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Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!

There is a trick that is used to give you the most powerful punch in the world. This is a trick from classical karate, and students frequently struggle with it for years. I think if you understand the physics I give you here, you will be able to do this trick.

This trick is from the third move in the form called Pinan One. It is called Heian One in Japanese. This is the move where you block and kick at the same time, then stomp your foot as you block in the other direction.

To understand the physics you have to understand that bending your leg makes you create more energy. The deeper the stance, the more you bend your legs, the more your legs work, the more energy you have to create. This energy locates from the Tan tien, which is an energy generator located just below the navel.

When you stomp your foot in precisely the right manner, you have a sudden increase in weight. A sudden increase in weight is going to trigger a sudden increase in the energy produced by the tan tien. This energy can be channeled out to you kick, block or punch.

To make this work you must not stomp the foot too hard. Stomping the foot too hard is going to result in damage to the foot. It can also cause long term damage up the leg and into the spine.

To make this work, then, does not require excessive strength, it requires exquisite timing. The arms must come back at the same time the leg comes back. The hips must turn at the correct rate of speed so that the body is moving as one unit.

Moving the hips is crucial, they must turn with the whole body, and support the alignment of the legs and arms. The hips must be able to stop at the right time. Stopping is done by emphasizing, gently, the stomp of the foot.

Not too much strength, perfect timing, using the body as one unit. This is the key to supercharging your punch, kick or block. Guaranteed, if you can do these things, and especially with the move from Pinan One, then you are going to have the most powerful punch in the world.

Monster Newsletter #294–Changing the Program!

I just got up,
and I am so-o-o-o
looking forward to working out.
Better than coffee,
better than TV,
better than…

Have I told you what TV actually is?
Look, before I do that,
Work out quick,
make sure you’re strong enough to take it,
(hummm, tap toe, look at watch)
you’re back already!
Go work out again,
and this time
take your time,
(hummm, tap toe, look at watch)
that’s better.
You’re looking good now.

let me give you the skinny.

Mine was the television generation.
We watched something like six to eight hours of TV a night.
Leave it to Beaver,
Dick Van Dyke,
Laugh In.

the funny thing is,
when I was done with school and had found the martial arts,
I was gone for two three hours a night,
and I was sweating,
communicating with real people,
learning that nothing is as enlightening,
and unforgiving
as a punch in the face.

No TV,
and I felt smarter than any time I had been in school.

let me tell you something.
There is a difference between schooling,
and education.
Schooling trains you,
like a mindless dog,
to do tricks on command.
Education enlightens you.

And TV is programming.
You watch a TV
and you are getting programmed.
Do you want to work out,
laugh and have fun
with some of the best guys and gals in the world?
Or do you want to get programmed?

you see,
is an electronic raygun.
The earlier TVs this was really obvious.
They were actual electronic projectors,
and they shot electrons right into your brain,
your mind,
the way you think.

When I was a kid,
I was getting schooled,
and therefore wanted to be programmed,
so I could get a job
and do what I was told.

When I became a martial artist
I took joy in my friends,
in my competence,
in being enlightened and observant,
in actually seeing the world,
and not a bunch of electronic pictures.

Is TV bad?
It’s just a tool.
Use it to learn,
use it to watch DVDs you buy from
worthy martial artists.
But if you find yourself becoming addicted to a program,
be careful.
Might be time to pull the plug and go work out.
Sweat out all those nasty electrons that have
parasited themselves
right in to your fragile, eggshell mind.

That said,
let me give you a couple of wins.

Keep up the good work Al.


Thanks Jack,
I will!

By the way I wanted to tell you that Matrix Aikido was mind blowing!

That is from Matt,
Thanks Matt.
You have yourself a ball!

I have been teaching a couple of MA classes on the side for about 12 months so I just was wondering whether I can scale up and make a living from MA instruction and along comes your little freebie dealing with the same subject. Co-incidence or fate????
Be Well

Thanks Nick,
I am well,
and well done to you for making the universe work
exactly the way you want it to.
Be professional and businesslike
and you can make a living doing martial arts,
and should.
The world always has room for more dedicated,
fire breathing martial artists!

I could go on and on,
and should.
After all,
I’m not watching TV,
so I’m getting the wins,
the point is this…
these people are not watching TV.
they are not doing as they are told,
they are so bright that
I gotta wear shades!

What about it?
Gonna scroll through the mail,
shut down and hit the tube?

are you going to scroll through the mail,
head on over to Monster Martial Arts,
get inspired,
Have the Work Out of Your Life!

Monster awaits.

The Punch!

take advantage of this link,
I not only put the kick and the punch on CD,
but I have been putting the
how to Put Out a Candle on it.
that’s three books,
and a savings of $50.
That’s if you can (heh) drag yourself away from the TV!

Now go work out again!



Google The Combative Strategy of the Five Animals of Shaolin Kung Fu
Leave a comment, it helps my statistics.

Television is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome.
TS Eliot

The Greatest Training Device in the Martial Arts Isn’t So Great!

I’m going to tell you something that you have never considered. The old guys, a hundred years ago, they didn’t know what they looked like. They had no means of self inspecting their forms to make they were right.

Odd, eh? But it’s true. Back a hundred years ago, especially in some of the third world countries that the martial arts flourished in, they didn’t have mirrors.

Nowadays we walk into training halls with mirrors covering the walls. We do our forms, and we inspect our movements, and we know what we look like. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad, but at least we can see ourselves.

The good is that we can adjust our forms. We can see our postural mistakes. The bad…well, let me explain.

There is this thing called narcissism. Falling in love with yourself…and the image of yourself. But image often doesn’t have anything to do with workability.

The martial arts rely on energy that is not always visible to the eye, and in using mirrors we start looking at our glorious form, and neglect to create the energy that the form, without obsessing on one’s self image, can create. We are not always able to perceive the depth to which we should sink our weight into the ground. We are not always able to perceive whether the tan tien is glowing and growing, and being used the way it should.

A punch should not be a polite line of turning fist, it should be a belly busting explosion of weight and emotion and the hell with the world! A block should not be a wave of flesh and bone, it should be a staunch stance with world shaking focus! A kick should not be the ability to do the splits vertical, it should be a sinking of the weight, a balance while tremendous energies are coursed through the leg and into the foot and…beyond.

A mirror is a great thing, it can impart a myriad of detail, and make us look incredibly pretty, but it doesn’t always generate the energy it takes to win a fight. Looking good might be great for evolution into video and hollywood, but it has limited value when it comes to the true martial arts. In the martial arts one must give up the image of self to find The True Art.

How Karate Died for Tae Kwon Do

Karate did die for Tae Kwon Do. Let me relate an anecdote, then offer my sacred and inviolable opinion.
My instructor and one of his top students were sitting in the office one day, and two Korean fellows walked in.
“You join new organization, we give you new forms, promote all balck belts one grade.”
My instructor shook his head, and things actually looked a little tense, and then one of the Koreans nudged the other one and looked at the writing on the wall.
Well, actually it was the writing on a business card.
“Kang Duk Won,” he said.
The two bowed and left.
True story.
The organization, actually system, that they were pushing? Was something called Tae Kwon Do.
General Choi Hong Hai introduced Tae Kwon Do to the masses, under the guise that Korea needed its own national art.
Would you study an art designed by Barack Obama?
Shut up and stop laughing. It was a fair question. Sort of.
But the point is this, the good general had his reasons, he needed people to show more fervor for their country, and he used karate, for such was, and to a great extent is, the Kang Duk won.
That’s right, used. He didn’t pursue an art, he used one for political purposes.
Is tae kwon do terrible?
Nope. It can be pretty darned devastating, depending on the students degree of insight and common sense.
Having watched the changes of that art, however, for over forty years, it is not as strong as karate.
Karate has had hundreds of years to come to a focus, to weed out the bushwah, to generate internal power and become zen savvy and deadly as the dickens.
And I am not saying karate is all there is, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, other arts, they are all just stepping stones when you start to matrix your art, as described at Monster Martial Arts.

The Only Perfect Karate in the world

I actually didn’t realize what I had done for a while.
You see, I first matrixed an art I call Monkey Boxing. It is influenced by kenpo and silat and all sorts of things, and it takes into account all the martial arts, and it is perfect.
But I didn’t know it was perfect.
I didn’t realize what I had done until I began reverse engineering other arts using the data I had learned from the Monkey Boxing project.
I was working on Karate, working on some forms which I had created, and suddenly it struck me: this karate is perfect. It doesn’t wiggle, there is no corruption…it is true to the concepts of karate, it uses only karate, and i blinked.
Yes, Monkey Boxing was perfect, but I didn’t know it, and it wasn’t apparent until after I had made Matrix Karate, and realized its perfection, and then could reverse engineer the reverse engineering.
That’s why I say that the only first and perfect Karate in the world was Matrix Karate.

The First Time I Ever Used Karate to Hit Somebody

I had trained in karate for near seven years. I had thrown a million punches, caused bruises and split lips, made people fall down gasping, even made them hold their, uh, cahonies.
But I had never hit anybody.
My body had hit other bodies, but me, the ‘I am,’ had never actually struck anybody.
One night we were doing two on one. One fellow grabbed one arm and held tight, the other fellow pummeled me in the ribs.
It was a massive problem, every time I turned to shake loose I got hit. Again and again and again, and my attention was split, and there was no solution and…several things happened so quick and fast in the world, and yet so incrediblly slow to the ‘I am’ that is me.
My foot felt heavy, it felt like somebody had stuffed a car in it.
I couldn’t move my foot. The guy hitting my ribs was coming in to thump me again. I couldnt’ move…I couldn’t…
I was far away from my body, looking at it. something happened, and then I was back in my body.
The guy who had been hitting me was lying ten feet away, crumpled up in a heap. The other fellow was jumping away fro me, his arms up, palms out…he didn’t want any part of this action.
And my foot,it felt light again. I dimly remembered, it had been heavy, and then…I remembered kicking.
I had gone out of my body, I–the ‘I am’–had thrown my foot, and knocked my opponent twelve feet into a wall, and then he had collapsed on the floor.
I had always known what the martial arts were about, but this was the first time I had ever experienced it. This was what, thirty-five years later, I was trying to get people to be able to do with my Monster Martial Arts courses.

Barack Obama Becomes Shaolin Kung Fu Master!

Okay, he hasn’t become one yet, but he should! Look, the mess our country is in, all of our elected officials, and even the unelected ones, should take lessons in the martial arts. And it is this writer’s recommendation that Barack Obama become a Master of the Shaolin Butterfly so he can adequately defend himself against people like Rush Limbaugh!

When I was undergoing the trials and tribulations of fatherhood, I learned a neat trick. When my sons wanted to borrow money, go out to parties, and that sort of thing, I made them freestyle me. If they won, they went, if I won, they did the dishes! Though they had the speed and quickness of youth on their side, I had decades of martial arts, and in this sneaky way I reigned supreme as a father should!

Compare raising recalcitrant, stubborn headed children to telling recalcitrant, stubborn headed politicians what to do, and you will see the logic of my method. Simply, when that politician wants to raise your taxes, tell him he must freestyle you first. When he gets caught with that slinky babe snorting…stuff, make him freestyle you.

Politicians won’t want to do this, of course, but they must be made to come to heel. I mean, the alternative would be to rise up in revolt, and we don’t want that! So my method is a wonderful method.

Now, as to Barack Obama, I believe he should learn the Shaolin Butterfly. Number one, no offense to the Prez, but he’s a skinny dude. When some elephant like Rush Limbaugh goes after him, Barak will have a means to defend himself.

The Shaolin Butterfly specializes in quick sidesteps, it uses the Matrixing Technology of the Martial Arts to get out of the way. Then, rolling the hands like a buzzsaw, Obama could slide in with a blistering series of dim mak death strikes. Man, Rush wouldn’t stand a chance!

Of course, if Rush was smart, he could learn Butterfly Kung Fu and then he would know what Barak has in store for him. Then he would stand a chance, and the battle for health care, or immigration, or whatever, would become a fair battle. Let me tell you, what I am advocating here is brilliant, for a punch in the face is harder to lie about than the economy!

Okey doke, I think we’ve about said it all here. Stop voting, and start studying the Martial Arts, if not the butterfly, then Aikido or Pa Kua, or just good old fashioned Karate! Know this, if Barak Obama was a real Shaolin Kung Fu Master…this country wouldn’t be in half the trouble it is in!

The Three Distractions that Hold One Back from Achieving the True Martial Art.

There is only one thing that holds a martial artist back from reaching the True Martial Art. That one thing has one name…distraction. To the degree that one is not distracted, to that degree he will realize his goals, and to that extent he reaches the True Art.

When one learns the martial arts one learns these training routines called forms. On the surface, the form is a dictionary of applications, of having a curriculum which will teach him higher and higher ranges of art. It is under the surface, however, through the refusal of distractions that one must apply himself in searching for the True Martial Art.

When one can refuse to let his attention wander in the middle of the practice of kata one is cultivating his discipline. When one concentrates only on the unique moves within the kata, and does not allow himself to be led astray, then he is enhancing concentration. The end result of these endeavors is to be able to keep awareness in the martial universe, and not in the universe of trees and bushes and rocks and twigs and such.

The pieces of the form, the applications, are the middle arena of refusing to be distracted. This area, applying technique to a willing opponent, leads one from perfect thought to the execution of perfect idea even in the middle of chaos. When one holds to the physics of combat, holds to his mental focus, holds to the truths he has gleaned concerning his fellow man even in combat, then one is approaching a distraction free existence.

It is in the fact of kumite, however, that one must determine his most adamant refusal of the distractions of the real universe. One must focus on the other fighter, refuse the intrusions of a random world, and build the truth of his own awareness. When one lives as if in a tunnel when fighting his opponent, and can hold to the construction of that tunnel no matter the occurrence, then one has found the True Martial Art.

These three arenas, kata, technique and kumite, are the true gladiatorial property of the True Art. To the extent that one refuses to be distracted, that one becomes pure in the focus of awareness, to this extent one enters the True Martial Art. The real key, to all this, however, lies in the achievement of one singular and important fact.

The universe travels backwards. It is not the flotsam and jetsam of the universe that offer distraction, it is the knowledge that one must not actively go towards a distraction free existence, but, rather, relax so that no distractions can take hold in the soul. It is the emptiness of the universe, perceived by the unimpeded individual, that makes up the Path of the True Art.

How to Get from Chinese Kenpo Karate to Matrix Kenpo!

That Chinese Kenpo Karate is a mixed up art is obvious. Actually, not to hurt anybody’s feelings, it has been broken from the get go. One simple proof is that the founder himself, Edmund Parker, presented five different versions of the art during his lifetime.

Five variations, starting with a traditional karate based version, and progressing through a variety of made up kung fu systems. Yet, before you decide I am nothing but a detractor, all the martial arts are in Parker’s Kenpo. It is a massive system, a genius system, and the potential is available to the diligent and patient student.

Now, the problem is that most kung fu systems have been passed along for generations. They have had hundreds, even thousands, of years to become developed, polished and evolved. Chinese Kenpo, on the other hand, has not been benefitted by this process.

The first version, the traditional version which was karate based, was extremely workable. Parker ran into difficulties with Thunderbolt Chow, however, and ran out of material to teach. Thus, he hired a kung fu artist, Jimmy Wu, from the San Francisco area, to help him put together more material.

The next four versions of Chinese Kenpo, then, are they Parker? Or are they Wu? To be honest, they are probably a mix, but of what percentage?

And, one must realize that Parker, through his studies, and Wu, through his, did bring a certain amount of tried and true art to the overall curriculum. And, to be generous, one must realize that the times were potent with new styles. There were all sorts of systems of karate and kung fu becoming public, and Parker had front row through these times.

That brings us to the intent promised by the title of this article, how to fix Kenpo. The best way to fix Parker’s Chinese Kenpo Karate is to throw away the rankings, categorize the techniques by attack, and arrange them in order of difficulty. While this has been done somewhat, in doing it anew one will find all sorts of things that were left out, over emphasized, and so on.

The point is that all the martial arts are inside Parker’s system, but they need to be arranged in a more workable manner, and only by a more scientific analysis is one going to come to grips with the truth of Kenpo. When I tried this method I came up with a system I called Monkey Boxing. Though, if I wanted to, I could call the system Matrix Kenpo Karate.

Monster Newsletter #285–The Universe of Your Body!

Monster Newsletter #285–The Universe of Your Body!

It’s not just a good morning,
it’s a good life.
form after form,
technique after technique,
breath after breath.

Have you ever noticed that life is more beautiful after you do something?
It really is.

I was talking about getting hit
the other week,
and I asked Nehemiah to write me something,
on what it feels like
to get hit.
He did.
let’s rock.

Here’s what he said
about what it feels like
when I hit him.

So what I feel or experience when you let go:
Its like being hit by a lead pipe. Only there’s nothing broken upon impact, its a purely intention effect. When you ridge up I can resist it, and disperse it, but when you relax into the block or attack, then it just flows -its hard to resist something that you don’t feel until its already hit you. I can literally feel the energy of my body get scrambled up at the site of contact, lol and it doesn’t feel good. But the funny thing about it is that despite how much it might hurt upon impact, I find that I’m rarely (never) actually hurt after a short period of time goes by. Minutes at most.
I know that if I weren’t as trained as I am, that I’d be in some serious trouble. I’d get locked into the pain and the disorienting affect it has, and I’d be out for the count.
The fact that I can analyze what you did and how you did it, and see it in detail and how it affected my body definitely helps to not be injured.
Its like a gunshot, most often its the shock of impact that gets you, not the actual trauma to the body sustained. And if you know that, and can see that, then you can defend against it.


a couple of things here.
and a caution before I say them.
I’m going to go a little egghead here,
if this isn’t your cup of tea,
don’t worry,
we’ll be back to breaking bones,
and poking eyeballs,
next newsletter.
if you don’t like what I say,
put your fingers in your ears
and go Nah Nah Nah,
until next newsletter.
I’ll be back to abnormal then.
now being now,
let me go egghead for a moment.

Nehemiah can tell the difference between
when I have that ridge of energy
holding me back,
when I let go.
I don’t bruise him,
I am effecting the energy of him.

when he is ready,
he can undo the effects of my strike.
When he isn’t ready,
nothing he can do,
but suffer through.

how I developed a strike that works like this
has been detailed in
The Punch,
there is all sorts of data in
How to Put Out a Candle.
I have written a lot of articles
on this subject.
The Perfect Strike
was the first article I wrote,
and if you google
‘Al Case Punch’
you’re going to come up with ALL sorts of things.

without getting into the details
which are covered in those other places,
let me tell you something
that I am doing.

I do my forms
until the universe of my body
is more real
than the universe of
my opponent’s body.

Once you have come to understand
the universe of your body,
and made it ‘more solid’
with awareness,
then when it comes in contact with another body,
you can have,
shall we say,
‘energetical disturbances.’

How do you come to grips with the concept of
the universe of your body?

realize that we are talking about the limits of body
as perceived without using the five senses,
sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

We are talking about being aware
without the five senses.

We cultivate this through the use of forms.
without senses,
just the awareness of trying to cause motion,
without senses.

there is feeling in there,
and other stuff,
but…who moves the body?

Ask the question!
Who moves the body?
This is the question that the form asks,
every time you do one!

the muscles move the body.
the brain moves the muscles.
the mind moves the brain.
who moves the mind…
does the thinking?
Who makes it all happen?
I do.

The ‘I am,’
that is within all of us.

that’s the purpose of the form!
To find who drives that smelly
and quite loathsome vehicle
called a body!
You do!
We all gots one,
or perhaps I should say,
we all is one.

Not we are all one,
but we are all
motivated by,
‘I am!’

That is the purpose of the Form.
That is why every form is a prayer.
That is why
we do the martial arts.

To find ‘I.’

when you find ‘I’
you suddenly ascend into a realm of different physics,
not necessarily explainable by
basic physics.

That’s how I hit Nehemiah.


Shortest sentence in the English language.
when I am,
and I know that my body is just a machine,
then I can send energy out of that machine.
I can disrupt the energy of my opponent.
I can put out candles over a foot away.
there’s lots of other stuff
I can do.

here is what is important…
you can do it to.

Is there a single one of you
that hasn’t had the thought…
‘I am?’

you’ve all had it.
how do you break through
the surface of that thought
and fall into the depths of
The real you.
I am.

You can do it with forms.
You have to matrix them.
You have to invest them with awareness.
You have to do them,
until your awareness of the outer world,
has been forgotten,
and there is only you,
doing the form.

the form does you.

I went a bit far afield there.
I also went right
the heart
of the matter.

Until you are…
‘I am.’

Okey dokey.
I could give you lots of links
that would help you out
in this matter.

But Tai Chi is premium.
Tai Chi deals specifically with
enhancing awareness.
Matrix Tai Chi
undercuts all Tai Chi,
so that all Tai Chi
is understandable,
and relatable,
without all the bushwah.

In Matrix Tai Chi
I make a lot of connections,
take out the mystery,
put in the basic understanding,
so that art is

Not just in fighting,
but as a tool
for you to use
to invest your awareness in
the martial arts.

To get to where you really want to go.

I am.

Matrix Tai Chi Chuan

everything being said,
there have been a few problems with the paypal buttons.
I think I have the one on Monster fixed,
but let me know if you have any trouble.

had a bunch of Matrix TCC orders go out,
let me know if there are any problems.
Any mistakes
and I will fix them quicksnap.
Mistakes are so-o-o-o
not cool.
let me know.

beyond that
Have a great work out!


PS–Google ‘Al Case Punch.’
And please leave a comment after you’ve read an article. This always helps my statistics.

I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.
Duane Michals