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Shaolin Training Big Circle to Small Circles Builds Chi Power

A lot of people don’t know how Kung Fu Big Circles work. Some people have never even come across the concept. They have heard of judo’s small circle theory, but not of large circles in Shaolin training. They don’t know that it is a prime source of Chi Power. Check out the video, and I’ll tell you about Circles and Kung Fu Chi Power.

In Shaolin there are many moves which call for swinging the arms in large circles. This is not combat effective, and so many people discount the effectiveness of Shaolin. They shouldn’t.

When you swing the arms and shift the weight the motor which is the Tan Tien works. This gives you more chi energy. This energy is noticeable, but not glaring. It builds slowly, and time creates miracles. Unfortunately, many people want the quick fix of muscle building. Nothing wrong with muscles, but slow and sure is better than fast.

When you circle the arms as in certain Shaolin systems the chi power grows slowly, the muscles grow slowly, but it is rock solid muscle and power that lasts and lasts.

Now, that said, swing a rock on a string. A six foot string and the rock flies slowly. But, a two foot string, and the rock flies fast. Thus, when you condense the circle of the swing you jack up the internal power. This makes for explosive energy that is amazingly potent. But, it is not explosive, it is merely condensed circles, and it will last longer and not exhaust. That’s the story on Shaolin training and Chi Power, click on over to my site Monster Martial Arts, and check out the Shaolin Butterfly. This is a condensed Shaolin system which makes the chi power I’ve been talking about here grow faster and more applicable in combat.

Ip Man 2 Great! Though a Few Problems

Braved the subway and saw Ip Man 2 yesterday…what a great movie. Full of action, Kung Fu training, and top notch martial arts. My quick review is right below the video snippet.

Now, Ip Man was better in certain ways. It was more cohesive. Ip 2 lacked cohesiveness. However, for the true at heart, the first half of the movie was one long kung fu smackeroonie! Can’t go wrong with that!

The second half, however, dealt with the obligatory Chinese v Western Boxer duel.

The Westerner (Twisty Miller?)  was appropriately muscled and over the top. And the fight scenes were handled well, and Sammo Hung delivered like only Sammo Hung Can.

My only real criticism is that some of the fight scenes were filmed too close up. It hid action that was deserving of another foot of camera space. That’s all, just another foot.

Anyway, it’s great kung fu, a real slice of Wing Chun, including great dummy and great Sticky Hands type training. Martial Arts purists will, of course, forgive flaws and plot, and enjoy this one immensely.

Oh, and there are a few ‘ah hah!” moments in the movie. It’s nice to see the spirit of Kung Fu presented.


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