t they understand spirit?
And belief and imagination
and all of that sort of thing?

they use their imagination
to conjure reasons and belief systems,
as to why man has no soul,
thus negating themselves.

That all said,
I thank all you martial artists out there.

Thanks for being part of something
that enhances the human spirit,
improves the spirit,
addresses the soul.

Thanks for being artists.
Thanks for delving into the discipline
until you find yourself.


a couple of words…

I haven’t been sending out newsletters
because I’ve been working so much.
When I came down from Monkeyland
I had to start everything over.
No job,
no place to live,
had to start from scratch.

So I’m pretty busy.

second thing,
new book is almost out.
‘How to Matrix the Martial Arts…
and the Universe and Life and Everything!’

It is a recounting of the exact method I use to matrix.

I’ve told people,
over the years,
that I really wanted to sum up
the matrixing science and experience.
And this is the closest I’ve come.

You’ll have seen parts of this book here and there,
in some of the courses,
but this is more,
this is the whole thing,
and you’ll understand more about how
the courses are arranged and why,
and you’ll see the exact mathematics I use,
and the exact geometry I use.
So stand by,
I’m doing the final few readings,
working on the graphics,
and it should be ready in a week or two.
Cross your fingers.

And here’s the link for a list of my books.
Check it out,
see what you don’t have,
see what grabs you,
and check them out on this page,
which will likely put you through to Amazon,
which has more info on them.


have a fantastic work out!




Another Paper on Neutronics in the Martial Arts

Neutronic Handling of Emotion Through Martial Arts

Yes, another academic paper on the martial arts. This one approaches the subject of emotion.

When a fight starts there is a lot of emotion. One of the main things a fighter has to do, or perhaps I should say a martial artist, has to do, is dispense with emotion and get down to business.

martial arts lawHe has to dispense with emotion because emotion tends to obscure motion, makes it harder to analyze and handle force and flow (direction).

So that’s the topic, and the meat, of this paper. how to dispense with emotion and get the job done.

Here’s the link


The interesting thing is that there is almost nothing known about emotion on this planet. It just isn’t in the book of knowledge. Haven’t seen any comprehensive and logical definition of emotion. While i don’t approach that directly in this article, I’m sure you will be able to figure it out from what i say. And, if you don’t, just keep doing your martial arts, keep matrixing them, and consider delving into neutronics.

Have a great day!


Arizona Spiritual Martial Arts

Have a great work out from Texas!

Got here last night,

and immediately did a workout!

The only way to survive the insanity of traveling!



I was in Arizona the other night,

and a couple of interesting things to note.

Upper Arizona is beautiful,

trees all over the place,

lots of wildlife.


Really gives a lie to anybody who says

we are running out of things.


there is so much space,

so much lumber,

so much wildlife…

there is no shortage in this world,

just crooked politicos who try to frighten you

by saying there is!


But enough ranting,

let’s move on to the good stuff,

let’s move on to that unique universe

of doing the martial arts in Arizona.


Lower Arizona is dry and dusty.

Wind blowing everywhere.

At first,

I was discouraged.


sitting up late at night,

listening to the desert,

I felt it…



do you know how it feels

when you cram a bunch of people in a room?

100 people in a 20 by 20 room?

People knocking elbows,

bumping into each other,

sooner or late…

there’s going to be a fight.



multiply that by ten thousand,

and you have a city.

People packed together like sardines,

not enough room,

everybody getting cranky!


So I’m sitting in the middle of the Arizona deseert

and there’s no people,

and I could feel the deep, deep spirituality.

The space.

The vastness.


The clouds overhead were surging with life.

I could feel elemental forces moving across the deseert floor.

And then there was me,

a mote,

a speck,

audience to this vast moving play,

this magnificent display of earth and element.


It was spiritual.




I began doing my forms,

and I couldn’t stop!

Elements were moving me,

forces were shoving my punches,

nibbling at my stances,

making me feel ENERGY!


It was massive.



of course,

I had a realization.

In truth,

I have realized this before,

but from different perspective,

which made it all the newer and more potent to me.


When you are starting out

it is good to be in a dojo,

to feel the bodies,

to interact with other martial artists.


as time goes on,

you need space.

You are the center of the universe,

you need to look out,

to feel the massive space within which you sit.



your physical body is part of you,

but the real you is as far as you can see,

as far as you can imagine!

And that is space.

That is the true empty in empty hands.

That is the truth of you that is just waiting for you to…wake up to it!


Sitting in Arizona,

unable to stop doing forms,

I was in the middle of that realization.

Absolutely spectacular.



it goes without saying,

I could see myself,

I could imagine myself,

doing my forms on top of Mt. Nipomo.


120 acres,

nearest neighbor four miles away.

Exuding the essence of me through the discipline of the martial arts.




All the best of modern society,

but isolated,


with sufficient space

to truly delve into the martial arts.



that in mind,

when you do Tai Chi

the image is often of doing it on top of a mountain.


Horzons beyond horizons.

Able to see everything.



One of the most impressive images I have ever encountereed

was a cheap wookd block carving.

It was a viewpoint of a mountain range…

from above.


But how could the guy get above to see that?

How could he see a yin yang in a mountain range as if from hundreds of miles up?


By being alone,

by doing the martial arts,

and getting so much discipline

that he was a pooint of awareness

outside of his body

high in the stratosphere.



that was the train of my thought,

and how it related to martial arts

and to monkeyland,

and all sorts of things,

as I stood in the desert

and did forms…

and couldn’t stop.



here’s the Tai Chi URL,




in case you want to get started on being alone,

creating space,

finding the purest,


most elemental level of martial arts you can.


Mind you,

don’t give up that hard stuff,

or partners,

or the blessings of living in community of city,

and don’t give up your karate forms…


do your martial arts at night,



creating massive space.


Becoming aware of yor true body,

of the true extent of your awareness…

your imagination.


Take a hike,

find a mountain top,

exude yourself,

see if you can discipline yourself to greater and greater awareness.


Have a great workout,

and I’ll tell you about New Mexico Martial Arts Soirituality next time!






Martial Arts as Religion

Martial Religion

Happy Monday!
Happy work out!
One fact holds true…
when you work out
life is more beautiful on that day,
and the effects build and build.
I received an email the other day,
I can’t find it,
I just misplaced it,
but the fellow said something like this…
‘Martial Arts are my religion, too.’
Do you know how good that made me feel?
There are just so many people that think of the arts as sport,
or, worse, a way to beat people up.
But I know that they are outnumbered,
by the people who feel
that spiritual awareness
when they step on the mat,
who have experienced profound moments of awareness,
who really use the arts
to get in touch with themselves,
and really appreciate
the connection with the universe and the Divine.
So the statement made me feel good.
I started watching these documentaries on netflix.
The first two were called
‘Out of the Wild,’
and they were about people
dropped off in the wilderness,
and who had to learn
to live off the land
while they made their way to civilization.
It struck me
how so many people
don’t know how to survive.
I would watch people bicker instead of survive,
very interesting.
I would watch people get over the squeamishness
of eating grubs,
or something else that was necessary
for their survival.
There were two seasons,
one was in Venezuela,
and the other was in Alaska,
and they were quite eye opening.
So I thought I would pass a recommendation on here.
I mean,
the martial arts are about survival,
and there are incredible lessons
that have to do with the discipline of the arts.
the real gold,
was a program called,
‘The Colony.’
In the first couple of episodes
I learned all sorts of things
about basics like duc tape and baking soda,
this one blew my mind,
how to make a ‘still’ that makes fuel.
They called it a ‘Gasinator,’
or something like that,
and they showed how to hook it up to batteries,
to recharge,
how to hook the batteries to lights and tools,
and ALL sorts of things.
I know,
not martial arts,
darn it,
this stuff is POWERFUL!
And if TSHTF
(the stuff hits the…)
then this will augment your martial arts
and help you survive.
In this age of high gas prices,
threatening war,
and all that sort of stuff,
don’t you need to know everything there is to know,
and then some?
I want to thank everybody who ordered
‘The 24 Neutronic Principles.’
I want to encourage any who haven’t ordered it,
to do so.
One of the sections in the book
deals with being a monk.
This whole thing is a journey of knowledge.
So how much knowledge does it take to be a monk?
There are two sides to knowledge,
one is depth, and one is breadth,
or quantity and quality.
So when you read this section and start to understand
just how much martial arts a person has to know
to be considered a monk
in the church of martial arts,
it is sort of mind boggling.
think of the alternative.
Learn one system for a long time,
get a lot of depth,
but no real width.
You martial arts are like a spire,
lacking a base.
learn everything,
but have no depth.
Your martial arts are flat,
lacking profundity.
With the Church of Martial Arts,
I want people to know it all,
and then know it to a severe depth.
So you can learn everything there is to know,
have the breadth,
and then come to Monkeyland,
and be taken into the depths,
in a very short time.
It’s not enough to know all the tricks,
you have to know how to read minds,
how to see the future,
how to generate sufficient chi
to make the technique work effortlessly.
Do you see where we are going with this?
We are going into the heart of the art,
and into the spirit of man.
Because it is spirit that truly makes everything work.
You look at a painting by an old master
and you can feel the depth of spirit.
And when you see a martial artist
who knows what he is doing,
there is depth to his movements,
you can feel not just his body moving,
but the space around him.
You can feel the amount of awareness he has invested into his art
pouring out with his every motion.
That is where we want to go.
So if you don’t have it,
think about getting
‘The 24 Principles of Neutronics.’
Don’t settle for being flesh deep
in your study of the martial arts,
go bone deep,
look inside the bones,
and find your spirit.
Beating people up is easy,
Coming to grips with your true self,
the spiritual you…
that is the point of it all.
So think about it,
take a look at the page,
and I’ll talk to you later.
Have a fantastic work out.

free martial arts online

To Give the Pure Martial Arts Truth is a Gift Beyond Compare

free martial artsTo understand the Martial Arts Truth, one need only look as far as this zen martial arts parable.
A monk was living in a hut on the edge of the city. One day he came home to find a burglar in his house.
“You must be very hungry,” said the monk, and he fixed the burglar a feast.
Then: “And I’m sure you will need to feed yourself in the days to come, so why don’t you take some of my belongings. You can sell them and buy food.” The monk then gave the burglar some of his prized possessions.
Dazed, the burglar walked away.
Watching the burglar stagger down the street under the load of loot, the monk shook his head sadly.
“If only I could teach that fellow how beautiful the moon is….”

The point here is that many people look to intricate forms, practice their dancing movements, and they never see through to the simplicity of the concepts of the pure Martial Arts Truth.
Because I read this parable many decades ago, I have always tried to keep the prices of my teachings low. I am always hoping that some fellow will put aside his frolicking and dancing and notice how beautiful the moon–and the martial arts–are.

My site is Monster Martial Arts.

How the Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time Won Every Match!

If you want to win as an MMA Fighter, you should consider the tale of O Nami.

O Nami was a wrestler during the Meiji era of  Japan. He was a great wrestler, but, although he could even beat his own teachers, he locked up in the public arena and was not so great.

He realized that he needed to overcome this problem, so he went to a zen priest and asked for spiritual guidance.

“O Nami,” said the zen priest, “your very name means Great Waves, so I want you to meditate on waves.”

O Nami did so. The night before he was scheduled to fight he meditated on waves cashing. The images of waves became so great that he imagined the waves filling the temple he meditated in. He could see the waves washing the whole temple away, until there was nothing but himself, meditating.

That day he won the championship, and he went on to become truly great.

Our imagination is our greatest tool. Train, hard, but train with imagination, always seek out that which will aid you spiritually, as well as in other ways.

The ocean, lightening, the wind…these are the greatest forces in nature, and with the simple trick of imagination we can fill our souls with these forces, and become unbeatable.

Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out our imagination. Whether you are dedicated to ancient practices, or becoming the greatest MMA fighter of all time, we are there to help you become the greatest you can be. Make sure you pick up a free book while you are there.