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Monkeyland is the Place for the Martial Arts!

Monkeyland is Now Open!

I’m here! At Monkeyland! The Church of Martial Arts has actual physical presence and location!

I’m sitting in a small cabin, the wind is howling hard enough to blow monkeys out of the trees, if there were any monkeys in the trees. Heh.

martial arts retreat

Do you know the truth of the martial arts?

And, I have no clue what is going to happen.

I just knew I had to get here, had to have a perfect place to work out. Had to have a place where there weren’t any low grade human beings, and only the faithful to train.

I know what Mas Oyama felt like when he disappeared into the mountains for two years to train himself.

I know what people who removed themselves from the world to pursue the ideal of perfection felt.

But, enough about me. I’m not one of those ‘me, me, me,’ personalities. This is about you.

Do you want perfection? Do you want the real martial arts? Do you want…Monkeyland?

So what’s stopping you?

Heck, hop a plane for a couple of hundred, live cheap, work hard, and dedicate yourself to training.

You know, I don’t want to just turn out martial artists…I want to turn out people who can train martial artists.

There’s one of me and millions of martial artists. I need help if I am going to spread the true arts, fix the corrupt arts, and elevate the martial arts to the highest level on this planet ever.

Heck, if you live in California you could come for a weekend.

If you’re out of California you could fly/drive/swim in over the weekend, spend a week in heaven, and leave the following weekend.

Seriously, this is the best deal, monetarily and martial arts wise, you could ever find.

How much does it cost you to live for a month? $1000? So spend half as much and live here!

I’ll work you, I’ll train you, and you will walk out a matrixed human being. You will walk out with a complete system or two, totally jazzed, and wide awake!

So, seriously…what is stopping you?

Here’s a series of articles that will tell you about the Martial Belief system at the Church of Martial Arts.

Now Starring Black Belt Yoga!

Now Starring Black Belt Yoga!


because you get to work out!

Saturday, Sunday and forever…

you get to work out!

Is that a big you,

or what?


I told you this Friday was going to bring something big,

and it is.

I am now releasing

for broad, public consumption

Black Belt Yoga!

That’s right,

I’ve pretty much completed the matrix on Yoga,

and I’ve restructured the thing,

made it logical and easy to do.


I’ll tell you all about it,

but let me point out something first.

I know this is martial arts,

but it is body we use to do martial arts.

And there are ALL sorts of reasons to study Yoga,

because it is REALLY good for the body.


to warm up and cool down,

which will keep your muscles working,

and your body free from injury,

so you can work out more

and longer

and harder.


if you have injury,

Yoga is often a good place to start rehabilitating.

Once the bone is knit,

or the illness conquered,

once the doctor visits are done,

you are going to want to rehab yourself,

seek your good physical conditioning,

and Yoga is a GREAT place to start.


this is a tough one for some people to get,

your body is going to thank you

for all those cool downs and warm ups,

for rehabbing,

and for just enhancing your physical condition

with spiritual awareness.

You may not think much of this now,

but come forty years,

you are going to offer blessings.


Black Belt Yoga.

When you read the web page I wrote,

it sounds so simple,

but you guys,

especially you fellows who have been following the newsletter for a few years,

know that it ain’t simple.

At least,

it ain’t simple until the matrix is complete.

Once done,


looks like anybody could do it.


in the middle of it,

holy moly schmoly

brain busting excedrin headache number 89!


I ain’t gonna whine for myself.

I’m just going to explain what I did.

I matrixed the postures

and put them to belt levels.

Now you can simply do 15 postures,

and when you can do them,

you move on.


you can slice and dice them,

and look into them seven ways from go,

but…smaller steps.

Easier bites.

And…better progress.

Faster progress.

If you have done a matrixing course or two

you know I mean business.

I don’t hand you a form and say ‘Work on it for a year.’

I hand you an art and say,

‘See you next month!’

So you can do Yoga quicker and faster.


in the martial arts

the problem is doing enough work

so that the muscles buy into it

and intuition starts up.

In Yoga

there is the same problem,

you have to do it,

not talk about.


to be impolite,


(I know some of my personal students are grinning widely now!)


‘more important than muscles

is the problem of Awareness.


having less motion,

is concerned with more awareness.

So the bigger problem was not just structuring the postures,

the bigger problem was translating awareness.

Have you ever heard of the Patanjali?

Patanjali is the name of the fellow who,

a few millennium ago,

collected all the sacred books on Yoga

and compiled them.

Not the postures,

but the awareness,

the concepts of light and dark,

what a human being is,

what the universe is

how to get out of your body,

end obsessions (with things like drugs, sex, and so on),


ALL sorts of stuff.

He collected this information in four books,

and this collection of works is called after him.



too many people who study Yoga

are mere contortionists.

They study the thing so they can have good bodies,

so they can run around and enjoy eating,

have better sex,

and so on.




if you read the Patanjali

things get different real fast.

Patanjali is the actual straight goods.

It is the truth about you and the universe.

Here’s the problem,

just like the martial arts,

the Patanjali has been

twisted through barriers of language,

mangled by transference to other cultures,

invested with self interest,

and so on and so on.


at the heart,

if you can understand it,

it is the truth,

and it has massive and deep effect,

changes you forever,

makes you more you,

opens you up to your true worth and potential.


I translated the Patanjali into logic.

That’s right,

I used Neutronics principles

to understand the thing,and I rewrote it so it makes sense,

no mysticism.

No bushwah.

The truth.


maybe I’ll sell the thing someday.

I mean,

it sits in my computer and gathers electronic dust,


why not.


until that day,

I have used Neutronics

to splice the Patanjali

into Black Belt Yoga.


you get the matrixed viewpoint of Yoga,

and you get the actual awareness that results from doing Yoga,

belt by belt

translated from the original source,

the Patanjali,

and inserted into Black Belt Yoga.


it reads simple,


let me tell you,

it warn’t.


I have to pat myself on the back.

I did a good job.

It meanders a bit,

but consider what I was doing…

matrixing, martial arts, patanjali, neutronics, yoga…

I was doing a lot of stuff,

but I succeeded,

and the book works.

Yoga has been officially matrixed.


you all know that I am putting together a temple.


Church of Martial Arts.

And Black Belt Yoga,

accompanied by ‘yogata: The Yoga Kata,’

will be a definite part of the curriculum.


one doesn’t have to do Yoga to get into the temple,

to do the classes,


I usually do Yoga

in some form

to start the classes.

And I help people do it if their body needs it for some reason.


I encourage people to study the subject on their own.


I am about the martial arts.


the simple truth,

Yoga enables one to do more martial arts,

better martial arts,

to have a younger body longer,


to gain a certain and massive amount of wisdom.

So I do Yoga

to help my martial arts.


Yoga and martial arts,

hand and glove.


I put Black Belt Yoga up on a site you may not know about.

I have been working on this for a while,

and you will find it quite interesting at:


Look around,

check out the posts,

visit the pages,

go to Yoga resources,

scroll to Black Belt Yoga,

and there you go.


I have a separate page there

for people with medical probs,

and I have offered a couple of deals,

to encourage you.


it isn’t the postures,

it isn’t the forms,

it is the knowledge.

I am proud of pointing out

that you can order my courses and get forty years of knowledge.

Not just the body moves,

but the knowledge that doing those body moves

for forty years

 can bring.

I offer the same thing in Black Belt Yoga.

A faster method for doing the discipline,

and the actual and exact knowledge that doing that discipline brings.


here is the exact URL…



look around,

and I hope you recommend it to some friends

(I’m still working on the social buttons)

Buy or not,

at least get the viewpoint

and take advantage of the basic info on the site.

The book is over 250 pages long (Whew! Wipe the brow.)

40,000 words, 130 graphics.

And an entry into the COMPLETE discipline of Yoga,

Yoga restructured so it really works…and works FAST!

And, a way to REALLY enhance your martial arts,

or just fix up your body from those injuries over the years.

You guys and gals,


and have a GREAT work out!