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Karate Kiai (Spirit Shout) Defeats Violent Bum!

The Secret of the Kiai (Spirit Shout)

A work out at sunrise!
What a way to go, eh?
Perfect weather,
perfect environment…
perfect work out.
Really charges me up.
And I trust you had one, too?
And, if you didn’t,
get your butt out there
and start working out!

I was cruising the net the other day,
and came across a most interesting discussion
on the value of Kiai.
You know,
when you yell so loud
the other fellow loses control of his functions.

Interestingly enough,
many people said they didn’t kiai,
and they indicated
by their remarks
that they didn’t even know what it was.

Kiai means ‘spirit shout.’
And let me tell you an interesting story.

I practiced for years and years
and part of every class
was a kiai,
or a ‘ki-yup’
as the instructor said
when counting off the forms.

And I loved it.
I could feel the explosion come together,
I loved how it made the body peak,
brought out more energy.

One day I was walking down the street,
this was in Santa Rosa,
and this bum comes shuffling towards me
and he says,
‘Got some change, man?’
it was not the usual whine,
but a more forceful request.

‘No,’ I said,
no nonsense.
This guy was young,
could go out and get himself a job,
no need to beg.
Some people are helpless,
this guy wasn’t.

So I get about ten feet past him,
and all of the sudden I hear him say,
‘No? What are you, some kind of pussy?’

a new kind of begging.
If people don’t give you money,
you threaten them.
Maybe it worked for him,
but then he hadn’t run into anybody
who had practicing his kiai
for near twenty years.

‘No?’ I kiai-ed, turning back towards him.
Then I walked towards him,
shouting in full kiai,
filling the street with my voice,
and telling him all sorts of things,
about his character and personality.

you could see him leaning backward,
it was almost like watching that commercial
where the guy sits in front of a massive speaker
and his hair blows back.
And he finally manages to turn,
and stumble away.
he had lost control of his feet.
Didn’t know what to do.

Then the truly interesting thing happened,
I looked around the street,
there were maybe twenty or thirty people around,
walking along the street,
looking in windows,
and none of them were looking at me.
They were all shaking,
afraid to even look around.

My kiai inspired shouting,
my ‘spirit shout,’
had done that.

sounds a little too good to be true,
doesn’t it?
So how about if I tell you the secret
of what I did?

I spent some seven years or so
training in the Kang Duk Won.
And we did Kiai’s there.

But any system of Karate will work,
if you remember a couple of things.
Go on,
the search box
on Matrix Martial Art
Search for CBM,
or Coordinated Body Motion.
I learned that in my seven years.
Of course,
when you apply this data to your own karate system
you have to make sure you have
the three elements of power in alignment.
That’s on the Master Instructor Course.

Easy secret, eh?
Just understand what I am saying,
and do it.
Your kiai will grow like nobody’s business.

let me explain,
what happens,
so you will really understand
what we are doing here.

before I explain this,
please get yourself a dictionary or something,
cause what I am going to tell you is out there.

You don’t look with your eyes.
You look through your eyes.

You don’t listen with your ears,
you listen through your ears.

Your eyes and ears are meat.
You are the awareness looking through the meat perceptions of your body.

if you can handle that,
then we just reverse engineer that concept
to understand the kiai.

You don’t yell with your voice,
you yell through your voice.
If you can yell not as a meat body,
but as an awareness,
then you will have it.
You will have a kiai,
and a personal presence,
that can shatter crowds.

as an awareness,
fill up the lungs and the voice box and…
the entire world.
You fill the world with your presence.
It’s easy to do if you have seven years of GOOD karate,
here we go,
if you practice forms with matrixing,
if you matrix your body with the master instructor course,
if you just understand what you are doing
by understanding the simple things I say here.

And it is simple,
isn’t it?

It’s hard to take…
(I’m not [choke] meat?
I’m not a body?
I’m an…awareness?
I am an ‘I am,’
and that is a the spiritual nature of things?))

But if you can understand that you are awareness,
then you can shift your understanding
away from the mystical martial arts approach
and start to understand the science I am proposing.

Then you won’t need seven years to get there
(if you are lucky,
and actually have a good system)
You can get there in a few months.

Oinkly doggie.
Here’s the URL for
The Master Instructor Course…


you are an awareness,
an ‘I am,’
the center of the universe,
and the martial arts are a way to know that.
And the Kiai,
the spirit shout,
is a great way to start knowing that.

have a GREAT work out,
and HanaKwanMass!



The power of the Kiai is Felt at Monkeyland!

Howling in the Night at Monkeyland!

A couple of days ago I saw a herd of cows coming up the road to Monkeyland.

Now, I’ll teach just about anybody, but I won’t teach cows. Cows eat the crops, eat the bark off of carefully tended trees, drop their crap everywhere, and are good for nothing but rib eye.

So I went to the porch and gave them a kiai.

They froze in place, stared up at me.

“Do not come up here!” I boomed. Echoes of my voice rounded the valley, burning my stereophonic instructions into their bovine brains.

They stood, in a quandary, unsure as to what to do.

I repeated my instructions. Again and again.

And the cows went up the other road, away from Monkeyland.

My wife laughed. The idea of me treating cows like…like politically correct morons, and getting away with it.

Only in Monkeyland.

So last night we heard the coyotes howling.

We can’t have coyotes in Monkeyland. They eat the cats, and then the mice don’t get eaten, and the mice then crawl up under the engines of our machines and eat the wires. So, no coyotes. I won’t teach them, and I certainly won’t have them eating our cats.

In a flash I was out on the porch, three in the morning, nekkid, booming my kiai howl across the hills. Dog stood beside me and stared up at me in wonder.

Echoes faded out and a deep silence filled the valley.

The coyotes had been warned, and that by the Pope of Monkeyland.

Satisfied, I went to sleep.

Well, almost satisfied.

I have driven off the cows and coyotes, I am making a place fit for martial arts students of the finest caliber.

So, in my best, booming kiai…COME!

Click here to visit Monkeyland on the Net.

The Power of the Kiai Used in Elementary School!

I was teaching in an elementary school. The bell rang, everybody crowded out of the class, and I was left looking over the heads of the thundering herd. Now how could I get out? I didn’t want to wait while they talked about Dick and Jane and wandered about. I had a lunch waiting for me!

So I summoned up the Kiai power (means ‘spirit shout’) and I thundered…’Man coming through!’

They scattered, shriveled up against the walls, stood back in awe and watched as I sauntered meaningfully past them.

A man.

A real live man.

In this day and age, a real man is sometimes an endangered species, or so it seems. And here was one, walking right through them–and it was like being in the jungle and watching as the biggest, fattest gorilla sauntered between them.

Now, I’m not making any kind of statement. I’m just saying that real men know how to Kiai, and they know how to use that Kiai. They don’t get in fights, they don’t whine and moan, they just get the job done.

How about it. Want to study some real martial arts and get the job done?

Try Evolution of an Art, get the job done. Be a man.


Monster Newsletter #316–The Sacred Bowl of the Body!

Happy Fourth of July!
Independence Day!
freedom to do what?
if you’re like me,
entirely disappointed in the government,
then you know that the only real freedom
is the kind you get
by working out.

before I go on,
Thanks to Sam H.
for his inspiration
as to this bit of writing.

Sam and I were discussing crystal singing bowls,
they are big bowls
which put out a tone
which is very liberating,
soothing and healing.

in Karate we put out a tone which,
though it can destroy an attacker,
is soothing and healing
to the artist putting it out.

Kiai means ‘spirit shout.’
It is not a yell,
it is a sound created by a spirit.
It is created by you.

sound comes from the body,
it is a vibration of vocal chords,
and the effect of waves of massed air particles
traveling through the atmosphere,
but that is only half the story.

What if you shouted without using the body?

The muscles move,
but who makes the muscles move?
Your mind does.
But who makes your mind move?
You do.

The ‘I am’ that lives in or around your body.

So what if the ‘I am’ gave the shout?
That is what we are talking about.

at first,
the yell is feeble,
doesn’t have much intention.

Practice those forms,
practice telling your body what to do,
bypassing the mind and telling the body directly,
and the spirit shout grows in size and quality.
when you kiai,
you actually feel apart from your body.
The ’I am’ is actually stepping outside the body
to yell directly.

here’s the point Sam and I discussed.

There are such things as crystal singing bowls,
and they have unique effect.
the whole body is a crystal singing bowl,
and a spirit shout
has a unique effect.

How do you make the crystal bowl of your body sing?
You forge the body
by doing forms.
By doing forms,
you are practicing direct control of the body,
and this becomes focused
by the issuing of Kiai.

once you become adept at issuing Ki,
which is to say
at getting enough out of your body
so that anything you say,
or do,
is pure and unique and possessed of ‘I am,’,
then the world shivers.

You can growl the ki
and everybody in the room
will feel the hair go up on their backs.
You can shout the ki in the wilderness
and wild animals will hide.

Ki really is that powerful,
for it is just the perceptions you realize on the outside of the body,
and the abilities of ki
are infinitely more
than just massed air particles
striking the ear drum.

Once you get a little removed,
and actually use ki,
and use vibrations
apart from massed air particles,
some very interesting things happen.

Okey dokey,
time for the pitch.
If you have perfect form,
the body can be more a crystal bowl,
and it will be that much faster
to get a little removed,
and be able to find those extra abilities
that do more than move air.
Here’s the link

Monster Martial Arts: Matrix Karate

Perfect form,
perfect art,
liberation from the body
by shouting your spirit out,
and that is why
working out leads to true freedom

You guys and gals have a great time this weekend,
work out like a fiend,
then party hearty.



Monkeyland be comin’!

Q. How many Karatekas does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. Indefinite. They all come empty handed.