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Martial Arts Timing!

How to improve your Martial Arts Timing.


Time to work out!
Make the self better
on ALL levels.
Your body IS a temple,
a form IS a prayer.
So rock and roll
because you CAN’T be taxed for getting better!
And smarter.
let’s face it,
a little more handsome,

you may have noticed
the newsletter has been a bit erratic.
Lots of things happening,
still watching and waiting on property,
had to move the Monster around,
all sorts of things happening.

The most interesting thing happening,
in my opinion,
is setting up the curriculum.
I wrote an article on some of the things
I am thinking about,
it’s on the alcase.wordpress blog someplace,
you can probably find it if you google the following title.

‘A Black Belt in the Church of Martial Arts’

It’s some of my initial thoughts,
things are already changing,
but the questions it raises are interesting.
What is a black belt,
and why I am structuring certain things
in the church of martial arts.

Food for thought,
you know?

one thing I wanted to talk about,
if we can deal with the martial arts,
is time.

The universe is made of time,
in a sense.
Without time
the whole universe would be a picture
with no motion.

most people,
when they think of time,
think of the past.
Maybe a few smart ones make it into the now,
but mostly everybody is working off the past.
Training puts you in the now,
as soon as you stop training,
that training becomes the past.
So you constantly shift back and forth between now and then.

I know,
it’s weird,
and you can take it how you want to,
but consider this…

the superior martial artist sees the future.

He sees the punch before it is coming.
Isn’t that the future?

So how do you train yourself to see the future?

By forcing yourself to see more and more now.

I do this in class every once in a while
to show guys what awareness and time and things are.

I write something on my hand
then open and close it real fast,
and ask the students what is written.

they can’t tell,
my hand is opening and closing too fast
to perceive.

if I slow time down
open and close my hand slow,
then they can read my palm.

But the trick is not for me to change my time,
it is for them to change their time.

So I tell them to focus,
to concentrate,
to study the hand,
to blot out distractions.

After a little of this,
they can read my hand
no matter how fast I open and close it.

The ability to concentrate,
to look,
to focus awareness,
to make yourself see,
and be more aware.

it is better than meditation.

And once they get smarter
and more aware,
I write smaller words
and write them in smaller sizes,
and they get smarter and smarter.

Eveybody thinks you’re born,
you live for a while,
and then you get stupid.
But that very thought is stupid.
It is wrong.
Instead of getting stupid,
you do a few exercises like this,
force yourself to open your eyes
to come awake,
and you become smarter.

So do you understand a little something more about time now?
How to get smarter,
how to control and expand your own sense of time,
and how valuable that is in a fight?


About to end off now,
but I want to leave you with two thoughts.
matrix your art,
make it more logical,
and it will be easier to force yourself
to get smarter.
an art constructed of random techniques
is hard to memorize,
hard to use,
and will not put you in a position
to focus your thoughts
as I have described in this newsletter.
So go here,


It’s about weapons,
and if you can force yourself to focus on weapons,
moving faster than fists,
then you are going to be more aware.

Second thing…
man is asleep dreaming that he is awake.
One of the many purposes of
The Church of Martial Arts
is to awaken the dreamer.

Have a great and awesome work out!

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What Happened to the Black Belt, and What has been Done About It

A Black Belt in the Church of Martial Arts

When I started the martial arts I wanted to be a black belt in the worst possible way. I thought that was mecca, the ultimate, better than anything in the world

So I went to work. I signed up at a Karate school and I put in the time. Interestingly, I was to learn that it took more than time. It took a precise bit of knowledge.

To be precise, I spent a couple of years in one system (Chinese Kenpo), then several years in another system (Kang Duk Won Korean Karate), before I achieved Black Belt. When I got it, however, it was better than I had ever imagined

Interestingly, as the years passed, I realized that I had struck it rich, that all Black Belts were not the same, and that I had lucked out.

You see, the standards of what it took to reach Black Belt were all over the place. One fellow I knew got a black belt cause he could fight good. Another got it because he lent the instructor money. Honorary black belts were passed out to people who didn’t even study the martial arts. To be honest, real black belts were actually, in spite of there being so many of them, a rarity.

Eventually, in spite of hype and glamour, being a black belt didn’t mean much.

Oh, it meant somebody had sweated a lot, maybe, if they were lucky, but there was no single standard whatsoever.

Now, when I achieved a Black Belt in the Kang Duk Won, that system was directly derived from the instructors BEFORE Funakoshi. It wasn’t infected by the folly of tournaments, the shame of politics, or put together with other arts to corrupt its pure workings.

zen martial artsWhen I achieved Black Belt, when I studied at a specific branch of the Kang Duk Won where the art had not been corrupted, something happened to the students who made it. Simply, they changed.

They achieved something I called CBM, or Coordinated Body Motion. When this happened they began to move their bodies in totally different ways, and there was a feeling of massive energy within. This was usually accompanied by other phenomena, such as dreams, intuitive experiences, and so on.

All of what I have said here has guided me to establish a different standard for Black Belt.

To be sure, if somebody CBMs, I consider them a Black Belt in the old sense. I value that, I prize that. I consider that art of the highest form.

But, interestingly, I don’t make that the thrust of my teachings.

You see, so many people can’t make that step, or, at least, it will take them too long. They don’t have the proper teacher or teaching, even if they are a good student.

shaolin kung fuSo, in putting together my temple (Church of Martial Arts dot com) I am focusing on making sure the student has the knowledge, and therefore the best possible chance, before I start pushing him towards any kind of CBM focused study.

I know that some will disagree with my path, but consider the alternative: 999 out of a 1000 students not making it, being shunted into some weird idea of what a black belt is, putting the emphasis on winning trophies…versus the forging and perfection of character that the Martial Arts are.

Thus, consider the steps necessary to progression in the Church of Martial Arts.

A Postulant is somebody who seeks. This is a fellow who is casting about, and frequently doesn’t even know for what. He encounters Monster Martial Arts or one of my other sites, is intrigued and orders a course or two. If he is ready, if he is a seeker of the true martial arts, something will ignite in his soul. I always know these people, even if only by email, because they start ordering more courses. The courses are inexpensive, they are usually whole arts, and the student starts to ‘drink’ them.

Sometimes people write and tell me what is happening, and sometimes they remain aloof and afar, yet their interest is flaming. Whatever the type of student they are, they are learning the truth about the how and the why of the martial arts. They are learning the physics, and many write to me and tell me how they have changed their art, restructured it, in piece and in whole format, to make it make sense.

And sometimes I receive letters telling me of experiences they have had that let me know that, whether they know it or not, they have CBMed.

Oddly, I get a big kick out of this anonymous relationship we have. I don’t have to be standing over somebody’s shoulder, and by this I mean I don’t need a big organization, to make sure that they are getting the truth of the martial arts.

The art is an art, and though we often, and especially in the beginning, study it as a group, it is a personal undertaking. You are becoming an artist, you are becoming something more than human. You are forging and perfecting your character.

These people who ignite, who begin ordering courses and learning the truth of the martial arts, I call Novices.

A Novice, or novitiate, is a beginner. More important, he is not now a seeker, for he has found the truth; now he is running up the path of the martial arts to the truth of himself as fast as he possibly can.

Now, if a person was to visit me, study under me, and by this I mean at the Church of Martial Arts, the course would be quick and to the point. They would be put on a list of martial arts forms and techniques that are all and completely matrixed

If a person doesn’t have the opportunity to study with me, they need merely go through the eight original Matrixing courses.

Do you see what I have done here? I have resolved the martial arts not to a random, whimsical study of what somebody thinks is cool, or has a bit of workability for an odd variety of people, but to a comprehensive and complete body of knowledge.

Knowledge. Art becomes science. The Way becomes a series of steps that are complete and to the point.

Master instructorOnce a student has completed either of these two methods, either the checklist at the church or the eight matrixing courses, they are considered a monk.

And, a person who has completed novice training in the Church of Martial Arts has a sure and certain knowledge of the complete martial arts, and this includes Karate, several varieties of Kung Fu, Pa Kua Chang, Tai Chi Chuan, and more.

The standard here is in the comprehensive knowledge that can be found nowhere else, and certainly not in the speedy frame of time I recommend.

At any rate, once a person has become a monk, and having a thorough knowledge of the martial arts on the whole, he is ready to pick his specialty. Perhaps he will delve into esoteric Kung Fu, perhaps he will concentrate on Karate, perhaps he will shift into weapons, or some other field of martial arts.

Whatever the Monk chooses to do, he will be well prepared, and he will be assured of his success in his further studies.

If you are interested in a non-religious look at the True Martial Arts, please visit MonsterMartialArts(dot)com.

If you are more interested in the religion, please visit the Monster, then head on over to the ChurchofMartialArts.com.