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Police Show up Too Late…Neutronic Flux Theory

Number one,
the police don’t show up
until after the crime.

you get the car chase
or the cop off duty
being at a bank during a robbery,
but those are oddities.
The fact is,
the police show up after the crime.
They investigate,
they do the bad job
of having to arrest people,
but it is,
mostly and largely
after the crime has been committed.

What am I saying here?
That they shouldn’t be the only ones
to be able to defend themselves.

martial arts policeWould a robber try to rob you
if he knew there was a good chance
you’d knock his block off?
Or even pull a gun
and shoot a hole all the way through him?

The answer,
proven by statistic
is a resounding no.

One instance,
a law was passed,
I believe it was in Florida,
making it easier
to carry a gun,
and the incidence of crime
dropped like a rock in a well!

But it isn’t about guns,
it is about the willingness
and the ability
and the physical condition
to fight back.

Scariest place I ever went
was a slum
down around Compton.
Promotor obviously got a deal
was able to hold a martial arts seminar
in a large building.
300 fellows and gals
were standing in line,
and cars would drive by
filled with gangsters.
they were obvious,
gang tattooed,
drive by

when they passed the building
with 300 fellows and gals in line
all standing with good posture,
strong bodies,
and clean minds
an interesting thing happened…
300 sets of eyes would suddenly turn,
focus on the gangsters,
and the gangsters got
the heck out of there.

There was no way
they wanted to take on
a civilization
that looked them straight in the eye,
didn’t flinch,
and were willing to fight back.

So train your children in kung fu
Be willing to have and use
a gun.
And watch the demise of the bad guy.

let’s jump.
Got a letter,
from Rick C.
he asked some questions
that a lot of people have…

My area of study is Kajukenbo; and based on watching the Matrix Karate DVD last night, I am reasonably sure that matrixing Kajukenbo would be very straight forward. Time consuming, yes, difficult no. I think it would be best to break Kajukenbo into its 7 arts (Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, Kenpo, Boxing, Kung Fu, and Escrima), and matrix each of those. My questions are: do you think that is the right approach? Is there a particular order you think these should be taught in? Do you teach each matrix’d art to completion, then move to the next? And, how does sport karate fit in? And finally; for the traditional forms, would those be one entire section?

Thanks Rick.
Let me take this point by point.
is a classical example
of people trying to matrix,
of people combining everything
and trying to make sense out of it.
this does result in a loss of logical approach,
(even if the art has a good approach,
there won’t be a matrixed and logical approach).
To separate and matrix each art is exactly right,
the smaller the matrix you write
the easier it will be.
Mind you,
even though I used incredibly simple and basic matrixes.
I wound up with a dozen courses plus.
I recommend people go from hard to soft,
linear to circular,
or some other geometrical or physical arrangement
when they put the separate arts in order.
matrix each art to completion,
then go to the next.
While you’re doing the next art,
the previous art will be
‘sinking into your bones,’
giving you depth of art.
You can matrix sport karate,
you should,
but you should remember
even while you do this,
that a sport is not art
for one simple reason…
in a sport you fight somebody else,
in an art you subdue (control) yourself.
for traditional forms,
I teach them after teaching a matrixed form.
They give more depth,
they have advanced techniques,
most important…
you can understand them ten times better
after you have done a matrixed form of the art.

One last thing,
if you decide to matrix all your arts,
do a couple,
then get one of my courses
and compare to what you have done,
and see whether we are on the same page,
if matrixing is holding true,
and so on.
There will be an astounding depth of data
that you will receive
if you do it this way.

I want to go a little neutronic on you.
For you guys and gals
who are newbies to the newsletter,
Neutronics is the study of motion,
it is the science behind the science
of matrixing.

Neutronics includes all martial arts,
and that science of non-motion,
yoga (Yogata).

The reason you work all potentials of motion
is to open all lines of energy
within the body
and thus come to an understanding
of your true body
(what is outside the body)
This is why you should matrix all martial arts
so you can explore all potentials of motion
and thus open all lines of energy
and thus be able to operate your body
at full potential
and enable it to perceive the universe
in the most true fashion.

Okey doke,
told you there was going to be a lot of little things,
and we went from the brutish potential
of handling violence in today’s society,
to heavy duty matrixing,
to the simplicity and purity of Neutronics.

time to wind down
end this
so I (and you)
can go work out.

Let me say you should look into
the Shaolin Butterfly.
Thousands of years of martial arts history
condensed and made logical
in ten simple forms.
This includes two man forms,
endless applications,
and a completely matrixed form of freestyle.
The first guy that ever read the book,
even before I came out with the course,

…in early 2000, I was talking to the owner of a martial arts book store…she asked me to read a small book and see if maybe I could learn anything from it. I looked at the title The Complete Shaolin Butterfly by Al Case.

I took the book home and read thru it and then started to learn the forms. Within a month I was able to do each of the forms well. Then something happened I found myself enjoying the martial arts again.

Then a few months later I had people asking me to teach them this martial art.

A whole art
for thirty bucks,
tell me that wouldn’t be worth it?
if you already know a single art,
you would be effectively doubling your knowledge.

Don’t you want to know twice as much?
And, Gods!
At that low price!
Here’s the URL

The Shaolin Butterfly

Check it out,
spend a couple of months doing it,
and really learn something.

you guys and gals,
time to head off to your work out now,
have a blast,
and throw a few extra kicks and punches
for me.

Talk to you later

monster martial arts


Quotes from Secrets of the Furious Five
(Shifu is meeting a young Tigress at the orphanage)
Shifu: Tigress. I’m Shifu. I am-
Young Tigress: (turning to Shifu, with anger in her voice) Afraid?
Shifu: (Shuts the door to Tigress’ room behind him) No.
Young Tigress: Well, you should be! I’m Tigress! Tigress the monster! (turning away sadly at the wall) The monster no one wants.
Shifu: (firmly but gently) You are not a monster. You’re just a little girl. (Tigress gasps softly. Shifu takes out some dominoes and spreads them out. He holds up a domino) Let us play? (Tigress grabs the domino and, because she cannot control her strength, breaks it, sending a piece flying in the air. Shifu reaches out and catches it, then holds it out for Tigress to see) You must learn to control your strength.
Po: (narrating) And so the training began.

Ultimate Martial Arts Technique Results in Murder!

Hey, I’m not kidding. When I read this I outright laughed. What was weird is that I googled Ultimate Martial Arts Technique and found it.

Young Daniel Strous was attending a Phish concert, rockin’ with the music, swaying in time, when, suddenly, his underwear was grabbed by the back elastic and yanked.

Shrieking like a little girl, Daniel went up on his tip toes, his manhood effectively squashed.

Ha ha. We’ve all done that. What a yock. At least that is what the yanker, Eric Kassoway, thought.

Well, maybe it wasn’t a yock. For months Daniel smoldered over the incident. The shame of his high voice, the pain in his privates. Finally, the cauldron bubbled over.

On June 12 Daniel drove to Eric’s home and waited outside. When  Eric appeared the ultimate wedgie revenge technique was enacted…shots filled the air and Eric fell to the ground, his wedgie pulling days now in regret.

Eric did manage to survive, though he is currently getting therapy. Daniel is on his way to prison.

So, we are left with many questions.

What brand of underwear is so tough it can be used to inflict a wedgie without breaking?

Will Daniel learn a self defense move for the dreaded wedgie attack in prison?

Is readjusting underclothes really cause for murder?

And, most important, why the heck would google pop this article in the first place? Heck, they should have popped up Monster Martial Arts, maybe even selected my article on the ultimate ultimate martial arts fighting championship.



Hells Angels Breaks Boards with Karate Spear Hand!

I know, you’re expecting me to relate some tale where the psychotic Hell’s Angel, hopped up on meth, bit a board in two with his gnarly, decay ridden teeth.

Well, the truth is somewhat different, and most interesting.

I was studying Kang Duk Won Korean Karate in the early seventies. The Hells Angels had come into the news, biker exploitation films had been produced, and everybody was scared.

Interestingly, the Outlaw bikers in the San Jose area studied Karate at the Kang Duk Won. They studied there because it was ‘the most real Karate school around. They were polite, well mannered, and good sparring partners. After all, they were acquainted with violence, and they knew what worked and what didn’t work on the street. For me, in particular, as a naive white boy from suburbia, it was particularly enlightening to take a stance against a giant, bearded maniac with ‘prison eyes.’

Anyway, one day they were filming a documentary about the angels, and they decided to shoot a segment in the Kang Duk Won. So amongst the choppers lining the curb was a truck filled with cameras and lights and stuff.

Ted was six foot four, more muscle than Arnie, and part of the Hells Angels organization. They were going to film him breaking two one inch pine boards with a spear hand.

The boards were placed on two cinder blocks, the cameras were rolling, and KIAAA!

Ted hit the boards, the boards didn’t move, and Ted had broken two fingers.

He didn’t grunt in pain. He just looked at the mangle of his hand and curled a lip in disgust. Then he picked up the first board. It had actually broken cleanly. He picked up the second board, and there was a knothole in it. You couldn’t see the knothole from one side, but on the underside the knothole was visible, and this had kept the break from being successful.

Ted put the knothole board back on the cinder block. He put the first board, broken, back on top. It looked like two boards whole and complete.

He then took a stance, thrust his left hand down with a KIAAA!

The boards separated.

Now, was it fair? I mean, two strikes.

But, of course,t here was the knothole to consider.

And, the fact that he had to have been having some pain in his right hand. Though he didn’t show it.

Anyway, there’s footage of this somewhere, but I sure don’t know where.

But that’s how a Hells Angel breaks a board with a spear hand.

Monster Martial Arts has book and video on the art the Hells Angels of the time were studying. It is called Kang Duk Won.

The Truth About Internet Marketing Martial Arts

Here’s an interesting concept, the internet marketing martial arts you see aren’t always all bad. I’ve seen prison martial arts, urban survival martial arts, even ghetto martial arts and the interesting thing is that they are trying to make sense out of the martial arts.

They don’t always succeed, and some are outright shams, so it’s a buyer beware market. But, the few that do succeed, even though they are sometimes making up some false science method for putting martial arts together, are at least doing something.

Classical arts, you see, are put togethers of systems over centuries. They work, and well, but they are slices of whole art. That is why Kung Fu is different than Karate is different than Aikido, and so on.

But when the Internet marketer puts his experiences together he tries to grab a hold of a central concept and fit everything to the concept.

Well, you can, but it usually ends up being another slice of art. Slanted to look logical, usually based on combat, so it works, but…it’s still a slice.

When I put together Matrixing it wasn’tbecause I was trying to sell a gimmick, I was honestly trying to figure everything out. I filled hundreds of notebooks with different ways of putting together the arts, and always there was something that was left out, that didn’t fit with everything else, and that meant I had to take it all apart and start from scratch. Again and again and again.

It was almost like an accident when I realized what a truth table was out of Boolean algebra, and how to make it work in the martial arts. But that was the beginning of the end of confusion, and the start of actually understanding, and being able to actually share the true art.

There’s immense value in classical arts, but you have to study too many systems to put them all together.

There can be immensevalue in the internet gimmick arts, but all too often you end up with psuedo scientific gobbledegook.

But Matrixing is actually the only science–actual science, complete with concepts and principles–that fits all arts together, makes sense out of everything, and with no exception.

You can check it out at Monster Martial Arts.

Have a great work out.