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Win #38–The Skinny on the Butterfly Shaolin Kung Fu

I get a lot of wins like the one just following…

Hey Al,
        Hope all is well with you I was reading through some of your articles and was wondering if you have anything on your Butterfly Palm Kung Fu? Will there be anything in the future? A lot of good stuff on your site and I have thoroughly enjoyed pouring over it thus far. I am starting to save my pennies so you can expect an order fairly soon.
Take care and God Bless!

I studied Karate, Tai Chi, Pa kua, Aikido, Wing Chun, and lots of other stuff. Oddly, I had never studied Shaolin. Then this guy walks into my school, we end up exchanging systems, and I get a fair amount of Fut Ga Saholin, which is pretty much the same as Hung Gar, Choy Le Fut, or that ilk of classical Shaolin.
The Butterfly is a condensation of the concepts and principles I learned, and put together on a different and more logical footwork. Makes it quicker and easier to learn, and you get to tap into that classical Shaolin Power.
That’s theskinny on the Butterfly Shaolin Kung Fu, and have a great day…

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