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Time Goes Backwards in the Martial Arts

In Martial Arts Time goes Backwards…if You Let It

Hey de hi hi! Been just putting in articles for blogs,  but I have the time to do it right, if you have the time to read it right. So uncross your eyes and get ready to rock and unroll.

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Matrixing will get you there.

Been into time lately, realized it ran backwards three decades ago, figured out what it meant the other day.

People who study history are reading what is written by the conqueror. They are getting what the historians feel like blabbin’ about. They are contributing to history by going forward.

When you study the martial arts, however, you are trying to go backwards to the original concepts, find out where the art came from, what part of your soul it tweaks.

Lose your reaction time. Stop thinking. Be.

Easy, eh? Well, it is so easy it is hard. Haven’t seen any schools of martial arts that address this, or try to do it, except in the most by the way method, or through passed down stuff they don’t understand and so can’t really apply.

I, however, obsess on it. To lose your reaction time, to lose your mind, to exist in the now, that is what it is all about.

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When you understand how time goes backwards you lose your reaction time.

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If you want faster reaction time you should check out Blinding Steel. A complete system with weapons, click on the picture above.

Reaction Time in Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, and All the Martial Arts

Getting Rid of Reaction Time

Reaction time, in karate, Kenpo, taekwondo or any martial art, is a fascinating beast. I say beast because it is the one thing people have that they should get rid of. It is one thing that can get you killed faster than a bomb in the diapers.

Reaction time is reaction, which means that it is something occurring after something else has happened. Do you understand what this means? If you possess reaction time, you are moving second and behind whoever is launching a punch at your face.

Now you are forced to move, and this because of the attacker’s direction, rather than in keeping with your own wishes. That means you are the target, and you are attempting to get out of the way, to construct a good block, or whatever. It means you are not moving because you want to and decided to.

The best way to understand this thing is if there is attacker A on the A position. And a defender B on the B position. And a third position, maybe off to the right, which we will refer to as spot C.

The amount of time it takes A to go to B, B can move to C. But B HAS TO move at the exact same moment. If B moves after A, then he is going to get his block knocked off.

And, if B moves because of something he learned in a lesson, or because of a drill, or because of anything else, then he is moving as if yesterday. B must watch A ‘in the present moment,’ and he must move in accordance with his own wishes and not because of what A is doing. This is the only way for B to actually live through a real fight.

There is, interestingly enough, the point of view of A, and of actually being able to hit somebody. If you have seen how many misses there are in the MMA, then you will understand this. Simply, A is moving to where B is, but B is no longer there.

In other words, for A to actually make contact with his opponent, he must launch himself not to where B is, because B is going to move, and the location B is where he used to be. And A must not attempt to ‘curve’ the trajectory of his strike, for that will destroy his base and take power out of the movement. The trick is merely to understand the one sentence: in the time A goes to B, B goes to C.

In summation, let me say that many people talk about timing and slipping strikes and that sort of thing, but they usually don’t really understand the equation I have given you here. To understand this equation-in the time A moves to B, B moves to C-you should write it out, along with every fight situation you can imagine, on a piece of paper. No matter what martial art you study, Kenpo, Kung Fu, Aikido, or whatever, this piece of data will enable you to shorten and even get rid of your reaction time, and elevate your martial art to a much higher level.

zen martial arts

This has been a page about reaction time in the Martial Arts.

Karate Mind…or the Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Karate Mind refers to mushin no shin, which is an old Japanese term meaning ‘Mind of no Mind.’

I’ve got a student, he’s been studying with me for some three or four months, and he came in the other day and described the most unusual experience.

mushin no shinHe was doing something, and something fell on him, and he suddenly moved, circled his arms, and deflected the object. The odd thing was the way he described his state of mind.

“Everything slowed down! My arms just moved. It was so clean and uncluttered and I wasn’t thinking about anything!”

He entered Mushin no shin, you see. He put aside his mind, and dealt with his problem directly. The human being. Without mind.

I know it is ‘Mind of no mind,’ but I often call it ‘Time of no time.’ Or, he entered No Time.

He wasn’t prone to the rules of the universe. He didn’t have reaction time. His muscles didn’t fight each other to do something. He just moved.

Now, that it would me some three or four months to get a person to this point is sort of a miracle. In Japan they talk about decades of study, seven years to enlightenment, and some people never making it.

But I do it in three or four months. Regularly.

So what is my secret?


The martial arts are taught in a big lump, all the tricks are taught randomly, with no regard for order, let alone logic.

And this is compounded by the fact that they are all cross bred, entwined, mixed up.

But, when you teach them in a logical format, such as I have devised in Matrixing, then the logic becomes easy to absorb, actually sweeps the student up and moves him along.

The mind, you see, likes to be put aside. That a person is constantly fighting with his mind is one of the great tragedies of the martial arts, and of mankind. The mind should be a simple tool that one picks up, puts aside, uses as he wishes.

When a fist is flying at your face, you don’t want to use your mind. You want to put it aside and get to work. No distractions.

The mind likes what is logical and simple. It puts the mind to rest. The Karate mind heaves a great sigh of relief and goes to sleep.

Karate Mind

From Reaction Time to Action Time Through Hard Core Karate Training

One of the things that used to bug me, when I was doing Kenpo Karate back in the sixties, was that I couldn’t make my body go fast enough. I would start the move, fast as I could, and in my head I would watch the technique, groaning because the translation of the thought into real body motion was taking so long.
Mind you, I was fast enough in freestyle, so it wasn’t body speed that was lacking, it was the ability to go fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. It wasn’t simple reaction time, it was action time that I had to solve.
This is a common problem. I also and really encountered it in writing. I always need a faster computer to keep up with my flow of thoughts. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about my solution.

Anway, I didn’t solve the problem in Karate, not even the Kang Duk Won. Though, I must say, the Kang Duk Won brought me close to the answer. I think if I had continued studying that art officially then I would have made it.
But, what really brought the problem to a solution was Tai Chi.
Now how can Tai Chi, which goes so slow, speed me up fast enough to catch my mind?
Just stopping trying made the action effortless, and suddenly I was there.
Oh, it still took a while, but it was an enjoyable while, and I learned so much.
Anyway, I recommend cross training, and I especially recommend Karate and Tai Chi. Though they seem to oppose, that is only in the beginning. in the end, everything meshes. You just have to keep studying.
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Losing Your Reaction Time Through Classical Martial Arts Training

I saw an interesting TV show today, a couple of fellows were discussing how to achieve faster reaction time through traditional martial arts training. The odd thing is that they were obsessed with training the muscles. The conclusion they reached is that you train the body to react so fast that there is no reaction time.

But to have a body is reaction time. If you conduct your self defense through a body then you have to have the time it takes to activate that body. It’s going to be there no matter what you do.

Unless, of course, you perceive what is happening and move with it. Or, better, move before it. You simply observe reality and predict what is going to happen and insert your body into the desired place.

Training in Martial Arts forms is going to help you do this. You make a plan, and you carry out the plan. Eventually, what you are doing becomes able to be predicted, eventually this carries into life, and life becomes something you can predict.

Of course, those that don’t believe this have there own method for doing things. An MMA specialist or UFC fighter trains his body to react, but the other fighter is also training his body to react, so what you have is two virtual robots bashing their bodies together, and this will result in less awareness. This is not getting rid of reaction time, it is increasing the beast, once you have been bashed enough.

You have to ask yourself the question, what is reaction time, if you are going to to undo it. You are acting after. After what?

Well, you are acting after reality has bid you act. That’s right, you are making your body do something because of something that has already occurred, and thus you are already behind the times, and thus you are a victim. You have to be a victim if you follow this path of muscle memorization, because moving after something has happened means you are moving after somebody else.

If you don’t want to be the victim, you have to study arts which do not have muscle memorization, and which lessen reaction time. While classical martial arts practice (if you can find a true school, and an teacher who knows what he is doing) doesn’t provide the glory, and sometimes seem a bit odd, the fact of the matter is that they have been expressly designed to get rid of reaction times. Reality fighting may draw in crowds of people, but you will gain faster reaction time through traditional Martial Arts training.

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Neutronic Reaction Time!

Good Lard!
Tomorrow is September Fool’s Day!
That means you have to hang your stockings
from the chimney
with your feet still in them!

maybe just your left foot.

But listen,
let’s go Neutronic on reaction time.
Reaction time is the gap of time that occurs from
when you see something
to doing something about it.
You see the brake lights on the car in front of you.
It takes 3/8s of a second to hit the brakes,
that’s your reaction time.
When you’re doing freestyle
you need to shorten your reaction time.
The ultimate shortening,
prior to Neutronics,
would be the zen concept of
moving at the same time.
The runner takes off…
‘at the crack of the bat.’
to better explain it,
the fielder takes off at the crack of the bat,
and in the correct direction.
How did he know where the ball was going
that he selected the right direction
‘at the crack of the bat?’
Why didn’t he have reaction time?

Because he analyzed all the factors
and became intuitive.

can you move at the same time as your opponent
when you are doing freestyle?
but you make mistakes,
you don’t always selected the right direction (block)
how come?
you need all the data,
and that would be matrixing.
Matrixing shows you how to observe
so that you can figure out all the potentials of motion,
and then you have all the data.

there is still problem.
The problem is that
no matter how fast you make your hands move in practice,
and no matter how fast your mind absorbs data,
you don’t move that fast in real life.

Maybe in a real fight.
But why can’t you be that aware all the time?
Some people would hold that being that aware is a peak,
and that you can’t sustain that type of peak.
I say nonsense.
I say that most of the time
people are unconscious,
bound in a condition represented by this concept we call
reaction time.
And here we’re going to go Neutronic.
Here we’re going to give you the viewpoint
that erases reaction time,
and all you have to do is understand what I’m saying,
and hold onto it
when the state of reaction time
starts to come in on you again.

just to warn you,
to explain this Neutronically,
I’m going to go real weird on you.
if you’ve been with this newsletter for any length of time,
you know that Neutronics is so ultimately logical
that it is nothing but weird.
that would be to say,
that it is outside the boundaries of
reaction time.

when my mother died,
everybody was standing around,
looking in the coffin,
tears and sadness.

I didn’t cry.
I just looked at the body.
It was empty.
Ma was gone.
She wasn’t there.
So why should I cry?
It just didn’t make any sense.

as the years passed,
I wondered about my strange reaction.
it was strange.
But only because it wasn’t normal.

years later
my son broke both his legs on a motorcycle.
a neighbor caught me at work
and told me what happened.
here was the moment I should have experienced
tears and great sadness.
It’s that call in the night,
you see,
the one that every parent dreads.
why did I just thank my neighbor for letting me know,
and calmly go on about my work?
for one,
I had done martial arts
and I knew that everybody in the universe was connected.
We all know what is happening.
There is a group think,
beyond reaction time,
a psychic pool if you will,
and because of the martial arts I was tapped into it,
and I simply knew that my son was okay.

Broken legs?
definitely an inconvenience,
but I knew that my son was still there.
If he had died,
if he had gone,
I would have felt him leave.
I knew that.
And here we get down to the crux of it all.

Whatever had happened to my son
had already happened.
It was done.
It was over.
The decision had been made,
and the rest of life was to deal with it.

why get sad over something that has already happened?

reaction time
is to react,
and react is to act
the thing has happened.

if something has already happened,
then there’s nothing more to do about it.
Pick up a few pieces,
but there is nothing to do about it.

emotion is just a bit of mental discharge.

If you aren’t neutronic,
you can discharge a lot of emotion.
If you are neutronic,
hooked into the ‘psychic mind’
if you will,
at least not the victim
of something that has already happened
and nothing can be done about it,
then you don’t have much mental discharge,
or emotion.

You might feel a blip of sadness,
but you cancel even that
as you observe it.

You don’t become the victim of the mental discharge,
or the emotion,
of something that has already happened.

What do you do?
depending on the circumstances,
you help other people,
people who are suffering from emotional discharge.

Pat a back,
say something stupid and trite,
‘Things’ll get better,’
‘life will go on,’
stuff like that.
stupid and trite,
I know,
but they help,
so why not?

People who are suffering from reaction time,
from emotion discharge,
and all that sort of thing,
need a pat on the back.
They need to know they aren’t alone.

A Neutronic Being
knows he is alone,
and it is okay,
because he is hooked into everybody.
He gave up crying and wailing,
so that he could be part of everything,
and this by being more himself.

My mother in law died,
I went to the funeral
and started telling jokes.
Stupid, sick jokes.
But everybody knew I wasn’t being disrespectful,
They started laughing,
and didn’t hurt so much,
and things got better.
That’s neutronics.

where are you
when you have reaction time?
You aren’t part of the action,
you are after the action,
you are a second or two
after the universe.

Doing things because of the universe.
When you go Neutronic
you lose reaction time,
and you don’t move because the universe moved,
the universe moves
because you moved.
That’s neutronic.

I know this has been a weird trip,
and the things I have just said,
would get me hanged in a court of law,
or confined in a looney bin.
But that’s because courts of law
and looney bins
are designed to hold people
after the universe has beaten them up.
A trap within traps,
if you get my drift.

that is where the true art takes you.
When you fix your art
make it into a true art
and study it with dedication
the universe starts changing.
It stops knocking you around,
and you start knocking it around.
It can happen fast or slow.
You can study the arts for years
and make it happen slowly,
and there is nothing wrong with that.
But you can also matrix it,
speed up the process,
and go Neutronic faster.

I don’t care which you do.
I’d like to make money,
but I know that what I am proposing
is pretty drastic.

Matrixing is like a fuse,
you see,
and when everybody gets it
and everybody starts going Neutronic,
there is going to be some drastic effect.

A universe where there is no reaction time.
Think about it.

A guy in the left lane blows his tire at 80,
everybody swerves with him
and it is like traffic is a current
nudging him safely to the side,
being part of the action.

And the big joke is that everybody laughs at the guy
for deciding to blow out his tire!

There are no accidents,
only trajectories that collide.

Here’s a good one:
no karate tournaments.
Oh! Ouch!
That one hurt!
But how can you contest against somebody
when you are hooked into the universal and psychic mind?

Uh oh,
here comes the government!
Doesn’t matter.
You’re hooked in,
part of the action,
you’ve already figured out
how to go cash only,
how to hide your income,
how to protect your job.
let’s face it,
the government is the last dinosaur of reaction time,
government is definitely happening after,
they are the ultimate trap of reaction time.

Who do you think set up the courts of law
and the looney bins
and fills them as fast as they can?

I could go on forever,
and I know that there are a few guys out there
ducking at what I have said here.
But I can’t not say it.
Society is evolving.
Does it evolve fast enough to catch the universe
and end reaction time?
if enough people study martial arts,
if enough people matrix,
if enough people go Neutronic.

But I’ve got to do it,
and for a very selfish reason,
one far beyond money
and such mundane things.

I do it because I’m hooked in,
and because my hook in
will grow proportionate
to that which I am hooked in
becomes hooked in.

The more Neutronic Beings there are,
the less reaction time,
the better everything gets.
The further I see and be,
the more I perceive,
the more awareness I can have.

You, too.

it’s a win win win,
but you have to start to make it happen.
You have to stop moving
because the universe moved,
and start moving
to make the universe move.
That’s neutronics.
Fastest way there is through Matrixing.

Okay guys and gals,
thanks for being,
and thanks for being my friends.
You have a great work out,
and I’ll talk to you later.



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Quote time…
take a bit of wisdom
and change it into a bit of martial arts wisdom.
a fun exercise for the mind
and good for the soul.

A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.
Alfred Hitchcock
A good kata is worth the price of the work out.

A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.
Samuel Goldwyn
Poor control just makes an art bad.

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.
Roger Ebert
Every great kata should seem new every time you do it.

Listen, real poetry doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you.
Jim Morrison
Listen, Matrixing doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you.

More next time.

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