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Secret Kung Fu Styles That Will Kill You!

Secret of Secret Kung Fu Styles: The Real and Actual Truth!

Secret kung Fu Styles, or maybe Ninjitsu, or that death touch dim muk style where you touch the inside of a guys pinkie and he dies of kidney failure at precisely 3:22:45 Tuesday the 16th.

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For something to be true the opposite must also be true

I have always loved a good comic book, and I don’t deny that there are secret martial arts styles, but the truth of it all is something else. You see, where you gonna go to learn this super secret agent kill ’em with a look secret kung fu? I know they are advertised on every strip mall, but then you sign a contract and go to tournaments and you never really learn this super secret practice only on a full moon style of ninjitsu death touch.

The fact of the matter is that it is a selling gimmick. Learn good solid martial arts, none of this secret kung fu system or ninjitsu poison hand bushwah, and you’ll understand.

Solid muscles, good reaction time, a clean mind whereby you can see things the way they are. That is the key to it all.

I measure progress not by how many people I have killed…but by the number of times I have gone to class, done my forms, worked out with solid friends.

You see, the real truth is not in some rare knowledge that was never written down in a book but rather passed form father to son for 14 generations is that when you do those forms, again and again, your mind calms down. It likes the repetition. And in the repetition it stops being so wild and crazy, and it even gets out of the way.

Get rid of your mind, be you, see things the way they are, get an appreciation for good, solid work and wonderful friends. That’s the real mystical and secret kung fu that you’ll find in the ancient temple. Not a secret, but a common sense.

Of course, you don’t have to believe me, you can order that secret kung fu, that death dealing ninjitsu on the back of that comic book cover over there, the one about superheroes and other things that have actually happened and are real.

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