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The True Path of the Martial Arts

In the next couple of months 

I’m going to be rewriting the website.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

I basically built Monster Martial Arts

as I progressed as a person.

This resulted in a specific path.

A True Way.

A method that works,

ties all the martial arts together,

and gets the student there FAST.


I was just plugging in stuff as I did it.

No rhyme or reason,

just putting it up 

and moving along

as fast as I could.

The result is that Monster,

while enlightening,

doesn’t present the path as I envision it.

So I’m going to fix that.

Following is a graphic that I will use

to restructure the website,

and present the art in the correct order.


the way this works is simple.

The boxes on the left side

are the arts in order.

The boxes in the middle are the courses 

specific to the arts.


you would simply do the arts

as I have listed them in the middle boxes.

The box on the right

are supplementary materials.

I will be drawing on those as I see fit,

as they fit into the line up of arts and courses.


there is much room for jiggling and joggling.

For instance,

just to name one specific,

which should come first?

Tai Chi or Monkey Boxing.


Monkey Boxing would be the first.

But culturally,

Tai Chi should come first.

So I chose my order of arts,

but that doesn’t mean you are bound by it.


what about weapons?


it is at the end,

but we all know that weapons

can be plugged in anywhere.

So you can do the arts in any order you wish.

Although I always recommend Matrixing first,

as that is the core of the logic,

of the science,

of the martial arts.


that is what I am working on,

and I will keep you posted,

and even set up a dummy site first,

and invite you to go through it

and offer comments and criticisms as you wish.


I know I’m not giving you

the secrets of the universe this time,

although one could say that offering 

a completely sane pathway for the martial arts

IS a secret of the universe,

but stay tuned.

The pearls are coming

so don’t be swine.


that said,

here’s a little fourth of July gift for you.


I wrote this back in 2002,

and I put it on almost every course,

and it has even been pirated

and put on the internet,

and I never bothered invoking copyright

because it is so valuable.

The definitions illustrate matrixing,

and highlight the real science of the martial arts.


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Breath Control and the Secret of the Martial Arts and the Universe and Everything!

Secrets of the Martial Arts; seems like I’m always revealing secrets. Well, somebody’s got to do it. Check out the video and then I’ll tell you the secret.

I first realized the importance of breathing when I was running as a child. Simply, I would find the rhythm of breathing to footsteps. Breath in right, breath out left, do for a while, then switch. Worked like a charm. I could run longer and faster than others. Things really got interesting when I changed things up by doubling the cycle, or doing a cycle and a half, that sort of thing.
When I started doing marathons I found that this breathing thing worked wonders. Mile after mile after mile, I would rejuvenate my body with breath, finding that runner’s high, and an unnatural endurance.
I brought this concept into the martial arts, and the world opened up.
Eventually I codified the rules as: breath in when the body contracts, breath out when it expands.
And: breath out when getting struck, or striking (blocking). Don’t worry about breathing in…if you have been training this in your forms practice.
Forms are gold. I know a lot of people just want to fight, but they are, uh, less than informed. Forms allow you to train cycles of breathing into your body motion, and this gives you enormous strength and endurance. It helps the body function as one unit, and you start to have a whole body strength that is virtually unknown to the rest of humanity.
Of course, it takes discipline and training and attention to detail. It takes awareness, and concentrated thought, and so it remains apart from the masses, who simply exercise mindlessly and know not why.
Uh, I’ll lift pieces of dead metal and get big, then I’ll drink beer and grow a belly. Doh!
Anyway, take what I’ve told you here and play with it. A little thought and discipline and you will shortly understand why breath control is the Secret of the Martial Arts…and the whole darn universe and everything! Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free ebook. You’re on the edge of a great discovery.

Using Martial Arts to Place yourself in the Matrix

Hello and good day!
It’s hanakwanmass,
and every day is filled with fun.
My Hanakwanmass Burrito is hanging on the wall
and ready to be eaten in,
let’s see
(count fingers,
15 days till I get to eat it.
ain’t nothing better than eating
something that’s gone green!

let’s talk about where you are
in the great matrix of life.
We’re actually going to go neutronic on this,
so we’re gonna have some fun.

There are three ways of thought.
Input partial pictures, (mosaic thought)
input lines of logical thought, (linear thought)
input whole pictures. (matrix thought)

we start out as children
with complete matrixing abilities.
We absorb slews of pictures,
we permeate life,
we learn.

things not making sense,
we start to input less than whole pictures.

in a bizarre effort to make sense of everything,
we begin the process of linear thought,
numbers and letters and such.
Here’s where it gets interesting.
Numbers make sense.
Letters don’t.
The logic of letters is bizarre,
to say the least.
your ability to function in life
depends on your ability
with letters.

Numbers are linear thought.
Letters are mosaic thought.
There is no matrixed thought.
the trap is that
we think we are functioning.
We think we still see everything.
We think we are still perceiving as accurately as when we were children.
But we aren’t.

You want proof?
Hit somebody in the face.
Why was there no response?
Why was the response wrong?
Because we couldn’t input data fast enough?
because we stopped the flow of data.
Do not understand fist.
Computer stops.
Fist impacts.
Absence of data.

it really is that simple.

When problems start
a human being responds proportional
to his ability to input and act upon data.

Mosaic thought doesn’t see the whole picture.
Linear thought isn’t fast enough.
Only matrixed thought
has the chance of being ‘in the now.’
Only Matrixed thought
presents the whole picture.

here’s something interesting…
Joe Blow who is not literate is inputting mosaics,
(incomplete pictures of reality which he thinks are complete)
he is the savage,
the peasant,
the unwashed masses.

Joe Blow who is literate,
but has not studied martial arts
inputs linearly,
he has been trained to think in such manner.
He’s good for working in factories.
Not a bad guy,
his potential has just been obscured,
and he’s having trouble taking off the blinders
that have been put on him.

Joe Blow who is studying the martial arts
is actually trying to think
in a matrix manner,
he is starting to grasp the whole picture,
but it may take a long time.

Joe Blow who has matrixed
inputs whole pictures,
he ‘thinks’ in intuitive fashion.
The world is his oyster.

there are various factors at work here
which make things look weird
in certain circumstances.

How much experience you have,
what art you study,
how thorough was your teacher
all sorts of things can effect
how fast you start to matrix,
and even how fast you matrix.

After all,
a fellow who trains to fight
might kick your butt
and be stupid.
There is that possibility,
so you have to ask yourself
about the quality of your existence.

Do you wish to be hair trigger
joy of combat
beat the crap out of your fellow man
and can’t read a book,
and even drool a bit
when you grab a joystick.

do you wish for quality of existence?

I once had a fellow tell me
that stupid people were happier
because unawareness protected them
from the problems of the world.
I told him he was a lot happier than me.

the idea is that
you can train to fight,
learn to matrix,
and have both worlds.
But it’s your choice.

But the choice starts with whether you want to matrix the world,
make sense of the world,
input larger slices of perception,
not think…but intuit.
Return to the purity of perception
that you were as a child.
This is the choice.

You’ve been trained to input linearly,
and most of society is about the sixth grade level.
This is provable by one simplicity,
the written word is generally on the sixth grade level,
because that’s all that people understand.

Guy goes to college
but only reads comic books.
Sixth grade thought process
education wasted.
He is inputting mosaics
with just enough words
to make sense of the thing.

Guy studies martial arts,
he must survive,
so he must see more,
so he does.
This is a real education.

Guy matrixes,
his vision is not obscured
by what he doesn’t understand.
He doesn’t refuse reality,
but inputs it in vast chunks,
and starts to apply it to the world
outside martial arts.

I know I’ve blathered on a bit,
but the whole thing here has been
to acquaint you with
where you are.

Are you just getting by?
Chances are,
you’ve been trapped
by mosaic thought,

Are you functioning?
Like people,
job is pretty good,
having fun?
You’re breaking out of the mosaic of thought,
linearity is improving things,
but everything hasn’t come together.
You aren’t a slave,
but you aren’t free yet.

Do you absorb situations at a glance?
Do you instinctively know
whether people are telling the truth or not?
Does fortune fall in your lap?
You are matrixing.
Ain’t no chains on you.

and this is a big but,
it depends on your ability to make sense out of the world.
And only matrixed thought makes sense out of the world.
No other kind of thought,
no matter how forward looking,
makes sense out of the world.

let me summate a bit.
While there may be wild variables of situations
in the thing I have just explained,
that is just because there are a wild variable of people and situations.
Everything can be explained,
everything can make sense.

you’re a martial artist,
and there is a difference between you and the normals.
You are a bit quicker,
you grab ahold of situations faster,
you can handle a fist to the face,
let’s face it,
sometimes that’s all life is…
a fist in the face.

The question is…
do you want to go all the way?
Do you want to understand not just the techniques,
but how they are built?
Because when you do,
you understand something of how you are built.
It’s the difference between driving a car and building a car.
Not everybody should build cars,
but everybody should know how they are built,
especially if the car they are talking about
is themselves.

that’s the three stages,
and now you can locate where you are in them,
and where you are,
evolutionarily speaking,
in the matrix of life.

Where you go from here is up to you.
You aren’t linear anymore,
but will you make it to the matrix?

Interesting question.

that’s about it for now.
I’ll have to swing some martial arts in your face next time.
I know some of you newbies to the newsletter
are going through a little culture shock,
I’m swinging all over the place,
one week I joke,
the next I get in your face,
I actually just trust my intuition.
I try to get out of the way
and let the newsletter write itself.
I know that the data I’ve given,
while not for everybody,
is being called for by somebody.

It is the trustiest weapon we’ve got.
Matrixing is what builds it,
i use it ruthlessly,
and i hope to make you
just as ruthless.

if what I have said here interests you,
it is right out of Prologue.
Which is available at


It’s actually only one chapter
out of about twenty,
each one filled with stuff
you’ve never heard nor considered before.

And, if it doesn’t interest you,
that’s cool.
Wait until it does,
and head over to the monster.
Get some face smashing
kick in your pants
martial arts fun.

And if you’re reading this on the net, head over to Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book about matrixing.

that all said…

And make sure you go out
and get your hanakwanmass burrito.
After all,
if you wait too long,
the burrito won’t have time to turn green
before you eat it.

Have a great work out.


A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. ~Richard Bach

A professional martial artist is a white belt who finally understood the purpose of his forms. ~Al Case

Every time a child says I don’t believe in fairies there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead. ~J. M. Barrie

Every time a a martial artist quits linearity of thought won. ~Al Case

I studied harmony and composition in a very spontaneous manner. ~Alejo Carpentier

Me, too.  ~Al Case