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How to Make an Invisible Force Field Around Your Body!

…And Kill People by Looking At Them!

The one thing that gets me concerning the Martial Arts, and it shouldn’t, but it does, are ads like the one right below.

I Couldn’t Believe I Froze Up … What’s Really Ridiculous Is That I’ve Been Trained In 13 Martial Arts Since I Was Only Four Years Old, So I, Of All People Should Have Been Able To Do Something, But I Couldn’t – I Didn’t Know What To Do In This Exact Situation, Even Though I Practiced Many Similar Situations. This Was A False Sense Of Security.

matrix karate black beltdynamic tension muscle building for martial artsThis ad is off the internet, it’s part of a big pitch designed to empower people with ‘invisible force fields’ that enable them to handle multiple attackers with their bare hands, to tear apart whole mobs, and without any martial arts training.

Or, as in the case above, the guy had studied lots of fighting disciplines, but they didn’t work.

Okay, so let’s look at the real facts here.

Fact Number One: I doubt if the guy studied Karate, or Kenpo, or Aikido, or even a smidgeon of Shaolin. But if he did, he better ask for his money back because…They weren’t the real thing, they weren’t real fighting disciplines.

Fact Number Two: In spite of the hype of ads like this, ads which actually degrade the real martial arts in favor of making money for some bum who studied no martial arts, or martial arts that weren’t real, there is no substitute for learning a real martial art.

A fake, comic book, internet scam martial art is a handful of tricks that look neat, but have little relation to each other.

A real self defense method is a LOT of tricks, tied together with effective theory so that everything relates, and which then can work on you to change your mindset and make you a better human being.

Consider this: a real art, like Karate or Gung Fu or Krav Maga develops intuition. It develops a sixth sense. Let me tell you this: if I was that guy I wouldn’t have awakened when the bad guys so much as stepped on my property. The hairs would have stood on my neck, I would have been wired, I would have been more alert than Defcon Five! Because THAT is what a real fighting discipline does to you. It wakes you up, it makes you intuitive, it gives you that sixth sense. 

Consider this: when you study a real discipline, like Jujitsu or Wing Chun or good, old Karate, when somebody holds a gun on you…you instantly wake up! You are more alert than you have ever been, and you can’t stop the scenarios from enfolding in your mind. I can do this, I can do that, and you sort through them and wait, because you know, when the time comes, that you won’t be thinking, you will be doing.

Concerning the above two considerations, the above two chapters, I speak from personal experience. This is not a hype, or a war story, or some whimsical comic book supposition.

So the conclusion is this: if you don’t know a real form of self defense, a classical method that’s been formed through the centuries, then you are a sitting duck. You have no discipline for emergencies, you have no plan, and you likely don’t even have the conditioning.

Yes, sometimes a form of self defense like Karate or Kung Fu might have some mistakes in it, maybe defenses against weapons that are no more, maybe a poser technique, but even these problems tend to make you think, condition your body, give you alternatives in the extreme. Everything is an education, and it really all depends on what you do with it, whether you make it real enough to save your life.

And, here is the truth: don’t bother with the hype, don’t bother with comic book ads. Only seek out real martial arts, real forms of self defense. Learn them fast, and learn more than one, because what one doesn’t teach another one will.

To do less is to stand on the street in the middle of the mob holding hundred dollar bills and scream ‘Don’t take my money!’

You’ll end up in the gutter faster than fast, and it’s your own fault for not being prepared, for not getting in shape, for not giving yourself a real Martial Arts education when you could have.

About the Author: Al Case has studied Martial Arts since 1967. He is the originator of Matrixing Technology, which is the only science of the martial arts in the world. People who learn Matrixing can absorb classical martial arts three times faster, and make them work three times better.

Were the Martial Arts Really Born this Way? (A Case History!)

How Martial Arts Really Got Started!

Joe Blow goes to war, rolls in the mud a lot, manages to survive, and he comes out of the wars with a couple of techniques that worked, that actually saved his life. Maybe pushing the butt of his spear for a horse impalement, maybe ducking when somebody sliced sideways at his head, maybe stepping to the side if they sliced down, and, oh, BTW, stick quick after the other guy misses.

So Joe Blow survives, gets a bunch or ribbons, which are a lot cheaper than a pension, and is pronounced a hero.

Unfortunately, when poor Joe goes home he doesn’t have any way of making money.

But the kids in his village are all impressed, and they keep asking him stupid questions like, “How did you survive the battle of Bloody Gap?”

Which battle he survived by being conked on the head and sleeping through it, then waking up in time for the general to come by and think he’s the last man standing. That was good for a really big, red ribbon.

But kids keep asking and asking, and, finally, in a moment of frustration, he throws a bozo kid on the ground, sticks his knife right to the kid’s throat, and says, “Like this!”

Now, the kid, being stupid, doesn’t realize that he’s pushed Joe to the breaking point, he is just aware that he has sampled all the violence and glory that he missed out on. And he gets up and says, “Wow! Can you teach me that?”

Disgusted, Joe walks away and throws back, “You don’t have enough money to buy that technique!”

“I got ten dollars!”

Joe stops.

He’s broke, he’s hungry all the time, and this stupid kid wants to pay him ten dollars because….because…


So he teaches the kid the technique. Stupid kid actually knicks him with a knife, so he grabs a stick, tells the kid everybody trains with sticks.

The kid asks why not real weapons, and Joe makes up some gobbledegook about sticks being wood, and wood is mystical, therefore the stick is mystical.

“Wow! Am I learning the Stick Mystical System?”

Moaning on the inside with grief, Joe says, “Sure. Call it ‘Stick-My-Sys-Do.’”

Kid goes away all excited, tells his friends, and the next day Joe has 14 brats squalling to learn Stick-My-Sys-Do.

Joe’s eyes light up like a cash register, and he teaches the kids. But when they complain about being thrown on their butt he sells them pillows to put in their pants. Protective gear, you know.

So Joe teaches his five techniques, and then realizes that he has no more! But those kids have been paying for his beans and brewski, so…so he remembers a guy in the wars who told him about how you roll under the charging horse and slash the belly with a knife. Guy was making it up, but what would a bunch of stupid kids know? Eh?

So he teaches them the mystical and sacred technique Rolling Horse Undies.

Then he figures, he got away with that one, he makes one up. ‘Punch Under the Horse’s Tale.’

Which are quickly followed up by Kicking the Cocos, One Finger Up the Nose, and all sorts of other things.

And if any of the kids get mouthy, or give him a rough time, he just uses one of his real techniques to throw the kid on his, uh, pillow, and stick his knife (he’s allowed to use a real one) in the kid’s throat.

And everybody cheers and yells and wants to learn more.

Now, I know, you think I am bitter and cynical, or even (choke) disrespectful. But, if you have a better idea, feel free to share.

This has been an official Case History. You can read more like this at Monster Martial Arts in the column menu. And if you want to learn some real martial arts, not just Rolling Horse Undies or Punch Under the Horse’s Tale, check out this sacred and mystical Martial Arts page that nobody has ever seen until you saw it.

Finding the Spirit of the Real Martial Arts!

The Real Martial Arts Spirit!

If you have been following Neutronics at all,
you know what spirit is.
Spirit is awareness.
It is the only thing in the universe
that can’t be measured,
it is the only thing in the universe
that is bigger than the universe.

You have awareness,
and you are part of the bigger awareness
that people have given the name ‘god,’
and so on.

there is an energy in this universe.
This energy is created by every motor in the universe.
Everything in this universe is a motor,
(two terminals between which there is tension pull)
and the energy given off,
this tension,
is something to be aware of.

rocks put off a unique energy peculiar to rocks.
Humans put off energy peculiar to humans.
Planets give off unique energy,
and so on.

Simply everything that exists,
exists because it is a motor,
and emits energy,
which we can be aware of.

there is low level energy,
and so on.
We live in this mess,
and it is sort of fun.

there is a higher manifestation of energy.
For instance,
there is a unique energy given off by the thought pattern of doctors.
The unique energy pattern given off by the awareness of politicians,
and so on.

A martial artist gives off a unique energy.
His thought is unique,
and he emits certain wavelengths.
So where does this energy go?

It collects
and provides a stratum of energy and awareness
that is not visible to the normal human being.

It is a very high level energy.
It is creation and violence and peace and everything
all wrapped up in a unique ‘feeling’ of energy.

The point here
is that you can tap into this energy.

You are walking down the street
and you get this bad feeling,
and you stop,
and a meteorite plows a hole in the earth
right where you would have been walking.
But you stopped,
because you knew it.

the awareness,
tapped into the martial arts energy fields of the universe,
and felt that meteorite coming.

I know,
sounds new age and mystical,
but it ain’t.

It is just a field of energy
put off by the martial artists of the ages,
and it is there,
whether you sense it or not,
and it works to protect you.

Every field of endeavor has their own unique energy,
but the energy of a martial artist
is very high level,
and it watches over you,
and protects you,
and you can tap into it
and use it.

I use this energy.
It uses me.
It uses me to help create more energy.

Why do you think you bow when you get on the mat?
To say hi to the energy of the martial artists who have gone before,
who have sweated this energy into the mats and dojos,
and created a unique forcefield
that permeates through the universe,
and works for martial artists everywhere.

I know there are going to be a couple of people out there
who are thinking they have tasted something sour,
that I am talking looney tunes.
That’s okay.
Whether you subscribe to this theory of a unique energy
available to martial artists or not,
you are martial artists,
and you are contributing your energy,
and helping us all.

go ahead and MMA,
knock that guy out if you wish,
but don’t stop hitting and kicking
and making yourself better and better and better.

And now you know why the world needs you.
It ain’t the violence,
it’s that unique sensation
that pops into you,
and makes you try harder,
helps you suddenly get that weird popping kick,
makes you aware that the world is more than the physical eyes see.

The universe is energy,
it is our energy,
and we tap into it
according to the degree of awareness you have sweated into it.
So thanks for being martial artists,
thanks for that energy field you have provided.
It sure does make life worthwhile.

Okey donkey,
that’s all I have to say,
except that if you have a win
concerning using this type of energy,
feeling this type of energy,
send it in.
Maybe I can put it in the wins column,
maybe we can inspire somebody else,
make them aware
of the truly unique magnitude of awareness
that they really are.

obligatory advertisement,
check out the Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.
Tai Chi is VERY good
at helping people sense martial arts energy.
Here is the URL…


And be aware that the second four matrixing courses,
the Shaolin and Pa Kua and Tai Chi courses on the monster,
will not be going down in price.
By next week they will be raised in prices.
Download for the same price,
but the disk price will be going up ten bucks.

So you’ve got a couple of days in which to get these courses,
before they go up.

that said,

HanaKwanMass to all!
And to all…martial arts.



Definite Proof That Matrix Martial Arts Doesn’t Work!

I’ve been waiting to see the proof that Matrix Martial Arts is just a bunch of bushwah. Happy to report, that proof hasn’t materialized. All factors indicate that it does work, and for any art, including Hapkido, Tai Chi Chuan, Hapkido, Jujitsu, or whatever. Check out the vid, then I’ll tell you more.

The only exception to this would be when the student isn’t mentally able to learn matrixing. You see, it takes a certain logical frame of mind, and most people have this logic wired in to their minds. Indeed, they love the common sense of matrixing: the mind learns easily that which makes sense.

Thus, if a student is lacking in the ability to see things in a logical way, he won’t get matrixing. This doesn’t mean that this particular student is stupid, it just means that he gets by in life using a different thought process than most. Of the few people who don’t get Marixing, the range of intelligence is general; there are stupid fellows and there are smart.

Of course, one won’t know if Matrixing is for them unless they actually do it. Gee, a whole thirty dollars for most courses. I won’t be able to go to Burger King for a week!

Of course, Matrix Karate includes not just the basics of Matrixing, but a complete martial art. This means the kata, the bunkai, and the methods of kumite. This includes a book with over a 160 pages, loads of graphics, and all sorts of data that nobody has ever looked at before.

So, with thousands of courses sold, thousands of wins, it looks like Matrixing is not going to be proved wrong by anybody soon. It has managed to pass the scientific testing provided by the real world. Of course, you can still try to prove it wrong.

You could purchase a course and go through it with a fine tooth comb, find all my mistakes, and take me to the cleaners. You could prove me a bozo. You could (choke) be a better human being than me!

Of course, the alternative would be that you wouldn’t make it. That you would have to learn an improved and quicker method for learning the martial arts. You might even have to (double choke) put your face on the floor and worship at my feet!

Head on over to Monster Martial Arts to Matrix your Martial Arts.

The Secret of the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts is Awareness. The Secret of All Life is Awareness. Thus, the Secret of Life is within you, and all you have to do is figure out how to unleash your awareness.

This is such a funny thing, so simple, and so overlooked. People think that they will be better martial artists is they just work out harder, have bigger muscles, can beat up somebody else. Nothing could be further from the truth; this is actually the opposite direction in which one should be going to become the perfect martial artist.

Yes, muscles are important, but only to a small degree. They are important only to the degree that they breed awareness. One should not abuse the muscle to make them bigger, but use them to achieve awareness of what the muscle is and is doing.

Yes, forms are important, but only to the degree they enhance awareness. As one does forms one becomes aware of how to move the body. Eventually, with correct practice, one will transcend the normal ways of moving the body and discover whole new concepts of motion.

Yes, techniques are important, but only to the degree that they bring awareness of how to deal with the problems an attacking body will bring. One discovers, through martial arts techniques, that the real problem has to do with analyzing and handling incoming flow and potential force. This has a direct effect on making one more aware.

Yes, freestyle is important; the martial arts wouldn’t be real if they weren’t combat ready. However, the big problem is that people start to love combat for the sake of combat, and not as a method for becoming more aware of how to use the body…even under stress. This is called the Joy of Combat, and is contrary to the real path of the true martial art.

The real key is that one should be studying the martial arts as a discipline to explore oneself. When one loves fighting more than learning they are abusing the art. When one engages in combat to be better than the other person, they will never find the true spirit of themselves.

The martial arts are a key, and the whole body is the lock. Do the martial arts and unlock the bodies true potential. Still the mind and discover the spirit that is the truth of you.

Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book if you want to learn more about the true martial arts.

The Secret Martial Arts is the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts comes down to one question, or imperative, if you will. Check out the video, and I’ll tell you the secret.

We were sitting around the table, a whole flock of students and instructors, and talking martial arts. War stories, training methods, odd things, we shoved them all across the table. And one fellow suddenly asked, ‘What’s the point of it all? Why are the martial arts? What are we trying to do?’
Answers flew through the air, strong bodies, powerful minds, self-defense. And, when all was done and we had all had our say, my instructor topped us all, showed us the way, with one word: ‘Survive.’ The Martial Arts are about survival.’
Silence showed our awe of his brilliance.
I thought he was brilliant, too. But…
I had sat silent through the discussion, just listening, and oddly at peace with myself. The question was one I had asked, answered in many different ways, and knew all about. It touched upon my purpose for being.
Survival is correct, but there is one more answer. The point of the martial arts is to seek existence as.
To survive is what an animal does.
To seek a higher existence, that is what a human being does.
Thus, for me, I don’t just want a strong body and clear mind…I want to know that my sons are stronger and have sharp, calm minds. I want to know that my neighbors are okay. Heck, I even want those dastardly fellows in charge of it all, the politicians, to wake up and see the light. Or at least stop the bus before it reaches the cliff.
I want to know that the world is better when I leave it, that I have actually contributed a bit to my fellow man.
I know some people don’t show this, but I think that drive is inside every man.
So do that form, enjoy that technique, play with that art. Self defense is great, and that is in there, but that is only survival. The real secret, the real true martial arts, they are to seek existence as. If you agree, pop on over to Monster Martial Arts. Every last one of my courses has been created, produced, manufactured, advertised, and put forth with that one essence in mind.

The Truth About the Martial Arts and Your Life!

Here’s a Martial Arts Truth that nobody knows.

The truth is that the universe is quite a few billion years old, and that your slice of time in that fleshy thing you call a body is short.

The truth is that the time between birth and death is yours.

So, how do you want to spend it?


No. I don’t think I’ll follow directions. If I follow directions then I am just walking somebody else’s path.

I want my own path, and here is where it gets interesting.

If you follow directions, go to school, train for a job, do a job, and so on…life passes fast and worthless. At least not as worth as it could be.

I think one of the reasons I fell in love with the martial arts was because it was a field in which I could break the rules. I learned martial arts, looked around at what was happening, and found that I was unlimited. Nobody had written a rule book. There were no rules. I could write the rules.

Of course, to do so, I got to learn different martial arts as fast as I could, nobody to slow me down and tell me I was doing it all wrong. And, in this unlimited state, I broke all the rules, made all the mistakes, and found out something interesting: if you make enough mistakes you can stumble on the truth.

Well, that was something they never taught me in school!

So go on, follow the rules. Do what somebody else says, and at the end of the life they might pat you on the head and say ‘good boy.’ At the very least, you get to wear a degree and pat somebody else on the head.

But, whatever you do, don’t think you can go off by yourself, break all the rules, and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. People would frown on that.

If you want to know more about the truth and the martial arts, and life in general and specific, pick up a free ebook on Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.

In a normal martial arts school, the first few months you learn to defend yourself. Once you can defend yourself, however, something interesting happens. You begin the struggle to collapse reaction time.

If you could respond faster, you could win.

Over time, you learn how to move at the same time. Takes decades, but you learn it. And, maybe you are one of the blessed few who learn to act before.

Not react, because that is to act after. But to act.

No reaction time is an interesting place, and you realize that nearly all fights are a reaction. They happen after an insult, a slight, a shoulder shove, which happen after a bad day, a lousy personality, whatever.

And the true martial artist learns to avoid the reaction, to see it coming.

He’s the guy in charge, he’s the guy who teaches,he’s the guy who stays calm in the middle of the fray.

Now the real tragedy is that so many people start, then stop.

It seems they like to be stuck in reaction time, victim to the circumstance. And, it is too bad that so many advertisements play to this mentality. But then a victim can be manipulated to buy.

That’s where I realized that I was up against it with Monster Martial Arts. I was teaching the original stuff, and I was teaching accelerated methods for getting that calmness of mind, of getting a fellow out of reaction and into action.

But it’s hard to sell that to a victim personality. He wants a wham bam punch in the eyeball approach, and I was selling the real thing, where you outgrow childish behavior and learn the real art.

Fortunately, there’s enough smart people in the world, and more people are getting smarter every day. Some day, if I and people like me can push enough true martial arts, we’ll have nothing but real martial arts schools.

Check out Monster Martial Arts. Matrixing if you want the accelerated approach, or Evolution of an Art if you want the old tried and true approach. Which ever method you choose, it’s done the right way.

Stunning Revelation….Science =Truth = Real Martial Arts

People talk about basics being the core of the martial arts, and they don’t realize that they have only gone halfway. Before you read the following win, let me ask you a question…have you ever read a list of the ‘rules’ of the martial arts? A list of principles as solid as a list of scientific principles in math, or astronomy, or some real science?
I know you haven’t because they don’t exist. Everybody has been studying the martial arts as an art, nobody–no matter how much they talk–has ever outlined the martial arts as a science. Period.

Well, until me.

That’s what the matrixing thing is all about…understanding the arts as a science. If you understand the significance of this, then you understand why I am getting massive wins from the people who take my courses.
Science = Truth. Go on.
Look up science in the dictionary.
Science = Truth.
Here’s the win.

“…then I did the Master Instructor Course and it hit me.  The Basics that are so concisely communicated in this course including the Matrix principle IS the solution.  It doesn’t matter what “style” I call my art, because all styles follow these same principles.  It doesn’t matter how hard I train or how many repetitions I do if I don’t train the right way. ”

Science = Truth + …understanding what the martial arts really are, how they really work. It joins them, ends division of art, while enhancing individual art. If you don’t believe me, get the free ebook from Monster Martial Arts and take a look for yourself. You’ll start to understand that there is real martial arts under all the bushwah out there.

Committing the Real Martial Arts to Memory

One of the accepted datums is that the real martial arts take years to learn. It’s wrong. You can learn to get hit in the face in one second, and that means that you have one second to learn the martial arts. One second, and the lesson is learned, and you will be different next time.

You think about getting hit in the face, what it was like, the pain, the frustration afterward that borders on rage.

You think about ducking, putting up your hands, a weapon, kicking, jumping back, letting the arm pass, hitting the other guy first…and on and on.

I’m going to tell you a secret in a second, one of my never fail teaching secrets that makes instant martial artists, but first, read the win right after the video snippet of Pan Gai Noon.

“Already seen both DVDs and I think the material is excellent. Sure makes my martial arts training have more meaning. I am going to study in more detail (kind of like a second phase with me) the manual and DVDs this week, and thus send it to my “long term memory.”

Okay, here’s what I do when I get one of these idiot softies who wants world peace without paying the price (learning competence and self-reliance and all that sort of stuff)
I place my fist on their cheek and push through, and I tell them that is the path a punch will take.

I then tell them I’m going to hit them lightly, not hurt them, and I want them to look at what happens. I punch softly and lightly through their face. No real pain, just a grunt of surprise at the collision of flesh.

I then stand back, and tell them I am going to hit them and hurt them, unless they can slap my fist out of the air. I then punch, but I make sure I punch at a speed they can slap my fist.

If I get through, I pull the punch a little, but I still hit them. Then I tell them I’m going to do the same thing again, and that they must learn to slap the punch out of the air. Usually they don’t miss at all. But, if they do, they learn pretty quick.

Voila! Instant martial artist! HAH!

And then we get into angles and follow ups and what ifs and all the fun of real training.

Be careful with this technique, only use it with the people who need it, but can still assimilate it. Obviously, I don’t wish to go MMA, or abuse the art. I just want to open eyes to reality, and introduce certain kinds of people to the real martial arts.

If you want more hints, and some real die hard training concepts, drop by Monster Martial Arts.

Win #47