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Gordon Liu, Cal Worthington, and the Most Powerful Punch in ALL the Martial Arts

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Gordon Liu, Cal Worthington, and the Most Powerful Punch in ALL the Martial Arts

Let’s talk about perfection in your work outs.

I’m pretty lucky.

I grew up through the so called

golden age of martial arts.



I think the golden age is just over the hill,

we’re on the cusp of great things,

things that the ancient masters would eat their hearts out for.


in this golden age of martial arts

were some wild ass chop sockies.

Chop sockies are the name we’ve given kung movies

of the seventies and eighties.

Special effects consisted of trampoline kicks,

and the most terrible acting imaginable.

But for a country that had no martial arts

this was the holy grail.

Gordon Liu was the ringleader

of this massive influx of kung fu.

‘Thirty-six Chambers of Death,’

you know?


one night I was watching late TV.

During the eighties

late night was supported by Cal Worthington.

Stick with me now,
I’m going to take a little trip…

Cal Worthington sold cars on late night TV.

He would put a tiger on the hood of a car

and call it his dog ‘spot.’

One day I needed to buy a car,

so I headed over to Cal Worthington’s place,

kids and wife in tow.

Now Cal had a song that played on TV.

The song went…

‘Go see Cal, Go see Cal, Go see Cal!’

And I didn’t know that my two boys couldn’t understand the song,

and had replaced Cal’s lyrics with their own.

So we hoped out of the car

a bunch of sales men were leaning against a nearby car,

and one of my boys went up to them

and asked if this was really where Cal Worthington  lived.

The salesman smiled and said yes.

My boys immediately launched into their own version of the Cal song.

‘Pussy Cal, Pussy Cal, Pussy Cal!

Needless to say,

the salesman were lying on the ground and holding their guts.

They couldn’t stop laughing.

I tried to get one to stop laughing.

I said, ‘We need a car.’

Between laughs he said, ‘I don’t care!’

And the laughter started up again.


that was a long way to go,

but here’s the thing,

amongst those bad, old movies that Cal supported

was a little gem called, ‘Mad Monkey Kung Fu.’

At three in the morning,

one summer night,

I was watching that thing,

and the hero gets his ass kicked,

and he is training in this weird stuff called Monkey Kung Fu,

and suddenly I see the training gimmick.

He hits with his outstretched fingers,

then, without retracting his hand,

he goes forward with his knuckles,

then, without retracting his hand,

he goes forward with his fist.

I looked at that.

I started going around the house,

hitting walls, doors, anything that was a surface.

Fingers, knuckles, fist…

Fingers, knuckles, fist…

Fingers, knuckles, fist…


I knew it was a movie gimmick.

I knew it was bogus,

but I couldn’t stop practicing it.

Fingers, knuckles, fist…


over the course of months

I tweaked that sucker into different forms,

explored different timings,

and things started to happen.

When I began kenpo,

back in 1967,

I used to hang a piece of cardboard,

and strike it with a backfist.


I was able to make hole on the cardboard,
but I stopped because there was no place to go.
I make a hole and…so what?

What was the next step?

years later,
I found the Mad Monkey Punch,

and this obsession gripped me again,

‘and over the months I began to put holes in things.
pieces of drywall,


everything is connected in this universe.

somebody touches your little toe,

and even the hairs on your head feel it.

When I started practicing the Mad Monkey Punch

I was already at the point
where I could make holes in cardboard with a backlist,

and I could do push ups on two straight fingers.

And, I had done  a ton of Tai Chi,

Tai where I shifted the body back and forth,

causing weight to go back and forth,

causing a feeling of energy going back and forth,

like water in a  bathtub,

as it were,

and I suddenly began putting that into a fist.

Here is the equation:
Kenpo snapping backfist.

Push ups on two perfectly straight fingers.

The Mad Monkey Punch.

Tai Chi sloshing around inside my karate body.


a fist that can penetrate the body.

There are three depths when striking,

strike the skin,

hitting as hard as you can,

but leaving no pain.

strike the muscle,

causing bruise.

strike the bone

causing the bones to shiver and break.

I sometimes am teaching people,

and when I want to make a point,

I strike for the bone.

The students INSTANTLY crumple up.

They jump back and rub their shoulder,

and wonder how the heck an old man can hit so hard.

I don’t hit so that the body is flung back,

in fact,

I hit and the body doesn’t go anywhere,

it is just revulsed from the introduction of total body invalidation,
invalidation that the student can feel
from the little toe
to the hairs on his head..

Sometimes you can see me do this kind of punch on videos,

but not often.

I’ll have to shoot a video on it,
showcase it for you.

it really is easy,

but it took a long time to develop,

especially since I didn’t know what I was doing.

And I really didn’t know what I was doing,

but it was like I was caught in a current,

and bouncing off significant rocks,

until an idea or two formed in my head.


Everything in the universe is totally connected,

but it takes awareness to see it.

The martial arts grow that awareness,

but you have to have patience,

and a wee bit of faith.


I hope I have inspired a few of you

to explore some of these things,

snapping backfists
totally straight two finger push ups,

mad monkey punches

tai chi until you are sloshing bathtub of energy.

Or maybe something I’ve said

has connected with something you already know,

or caused a spark to happen,

or something.

You know,

if you wish to know what I know,

to tap into my 50 years of martial arts obsessing,

it’s all in the videos and books.

Try this one…


That’s a book written on punching.

A whole book,

listing ALL the exact methods I used,

how I figured out the sequence of energies,

to make a perfect punch,

and the exact drills I did.


there’s three books bundled here,

read about the other two at the bottom of this page.


Thanks for being martial artists,

and have a great work out!




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How to Punch Harder and Faster with Martial Arts Strength Training Exercise

Old Muscle Building Method Makes for a Super Hard Punch!

I mean that literally, you can have a hard punch in days. The old body building method is called Dynamic Tension, and it was used by the old comic book guys like Charles Atlas and Joe Weider. It is actually still sold today.

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

From hard style martial arts to soft style, this is how to build your chi power…

dynamic tension muscle building for martial arts

How does this compare to modern strength building martial arts exercises?

Interestingly, Chuck Atlas made his millions in the pages of comic books. He had ads that ran for years, and he even beat the Great Depression. His most famous ad, a bully kicking sand in a lads face at the beach, actually happened to him when he was a youth, and inspired him to create his world famous method for building muscles.

I was acutely aware of the comic book ads, liking comics and being a skinny weakling when I was young. I suppose, in some way, I answered the comic book ad when I took up the study of the martial arts. And, serendipity, amongst the forms I learned was one which dealt with Mr. Atlas’ form of shaping the body.

The pattern was supposedly a variation of a Wing Chun form. I don’t recall what we called it, but I do recall the hours spent on one specific movement in the form. That one movement made my punch get stronger and stronger and stronger.

When you do the move, take a back stance and cross the wrists in front of you. Press wrist against wrist, and slowly slide the wrists past each other. Let the power build, then let the hands snap off each other and execute a punch.

It’s best to punch with the rear hand, and let the front hand come back across the chest. It is also good to simultaneously press your feet against one another in the back stance. Then, when you release the hands, you can release the stance and really cover ground.

The muscles tend to build fast, and you’ll notice an increase in strength I would say within seven days. Over time you will notice the working parts of your arms and legs are getting denser and better shaped. And, in conjunction with the thrusting forward of the whole body, you are going to have some kind of powerful strike.

Obviously, you can tailor this exercise for other body parts, other types of strikes and blocks, and your body should get in fantastic shape. I’ll tell you this, one look at your chiseled physique and nobody is going to try to kick sand in your face. And that is how an old body building method can give you a hard punch in literally days.

About the Author: Al Case began martial arts in 1967. He studied such arts as Kenpo, Karate, Wing Chun, Aikido, Norther Shaolin Kung Fu, Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Ku Chang and various weapons. He became a writer for the martial arts magazines in 1981, and had his own column in Inside Karate. Check out his course on increasing Chi Power.

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A Powerful Punch that Has More Power Than a Shotgun Blast to the Face!

When I read that headline, which compared a hard fist to a shotgun blast to the face, I laughed, and I groaned. I laughed because it was so over the top that it would pull in tons of readers. I groaned because it is so far away from what a real Powerful Punch is.

The headline came from one of these internet pages. You know the ones I’m talking about. They hit you with the headline, then splash you with ‘Gee, I’m like you,’ and if you give me money you can kill the bullies.’

Now, aside from the fact that killing, even of a bully, is a little frowned upon, there is the misrepresentation of what a punch is. Do you know how much power there is in a shotgun blast? Do you know how much roid rage you’d have to incur to actually punch somebody in the face as hard as a load of buckshot?

And, if you were fighting ten guys, would you be able to get that much rage, and sustain it through hitting ten guys in the face? Can you see that this overkill is not really logical? Can you see that it plays to the emotional child within, offering a solution that is pure comic book?

I’ve written probably a hundred thousand words on how to punch. I’ve written these words in taekwondo articles and kung fu books, and, beyond that spoken a few hundred thousand words on the subject in martial arts DVD courses. So let me give you the real skinny on what a punch is.

Body alignment. Intention. Using as little energy as possible.

Go on, read that last paragraph again, because it says it all. On one of my courses I teach a fellow how to punch. No, it’s not three months of only punching, it is only five minutes of how to punch at the beginning of some twenty odd lessons, and concentrating on how to actually accomplish those three concepts I mentioned in the last paragraph.

The punching part of the lesson is four minutes and fifty seconds of working, until he understands, and the next lesson is four minutes and forty seconds of working, and then four minutes and thirty seconds until he understands, and so on, until he finally does his perfectly aligned, intense, effortless punch the first time. Personally, I don’t think training somebody to launch a shotgun blast to the face is very much fun, or very efficient; I would much rather train him how to make a powerful punch with no effort, a perfectly aligned body, and the correct knowledge of what a punch is.

I teach the correct method for how to punch in the Three Month Black Belt course. Check it out at Monster Martial Arts.

Making a Strong Punch in the Martial Arts Out of Nothing

A Strong Punch is Filled with Spirit and Conviction!

Much to do about nothing, eh? That’s the key to a really strong punch in the martial arts. Of course, it’s not like what it appears to be. Nothing ever is.
You see, a punch is a decision. Nothing less, nothing more. You watch a couple of fellows in boxing or MMA, and they punch and they punch, but there is never a knock out. So was a punch ever really thrown?
In the martial arts, the classical, unmixed variety, you practice the form, you drill and you drill, and you concentrate on putting energy and intention into the punch. Eventually, you realize what a punch is, and at that point you believe in it, and, at that point you can start making other people believe in it.
Sadly, most people are obsessed with images, big muscles, what they are wearing, and they don’t really examine the nuts and bolts of a punch and find out what makes it tick.
Not much you can say to that, because the human being has to evolve to see it, and he won’t evolve unless he starts doing those classical forms, examining his structure, aligning his motions, and finding out the precise thought that is behind a punch.
If you really want a strong punch, pop on over to Monster Martial Arts and take a look at ‘The Punch.’ It’s a veritable doctoral thesis on what a punch really is. Nobody has ever looked at a punch like this, and it should give you the idea behind a punch. And pick up the free book on the home page while you’re there.

Building Blocks and Powerful Punches that Break Hearts!

Here is an oddity, building blocks will give you powerful punches. Check out this Pan Gai Noon video, and then I’ll tell you a story of real pain.

My most unfavorite Karate drill was the Eight Step Blocking Drill. You just did eight blocks in a row, forearm to forearm, bashing your way to bruises.
I loved the rest of the class, but I hated that martial arts drill. Fortunately, it only lasted a couple of minutes, so i would weather it, then continue on with the good stuff.
As I went up the ranks I noticed that this few minutes a couple of times a week was changing my blocks. They were getting harder and harder. Against my own belt level they stayed the same, pain and agony and I hated them. But the few times I was paired up with a lower belt, or had to teach a white belt, I would block and they would cringe.
Now, isn’t that interesting? I thought only the guys ahead of me could hurt people with their blocks!
Time went on, and I noticed that my punches were getting infected with this power. A couple of times I even had to be cautioned about hitting too hard! Me? Punching too hard? But I was just a high school kid and I thought everybody was stronger than me and I shrunk away from the idea of fighting because…because..I could hurt somebody with my punch? Now that was novel!
Now, over forty years later, I have to be extremely careful when I do a Karate block or karate punch somebody. I raise bruises, I threaten to break arms, and my punch seems to go right through…and sometimes I run an arm up the bone in my forearm. I feel all these little bumps, bone bruises that must have calcified, and I know that the drill that I hated the most is responsible for giving me blocks that work, and unstoppable, powerful punches. If you want some mugger busting, thug smashing power in your fists, drop by Monster Martial Arts and have a ball!

Karate Strike to Face Results in Death Row!

Close Combat Self DefenseI was always told that there was one Karate Strike that was so bad you would kill somebody, and end up on death row, if you used it.

I heard this first as a rumor, then Karate instructors told me about it, and I always wondered if such a thing was so deadly, why weren’t the newspapers filled with stories of murder, why weren’t the hospitals and morgues filled with victims. I mean, it seemed the easiest martial arts technique in the world!

I am talking about the palm heel to the nose.

The story goes that if you strike somebody up the nose with your palm heel, the nose will shatter, and the nose bone will break loose and be driven in to the brain, and there will be death.

Well, of course! A nasty splinter of a bone driving right through the brain?

But, of course, the hospitals weren’t full, and people with bone punctured brains weren’t filling the morgues, and then I realized something: there is no bone in the nose.

Look at it. Look at a skull. Where the nose is is a hole! The nose is made of cartilage,. Cartilage is soft connective tissue, it is not bone, it is spongy. So when somebody talks about hitting the hose so hard the bone breaks and splinters are driven into the brain, just think of hitting somebody in the nose with a sponge. And no Karate chop, karate punch, nor karate strike of any kind, is going to cause such a case of death that you go to death row.

If you want to put science in your karate strike, check out ‘The Punch,’ at Monster Martial Arts.

Putting Intention into Your Strike Makes for the Most Powerful Punch in the World

When I wrote my first article, back in 1981, I talked about putting intention into a strike. Intention makes for the quickest, lightest, most powerful punch in the world, and yet nobody knows how to do it. The odd thing is that though I have almost no duplicate material in any of my courses–I rarely repeat myself, and I despise people who just sell the same old same old repackaged goods–I always include a couple of pages on the exact three powers one has to combine to create the fourth power, which is intention. I have seen people talk about one power, or the other power, but never all four powers, and never about the process of combining the three powers into the fourth power. It is just something that nobody knows. Here’s a win from one of my internet students concerning this point…

– I realized why I never felt that I was using enough muscles in my punches, even though my punches felt like they were perfect strikes – I was punching with intention and didn’t need to use much muscle

He didn’t need muscle. Muscle isn’t wrong, it’s good to have a well tuned, finely trimmed body. BUT…having the most powerful punch in the universe doesn’t depend on muscle. It depends on having a specific knowledge which is easy to learn, but which everybody has overlooked.

Here’s a page about how to get The Most Powerful Punch on Earth, but I really wish you’d look around the site and find a whole art for your entry into Matrix Martial Arts.

Win #45