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How Build Martial Arts Super Powers!

Achieving the supernatural in kung fu

Supernatural in kung fu, refers to such things as reading minds, intuition, seeing when things are going to happen before they happen, And so on.

The reason people have such trouble in gaming this high level of martial arts is because of a basic misunderstanding of who and what they are.

sci fi horror story

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The body is an envelope for the spirit.

The mind is just a bunch of memory.

The spirit is the source of all supernatural ability in the martial arts.

The misunderstanding comes when people attribute their abilities to mental powers.

Memory has no powers, memory obscures he human being, which obscures a being’s natural power. Natural ability, what a human being can do once memories are put aside is actually what we call supernatural kung fu.

Thus to say Power comes from mental abilities is completely the opposite of what they should be thinking.

Think of it this way, A person trains his body and this creates discipline in the soul. In effect it bypasses the mind, which is to say the memories, which come between a person and his true power and ability.

Understanding this one must apply this to the martial arts.

One memorizes movements, Which creates a short-term memory. One practices the movements until the memory disappears and intuition remains. The bonus is at the long-term memory tends to disappear to, Or at least to get out-of-the-way of the martial artist.

So you memorize to give up memory and what is left is the awareness, the Spirit, the human being, the ‘I am.’

When you give up memory, your own abilities come to the fore. These abilities, Based in such things as intuition, actually frighten normal people. That is why so many people give up the martial arts at the brown belt level, for that is the level at which a person breaks through to intuition.

Unfortunately, most systems no longer bring a person to the edge of intuition, or push him through to intuition.

This is why I created matrixing. It makes the martial arts faster, it makes the jump to intuition easier.

Instead of spending years trying to figure out the confusion created by a laborious memorization procedure, the student learns logical moves, builds up no internal resistance to the memorization procedure, and slides smoothly into intuition.

Check out monstermartialarts.com, and especially the matrix karate course there. Even if you have done martial arts for years, even if you know dozens of martial arts systems, once you experience the logic of matrixing, all those systems Will start to make sense and come together in a manner which you didn’t envision.

Qigong Energy Built Piece by Piece

Qigong Energy The Sure But Easy Way

Qigong energy is pretty much accepted as fact these days. Qigong energy healing is accomplished through a variety of qigong arts, and people talk about qigong distance healing and working with qigong energy balls, and so on and so on. What most people don’t know is that the best and most efficient of the qigong energy arts is the Martial Arts.

It’s easy to create and use Internal Qigong Energy, no matter what style of martial  you practice. The problem is that there are so few accurate descriptions–we are lacking precise instructions, you see–that very few people ever make the simple connections that make this subject work.


qigong energy exercises

Qigong energy healing has been around a lo-o-ong time!

Now, I read the existing material on the stuff, mostly Chinese, a few Japanese, and I couldn’t get it. But I kept coming across this thing called ‘using the body as one unit,’ and I tried to make it work.

Unfortunately, the concept being alien to my western psyche, I screwed up a few times, but I finally formalized the method. I call this thing CBM, or Coordinated Body Motion.

1) Start moving all parts of the body in the same instant.

2) Stop moving all parts of the body in the same instant.

3) Synchronize the movement of the body parts involved in any motion, taking into account the length of the limb, the amount of weight and mass, the musculature involved, and so on.

Now, there’s more to the thing, but it all started with getting these three things down. Once they were working, I was starting to create and use internal Qigong energy. The unfortunate and sad fact of the matter…I didn’t know it.

Internal power, when you don’t know what you are doing, grows slower than hair. Fortunately, once you know what you are doing, you can speed up the process.

So, after a couple of years of following and refining the three steps, a guy showed me a spinning kick out of the Korean art of TaeKwonDo. I liked the kick, but it didn’t work in kumite, so I changed the thing. I stood in a horse stance, changed my feet quick, and launched the back foot out of a ‘spinning’ movement.

Actually, it was more of a ‘pop hop’ type of kick, but you don’t see the hop part of the action because you keep the head motionless.

Zingo Bingo, internal energy exploded out of my energy center, and brother…I felt that explosion of Qigong energy!

Of course I had a couple of years of internal qigong energy stored up from doing the old Karate kata, that helped a bit–grin–but the explosion was just as the old Asian martial arts instructions had described…with one subtle difference.

The qigong power descriptions came from Tai Chi Chuan, or Aikido, or Wudan style arts, and the descriptions described at a slower speed, a slower way of generating chi power. So, while the descriptions were accurate, they were so slow they confused me.

Here are some real directions, written in good, old English, to help you grow some real Martial Arts qigong Power.

1) Do your Martial Arts Kata every day.

2) Move your body using CBM.

3) You will grow qigong energy commensurate with the patience you grow.

It’s like cooking, sometimes you have to sit and watch the water boil. But, following the instructions I have given you in this article, you shouldn’t have to wait as long, and you can apply these directions for building qigong energy to Shaolin Gung fu, kenpo, or any other style of martial art.

Chi Power Permeates Martial Artists Whether They Know It or Not!

Chi Power Has You!

Chi power is a quite real thing. The problem is that it is undefined. I mean…REALLY undefined.

There’s a lot of mysticism out there, so let’s define it perfectly right here.

chi power

Your body is a motor

Chi Power is when you shovel food into the body. It starts the chemical transformation into mechanical energy. You don’t see it, except that your body is warm. It is giving off heat. That is the lowest, grossest form of chi power.

Chi Power, on the second level, is when you become aware of the energy in your body. This includes things like reaiki healing, and other forms of spiritual healing, acupuncture, meditation healing, chakras, and so on. A lot of people experience this, but because they are experiencing this from different arenas, they describe it differently, and so people get confused. These are definitions specialized according to the various fields they are in.

The third level of chi power, and the most important, is when you manifest it outside your body. This includes such things as personal charm and charisma, moving objects, telepathy, and so on.

This third level of chi power is the big bugaboo, as it is so wildly differing in causes and effects hardly anybody can nail it down. But, it can be nailed down.

The ultimate definition for Chi Power is that it is intention. This can be seen on each of the levels of existence that we are discussing here.

You decide to have a better body, so you start eating proper, non-GMO foods, and you get healthier.

You decide to become a more aware human being, so you take classes in yoga, healing, martial arts…ah, Martial Arts. Be it Karate or Kung Fu, Shaolin or Tai Chi Chuan, this is the best field for becoming aware of the chi power energy flow inside your body. This is because it deals not just with the imagination necessary to become aware of and manipulate chi power energy, but because it has the added reality of dealing with the actions of the universe. Mind you, this is only if you find a martial arts instructor who truly understands this.

You decide to be a magnanimous personality, and you back it up with charitable acts, and the next thing you know, you have charisma. And, you decide to give energy to others, to think and have that thought picked up by another, to move something without touching it.

It is all in the decision…and the intention to make that decision work, that we come to the final and ultimate proof, a proof which IS the definition, of chi power.

If you liked this article on Chi Energy, there is a larger, more detailed chi power description at MonsterMartialArts.com. There is also a book on how to develop Chi Power.

A Method Of Fixing Your Body Using Taekwondo, Kenpo, Aikido Or Any Other Martial Art

A Perfect Martial Arts Body!

I’m going to put a whole bunch of stuff together here, but it’s the straight goods. Stay with me, work your way through it, and you’ll be able to fix your body using the martial arts, and this means virtually any art. Karate, kung fu, taekwondo, aikido, kenpo, any art, and I recommend looking into a discipline such as Yoga.

First, I want you to understand that life is motion. To the extent that something is able to move, it is alive. To the extent that it can’t move, it is dead. This is an important thing to keep in mind when following the advice of this article.

Second, you are Awareness, and you are encapsulated in flesh. You can perceive with and through flesh, but you can’t perceive without Awareness. This is actually the prime factor in virtually all religions, and is core to the construction of the human being.

Third, for this example we’ll assume you have an injured shoulder. Take a push up position, or a modified push up position, and close your eyes. Look through your shoulder.

We are not utilizing the five senses, we are just becoming Aware. Become Aware through your good shoulder, now become Aware through your bad shoulder. This is to say that you should become Aware through your good shoulder, then become Aware through your injured shoulder.

You are actually becoming Aware of your Energy Body here, and you may notice that the two sides of your body are different. What you want to do is make the bad side like the good side simply through the fact of becoming Aware of the differences. Believe me, your body will go to the correct DNA structure without the need for anything other than just becoming Aware.

One last hint, you must relax. You can’t force the body into the proper DNA prescribed structure, all you can do is relax, and let the body/Energy/Mind stop holding the body in the injured position. Finally, do this through your martial arts practice, no matter whether it is Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Hapkido, or whatever, and learn to course the Awareness through any stiff or injured body part, and that’s all there is to it.

Unfortunately, Man has become convinced that he needs doctors, pills, surgery, alternatives, and all that sort of thing. No, you, the spirit, the I Am, the Awareness, is what fixes you. And you can fix yourself of most any injury, or even illnesses, merely by doing the motions of Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, or any other Martial Art, if you simply take the time to become Aware and use the method I advise here.

Yogata () The Yoga Kata is recommended for people wishing to rehabilitate injuries, get stronger, or just get started. Head over over to Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book.