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Spreading the True Martial Arts

How to Teach the True Martial Arts!

This newsletter I want to talk about something,
not everybody might like it,
but it has to do with growing the martial arts,
and growing your income.

here is the straight skinny,
the country is having probs,
incomes are down,
and wouldn’t you like to have a few extra bucks?
wouldn’t it be nice if those few extra bucks
came from teaching martial arts?

teach martial arts

How to teach martial arts to anybody!

It’s one of my pet projects,
encouraging people to teach.
The thing is
there are a lot of teachers out there,
many aren’t really qualified.
They might have credentials
from big name organizations,
but that doesn’t mean they have the knowledge.
It takes a precise knowledge
of how to teach martial arts.
I discovered this with one of my first black belts.
He went out and started teaching,
and when I got over to look at his class,
he was teaching calisthenics.
There were a few martial arts thrown in,
and he was good,
but he opted for teaching…calisthenics.
Push ups, sit ups,
a few kicks,
running around the room.
as an after thought,
he might teach a self defense move.

why he did this,
I don’t know.
But I do know that I checked on his school a couple of decades later,
when it was under one of his students,
and it had gone to full contact karate.
fighting and…calisthenics.

I understand that martial arts change,
especially when people don’t understand the underlying reasons.
I can only conclude
that the degradation of his school
was my fault.
I taught him,
I was young,
I hadn’t figured it out,
I taught him well,
he was good,
but…he didn’t understand the underlying reasons,
so his school degraded,
didn’t die,
just degraded to the point
where it was teaching people how to fight.

I offer underlying reasons,
and I try to fix schools that have degraded.
I encourage people to teach martial arts.
I know that the people who have done my courses
are going to understand why a technique is,
how it works,
more important,
how to get the student to understand.

Want to know something interesting?
I’ve got a book
‘How to Start Your Own School,’
and when somebody write me and asks me about teaching,
I usually give them that book for free.
It’s part of the Master books,
I could sell it Kindle for a few books
(and I probably will)
but I give it away to people who say they want to teach.

the difference between man and beast is the fact that man understands.
Animals don’t.
They just fight,
and make up a reason for fighting.
Silly animals.

the point of this rant is that if you are hurting economically,
a victim of the money crunch happening in this country,
you can do something about it.
You could order the Master Instructor Course,
do it,
know that you know more than ANY martial arts instructor on the planet,
and then you could head down to the YMCA,
see if they need an instructor.
You can put up cards at a local gym.
You could gather a bunch of neighborhood kids.

You can start out low,
$10 a month for kids,
you can go high,
charge good bucks at the gym.

Be it Karate or kung fu,
aikido or pa kua,
or whatever,
and using the data that is inside
The Master Instructor Course,
you could teach that art better than it has been taught
since whoever founded it was teaching.

Spare time.
Saturday afternoon.

You could build it into something large!

Do you understand?
The martial arts are a blessing.
They make people better.
They make strong bodies,
increase awareness,
and they are a fist in the face of the bad guys.
But we need people who understand what they really are.

Oinky Donkey.
I hope my rant has helped.
I don’t want you poor,
and I want everybody healthy and happy,
So…think about it.

Let make a couple of other announcements
before I close off.

I’ve got a new site up.
It’s about Bruce Lee.
Can you find it through google?
It’ll be tough,
but it’s out there.
Next week or two
it’ll be easy to find,
but right now…
can you find it?

we’re waiting on word of escrow
for Monkeyland.
120 acres on a hilltop,
and start building a temple.
And I will let you know as soon as this thing comes true.
Pics and everything.
you’ll be blown away.
incredible site.

I almost forgot.

If you have a website,
or a functioning blog,
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Just email me at aganzul@gmail.com
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now that is it.
You guys and gals
enjoy the heck out of this week.
Have lots of work outs,
do what you want to do,
and live life like you were meant to!


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People Bugged by Real Aikido Teacher

It always irks people when I claim I can teach people how to do Real Aikido in hours. I get surly email, and I don’t bother with the phone anymore.

What crime have I committed by inventing a better, faster way of learning?

If people didn’t invent we’d still have buggy whip factories.

And what I do is no secret. It’s a logic that permeates the art, takes into account every variable, and makes the steps oflearning lead one to the next.

I mean, have you ever been to a class, and you have to memorize sequences? Yes, you have to work on sequences, but memorize them? That means you’re being trained to remember in combat!

To remember involves reaction time, and while you’re thinking he’s moving,and then you’re dead.

Now, I know, you have to remember a bit in the beginning, and the idea is to make the memory come alive, to live in an instant, and to have a plan. To be the art.

I don’t argue with that, I merely present a method whereby people don’t have to work so hard to remember because the logic leads them one step to the next. I tell you, when people experience my Real Aikido they shortly realize that each step leads logically to the next, and within an hour or two they are slapping their heads and saying ‘OMG!’

Here’s a win…

“I just had to write to you to say WOW. Your INSTANT AIKIDO is great!!!
My friends and I watched the DVD’s over the weekend and we…”

Feel free to check out my Real Aikido page. Pick up a free ebook on the home page while you’re there.

Win #55

Three Reasons Why In Combat Aikido Doesn’t Always Work

This is one of those tragedies, but when in Combat Aikido is not workable. It shouldn’t be so, because that great art was born of Samurai on the battlefield. Its roots are a thousand years ago in the bloody battles of warlords for control of Japan.

After the wars were over, the surviving warlords, a pair of brothers, called their warriors together and asked them what techniques they used to conquer the enemy. The resulting list of techniques was over 3200 long. These techniques were taught as Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu, and it is this art which influenced the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ushiba when he created his masterpiece.

So why doesn’t the art work? Because it is taught as a religion, and religion tends to strip the violence out of the art. I mean, taking perfectly good ways to maim and destroy muggers just because one believes in world peace and harmony and all that sort of stuff…huh!

The first thing this religious influence did was soften the attacks. The attacks offered in an Aikido class are slow and flowing and easy for the defender to handle. This may teach one the technique, but it doesn’t approximate the hard, fast reality of a punch in the face that is offered on the street.

The second flaw in the circular art is that the strikes (Atemi) have been watered down. They are shown, but not drilled. This means that the student doesn’t really learn what it’s like to hit a human body.

Finally, some of the techniques are designed to teach one how to handle flow in long and unreal manners. You do have to learn flow, that is a given. But there are easier and quicker ways to learn flow, and these ways include techniques that are much more street ready.

Now, this article was not written to offend, but to question, and to question with an eye towards improvement. A student who can’t improve, but merely robots the ritual, is not a student at all. I really don’t think Morihei Ushiba was a robot, nor were the samurai who passed the art to him.

So, make the attacks more real, put back in some hard core Atemi strikes, and work the techniques so they teach flow, but in a more realistic manner. Tell the truth, the really good Aikidokas that I meet are usually doing just this, even if on their own. But, do these three things, stay true to the art, and you are going to find that you have a Combat Aikido that can lay waste to anything, even while promoting peace and harmony within and without.

You can fix these three flaws, and learn the art ten times faster by clicking on Combat Aikido.

Using Matrix Martial Arts to Learn Real Martial Arts

Matrix Martial Arts to learn Real Martial Arts…sounds like a gimmick, doesn’t it? But if you told a Swahili tribesman, a couple of hundred years ago, that there were such things as wagons, well, he’d probably turn you over to the witch doctor for ‘treatment.’

Head getting too big…ideas all wrong…shrink head quick…squeeze out all ideas!

Here’s a truth that most people who study the fighting disciplines shudder at…if you study martial arts, you’re studying mysticism. You’re involved in trying to figure out what the witch doctors of Karate or kung fu or aikido, or whatever, are doing.

Now, I’m being confrontational so far, and that really isn’t what I’m about. So let me explain myself. I’d rather smooth talk you into jumping on my bandwagon…than bash you for being mystical

The combat disciplines are a language. Same as English, same as math, same as any set of ‘symbols’ that describe concepts. The language is a body language designed for handling incoming force and flow.

Here is how the language sets up.

basics letters
technique words
forms sentences
systems books
all systems encyclopedia

There’s more, of course, but that should illuminate you.

The problem is that somebody has mixed everything up. Basics from one technique are interjected into another technique, and the result is a word that is hard to pronounce, difficult to understand, and is…mystical.

No, it’s not mystical…it’s just a mish mash of opposing tongues. Or, conflicting languages.

Here’s the analogy, I’m going to give that Eskimo 100 verbs in the French language, and say that he knows French.

Huh! That’s not even mysticism, that’s bushwah.

The point of matrixing is to unmix the mish mash. To separate and isolate the different languages so that they make sense.
This has actually never been done before. There’s been a lot of ‘my art is best,’ or ‘my art is the only art,’ but nobody has ever taken the martial arts apart, and put them back so that they become a logical construction.

Sure, people have recognized that the arts are a language, but nobody has ever delved into that language and matrixed it. Never.

Some interesting things happen when you matrix a martial art.

The first thing is that the arts start making sense. Things that mystified previously no longer mystify. They are simply (and I do mean ‘simply’) logical and understandable.

The second thing is that people start learning faster.

Then start the other abilities. People start to think intuitively. They analyze and reach conclusion at a glance, and there is no longer any need to ‘figure things out.’

We are opening the door here, not just to fighting, or real martial arts, but to whole fields of knowledge. The joy is that people don’t have to give up what they are studying, they just have to learn a few simple tricks concerning how to study. They have to stop thinking they are learning everything, when they are studying but one simple art, and use matrix martial arts to logically understand their art, and then use their art to logically understand all the arts.

Learn more about Matrixing the Martial Arts by going over to MonsterMartialArts.com. Pick up a free ebook while you’re there.

The Large Flaw in O Sensei Aikido

I am a terrific fan of O Sensei Aikido. The art is genius. And, there is a terrible wrongness in it.

To understand what I mean by this oxymoronic viewpoint one has to understand where Morihei Ueshiba Aikido came from. Morihei Ueshiba studied many arts, and all must have contributed to his knowledge. The predominate art behind aikido training, however, is Daito Ryu Aiki Ju Jitsu.

This form of jujitsu was founded a thousand years ago by a fellow named Yoshimitsu. There are different versions concerning the birth of this art. One version holds that the samurai who survived great battles were asked what techniques worked for them, and the other version has Yoshimitsu dissecting cadavers to understand jointlocks and such.

While there is probably truth in both versions, the truth is obscured by history. One thing is sure, the art became very technique heavy. The list of recorded techniques is somewhere between 3200 and 3500, depending upon which branch of the school one is pursuing.

At any rate, the Aikido of Morihei Ueshiba is not the whole art of Daito Ryu. The founder of aikido selected only the techniques which were aiki in nature, which were based on harmonious flowing movements. Thus, one could argue that Aikido is half of a whole art.

To be sure, there were techniques that should be tossed out. After all, of what value is a technique developed for a specific type of body armor, or weapon, or situation from a thousand years ago. The necessity for these types of ancient techniques will never arise on a modern battlefield.

On the other hand, bread and butter techniques (atemi) which would end a fight with a strike are left out and barely mentioned. Thus, unless one is persistent enough to pursue Diato Ryu, or accumulate teachings in specific strike related arts, one will never have the whole teachings behind Aikido. Thus, because of the absence of techniques, and the slant given to the martial arts, Aikido is lacking certain fundamentals as a martial art.

I say these things not to offend, but to educate. If you are satisfied with O Sensei Aikido, so be it and more power to you. If you wish to explore further, and find the things that are not being taught in your Aikido Dojo, however, you will find the journey much richer.

If you wish to look further into making your Aikido a whole art, you should take a look at Matrix Aikido

The Real Truth of the Universe and O Sensei Aikido

Morihei Uyeshiba, O Sensei of Aikido fame, is the person who experienced enlightenment. It is he who organized and arranged his martial art, thus, the aikido Ueshiba created is the true Aikido. Well, sort of.

This question, concerning the nature of the Real Aikido, is the question that confuses students of Japanese Aikido, budo aikido, and all the various offshoots. There are so many different schools, you see, and they can’t all be the truth, right? And this question, of there being many variations and interpretations, does itself question the validity of the Aikido of schools everywhere, for if the founder was right, then how could there be interpretation?

The concern can be resolved if one considers the truth of the universe. Morihei Uyeshiba, you see, perceived the truth of the universe from his particular viewpoint, and he did an incredible job of representing that truth with his art. But if one considers the truth of the universe as a single datum one can approach the art from an individually enlightened viewpoint, and not just from one man’s viewpoint of enlightenment.

Just so you know, I mean no disrespect to the founder of Aikido, indeed, I have the highest regard, and I believe he would want me to question, and not just robot the techniques as the end all. He was not one to do aikido robotically, after all, he was an innovator of genius magnitude. I think he would want real students to duplicate him on that level, as well as the level of endless and intense practice.

That all said, the truth of the universe, as shown by the yin yang symbol, and defined Neutronically, is: for something to be true the opposite must also be true. We can take this statement apart endlessly in philosophical lights. The art being one of doingness and action, however, we must consider the truth of the universe as it applies to techniques, from the aikido basics onward.

When an attacker launches his aggressive move, the defender must perceive the move. To perceive the move not as just an incoming missile, though that is necessary, but as a completed motion in his own mind. Thus, the defender must see the entire picture of the motion, must possess the entire sequence of pictures in his mind.

Once the mental picture is complete, and at the same time as execution, the defender must mirror the move. Right to left or right to right, the mirror of action will fit the attack much the same as a tailored glove will fit a hand, and the defensive attack will envelope the actuality of the attack in the real universe. If this is accomplished, then you are practicing the Morihei Uyeshiba Aikido as he saw it in his moment of enlightenment.

There is perfection in this method, you see. Perfection of action, and of mind, and of technique. The good news is that this procure can be applied to the art of Saito Aikido, Aikido Aikikai, or any other variation of the founder’s vision, the founder’s viewpoint was that close to perfection.

The best DVD for exploring the concept presented in this article is Matrix Aikido, which is available at MonsterMartialArts(dot)com.

The Six Degrees Of Insanity Uncovered Through Real Karate!

You can cure yourself of insanity, the whole planet of being insane, if you can find Real Karate. Now, we are not talking real karate videos here, nor some other fantasy. We are talking about the type of martial arts studied over the ages that work on all sorts of different levels. There was a goju ryu karate club in my town when I grew up, but knowing about something didn’t save me from the chaos of school. I was treated to the teacher father figures, bullying classmates, and an education that didn’t relate to the world. So I needed Goju, or something like it, but didn’t know it. As school progressed people began discovering drugs. Man, a good fighting discipline really would have worked to protect me from people going unconscious and crazy, which is what pills do to you. A good karate club would have enabled me to retain dignity and integrity at a time when I needed it the most. Eventually, society turned to the Viet Nam War, and this was the craziest thing in the world. The bumper sticker used to read, ‘Travel to exotic lands, meet wonderful people, and kill them.’ Fortunately, at about that time I was rescued from this chaos…I did discover the Ed Parker Chinese American kenpo karate system. I worked out ruthlessly, doing karate kumite by the hour, but, eventually, I was to be disillusioned by the martial arts techniques I was learning. I was learning hundreds of fighting techniques, but they didn’t have to much to do with the real world. Kenpo, though it was wonderful, was based on combat fantasy scenarios. I went to the Kang Duk Won for my next step towards a rational world, and it was to prove a blessing. Here the discipline was rigorous and total, and the energy created was all consuming. I learned that all my sweat and bruises could concentrate on one factor: the handling of the incoming fist. One, single incoming missile, and I had to handle it, but that one incoming missile represented rage and anger and chaos. Thus, in handling the fist, I was handling the rage and anger and chaos of a world that believed in war and drugs and misinformation. As I understood this I began to develop my matrixing methods. Through Matrixing I ordered all my martial arts techniques, arranged them so that they represented a whole science, and not an out of sequence put together. The art became a science, and through the combative sciences I made my final break with insanity. So for me there were six degrees of insanity: school, drugs, war, kenpo, classical karate, and matrixing…and this is the path I followed when I discovered Real Karate. You can find Real Karate at Monster Martial Arts.