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Breath Control and the Secret of the Martial Arts and the Universe and Everything!

Secrets of the Martial Arts; seems like I’m always revealing secrets. Well, somebody’s got to do it. Check out the video and then I’ll tell you the secret.

I first realized the importance of breathing when I was running as a child. Simply, I would find the rhythm of breathing to footsteps. Breath in right, breath out left, do for a while, then switch. Worked like a charm. I could run longer and faster than others. Things really got interesting when I changed things up by doubling the cycle, or doing a cycle and a half, that sort of thing.
When I started doing marathons I found that this breathing thing worked wonders. Mile after mile after mile, I would rejuvenate my body with breath, finding that runner’s high, and an unnatural endurance.
I brought this concept into the martial arts, and the world opened up.
Eventually I codified the rules as: breath in when the body contracts, breath out when it expands.
And: breath out when getting struck, or striking (blocking). Don’t worry about breathing in…if you have been training this in your forms practice.
Forms are gold. I know a lot of people just want to fight, but they are, uh, less than informed. Forms allow you to train cycles of breathing into your body motion, and this gives you enormous strength and endurance. It helps the body function as one unit, and you start to have a whole body strength that is virtually unknown to the rest of humanity.
Of course, it takes discipline and training and attention to detail. It takes awareness, and concentrated thought, and so it remains apart from the masses, who simply exercise mindlessly and know not why.
Uh, I’ll lift pieces of dead metal and get big, then I’ll drink beer and grow a belly. Doh!
Anyway, take what I’ve told you here and play with it. A little thought and discipline and you will shortly understand why breath control is the Secret of the Martial Arts…and the whole darn universe and everything! Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free ebook. You’re on the edge of a great discovery.