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Making the Perfect Karate Fist

Punch Harder with a Perfect Karate Fist!

Had a guy write me the other day, a Master Instructor, so I knew he had his smarts on, and he pointed out that I never actually talked about how to make a fist.

karate fistHe was right, and this is a terrible outpoint on my part. There is a zen simplicity to making a fist, and I should have covered this in some of my courses. So let me blog it, then write some articles later, and correct this outpoint.

For a beginner, one should roll the four fingers, then cross them with the thumb. This is like barrel staves held together with a band of iron. Get that picture in your mind when you make a fist, it helps.

The trick is to have a loose fist, then tighten on impact, then loose again. When you tighten that fist you should get the picture of squeezing all ‘space’ out of the fist, condense the muscle and bone to make it heavier when you decide to throw it for real.

For the intermediate student making the fist tight is not as important as aligning all parts of the body behind the fist.

For the advanced student you don’t tighten the fist at all. You leave it loose, and touch your opponent with the ‘stick of your bones.’ This is the ultimate in correct body alignment, and the achievement of putting your whole body into the strike.

Now, there is more to this, but it is all pretty much based on this, so if you follow these instructions you should be off to a good start. Just take your time, practice making the fist, aligning the body, and achieving an effortless strike.

perfect karate fist

This has been about the making of the Perfect Karate Fist.