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Nine Square Diagram Boxing is Hot Off the Presses!

Newsletter 1001

Two Things this week.
First, a new Master Instructor
Second, a new book.
Great times, eh!?

Congrats to Master Instructor Akram Mashni
I am a little late in announcing Akram,
my apologies.
Akram is from South America,
makes it even juicier for me,
I love it when Matrixing goes world wide.
Well done Master Instructor Akram,
and thank you.
You have made the world a better Martial Arts place.

And, second,
I just published…

The Last Martial Arts Book.

This book is really a tour de force.
It really brings everything together.
And, just to let you know,
I began this book, actually,
around 50 years ago.
If you have the
Crate Your Own Art course,
the book on that course is the inspiration.
After 50 years this is what I came up with.
And, just to let you know,
before I wrote it I filmed over 200 segments
on Matrix Tai Chi Chuan
The fellows who subscribed
to the Monkey Boxing video newsletter
have seen the whole sequence,
and their reaction was quite good.
I simply matrixed Tai Chi and went through
every possible form,
did all the applications.
Took me over 200 segments,
a couple of years.
It was massive.

read the full write up,
it uses matrixing to create a complete art.
The art is done Tai Chi style,
or Kung Fu style or Karate style.
It is sweet and simple.
It is taught modular fashion,
so the 9 forms/techniques fit together
and make the most logical
and scientific martial art
that has ever been created.

I really did a good thing here.

If you want it paperback the link is…

If you want the digital download…

I have to tell you,
I make more money on the digital,
but I recommend the paperback.
Every martial artist should have a complete library,
and that library should not be prone to computer crashes,
electromagnetic pulses,
or any other such inconvenience.

congrats to you,
and everybody…GO GET THAT BOOK!
One of the best things I have ever done.
And don’t forget to give me five stars…it helps.

Have a great work out!


The Key to Enlightenment!

Another fantastically rainy day,
another chance to work out.
Inside or out…
you have to work out.
Make sure you wear your galoshes,
when you try to perfect that wheel kick.

one of the most fascinating concepts
I have ever come across,
involves the reflection of the moon
in a pond.

If the water is distorted,
you get an imperfect reflection.
If you can still the waters,
you can suddenly realize
that it is a moon you are looking at
and you suddenly realize the source of the reflection,
and you look up
and there it is.

But the waters that need to be stilled are in your mind.
It is your thoughts that have to be stilled.
If your thoughts are stormy,
then you see life imperfectly,
and you react to it,
slash out,
hurt the ones you love.

The martial arts still the thoughts.
At first,
it is just the rigor of the work out,
you get too tired to stir the waters,
and you experience a moment of calm.
You actually feel this concept…satisfaction,
and it is something that doesn’t just happen,
you can make it happen.

you start to realize that it is not just a work out,
it is not just getting too tired to be contentious,
it is the fact that you can control the ebb and flow of your mind.

You don’t have to get angry when somebody wants to insult you.
You’ve faced some pretty big monsters on the mat,
the biggest of which was yourself,
and now you look at the insult
as if it is a really odd thing.

You just ran into somebody
who is the way you used to be.
Causes one to think.

you realize the sheer and utter joy
of just looking at the world.
No thoughts at all.
Just a true and accurate perception.
Just sitting there,
and the world is.

That is when you become the moon.
That is when you achieve enlightenment–
you are the source of perception,
and that makes you the source of life.

God is love?
Well, sure.
That’s a good one to describe you.
I like that.

The thing that has happened here,
you see,
is that you have reversed yourself.
You changed.
And therefore life changed.

The key to it all is to reduce thought.
Do your form without a single thought.
Just do it.
there are concepts of creating energy,
tractoring the feet,
launching lightening bolts,
and all that sort of thing,
but they are concepts you are fulfilling.
They are not original thoughts,
they are just prescribed actions.

Can you do those actions without any thought?
Just fulfill the action?
Just be the thought inside the form,
and not have any thoughts of your own?

You see,
to wonder when the movie is playing,
to think about whether tacos are better than burritos,
those are just surface thoughts,
entertainments without meat.
A thought is actually a moment of inspiration,
like as not,
that inspiration will give rise to a sequence of prescribed actions.

the method of the martial arts are a sequence of prescribed actions.
If you can fulfill the prescribed actions without any ‘surface thoughts,’
then you have found the true martial art.
You have found yourself,
you are not a reflection in the water,
you are the moon,
and there is no wind that can disturb you.

an announcement,
the yearly rendition of
The Night Before Christmas
will be in the next newsletter.
Pull on your camouflage socks,
put thumbtacks in your muzzle loader,
we’re gonna take no prisoners!

Xmas special.
My present to you.
$5 off any course.

I don’t have any buttons or coupons set up.
this is how you do it.

Select a course.
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only until Xmas.
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Okay guys,
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but only use it
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Hanakwanmass to all!


Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.~Thich Nhat Hanh

You betcha! ~Al Case

There’s something amazing about the passion of youth and its power to sustain. If there’s a more powerful energy source, I don’t know about it.~Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata

There’s something amazing about the passion of youth and its power to sustain. If you want to sustain this power source, simply do the martial arts. ~Al Case

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.~Carol Burnett

Only I can change my life, and martial arts makes the change so incredibly enjoyable ~Al Case

Send me your wins!

Win #38–The Skinny on the Butterfly Shaolin Kung Fu

I get a lot of wins like the one just following…

Hey Al,
        Hope all is well with you I was reading through some of your articles and was wondering if you have anything on your Butterfly Palm Kung Fu? Will there be anything in the future? A lot of good stuff on your site and I have thoroughly enjoyed pouring over it thus far. I am starting to save my pennies so you can expect an order fairly soon.
Take care and God Bless!

I studied Karate, Tai Chi, Pa kua, Aikido, Wing Chun, and lots of other stuff. Oddly, I had never studied Shaolin. Then this guy walks into my school, we end up exchanging systems, and I get a fair amount of Fut Ga Saholin, which is pretty much the same as Hung Gar, Choy Le Fut, or that ilk of classical Shaolin.
The Butterfly is a condensation of the concepts and principles I learned, and put together on a different and more logical footwork. Makes it quicker and easier to learn, and you get to tap into that classical Shaolin Power.
That’s theskinny on the Butterfly Shaolin Kung Fu, and have a great day…

Pick up a free martial arts book here.