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Broken Kata, Secret Forms…the Truth of Karate

Broken Karate Kata makes for Secrets in the Fighting Forms, and that is the truth of Karate. And, tell the truth, that’s the secret of all the classical martial arts. Watch the video and check out my teaching method, then I’ll give you the straight goos on the truth of Karate and the martial arts.

The first guy who made that Karate kata, he understands it. Then, without knowing what they are doing, sensei change them, add to them, don’t teach them effectively, and the next thing you know…the simplicities are hidden.

Take for instance the form Pinan four, called Heian four by the Japanese. The third sequence of moves, is a cross block, followed by a step to a middle block. These are basic moves, nothing mysterious about them. You learn how to do a low crossed wrist block, and then you practice your outward middle block, and that’s all there is.

But, you could block a kick, the rush forward to an uppercut. That’s an excellent interpretation, especially if you consider that you could be blocking a weapon, then covering distance. That fits in with the idea of development of kata and bunkai to fend against armed samurai. And, that’s not two basics, that’s a more complex idea of negating distance.

Or, what if you blocked a kick, then, without stepping, you execute an outward block. Now we have a combination designed for two attacks, in fighting, somebody trying to close distance on you.

Or, what if you changed that crossed wrist low block into a grab art? Simply place one hand over the heel, push on the side of the foot, and, voila, you have an ankle twist that is suspiciously like a simple wrist twist.

Or, what about…do you get the idea?

Now, how do you plumb the depths, solve the riddles, shine your light upon the enigmas? That is where Matrixing comes in. Matrixing breaks everything apart, and then you can reassemble as you wish, and in the reassembling is the key. You see, if you are reassembling, then you are taking on the viewpoint of the one who assembled, and suddenly you have the creator’s viewpoint.

Now, the trick here is that most people look at what I have written here and think…’Oh, I understand what he is doing,’ and then they learn no further. They think by seeing me describe one element they have understood the method that enabled me to take it apart.

Nope. Nobody on planet earth has discovered matrixing. Nobody in the martial arts, no matter how much they read of my articles, has figured out what I am doing. This is no a proud statement of arrogance, this is a statement that if you truly want to learn the martial arts, if you want the eye that will enable you to fix your martial Arts Kata, delve into the real secret techniques bunkai behind martial arts forms…if you want to find the truth of Karate, or any other art. You need to learn Matrixing. If you don’t, the secrets remain, and your study was a mindless monkey see monkey do sort of thing. Check out Monster Martial Arts if you don’t believe me. The truth is there…if you can cease your inner chatter and open your eyes.