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Karate Chop Cowboy Beats the Burglar Armed with a Gun!

Cowboy Karate Chop Break Burglars Brain!

Karate Chop is more powerful than a gun! Consider the tale of Ervin Brittnacher, who lives just outside Houston, Texas. He is a 79 year old Cowboy, who is  a member of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. One would think that such an oldster is past his prime, his martial arts would be weak, and he would be easy pickings for a criminal, right?


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Ervin Brittnacher

Late one night our Karate Chop cowboy heard his dog barking and got up to investigate. Opening the front door he found one Charles Smith standing there holding a gun.

Ervin had several choices. He could pick up one of his own guns, which stood conveniently next to the door, and blast a hole through the brisket of the burglar…but he decided to take a kindlier route, and did a karate chop to the neck.

The young criminal immediately knew he was in trouble. He started blathering about his girlfriend being there.

Our kindly cowboy actually invited the dope inside to see for himself!

And, end of the story, the police were also invited, and they took Charlie into custody, and to jail, where he was charged with attempted burglary.

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Ervin Brittnacher had never taken Karate, or tae kwon do, or any other martial art, but he is a tough old bird and a natural karate punch, and a knowledge of how to dismember the human body. It didn’t take much for Ervin to put together the karate movies he had seen with what he had to do to defend himself!

Charlie Smith has also never taken martial arts, but he may want to take a karate lesson or two after he gets out of the hoosegow. Honestly, beaten up by an old man!

But that’s the power of the martial arts, and a karate chop, and that’s how one old cowboy took a karate chop to a gunfight and won!

This has been a page about taking a karate chop to a gunfight and coming out on top!

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How To Knock Somebody Out With One Punch…Martial Arts Style

kung fu fistYou may not think you will ever have to knock someone out with one punch, but consider the world you live in. Crime on the rise, kids being taught to be bullies in school, and you’ve got a nice looking girl friend. In a kung fu style, or a karate style, here is how you do it.

First, prepare yourself by doing some good, hard exercises. Hey, work up some perspiration, do calisthenics and lift some weights, make your body hard and fast. You’ll not only get lean and mean, but that good looking girlfriend is going to love you all the more.

Second, practice punching from the ground. This means that you push with the legs, turn the waist into the punch, snap that shoulder around, and pop that fist out as fast as if you are catching flies. Practice doing this, and practice doing it all at the same time.

Third, you don’t want to get your own noggin knocked on the way in; the point here is to make him lay down, not you. So you must develop the ability to move sideways. Make sure you don’t move away from your attacker when you do this, just slide in sideways to set up the fist.

Fourth, practice slapping his hand to the side as you close. Don’t think you aren’t going to get struck in the middle of the action, it happens. But do what you can to minimize the chances of getting your own self knocked down.

Fifth, smack him on the side of the jaw, not on the bony point. You must rock that head hard enough so the brain smacks around inside the skull. Interestingly, while many people recommend putting weight in your punch content, a fist to the jaw should actually be quick and loose, leave impact in his jaw without feeling the shock go back up your arm.

Now, the bonus to this is that you are now set up for a second attack, and he is probably going to be out of position. You floated to the side, now turn the hips and sink the weight and drive a punch down to the pubic area. Hit the top of the thigh bone and he will fall, hit the groin and he will cry, hit the belly and you can knock someone out with a body punch!

In closing, I sure hope nobody reading this article gets put in a position where they will have to strike their fellow human being. In the event that you do, however, make sure you practice the points I have outlined here. Remember, do some drilling in a karate style or a kung fu style, or any martial arts style and you will definitely have the ability to knock someone out with one punch.

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Learn How To Punch Harder and Faster If You Want To Be Good At Kung Fu!

If you want to be good at Martial Arts like Kenpo or Uechi ryu or jujitsu or whatever, you have to learn how to punch harder and faster. That is the not to be denied fact of the matter. And, truth once more, not too many people out there really understand how to punch.

Check out this video, then I’ll give you the actual facts on how to punch harder and faster.

The simple proof behind what I just said is that if you watch a strikeforce match, or an MMA competition, you will often see several statistics. These statistics show how many strikes the fighters threw during the fight, and what percentage of the strikes connected. These statistics usually aren’t too impressive.

Tommy Bigslob throws 243 punches, and 17% connect. That means better than four out of five strikes were wasted. Wasted energy, puts him out of position and opens him for a counter…these are not good statistics.

And, to make the situation even worse, the 40 or so punches that did hit his opponent did not result in a knock out. Look, I’m not expecting a home run with every fist thrown. But I am expecting that if a guy hits his opponent forty times…there should be a few knock outs resulting.

If you really want to knock a guy out there are several items that you should understand. Mind you, what I am about to tell you here is just the icing on the cake, there is a lot more to a martial arts strike. But this should start your mind working.

First, put your entire body into your arm. Your arm might weigh in at 20 pounds, and your body might weigh in at 200. So putting your entire body into your fist missile is crucial if you want to make the connection for the big knock down.

Second, stay aware. I now this sounds silly, but the fact of the matter is that people tend to get dull after taking forty fists to the cranium. If you can remain aware of what is going on, then you stand a better chance of avoiding strikes, and putting together a real fist bomb of your own.

Third, scientifically examine what a punch is. Scientifically understand how your body functions, and what you have to do to make it move in the most efficient manner possible. Education, you see, that’s what the deciding factor is going to be if you want to learn how to punch harder, and if you really want to be good at Kyokushinkai or wing chun or Hapkido or whatever art you happen to love.

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