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The Work Out Before Christmas!



Budo means ‘to put down the spear.’
So whoever you are,
wherever you are,
work out long and hard,
so you can put down the spear
and hug your fellow man.

One of the things that newbies don’t think of,
they are so immersed in their studies,
is what is martial arts good for
after the mat.

It is so much fun to fight,
that they don’t think about the discipline they are building,
and the increased awareness,
and it takes them a while
to figure out what martial arts are good for.

So let me ask you the question…
have you picked up a musical instrument
since you began martial arts?
Or put some poetry down on paper?
Or taken classes in school?
Or done something else that requires
discipline, awareness,
whatever virtue you possess?

One of the things I enjoy is Haiku.
Haiku is a form of poetry,
requires extreme discipline,
and you end up with something like…

the frog on the pad
sees the moon in the water
kills it in one jump

And you think about life before you became aware of it,
whether a frog has awareness
what the moon looked like to that frog
before he attacked it.

This type of thought
is so much more fulfilling
than tweeting.

This type of thought fills your soul,
instead of emptying it.

So make a Hanakwanmass Haiku,
if you will.
Something about a tree
an ornament
a work out
a sword
a present

And think about how you are going to use
that delicious discipline you are building.

think about music
or writing
or painting
or whatever.

How can you express all that discipline and awareness
once you walk off the mat?

Okey dokey,
I know you’ve got family a waiting,
presents to open,
but make sure you take the time to visit the monster.

A glitter of electrons,
a computer present,
jump in.

Hanakwanmass to all!
And a durned fine work out, too.



following is my annual seasonal poetry.
Read it wisely.


Twas the night before Christmas
I was in my shack
primed and ready
for the red fat attack.

my weapons were loaded
the windows were barred
all would be safe
while I was on guard

The chimney was decked
with concertina wire
I crouched by the couch
ready to fire.

I had an M60
with ammo to feed
I didn’t care
if the red fat did bleed.

A loaded shotgun
and grenades to spare
when red fat came down
I’d blow him out of there.

Throwing stars and knives
and a really long sword
and if that didn’t work
I knew a bad word.

Sitting there late
my eyes started to close
when suddenly I heard
a bunch of ho hos.

Off with the lights
safety off, too
I  watched the fire close
and heard a sound from the flu.

‘Ouch and gosh darn it
who put the wire here
those are my undies
starting to tear!’

Then a shower of soot
and a grunt and a groan
he landed in the fire
and gave out a moan.

He was rubbing the place
where the wire did tear
so I held down the trigger
and lead filled the air.

belt after belt
did I deal the red fat
he danced and he jumped
I knew he felt that!

then quicker than spit
I ran out of lead
but enough was enough
he had to be dead.

Boy was I shocked
to see him stand tall
stepping out of the fireplace
not bothered at all.

So I grabbed up the 16
to mow him down
he had to be hurting
cause I saw his big frown.

Then I was empty
and he came straight for me
I pulled out my knives
and sliced him with glee

He jumped to the side
moving real quick
disarmed my knives
with a well placed kick

then he dropped the big bag
he had on his shoulder
reached forth his arms
and his anger did smolder

He grabbed hard my neck
and held me up high
I tried kicks and punches
but I was like a fly

Not karate nor judo
no art did work
and he grinned a mean grin
and called me a jerk

‘Don’t you know
you stupid little man
Christmas is forever
in spite of your plan.’

Then he threw me aside
and proceeded to work
giving presents to all
and to me a great smirk

And when he left
the great big red fat
he left me a lump of coal
the big red fat rat!


and to all
have a great work out.


Church of Martial Arts About to be a Reality!

Monkeyland…Here We Come!

Great Day in Paradise!
Monkeyland may be as little as two weeks away.
that’s worth a dozen work outs!
So here is the URL so you can take a look at this gem in the wilderness.


Give the page time to load,
there’s a couple of large pictures.
And make sure you hit the FB LIKE button at the top of the page!

martial arts discipline

The Church of Martial Arts!

let’s talk about Monkeyland.
Let’s talk about how it got started,
how it developed,
and how it is going to progress.

First, I wrote a book,
and it is called Monkeyland,
and the tagline is…
‘Another word for Freedom!’

It is a story of war and corruption and disaster and man’s inhumanity to man.
after five books,
there is a sublime message,
one that forgives the thought of war
if we can only understand ourselves,
transform ourselves…
mankind has hope.

I kept working out,
developing matrixing,
nibbling into Neutronics,
and I started thinking about a real Monkeyland.

A place where people were free to be themselves,
without the regulations and intrusions of government,
without the interference and distractions of evil people.
A place where the martial arts could flourish,
and people could experience what the true martial art was like.
A place where people could be free.

And I used to sit and wonder,
How the heck was I supposed to pull this off?
How could I make this happen?
And I mentioned Monkeyland in the newsletter.

Frank was one of the first people I ever taught matrixing to.
Back about 1984 we locked ourselves in the dojo
and worked out until he was a black belt.
Frank read the newsletter,
and he had his own bad case of good dreams.
He wanted a place where, among other things,
he could escape the grind of a society going bad,
where GMO could be defeated,
where solid stock, animal and human both,
could be raised.
And our dreams were going in the same direction.

It took a couple of years, some very intense negotiating,
a bunch of hoops to jump through,
but within a couple of weeks we will be on the land.
A ranch free from the contaminations of society.
A Church where people can be encouraged to plumb their depths,
find the true art that is within themselves,
is their inherent nature,
just waiting to come to the surface.

Of course,
there is going to be an immense amount of work,
we are in the right time,
and the right place.

Did you know that people actually love to work?
The country only gets depressed when people aren’t working.

Did you know that people love to solve problems?
With a government telling them no,
with a society of political correctness,
where you have to ask permission to pee in ocean,
people are miserable.

But set them free,
tell them to build something,
tell them that nobody is going to stop them,
and you have paradise each and every single day.

Did you know that some people love the martial arts?
Yes, it’s true,
the brighter and more industrious members of mankind all LOVE the martial arts.

What better gift to the best on earth
than to give them a place where they can let loose their talents,
change the path of mankind,
elevate ALL martial arts!

more to come,
I’ll probably have to set aside a separate section of the newsletter
just to deal with the happenings at Monkeyland.

remember this…
if you are a true martial artist,
if you want to find the truth of yourself,
and if you are willing to work your fingers to the bone,
then you have a bed up here.

Within the month I should have some sort of plans started
to enable visits and instruction and even some possible live in arrangements.

let me say this right now,
study your matrixing.
When you come to visit,
the first thing we’ll do is check out your matrixing.

If you can do your Matrix Karate,
right out of the box,
then we won’t have to spend time teaching you things you should already know,
and we can get right into the deeper teachings.

So here’s the URL for Matrix Karate…

And in a future newsletter
I’ll lay out the complete sequence of study.
But for now,
it all starts with Matrixing.
Matrixing led me to Monkeyland,
and it’s going to bring you here, too.

thanks to all,
and special thanks to Frank,
and I’ll be talking to you later.
Have a great work out!



Dividing the Martial Arts into Two Pieces

Martial Arts from Two Sides!

People outside the martial arts are unaware of what I am going to tell you, except in the most shallow way, yet it is crucial to understanding the world.

The beginning martial artist, no matter if it is Karate or Kung fu or whatever, becomes aware of this datum quickly, and follows it to enlightenment.

martial arts truth

Two Sides to the Martial Arts!

There are two sides to everything.

First, there are the two sides of a technique. Karate or Kung Fu, you have to do it on both the right and the left sides.

Then, there are the two sides of the arm, your inward block goes to the right or the left, becoming an outward block. This grows to be two sides of the body, and one starts to explore the actual choice of techniques according to which way he decides to view an incoming force.

Time becomes before and after, an odd way of looking at two sides of time. This realization comes about the time of Black Belt, and the unfortunate fact is that this is where people usually end their questing. If they were to continue they would find some very interesting stuff.

An opponent becomes a mirror for oneself, and now one is deeply into the martial arts. Though becomes a projection mirrored by the opponent, and a way to determine motion before it happens.

At this point a martial artist has become a master, and thinks that is the end. But growing awareness need not end; there is no limit to the size of the human being.

Thus, if one was to actually make the right connections, he would see that the universe is a motor.

Right to left is a motor, and the tan tien can be activated by transferring energy between the two.

Body to planet is a motor, and energy can be created by the ton if one understands how that motor works.

Mind to reality is a motor, and the creation of futures is the product of that imagination.

But, we come back to the one simple fact: does the person actually seek? Ir is he just trying to beat people up, or be cool, or win trophies, or some other shallow motivation.

Mind you, these shallow motivations might be useful for getting a beginner onto the Path of the True Martial Art. But if not abandoned, then they simply become one more trap limiting ones exploration of the martial arts, and through the martial arts…the self.

Here is a great article which tells you about the actual procedure of seeking in the martial arts. You can also head over to the Church of Martial Arts and do some real seeking.

Learn Zombie Kung Fu or Get Your Face Eaten Off!

The ultimate argument for learning Zombie Kung Fu occurred in Miami when a naked fellow by the name of Rudy Eugene ate a homeless man’s face. Rudy, it appears, ingested a drug called ‘bath salts.’ This street concoction fried his brain, and he decided to go McDonalds on the face of Ronald Poppo.

martial arts work out

Do this to a Zombie’s face!

Ronald, unfortunately, didn’t know Zombie Kung Fu.

What is the self defense move for somebody trying to eat your face off?

Head butt? Eat back?

The fact is that drugs do make zombies; drugs kill brains, and the unbrained ones then do whatever they wish, which, in this case, involved making a happy meal out of some poor schmucks nose and cheeks and stuff.

It is estimated that more than 80% of America is on drugs. This includes prescription drugs, street drugs, but not alcohol, coffee, or the like.

The word drug comes from a french word, drogue, which refers to barrels used to hold medicinal herbs.

The purpose (one of the purposes) of drugs is to cause unawareness so that medical attention can be given.

Modern times drugs are referred to as dope, and the prime purpose is to give joy through stupidity.

Kung Fu, on the other hand, or any good martial art such as taekwondo, krav maga, jujitsu,a nd so on, imparts awareness. People actually get smarter. Their bodies tedox, their brains wake up, and they start actually thinking, and can even attain enlightenment, which is the highest expression of the thought process in a human being.

That one does become smarter is proven by the fact that people who study Kung Fu don’t eat other peoples faces off.

Thus, studying an art like Hung Gar or Preying Mantis or wing Chun will not only make a person smarter, better able to handle the world, and so on, it will give him recourse in the event that a zombie tries to eat his face.

While the self defense techniques for specific zombie attacks have not been categorized or explored in any detail, it is obvious that an aware person will have enough presence of mind to kick an unaware person in the nuts using zombie Kung Fu.

zombie kung fu



Kung Fu Stops Suicide and Saves Lives!

Use Your Kung Fu Today!

Speaking of Kung Fu, I remember reading about a kid in China some hundred years ago. He was depressed with life, didn’t want to go on, so he hung himself from a tree. He’s hanging there, swaying, choking his last breath out, and some old fellow comes along and cuts the rope.

kung fu fighting
All Arts ascend, coast, and descend!

This was more than this kid’s lucky day, for the old fellow was a kung fu expert. He took the kid home and taught him the martial arts, and the kid went on to become quite famous, started his own system, and so on. This is a drastic example, but it is not alone. The martial arts are filled with tales of kids who were trouble makers being rescued by training in the martial arts. The martial arts, be them kung fu or karate or whatever, give discipline. Discipline that a child won’t accept at home, he will accept when it is self generated. Further, the no nonsense physical exercise gets a kid to feeling his body, and he/she suddenly realizes how much fun a body is. The mind then starts to get stronger, and the spirit follows right along. At the heart of the martial arts is the desire to survive. To live. To be in charge of the universe. This is at the heart of all life, so it is no wonder that the martial arts works the wonders that it does. Now, on the other side, pills don’t work. They unbalance the body, they don’t fix the body, and any gains are usually pretty temporary. So my advice, when you have a child who is miserable, and that means anything from lackadaisical, unfocused, meandering to hot headed or depressed or just generally unhappy, is get him or her into the martial arts. Don’t threaten, don’t cajole, don’t use the martial arts as a carrot or stick (if you don’t get good grades I’ll take away your martial arts!), they are a lifestyle that fixes, that enhances, that makes a person better physically, mentally and spiritually. I am quite serious when I say that good kung fu, or karate or aikidoi or whatever, stops suicides and saves lives. kung fu

Three Important Points of True Shaolin Kung Fu Training

The benefits of true Shaolin Kung Fu training are absolutely incredible. The key to gaining all these benefits, of course, are to do the training properly. After all, you could have the choicest hunk of meat in the world, but cook it improperly and you’ll have a charcoal mess.

shaolin kung fuWhen one is learning the movements one should make sure that the body is moved as one unit. Six Harmonies Boxing is fond of advocating that one should move the fist with the foot, the knee with the elbow, and the hips with the shoulders. This is sound advice, which tends to isolate body parts even as it brings them together.

As for the hands and feet, one should step or twist into a stance in conjunction with the starting and stopping of the hand movement. For the knees and elbows, one should properly align the body when doing any movement. For the hips and shoulderes, move them together and you will be putting all your body weight into whatever motion you are doing.

Second of the three points of Shaolin Kung Fu training is to use the waist when turning. This advice begins where the advice about shoulders and hips ends. The point here is to use the waist to turn the body, don’t turn the limbs first and expect the body to follow.

If you move the limbs first, the body weight is following, instead of projecting, and this tends to separate weight from action. Separating weight from action robs the strike or block of any real power. If one studies this concept, and applies it diligently, they will end up developing the chi power for which shaolin kung fu is so famous.

Last of the three advices has to do with proper breathing. There is a general rule that one should breath in when the body contracts, and out when the body expands, but there is more to it than just that. One must breath, and use that breath to guide awareness into the body part being used.

To make this happen one should ‘swim with awareness’ when moving the body. This means to push the hands as if moving great weights, sometimes looking like one is swimming through molasses. Of course, this last is more in tune with some of the internal manifestations of Shaolin Kung Fu training, but that is okay.

In conclusion, these are three very important items that many people neglect, or simply just don’t understand. Yet they are key to one’s real progress in the martial arts disciplines. Harmonize the body parts, use the whole body, and put breath awareness into your movements, that is the simple and obvious secret of true Shaolin Kung Fu Training.

kung fu training

Shaolin Vs Wudan: The Battle Between External Martial Arts And Internal Martial Art

There are people that actually think there is a huge difference between the external martial arts and the internal martial art. They think that there is some kind of battle going on between Shaolin and Wudan, that Shaolin students lay in wait for Tai Chi Chuan students. This, of course, is rather silly. Check out the video and then I’ll tell you about it.

There is a development from internal to external. This development can easily be understood, and in both time and geometry. Understanding this growth of art will make you a better and much more knowledgeable martial artist.

Shaolin was the first of the martial arts. Before then it was probably just practice killing people mindlessly. Shaolin, however, elevated the fact of killing to an art form, and exposed the truth of the human spirit in its teachings.

Both Wing Chun Kung Fu and Preying Mantis developed at about the same time, and probably from Shaolin. Though there are differences in these arts, they worked on the notion of shifting the arms in the same direction as the attack. They brought about the idea of guiding the attack, thus initiating the pathway towards the softer arts.

Interestingly, the truly soft arts, the internal methods such as Tai Chi Chuan and Pa Kua Chang, evolved at different rates and in different fashions. Tai Chi, if you believe certain histories, was grown over a thousand years, eventually making its way to the Wudan temple. Pa Kua Chang, on the other hand, whether you believe the histories or not, was probably the joining of Shaolin and a rare religion which espoused walking in a circle and chanting.

Pa Kua Chang advocates circle walking, or evading, and thus the body is moved away from the attacker. There is a common thread between moving the body away, and manifesting the characteristics of energy in the soft arts. The progression of Pa Kua Chang leads one directly to this link.

Tai Chi Chuan, on the other hand teaches one to maintain a specific position in space, and makes the body go away from the attack. This seems to be an even more direct and stronger link, though this statement in no way reflects on which art is superior. When viewing the various eastern disciplines, and putting them in a more logical sequence, one should never raise one art over another, but rather view them as parts of the same puzzle.

In conclusion, there is a definite progression from ’emptying the body’ to ’emptying the mind,’ and to the abilities manifested by a soft martial artist. This is the progression from hard to soft, or from internal martial arts to external martial art of which I speak. And, one should study all arts, compiling and categorizing them into one art, and this would be the true and complete fighting discipline.

To fully understand this progression from Shaolin to internal martial art head to Monster Martial Arts.