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Great Self Defense Tips for the Ladies!

Five Self Defense Tips for the Ladies!

Rape seems to be a rising statistic, so I thought I’d run out a few tidbits of self defense advice for the more valuable members of our society…the ladies.

Before we get started, let me say that you should always trust your intuition. Ladies seem to have better intuition than men, so why not trust it? Especially if it could save your life!

self defense tips

high side kick

Self Defense tip one: if you have a guy feeling when you return home, call neighbor. Don’t push your intuition aside, trust it, and when that darkened house seems…odd, call the big guy who lives next door to check it out for you. And here’s an extra…don’t go in with him, let him do his work and stay out of the way. Stay at the door and be prepared to run or scream if a ruckus starts.

What, you don’t want to bother a neighbor or seem weak?

Silly you. Men were built to thump on their chests and do valiant deeds for fair damsels. You actually make us feel good when you ask us to do our job as your protectors!

Self Defense tip two: Travel in crowds. One women is a victim. Two are not. It is that simple. So when you go to the theater, or to the garage to get your car, have company. And, if anything happens, make sure you scream loudly.

Remember, one of the first things an attacker is going to do is try to get you to shut up. That’s because he doesn’t want anybody to hear what is going on. And that means that if you scream loudly enough you might be able to attract what he doesn’t want…lots of attention!

Self Defense tip three: scratch the eyes. Kick the mangoes. Bite. Do not go quietly into that dark night. An attacker is not just lustful, he is depraved and more than likely into dominance and torture. So when a bad guy grabs you, let him know that you won’t go down, and you are going to leave your mark on him! Leaving a mark on him is good stuff, because it makes it easy to convict the perps.

Self Defense tip four: this may seem a bit contrary to the last tip, but bide your time. Yes, I know I just said fight, but this is a judgment call. Yes, struggle and fight, but, consider the situation and then consider whether you should bide your time, act compliant, get your attacker to ease up long enough for you to…struggle, fight, bite, scratch and scream!

Self Defense tip five: this is the big one…learn some martial arts. Get in shape. Learn how to protect yourself.

Look, a self defense class is fun! And you learn stuff! And you are going to feel better for being in good shape. And…you will cultivate the calm mind and clear thinking that might just get you through a lady’s worst nightmare!

The point here is this…you can’t depend on others to protect you. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, a cop arrives AFTER the crime. So it is up to you to protect yourself. So start with a fun self defense class at the Y, then go to a regular martial arts school and pick up some Karate or Kung Fu or Taekwondo.

Heck, one of the best things you can do is order a martial arts course online. You can see what it is about, do a little working out on your own, and be that much better educated when you go looking for a good self defense class, or martial arts school.

Honestly, there is NO reason ANY woman should ever have to suffer the degradation and terrible effects of rape.

Here is a great article on Self Defense when being carjacked. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that Monster Martial Arts has a fantastic course on how to handle martial arts weapons.

How I Beat Up a Naked Burglar!



True Story of Crime and Punishment!

You wake up with your wife’s elbow in the ribs.
She whispers,
“Honey, there’s somebody in the house!”

karate instructor

Burglars? Pah! I thrive on burglars!

So you gently slide out of bed,
careful not to make a sound,
and you head for the door,
maybe grabbing a baseball bat or golf club on the way.
You tip toe downstairs.
Sure enough,
there is a burglar,
and you jump out with raised baseball bat,
and he shoots you in the center of the chest
with a cheap a$$ Saturday night special
as you lay there on your kitchen floor,
listening to sobbing and sirens,
you wonder what you did wrong…

where do I start?
The first thing you did wrong,
and the single thing that got you shot
was that she whispered,
you tip toed,
and you scared the burglar.
him shooting you was probably an accident.
He didn’t want to shoot anybody,
he just wanted the silverware,
but when you snuck up and surprised him
and he spun and the gun went off…
and those sirens,
and you lying on the floor,

We (the wife and I)
were moving.
We had actually moved out of the house,
and we were spending our last night in the area
sleeping in the dojo,
car packed and ready to go in the parking lot.

About two in the morning we heard noises
from the parking lot.
I tip toed and whispered,
and if what had happened next hadn’t happened,
my car,
with all possessions,
would have been stolen.
What happened next was…
She shouted,
she screamed,
she said things that would have made a teamster blush!

And the burglar,
car thief in this instance,
took off like a bat out of heck!
you never seen such fleet feet in your life.

that was the trick.
Burglars sneak in and try to be silent,
noise means they are in danger of being caught,
so they run for it!

are you ready for the story?

We moved to Los Angeles,
I taught a lot of martial arts,
and every once in a while I thought about
how my wife’s scream
had saved the day.

One night,
elbow in the ribs,
There’s somebody in the backyard!”
And we heard voices.
you got to learn!’
‘Lemme go! Leggo!’

I hopped through the house
trying to put on pants as I ran.
I grabbed my staff as I exited the back door
and in the back of my mind,
was the message,
don’t be silent!

So I roared out there,
shouting with the staff up for a good head strike,
and stopped cold.
A naked guy was standing there
staring at me in shock.

He stared,
I stared,
and then he started to move.
“I’m outa here,” he said,
or something like that.

I began swinging the staff,
and the staff began to whistle.

I said,
you’re not,”
and the staff whizzed through the air,
making a low siren sound.

Mr. Naked realized that he was about to get clobbered,
the staff was moving so fast he couldn’t see it,
but he sure could hear it!
It was really moving!

So he jumped over the fence.

I realized there was only one way out for him,
down my neighbors driveway.
So I ran down my driveway,
listening to him running on the other side of the fence,
and he must have thought he was free
when I jumped in front of him,
swinging that durned staff so fast and hard!

He ran back up the driveway.
And I,
now grinning,
knew that there was only one other way out for him.
He circled through the carport
and began running down the back area of the apartments.
And I,
I calmly sauntered over to the front of the yard
and listened to him
as he tripped over barbecues,
baby carriages,
small dogs,
potted plants,
and everything under the sun,
and when he burst out of the last gate
there I was,
swinging that staff like a son of a gun.

there was one more way for him to get out,
there was a really tall fence
over which was a parking area for a restaurant,
and I don’t know how he did it,
I don’t know how he managed it without,
‘mangling his mangoes,’
but he went over that fence.
Now I was behind him,
and I chased him down the street.
The last I saw of Mr. Naked
he was running down Vermont street,
a very busy Los Angeles street,
two in the morning,
Arms pumping.
And I always wondered where he found clothes.
Probably off a line somewhere.
I hadn’t been silent.
No more creeping through the house,
risking getting shot.
If there’s a burglar in my house
the first thing I do is scream,
“Honey, give me my gun!”
Then I bang doors,
stomp loudly
and announce in my bravest,
most determined voice.
“I don’t know who you are,
but I’m going to shoot your *$$
full of lead!”

Then I’m going to laugh,
as the chicken$***
runs for cover.

This is easy to do, if you know Blinding Steel!

this is good advice.
And the only other thing I want to say about it is this…
Mr. Naked had been fully clothed
when he had gone into the seven eleven on the corner,
and he had grabbed the big jar of pennies and dimes and stuff
for ‘Jerry’s Kids.’
He ran out of the 7-11
down the street
and into my back neighbors yard.
My neighbor heard noises,
thought somebody was trying to steal his Harley,
and he came out looking for trouble.
Mr. Naked,
still fully clothed,
tried to escape over the fence.
That was when I heard
‘You got to learn!’
‘Lemme go!
Then Mr. Naked fell over the fence,
leaving his pants in my neighbors hands,
and meeting me,
Mr. In Your Face Ninja Son Of A Gun
looking for a little redemption
from that car thief incident
many years previous.

here’s the thing.
When the police came
I remember them picking up a thousand pennies and dimes
in the dark of my back yard,
and I realized
99 times out of a hundred
the police show up after the crime.
they don’t know it’s going to happen,
and that means this:

You are your own first line of self defense.

You can’t rely on somebody saving you,
you are going to have to save yourself.
It’s all up to you…
and the martial arts that you practice.

sleep light,
keep a staff or machete
or something next to your back door,
and if you shoot somebody,
hope they fall down inside the house!

and one other thing,
I would say that it is better than fifty fifty
that the bad guy will have a weapon.
That’s right,
I lucked out,
but you should get the Blinding Steel Course.
The fastest,
most efficient method
for handling a weapon in the world.

How to handle a weapon,
or how to handle somebody
if they have a weapon!

Check it out here…

This is a large course
four videos and two books,
and it is all based on simplicity.
Not having to memorize tricky routines
that will get you killed while you’re trying to remember them,
but simple stuff
that opens the doors
to possibility after possibility after possibility…
It is a matrixed course,
the matrix of weapons,
and it is the best and fastest in the world.

almost time for another work out,
I’ve really been digging the Pan Gai Noon lately,
maybe a little of that,
then some of the more rigorous classics.
that sounds good.
sounds like a lot of fun!
I’m already breathing harder
and preparing myself mentally…

‘I get to work out…I get to work out!’
You, too!

Talk to you later.


If you’re a martial artist, or even want to be one, head over to MonsterMartial Arts.com

Martial Arts and Self Defense Against Weapons

Self Defense Martial Arts

This is a piece on how to use martial arts against weapons.

Put That Gun Down or I’ll Kill You!

Don’t you just love that sort of movie dialogue? The problem is…it reminds me of a lot of things that are happening in that other fantasy land…Washington.

Right now, as we speak, there are bills about guns, magazines, triggers, registration, and so on. Heck, congress would ban David from the bible if they knew he used a sling shot! Fortunately, congress doesn’t read the bible. (Did I really just say that?)

Okay, good times aside, let’s talk about the specifics of weapons.

If you can, comply. Just give him your money. He’ll get caught. And you should go on living.

If you can’t, then you’d better learn how to fight. Some guy pulls out the duc tape, smiles at the young girl and says, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.’

BS. Fight back. Kick, scratch, claw, scream, don’t quit no matter what. He’s not interested in taking stuff, he’s interested in domination and death.

Biting is good. You don’t want to catch AIDs, but, grab some DNA the police can use in the event he wins. Yeah, I really did say that.

But, your best bet is to actually learn a martial arts weapon. Or, to learn how to use ANYTHING as a martial arts weapon.

A weapon is basically a straight line…with some curves or edges or hinges or whatever. How many things can you see in the room you are sitting in that qualify as a straight line?

A ruler, a pen, the edge of a book…and the list goes on. But remember this: a properly enraged attitude is a fine weapon.

I knew one fellow who fended off 5 guys on a stairwell with a plate. And he had no martial arts experience, didn’t know karate or kung fu or anything. He was just enraged, and the thugs couldn’t see the plate for the rage, and they reacted as if that plate was an electric sword!

Better than rage, however, is intelligence. Intelligence is your real tool, and it separates man from beast. The cool thing is that martial arts increases your intelligence.

And, even more important, it increases your awareness.

So if you study a martial art, you not only get smarter, but you become more aware. Which is to say you will become aware of a potential attack quicker, and have the intelligence to design techniques to help you survive that attack.

Do you see the vast benefit in studying martial arts? Specifically in conjunction with weapons?

Now, I recommend Blinding Steel as the ultimate weapons course. It is simple and designed to give understanding as quickly as possible. You can pick up ANYTHING and plug it into one of the Blinding Steel patterns (which can be learned in literally minutes), and be able to defend yourself.

Interestingly, I had one of the oddest and best testimonials to this course. A fellow wrote in and he said something to the effect of, ‘I like your course, but I like XYZ’s course better. I didn’t understand XYZ until I had done your course, but I like it better now.’

Do you understand how weird this is? He bought a course he didn’t understand. Then he bought my course, and he suddenly understood not just my stuff, but other stuff about weapons that he had not understood before!

Ah, out of the mouths of babes.

Anyway, check out the Blinding Steel at Monster Martial Arts. The good news is that while it is available as a martial arts DVD, it is also available as Instant Download…and it is VERY cheap!

zen martial arts

This has been a page about martial arts and self defense against weapons.

Karate Girl Kicks the S*** Out of Burglar!

Karate Girl Picks a Fight!

Poor Wilberto Zapata had a few drinks and then went home. Unfortunately, being new to the apartment complex, he went into the wrong apartment. Stunned by the change in his decor, poor Wilberto was examining the bathroom when the infamous Karate Girl, Jannine Ramirez, returned home.

One would think that Ms Ramirez would show a little tolerance for somebody who was just admiring her decor. But, no. She was apparently on an adrenaline high when she returned, for she had just been at a karate tournament. Eager for more trophies and blood, the Karate Girl  kicked our unfortunate drunk through a door, across the apartment and out. 

On the outside of the apartment looking in, befuddled, our inadvertent burglar was accosted by the police and actually cited for unlawful entry.

Unlawful entry isn’t too serious a charge, and Wilberto was finally released and allowed to go to his own apartment, if he could find it.

Now, this writer wants to go on record right now-even criminals have rights!

I mean, where does this vicious karate girl get off, beating up poor, helpless drunks?

Couldn’t she have just opened the front door and yelled ‘Free drinks!’

Instead, she has to show off and beat up some poor fool whose only real crime was being rendered temporarily stupid by alcohol.

And the police, instead of going after the real criminal (have you ever heard of assault and battery, karate girl?) have the nerve to add insult to injury!

Unlawful entry! Huh! What’s the world coming to?

At any rate, latest word is that a gaggle of lawyers are attempting to locate Wilberto, and to start legal proceedings against the Karate Girl’s foot.

Martial Arts Maniac with 300 Guns!

How to Survive a Maniac!

Weekend coming!
Time to…
work out!

Let me start out with snippets from a win!

Hi Al, I hope this e-mail finds you well. Was looking thru e-mails and enjoyed your last one very much (re: working out leading to the ‘blue bolt’ of knowing vs. simply slowly gaining knowledge of oneself that’ll do as well 🙂
I wanted to tell you that our relatively limited time working out together has led me to several ‘bolts’ of my own; some of them gentle (I can defend myself and confront evil), some of them dramatic (I will live forever. Oh Crap, now I have to take responsibility for my actions!)
Anyway, thanks for helping me remember things I already knew from before this lifetime (simple?) yes. Powerful? Very! Blasphemous? Hardly.
My enjoyment of the martial arts has increased exponentially with the expansion of my knowledge and awareness of them (Thank you)
This has led to my recent increase in enjoyment of so many other arts, aesthetics, and pleasures across so many dynamics. Music ties into Painting, which leads to the appreciation of some stranger’s physical beauty, the sound of my child’s voice conveying profound questions, even answers, the feel of mist from a mountain stream on a hot day. Sometimes it’s all so beautiful I think I could weep for joy! Somehow the stupidity of our social and political climates seem further from reality, and, without the response of fear and panic, easier to confront.
sincerely Rick Mooney

Thanks Rick.
I’ll be calling you,
talk to you then.
this is quite a win,
and it makes me fell PFG.

Sort of appropriate,
as I am finally starting to get Monkeyland back up,
and the point is this…
as you well know,
the martial arts is about more than fighting.
A LOT more.
It is one of the four paths of enlightenment,
and to treat it as merely punch and kick knock people down
is more than a shame.
Life is passing before your eyes,
and you have to grab it
and shape it as you will.
You ARE the sculptor,
and life IS your creation.

So thanks Rick,
I know your words will touch somebody somewhere,
and the eyes will open.

thought I’d tell you a story about living
in the face of death.

I was studying kenpo
I was nineteen years old,
and didn’t have a clue.
Not a Fg clue.
So one day I called up my best friend (Alex),
got his brother on the line,
and he happened to be a Hell’s Angel (T).
Now this was before I went to the Kang Duk Won,
this was before I worked out with bikers
and I was in awe.
And during the course of our conversation
I mentioned I was coming over to see Alex,
maybe I’d bring a bottle with me.
End of conversation.

The next day I went to visit Alex,
and he was in the back of the house
in his brothers (the Hell’s Angel) room.
So T asks me if I have ever seen his gun collection.
I say no.
He opens up the closet
and there are over three hundred guns.
They are jammed in there,
pistols and fully automatics,
military assault rifles,
as I recall,
he even had a grenade launcher.

I had never even touched a gun,
and he hands me some big sucker
I ask,
“Is it loaded?”
He laughs,
“All my guns are loaded all of the time.
You never know when you’re going to have to shoot somebody.”
I ask him,
“Have you ever shot somebody?”
He says,
“I shot a guy trying to repo my car last week.
Got him in the shoulder.
Bad shot.”
“What did the police say?”
“He was on my property,
stealing my car,
what could they say?”
He takes the big gun back,
turns around and sits in the closet.
Alex is somewhere else,
a look crosses over his face,
the room gets really cold,
and he says,
“Where’s that bottle?”

The look on his face,
the aloneness in the room,
I suddenly realize that I am facing a maniac
who is sitting in the middle of over 300 fully armed weapons,
and who has just been talking about killing people.

And the look in his eyes is DEAD serious.

I am suddenly a fly with a pin sticking into the middle of my back.
I am fixed in place,
no way to move,
nothing to do.
My friendly neighborhood Hell’s Angel
has suddenly gone from happy go lucky
to kill crazy.

He knows I don’t have a bottle
and he is pissed.
A rifle is across his lap,
and he has a gun in each hand.
Fully loaded.

So I did what prey do
when they are confronted by overpowering force.
I froze.
Carefully, I said,
“I didn’t bring it.”

I was speaking slowly,
every word a potential to mayhem,
every word being offered in the safest manner possible.
I knew there was more danger of him jumping up
and beating the crap out of me,
than of him shooting me.
shoot or beat,
I was never closer to being dead meat
in my life.

He began to lecture me
on never breaking your word,
a man is only as good as his word,
I should never break my word.

I didn’t say a thing,
I didn’t point out that my offer to bring a bottle was a maybe,
I just took my lecture
and knew that as long as he was talking
he wasn’t killing me.

Alex came back in the room,
picked up on the smell of potential violence and death.
“What’s happening?”

we’re just talking,”
T started polishing a rifle with a rag
and looked away from me.

As soon as I could safely do so,
I carefully mentioned that I had business elsewhere,
and left.

I’ve had violent encounters,
I’ve had people point guns at me,
but that was the closest I’ve ever come to dead,
and possibly the most educational.

The idea of freezing in place as a viable self defense technique,
even though it was a mark of my helplessness,
actually grew into some of my neutronic meanderings.

when I was studying at the Kang Duk Won,
I worked out with Hell’s Angels and other bikers,
even went to a couple of parties,
but I never let my guard down around them after that,
I always remembered that they were a half grin away from psychotic.
Wonderful fellows,
funny and engaging,

I guess the point of it all,
of all the bikers that I worked with at the Kang Duk Won
none of them ever made it to Black Belt.
None of them ever was virtuous enough
to get the bolt from the blue,
to make that statement of self
that is the mature soul of a real martial artist.

an oddity,
many years later I did make black belt,
and a fellow visited the school.
His name was Ted
and he was a second black.
He had stopped studying
and become a Hell’s Angel.
And he wanted to work out.
I was the only black belt there,
and we went to freestyle.

In that few minutes
I faced a fear of hells angels
and faced a psychotic human being.
We freestyled,
and I can honestly say that he threw punches harder
than anybody I had ever freestyled with.
He came straight in,
and it was like facing a raging tiger.

I faced him,
I blocked everything,
and I hit him.

Not hard,
certainly not as hard as the punches I was blocking.
But the training I had received had changed me,
no longer the not a Fg clue kid,
but a man who could face psychotic human beings,
and win.

of course,
it goes without saying,
that I wish everybody in the world
could face down the nuts
and live a safe life.

let me plug the Kang Duk Won
real quick.

This is the stuff that was taught to three different Imperial Palace Guards.
(Okinawa, Korea, Japan)
this is the stuff from before Funakoshi.
And it is different.
The Japanese college kids tended to change Karate,
make it violent for tournaments,
but the Kang Duk Won I learned
was much more pure.
Really became a journey of soul,
verses a how to fight primer.

I include it in the Evolution of an Art course.
Three arts,
Pan Gai Noon, Kang Duk Won and Kwon Bup.
Three complete arts,
including one of the most pure and original
styles of Karate
you’ll ever see.
Scores of forms,
hundreds of techniques,
a complete evolution of the art of Karate,
from Kung fu to America innovation.

Here’s the URL…


you guys and gals have a WINderful weekend,
work out lots,
because it is the route to your soul.


martial arts maniac

Self Defense Courses Desperately Needed in America

Self defense courses are desperately needed in the United State, because that society is falling apart faster than anyone can imagine. The following headlines point up the need for self defense training. Here’s the bad news coming to a place near you.

In Chicago people have been attacked by mobs of youths on buses, on beaches, on paths, near the trendy shops of the Magnificent Mile, and outside their very homes. Mobs of shoplifters have invaded “Mug Mile” stores. Maybe you don’t live near Chicago and don’t see the need for self defense courses? Then maybe you should move to California.

In California a SWAT team conducted a raid upon the orders of–get this–the Department of Education! SWAT team members kicked in his front door and dragged Kenneth Wright out and handcuffed him before his children because they wished to collect the unpaid student loans…of his wife! The SWAT team was disgruntled to learn that his wife didn’t even live there. I know, it could never happen to you, you don’t need self defense or self defense products, you live in…Atlanta!

in Atlanta two dozen teens assaulted a pair of Delta flight attendants. A witness reported that “There was blood everywhere, people were hollering and screaming. People were terrified. People were trying to run. But there was nowhere to run.” Of course, you say, these incidents happen, but there is no way this could happen on a large basis throughout the United States. People just don’t need self defense courses!

But…Democrat James Carville reecently stated on the Don Imus show “…if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

And Barack Obama’s food safety chief is in charge of armed raids to stamp out…‘raw milk. (I’m not kidding! Video on Youtube!)

And there have been instances of ‘mob robbing’ all over the country, and in Souix City, Iowa a 41 year old man beat the heck out of his boss because he was planning to fire him, and a 20 year old woman in Oklahoma killed the family cat and used the blood to make a Lady Gaga costume, and in Florida a 45 year old Polk County sheriff has been charged with strapping children to a desk and strapping them with sex toys, and…and maybe there is a need for self defense training!

Of course, the best self defense training can be gotten through internet courses. One can learn twice as fast, doesn’t have to pay for transportation and gas and all that, and can take real, classical martial arts. Chose the right self defense courses and you will get the most effective self defense training in the world.

self defense courses

Martial Arts Technique For A Club Attack Is One Of The Best Self Defense Techniques You Can Learn

There are really only eight techniques in all the martial arts. This sort of flies in the face of people who study arts with a thousand different self defense moves, but that is not the point here.Truthfully, one should learn those thousand techniques well before they actually focus their training on something like the club catcher technique I’m going to describe here. Checkout the video, this is the technique, but done without the club.

Club Catcher, and I may have falsely called this Sword Catcher in other articles I have written, depends on a high crossed wrist block. Obviously, the move can be used differently, or for other weapons. You’ll have to alter some of the move if you are taking away a bladed weapon, or handling some other type of attack.

You raise the wrists and cross them in front of the forehead. This catches the incoming club, or sword, or whatever. Make sure you move in far enough that you catch his wrist, and not the weapon, you don’t want to take the impact of the weapon on your wrists.

What you do now depends on which of your hands is furthest forward. The martial arts technique you want the most is to close the attacker. That is, to push his arm across his body.

If he attacks with his right hand, and your left hand is closer to him, push up on his elbow with your right hand and pull down on his wrist with your left hand. This will turn him into an armbar or elbow roll. Make sure you get your body behind your arms, and you won’t have to push/pull very hard.

If he is swinging the club with the right hand, and your right hand is in front of your left hand, then you can go for some sort of armwrap. However, you are open to a second strike with his left hand, so you might just as well pull his arm down with your left hand and block him with your right hand. This will put you in a better position, put you on the inside with the strike option, so now you can have a party and knock the living stuffing out of him.

Club Catcher sets up a lot of other secondary self defense techniques. You can go into wrist twists, leg sweeps, a range of armwraps, and even full body insertions whereby you can crank his noggin and deposit him into a little puddle in front of your feet. The main thing is to get so good at this martial arts technique that you can see him coming and actually join with his motion, making the move into an aikido technique, or hapkido technique.

In closing, I consider the club attack defense of great worth, for it is one of the most important of the eight martial arts techniques. If somebody attacked you on the street there is a high likelihood that you will encounter this attack, whether with a club, or some other object. Remember, practice the move until the technique is more natural than walking.

You can find more martial arts moves of this sort at Monster Martial Arts. Head over over to the Monster, and make sure you pick up a free book.

Food and oil prices have been on the rise in many parts of the world. Has the economic climate affected you?

Martial Arts Action Hero Jackie Chan!

Ha! I laugh in the face of economy!
The world is my oyster, and I crack it open the cheap way.
Mush for breakfast, ten cents.
Vegetables and hamburger patty for punch, cheap.
More vegetables, or maybe chili or some cheap but tasty put together. Dinner has to last all night, you know.
And, I work out. Martial Arts.
My food bill is maybe $20 a week, my fun bill is non existent, because my fun consists of using my body, disciplining my mind, and practicing the martial arts so that I can struggle through the coming food riots, the starvation and the hordes of zombies!
Ha! The world should live like me. Fun.
Check out Monster Martial Arts, have some fun, and get ready!

Killing Knife Attackers with Triple Flip Martial Art Techniques!

Ya gotta love it. A guy with a Knife does an overhead stab at you, so you fall to the side and kick him in the groin. This is the Martial Arts technique I saw in a martial arts book the other day, and a surer route to getting yourself killed has never been.
Well, perhaps it has been. Lotta bonehead people out there. You know they are bonehead because they buy this guys book, right?
Which book is that, you ask?
Not gonna say.
You can go get your chuckles somewhere else.
Look, if somebody is coming at you with a knife it makes sense to jump, dodge, get out of the way. But if you fall down so you can kick somebody you are losing all your mobility. And, if your kick isn’t perfect, and you haven’t practiced that technique a thousand times a month for ten years, then that knife weilding maniac is just going to fall on you, and…end of game. You’re gonna get your guts stabbed out!
So, yes, move to the side. Look for something to block or wrap his knife arm with. Keep moving. Try some quick kicks to his knees and groin, but don’t fall down, don’t try to wrestle with him, stay away from the blade, and make up your mind to take some real martial arts lessons so stuff like this won’t happen to you, and so that you will have some real self defense techniques to defend yourself with.
You know, I sometimes call self defense moves like this by a variety of names, somersaulting tricks, triple flip defenses, or just stupid.
Anyway, if you want to learn some real martial arts techniques, head on over to Monster Martial Arts. Basic Karate will give you a plan and a foundation, and you can advance from there. Knife fighting techniques in particular I teach in Blinding Steel, which is the Monkey Boxing course. Check it out, and get the free ebook offered on the front page. Here’s a short clip of some Monkey Boxing (Blinding Steel) knife fighting techniques that work.

The Hard Fist Of Karate Training Makes For An Phenomenally Powerful Punch!

When it comes down to save your bacon self defense, a hard fist is what is needed. Of course, what training method does one follow to make a fist hard enough to create a powerful punch? The answer is through the use of good, solid, sweat your fanny off, Karate training.

Karate is the martial art Mas Oyama, of Kyokushinkai fame, used when he killed bulls, and his hands were reputed to be as hard as steel. Add in the old legends of the Okinawan Karate instructors who could twist raw bamboo into pieces and you really have something. And, the tales of the Karate Masters who could punch a fist right through the body armor of the Japanese Samurai, are the cherry atop the ice cream!

Today, karate training methods promote makiwara training. This is a plank, thinner towards the top, that is sunk in the ground. While punching the Makiwara has much benefit, it does not return one to the training methods of old.

Punching a tapered two by four, you see, can only be done so long, and then the fists start to turn red and ugly and to bruise up. Fifty punches per arm per day is just not enough to make the rock solid fist that we are looking for. No, we need to look a little deeper, go a little more mad dog to find our perfect punch.

Oddly, the method we used in my karate school, and this was over forty years ago, before Karate had a chance to be ‘watered down’ by commercialism, tournaments, protective gear, and that sort of thing, didn’t actually involve the use of the fist. It didn’t use the fist, especially as in bashing, but rather used the fingers. Make the fingers solid, and you have a solid hand.

We started out doing simple push ups. These strengthen the whole body, and they work the punching muscles directly. Then we started altering our push ups.

We would do push ups on our hands, then on our fists, then we would use half-fists, and finally just our fingers. This was incredibly difficult as it required more than just muscle, it required awareness. Eventually, doing our push ups on one single, outstretched finger, and our increased awareness put unbelievable power in our punches.

Close Combat Self Defense

The Art of the Hard Fist!

One single, outstretched finger was what we were shooting for. Not a finger and a thumb, not a bent finger or two, but a digit as stiff as a rod. And, our awareness became as stiff as a rod…and as unbending as steel. This is the type of Karate training I always describe for students who want the hard fist that is needed for the strongest punch.

Want a hard fist using the latest karate training methods? Go to the source of Karate. Head over over to Learn Karate Online. Pick up a free book (offered on the home page) while you are there.