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Martial Arts for Security and Law Enforcement

If it don’t work, it ain’t really martial arts. That is a true statement, and it is no more true than in Security and Law Enforcement.

Consider the problems inherent in that field: you don’t want to use that firearm, they don’t want you to choke somebody out, law suits, watch that deadly force, and so on. All while people are nuts and crazy and willing to harm you.

Well, you’re about to read a win, and let me tell you that the fellow who wrote it did my Matrix Aikido Course. That’s it. Two videos and a short book, and he suddenly became able to use Aikido, even though he had never studied that art. That’s because I teach conceptually, and it becomes possible to just plug the concept in to whatever art you study. Here’s the win.

“Let me start out by saying thank you. Thanks from all the martial artists who asked why. Al, I’m in the Security and Law enforcement field and carry Instructor credentials, so effective methods in combat and teaching them is what I constantly look for.”

Here’s a short snippet from the course (it was actually a seminar). check it out at Monster Martial Arts, and be sure you pick up afree ebook while you’re there.

Win #50