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Secret Martial Arts Techniques Found!

Newsletter 933

Finding the REALLY Secret Martial Arts Techniques!

Happy Father’s day,
Mother’s day,
son’s day, daughter’s day…
Happy Everybody’s Day!

And it really is Everybody’s Day for the martial arts.
Cause you can celebrate EVERY DAY!
Just by working out!

I had the most interesting conversation the other day.
I was talking with a fellow instructor,
he has lots of experience,
and he told me about when he was a beginner in Brazilian JJ.

“At the end of the beginner’s class the instructor came out and told us we had to leave. The doors were being locked, and we had to be on the other side. I asked him why. And he said, ‘because we’re going to have an advanced class. These are the secret techniques, we don’t want to risk them getting out.’”

Secret Techniques.
So secret only a special few can know them.

Then my fellow instructor laughed,
and he said,
‘I went through that school,
I learned all the ‘secret techniques,’
and then,
to make sure I was doing them right,
I looked them all up on the internet.

So there’s the story on secret techniques.

there are techniques that people don’t know.
You’ve heard me rail about the Okinawan Karate Masters,
who made a secret pact,
not to teach karate.
What a bunch of boneheads.
And I think that,
whenever I see a picture,
or a write up,
on one of these sacred fools.
Karate is suffering to this day,
other arts are more workable,
just because of these boneheads.

The good news is that,
with a little work,
you can figure out what wasn’t taught.
You can’t learn much on the net as a beginner,
but if you’ve put in some quality work time,
you can use the youtube.

You can figure out all the stuff
the boneheads didn’t want you to know.

of course,
there’s Chiang Nan,
my book,
and all the stuff I’ve put together through matrixing.
No secret,
just hard work,
a little thought,
and those secrets aren’t secret any longer.

it’s better than suffering through a class
where they kick you out
if you are about to learn anything.

Here’s the Chiang Nan link…

you guys have a great summer,
put those work outs together,
and make yourself something to be truly proud of.

Have a great work out!


Here’s a link for an article about when I first started doing this book on Kenjutsu.
I intended to finish it quickly, but it’s actually been five years!

Okinawan Masters Hide the Real Karate!

Newsletter 916

Theory of Secret Techniques Proven!

Thanks to Tom Jackson,
who pointed me.

So I write,
on the Matrix Karate page of MonsterMartialArts.com,
about how Karate was passed down.
I write about the transmission of Karate
from Okinawa to Japan,
and I ask the question…
would the Okinawans really be willing
to teach the Japanese real karate
after the Japanese had ‘stolen’ their emperor?
I ask the question…
would the Japanese,
even if they knew the true karate,
be willing to teach the Americans,
who had just A bombed their cities?

Two important questions.
and totally justified,
considering the condition of Karate
in modern times.

And what is the condition?
I hold to the fact
that there are secret techniques.
There are techniques that haven’t been passed down.
There are things that were held on to,
and the real karate is a mere shadow in history.

This is a sometimes unpopular position,
especially when some people hold up the karate they learned,
and think they know it all.
Their sweat obscures knowledge.

the Tom J referenced at the beginning of this newsletter,
pointed me to a book

Hidden Karate:
The True Bunkai for the Heian Katas and Naihanchi
Gennosuke Higaki

In this book
(about page 65)
the author talks about ‘The Secret Pact.’
This pact was made between the Okinawa masters,
that the true karate should be taught.
That the real techniques should remain hidden.
There is a lot of information
concerning those ‘lost’ bunkai.
Including oral teachings,
reasons for techniques,
and so on.

It is really interesting,
I’ve been saying this for years,
then to have it totally validated
and by someone who’s credentials appear legit
is pretty cool.
Mind you,
the author apparently uses a pseudonym,
but he speaks of his training,
and the people he studied under,
and it sounds truthful.

what is also interesting,
I have claimed to to know
one of the most pure styles of Karate in the world.
From a line parallel to the Japanese methodologies,
from a classmate of Funakoshi’s.
Kanken Toyama.
In the book,
the examples of bunkai
are VERY much like the ones I learned.
The reasons are the pretty much the same.
So this book validates what I have been saying
about the purity of my style of Karate.

I could go on and on,
but if you are interested,
Temple Karate is the course which has
much of my old style updated.
and has a series of videos
on what the original self-defense technique were based on.
you could look at the Kang Duk Won book,
which is on Amazon.
(doesn’t have the special section
on original techniques)

this has given me much food for thought,
I’ll be doing a lot of research and cogitating on this stuff.
And a book,
of course.

just thought I’d pass it on,
there was a secret agreement
by Okinawan masters
to keep their art secret.
Which agreement has caused Karate
to become less than it was,
has degraded the art immensely.
But I don’t believe in secrets,
I believe you only learn through honest communication,
so stay tuned.

Here’s the Temple link…


Have a great work out!




The Secret of Success in the Martial Arts and Life and Picking Up Girls

Now Here's Some Scientific Martial Arts!

I was teaching Martial Arts the other day, a Monkey Boxing class, and one of the fellows I was teaching wouldn’t stop thinking.
He’d start a technique, then think about it halfway through, slow down, and it wouldn’t work.
“Stop thinking!” I kept saying. But he was determined to keep thinking.
It’s funny, a guy will insist on thinking if it costs him his life, and he doesn’t realize that stopping thinking is the way to complete and utter success.
If you think about a technique, then you don’t know it, and you hesitate and screw it up and all that sort of thing.
But if you don’t think, if you just know it, then you can do it without hesitation, with complete intuition, and it’ll work every time.
The key is to get rid of thinking’ about it.
I was talking to one of the other students, and he has been doing Karate and some other stuff for a while, and he knew exactly what I was talking about. And he grinned and said, ‘If you think you can’t pick up girls.’
Now I’m an old man, I don’t care about that kind of stuff, but I love what he was saying.
Women, you see, are creatures of intuition, they ‘feel’ things. They may lack logic, but that’s because they have this ‘feeling’ thing. Sort of explains all the differences between the sexes, if you get my drift.
Anyway, some guy comes up to a lady, and he is thinking, have distractive thoughts, and he can’t just communicate with her. He’s got stuff happening in his mind, he’s second guessing, and having perversions going on, and all sorts of stuff, and she sees this. It’s like he’s got a big ‘self conscious’ billboard over his head, blinking his nervousness and distractive thoughts all over the place.
On the other hand, once a guy has got this concept that he should stop thinking, then he just goes up to a gal, communicates with her, has a good time, and she leeches on to him like a miser latches onto gold.
Hey, he is a breath of fresh air after Mr. Second Guessing himself and Having Thoughts has put her off. He is, pardon the observation…a ‘real man.’
Okay, now we get down to it:ow do you stop thinking?
First, doing the martial arts will stop your thinking. You simply learn not to think, that it gets in the way, during techniques. Simply, in doing something, and ignoring all excess mind chatter, you start doing purely, and you stop thinking.
Now, most martial arts should do this, but modern training methods often get in the way. The older training methods work better, but they hurt and are painful and they leave all sorts of bruises.
And, since it is difficult to find the old training methods anyway, let’s talk about Matrixing, which is much faster anyway.
The basics of Matrixing are the Matrix Karate course. This is a logical method for learning Karate, takes about one tenth the time.
So you learn the forms, do some freestyle, see what the forms mean, and then you’re ready for the matrix itself.
The matrix is a series of self defense moves. They are arranged logically. The point here is that the older martial arts were series of random data, so you had to memorize lists of techniques, and this took time, and you were constantly trying to sort the data out.
With Matrix Karate, specifically with the Matrix of techniques within that art, with the order of techniques being logical, you never have to think about them. You just do them without thought, almost right from the beginning. So you stop thinking faster.
You have a partner simply feed you the attacks, you go through the matrix, and there is no searching for the right move, or figuring out how to turn the body, or how to set or align the limb, or whatever. The data is logical, and the Matrix takes you through it, and you stop thinking.
Actual times is about two hours. Two hours and you stop thinking, stop having excess chatter going on in your head, distracting you from things like survival and (grin) girls.
Now, I feel so stupid, using girls to lure people into the true art, but I believe in the martial arts, and I’ll use anything I can to lead people down the straight and narrow. So that’s how you get rid of thinking, and how you get to the secret of the martial arts, and in months instead of years. Heck, in hours instead of decades. And, proof, check out the Three Month Black Belt Course. I don’t just walk the talk, I talk the talk, and I’ put it on video for anybody who doubts. You guys have a great day, and make sure you pick up the free book on the front page of Monster Martial Arts.

Breath Control and the Secret of the Martial Arts and the Universe and Everything!

Secrets of the Martial Arts; seems like I’m always revealing secrets. Well, somebody’s got to do it. Check out the video and then I’ll tell you the secret.

I first realized the importance of breathing when I was running as a child. Simply, I would find the rhythm of breathing to footsteps. Breath in right, breath out left, do for a while, then switch. Worked like a charm. I could run longer and faster than others. Things really got interesting when I changed things up by doubling the cycle, or doing a cycle and a half, that sort of thing.
When I started doing marathons I found that this breathing thing worked wonders. Mile after mile after mile, I would rejuvenate my body with breath, finding that runner’s high, and an unnatural endurance.
I brought this concept into the martial arts, and the world opened up.
Eventually I codified the rules as: breath in when the body contracts, breath out when it expands.
And: breath out when getting struck, or striking (blocking). Don’t worry about breathing in…if you have been training this in your forms practice.
Forms are gold. I know a lot of people just want to fight, but they are, uh, less than informed. Forms allow you to train cycles of breathing into your body motion, and this gives you enormous strength and endurance. It helps the body function as one unit, and you start to have a whole body strength that is virtually unknown to the rest of humanity.
Of course, it takes discipline and training and attention to detail. It takes awareness, and concentrated thought, and so it remains apart from the masses, who simply exercise mindlessly and know not why.
Uh, I’ll lift pieces of dead metal and get big, then I’ll drink beer and grow a belly. Doh!
Anyway, take what I’ve told you here and play with it. A little thought and discipline and you will shortly understand why breath control is the Secret of the Martial Arts…and the whole darn universe and everything! Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free ebook. You’re on the edge of a great discovery.

The Secret of the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts is Awareness. The Secret of All Life is Awareness. Thus, the Secret of Life is within you, and all you have to do is figure out how to unleash your awareness.

This is such a funny thing, so simple, and so overlooked. People think that they will be better martial artists is they just work out harder, have bigger muscles, can beat up somebody else. Nothing could be further from the truth; this is actually the opposite direction in which one should be going to become the perfect martial artist.

Yes, muscles are important, but only to a small degree. They are important only to the degree that they breed awareness. One should not abuse the muscle to make them bigger, but use them to achieve awareness of what the muscle is and is doing.

Yes, forms are important, but only to the degree they enhance awareness. As one does forms one becomes aware of how to move the body. Eventually, with correct practice, one will transcend the normal ways of moving the body and discover whole new concepts of motion.

Yes, techniques are important, but only to the degree that they bring awareness of how to deal with the problems an attacking body will bring. One discovers, through martial arts techniques, that the real problem has to do with analyzing and handling incoming flow and potential force. This has a direct effect on making one more aware.

Yes, freestyle is important; the martial arts wouldn’t be real if they weren’t combat ready. However, the big problem is that people start to love combat for the sake of combat, and not as a method for becoming more aware of how to use the body…even under stress. This is called the Joy of Combat, and is contrary to the real path of the true martial art.

The real key is that one should be studying the martial arts as a discipline to explore oneself. When one loves fighting more than learning they are abusing the art. When one engages in combat to be better than the other person, they will never find the true spirit of themselves.

The martial arts are a key, and the whole body is the lock. Do the martial arts and unlock the bodies true potential. Still the mind and discover the spirit that is the truth of you.

Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book if you want to learn more about the true martial arts.

The Secret Martial Arts is the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts comes down to one question, or imperative, if you will. Check out the video, and I’ll tell you the secret.

We were sitting around the table, a whole flock of students and instructors, and talking martial arts. War stories, training methods, odd things, we shoved them all across the table. And one fellow suddenly asked, ‘What’s the point of it all? Why are the martial arts? What are we trying to do?’
Answers flew through the air, strong bodies, powerful minds, self-defense. And, when all was done and we had all had our say, my instructor topped us all, showed us the way, with one word: ‘Survive.’ The Martial Arts are about survival.’
Silence showed our awe of his brilliance.
I thought he was brilliant, too. But…
I had sat silent through the discussion, just listening, and oddly at peace with myself. The question was one I had asked, answered in many different ways, and knew all about. It touched upon my purpose for being.
Survival is correct, but there is one more answer. The point of the martial arts is to seek existence as.
To survive is what an animal does.
To seek a higher existence, that is what a human being does.
Thus, for me, I don’t just want a strong body and clear mind…I want to know that my sons are stronger and have sharp, calm minds. I want to know that my neighbors are okay. Heck, I even want those dastardly fellows in charge of it all, the politicians, to wake up and see the light. Or at least stop the bus before it reaches the cliff.
I want to know that the world is better when I leave it, that I have actually contributed a bit to my fellow man.
I know some people don’t show this, but I think that drive is inside every man.
So do that form, enjoy that technique, play with that art. Self defense is great, and that is in there, but that is only survival. The real secret, the real true martial arts, they are to seek existence as. If you agree, pop on over to Monster Martial Arts. Every last one of my courses has been created, produced, manufactured, advertised, and put forth with that one essence in mind.

How to Be a Complete Martial Artist!

Fantastic day!
Perfectly designed for a work out!
Time to run through all-l-l my forms.

To be a complete martial artist,
you have to know all about motion and direction.
a guy comes at you,
which direction do you move in,
to get precise,
which direction does your art train you to move in?

It is a Neutronic principle
that in a fight
distance collapses,
so when the distance collapses
which direction do you move in.

An MMA fighter
might go for the takedown,
so his direction is down towards the knees.
Boxers and Muay Thaiu,
Pa Kua circles.
Circling is sideways or lateral motion.

So what direction does your art train you to move in?

the problem here is that you don’t want to be trained to move in a direction.
You want to wake up,
become aware,
so that you can choose your direction.
you want your art to teach how
how to move in all directions.
your art may have all directions,
but does it show you how to choose direction?
Or does motion
when somebody comes at you,
become kneejerk reaction?

Do you see the danger here?
you might have to summon instant and crazy energy,
and blast away,
everything will work better if
you are becoming aware,
instead of kneejerk.

I know I’m a little loose on presenting this,
but it is one of the most important things
you will ever consider in your training,
is what it is all about.
Awareness is even more important than conditioning.
Conditioning is good,
but as you get older,
and you meet better conditioned fighters,
it is your awareness
that will enable you to win,
to walk away,
to survive.

Awareness will last forever.

that brings us to the Monster Courses.
Matrix Karate gets you to stand your ground,
and even move forward.
Shaolin Butterfly shows you how to angulate,
Pa Kua teaches the outright lateral motion,
Aikido directs that motion back to the attacker,
and Tai Chi takes that motion and redirects it…
without the need for motion of your own.
what I have just told you
is a major teaching concept,
which no other art teaches,
except as a ‘what if…’
and a few loose techniques,
not as a distinct plan
that will enlighten you
and enable you to always have a plan
and to always have awareness.

Complete Martial Artist

Match Your Art to a Direction!

Check out the following graphic.


The order of arts is slightly different,
it’s one of my older graphs.

that all said,
here is what I want you to do.
Make a list of the arts you know,
analyze the geometry of motion
each art teaches,
and see if you have enough arts
to represent the four potentials of motion

take a look at the graph on the right

Not just a few techniques,
but do you have a whole art
for each type of motion?

You definitely need four arts,
and if you have more,
the better off you will be,
the more complete your art will be.

it goes without saying,
if you are missing an art,
check out the correct Monster course
to fill in the gaps.

do you want to be a complete martial artist?
That is the question I am asking.

consider one more thing…
the prices of my courses are so good,
so inexpensive…
so why not go ahead
and make yourself a complete martial artist?

Okey dokey,
thanks for reading,
thanks for allowing me my pitch,
I have the art at heart
I want everybody to get it…
all of it.

Here’s the home page
Monster Martial Arts!

You guys and gals,
have a great work out.
A truly magnificent work out,
and make sure you pick up the free book at my website.

Extreme Martial Arts are Another Form of Mysticism

I know, I’m (choke) old. But the trick is real, and I’ll tell you about extreme martial arts and mysticism and all that stuff right after the video.

Extreme martial arts covers a lot of territory: the best martial art, the secret martial art, and so on. And it is bogus.

Think of it this way. A fifth grader sits in a 2nd grader’s class. He knows how to multiply, so he has this big inner chuckle when he sees all these second graders adding 2 + 2 and getting 5.

Would you call the fifth grader a mystic? A sage? An extreme mathematician?

Well, to the second graders he is.

To the 9th graders, however, he is a knothead.

The martial arts are like that.

Some guy knows karate,or taekwondo, or kenpo, and the fellows who know Tai Chi or Pa Kua or Aikido…they have a big inner chuckle.

But, to a guy who knows Matrixing…we won’t use the word knothead, but you get the idea.

The Kenpoka or karateka or taekwondoka is blcoking and kicking and punching.

The taichoka or Pakuakoka or aikidoka puts his arms in the same positions, but he does different things with the energy inside.

The Matrixer, however, knows why.

It’s all about science, you see. The hard style martial artist is watching water boil on the stove. The soft stylist is turning on the stove. The matrixer knows why.

And, because he follows a science, instead of a bunch of random moves with some loose theory, the matrixer learns faster.

Not twenty years to mastery, or even ten. No, no. A matrixer learns at a glance, intuitively, so once he has understood matrixing principles, his rate of learning is usually three times faster, but can be as much as ten times faster.

Science, man. Not mysticism. That’s the secret of Extreme Martial Arts. Drop by my website and pick up a free book on the Science of Matrixing.

Win #24–Blinded by the Unknown Mystery of the Martial Arts!

Some of these early wins were from students undergoing pilot programs, enduring my first efforts to really codify the martial arts. I asked the guys how they felt about what they were doing, and they wrote the wins. Fortunately, I was past the major mistake phase of research, and I was mostly into arranging the data. Here’s one from Wiley.

What’s interesting about Al Case’s writings and teachings is there isn’t any emphasis on ‘the unknown’ or ‘mystery’ behind martial arts. Al will slam this information in your face! Quite frankly the data isn’t hidden, you’ll find you’re blind.

So I slam the data down his throat, eh? Heh. Not really, it’s just that when you uncover the simplicities of the martial arts, and the confusion resolves, its sort of like a flash of light in the eyes. Not necessarily comfortable, but welcome. Really, the martial arts today are like something taught by a plumber who has been taught to check his water pressure by snaking the kitchen faucet. Weird, but, works, sort of, but takes a long time, and…and then I step in and say this handle thing opens the flow, and how far you open it will control the amount of pressure. I know. It’s a terrible example. But it is terribly right.
So, here’s a link that will take you to a place that will give a free karate book.

Free Karate Book

Go there if you want to get a completely free karate book.
See ya.

Finding that Secret Martial Arts Karate Technique!

When I was young I wanted to learn secret martial arts. I wanted to know those mysterious tricks that would enable somebody smaller to smash somebody taller. I wanted to know that tae kwon do or kenpo or whatever that would enable me to really trash the bad guys.
I began my study of Kenpo, and the secrets were at my fingertips. In those whirling limbs were hidden fist martial arts, invisible dragon concepts, and down and dirty, take ‘em apart fighting secrets. I reveled in the endless forms and techniques…but I couldn’t quite figure out the secrets.
From Chinese Kenpo I made the jump to classical Karate. There was a secret Karate had, I was sure of it, and I drilled the karate kata until my stances trembled. In the end, I could grip the mat with my toes, and throw that classical power with the best of them, but there wasn’t any real secret to it all.
After Karate I went to Kung Fu, with all those styles there had to be a secret Kung Fu that would make me just plain unbeatable! I threw myself into Shaolin Kung Fu and Kung Fu fighting and…I felt like a whirling dervish on steroids! But, in the end, I didn’t find that secret that would make me superman!
Okay, not just Shaolin, but maybe a specialized type of secret Shaolin! So I went looking for Bruce Lee Wing Chun…I wanted to be a Wing Chun grandmaster! I began beating that wooden dummy like he was yesterday’s eggs, doing the wooden dummy training until he needed bandages…but…I was just working hard, there was no secret gimmick that I could use, there was no…sigh.
So, not some sort of secret Wing Chun, but maybe a secret Wudang…that had to be the path! I explored Wudang Tai Chi, searched for secret Pa Kua Chang, and spiraled through the world of mystical martial arts like a rocket through the sky. And, great stuff, I could sink chi to the earth’s core, and spin like a planet full of magnetic needles, but…where was that secret martial arts I needed so bad?
I did it all. Meditations on the secret of internal energy that fueled the mystical tan tiens and enlightened the glowing chakras of the greater macrocosmic orbit that led to enlightenment in samadhi when I ascended from my skullular brainpan in the higher realms of paradaisical existence. But, and I say this with a bit of disgust…I can’t find the secret!
I’m old now, and in great shape, gonna last a long time, and I know there is a secret out there. And I can do martial arts fighting with the best of them, slay hordes of secret ninjas if I have to, so nobody can stop me from getting to that secret martial art…if I could only find it. Please…somebody tell me…what is the secret?

You can find the secret in the dozen courses offered at Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a FREE ebook while you’re there.