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Finding the Best Online Martial Arts Instruction

What to Look For in Online Martial Arts Instruction

For part one of this article, go to How to Teach Yourself Martial Arts.

online martial arts

When looking for the best online martial arts instruction you need to assess three things. Continue reading

What style of Martial Arts Does Superman know?

Superman Martial Arts

I went to see superman today,
definitely a martial arts movie.
Supie has daddy probs,
and the bad guy has mommie probs,
(not really, but it sounds funny to say)
and it is a slugfest fantastic!
And I had this thought
about halfway through the movie.

superman movie

There’s a little superman in ALL of us!

A martial artist is a superman.
Sure we are.
We’re stronger,
longer lasting.
We rarely get sick,
we even tend to avoid accidents!
Wouldn’t you say that is a cut above Joe Ordinary?

So what makes us that way,
and what is our kryptonite?

What makes us superman is simple.
On the physical level it is the simple work out.
When you do a the first form of Karate,
for instance,
you are doing twenty lunges.
By the time you have done five forms
you have done lunges,
all manner of sheer physical exercise.
So when you are doing Martial Arts,
you are doing body calisthenics
the way a madman might do them.
a superman.

On the second level we have energy.
Every time you do your forms
you are doing cycles of deep breathing.
This oxygenates the body,
feeds the tan tien
(the energy generator)
and cause incredible amounts of sheer energy
to swarm through the body.
So when you are doing martial arts
you are feeding the energy system,
and making something
a lot longer lasting and more powerful
than even the muscles you have built up.

On the third level we have thought.
Thought is the most powerful thing in the universe,
and Joe Ordinary doesn’t even know it exists!
Joe Ordinary thinks thought is doing a book report,
or something like that!
But we know the truth.
We know the truth because we built up all that energy,
and all that energy had to be controlled,
and the only way to control energy is with thought.
And all that energy we build up in the body,
as we learn to control it,
we learn to control the energy of the universe.

And thus,
through three levels,
we become stronger,
longer lasting,
have more energy,
know how to control that energy.

Can you understand why I refer to us as…

what is our kryptonite?
That is an interesting question.
What can harm us?
The only thing in the universe,
the whole entire universe,
that can harm a superman is…

He can abuse his powers,
fragment his self,
lose sight of that incredible energy that is him.

The exact procedure
for making yourself less than a superman,
less than a man,
is to forsake virtue.

Virtue is part of the soul,
it is the desire to do good.
When we don’t teach,
share the lessons,
spread our charm,
then the energy dies,
we fragment,
and lose sight of our superhuman selves.

Help a child.
Pet a dog.
Laugh at a barbecue.
Wrestle with your younger brother…and let him win.
Tell a girl she is beautiful.
Hold a job,

That’s all it takes to protect our superhuman powers.
And how super can we get?
that depends on your work out.
The more work out you do,
the more forms you do…
(every form is a prayer)
…the stronger you get.
The more times you do a technique,
the more integrated you become as a human being.
The more times you kick and punch,
the more you fill yourself with superhuman powers.

of course,
there are going to be those that disagree.
Who say that I’m wrong,
and give other reasons.
but they are mere earthlings.
If we are patient enough,
we can raise them up.
And patience is a virtue.
And maybe they will come,
to the truth that we know.

You are a superman.

go enjoy the movie.
Have a ball.
Eat popcorn and cheer for the good guys,
and feel sorry for the bad guys.
They just haven’t worked out enough,
lost sight of themselves,
don’t know their own power.

Enjoy the movie.
the new site is called…

Free Bruce Lee.

Google it,
it’s about a super guy,
and it’s got some super stuff on it,
and it is built for super people to enjoy.

Have a great work out!


And don’t forget to go to…
Start your journey to superhuman right here…

Martial Arts for Closet Survivalists Before the World Comes to an End!

One thing I don’t talk about much, when it comes to martial arts, is being a survivalist. You know what a survivalist is…he’s the guy who is determined that the world is going to end, and that he is finally going to get to shoot his neighbors.
Did I misstate that a wee bit? Grin.
The point is that most people are survivalists. Most people want to live until tomorrow. At least.
There’s a few, of course, that don’t, and these are recognizable because they don’t want you to live until tomorrow. At all.
This latter group, of course, is the impetus for the whole survivalist movement. It’s the whole reason for being…and oiling your guns and hoarding your gold and hoe-ing your garden.
But the hilarious thing is this: most people who are into end of the world survival modes don’t really know any martial arts. Maybe they learned a kata in the 3rd grade, when their mother made them take a summer class at the Y, but they don’t really know anything.
They don’t know how to hold a knife, cutting v hacking, the best way to rip somebody’s throat out, or even how to punch a bag.
Many of them are in beer drinking bad physical condition. Haven’t done a push up in years.
Mind you, not al, there are a few that are in great shape, but they are usually making money off the fat ones.
Vampirism. That’s what I call it. Sucking the blood out of the people scared of zombies.
Anyway, I hope I’ve made you think. I hope I’ve made you consider actually getting a martial arts course off the internet.
It’s a great place to start…no dues, no gas and time, just plug in the DVD and start having fun.
You know, the funny thing is that if enough people ordered martial arts off the internet the world wouldn’t come to an end, people would simply be more interested in the martial arts than determining that the world is about to die.
So if you guys want to have a great work out, and get into tip top shape, come visit Monster Martial Arts. And hurry up, the world is about to end!

An Important Item In Getting Somebody To A Karate Black Belt In Three Months

Check out the video, the article is right below it.

Training somebody to the level of a Karate Black Belt in Three Months is an interesting experience. It’s amazing fun, but there are several things you need to be extremely careful of should you plan to it. Here’s one of the most important items.

First, you need to know your Matrixing, and you have to deliver the Three Month course exactly as prescribed. There can be no variations from the program. Afterwards, you’ll find that your student’s ability to learn is so good that you can make all sorts of deviations, but stick to the program if you want to get him there.

The above noted, key to the program is knowing when the student has actually absorbed the material. He may not always be smooth in execution of technique, but it’s his mind that you have to watch. The moment he understands the material, can do it with certainty, no matter how ragged it looks, you congratulate him and move on to the next piece of material.

This is critical, because if you don’t do this he will hit a plateau. He may also become discouraged, for he has achieved something important, not been recognized, and he may even decide to move on.

When I first realized this factor I was confronted with a choice. Do I ignore him winning, and work him until his movements are smooth, or do I accept a ragged movement that works, but is not pretty? I found that if I recognized his win, his rate of learning accelerated, and, here’s something astounding…he tended not to forget as easily.

Now, some martial arts sensei are going to have a rough time with this, for one wants perfection in the martial arts, and it is the right thing to want. But, accept a slightly ragged movement in technique, and polish the living daylights out of him at a later date. Guaranteed, you will have faster learning students and less people will walk away.

The key factor to remember in this is that we are gauging experience versus knowledge. A classical Black Belt will have some of the knowledge and lots of experience. A Three Month Black Belt, done according to my program, will have ALL the knowledge, and some of the experience.

So, which do you prefer…a person who looks pretty, has some knowledge, and is learning at a slower pace…or a person with all the knowledge, who doesn’t look pretty, but can make it work, and who learns at an incredibly fast rate? Personally, I will take Martial Artist who has knowledge any time, because that opens the door for even more and faster learning. Once a Karate Black Belt is past such things as plateaus, has discovered his real potentials, and has the knowledge, he can be polished to a far finer degree, and his art will rise like the sun.

If you would like to see the Three Month Black Belt Program, mouse to Monster Martial Arts.

Free Martial Arts Magazine is Available at Monster Martial Arts

Walking the Circle

Harry Hsu Walks the Circle

The latest and the greatest in the Free Martial Arts Magazine universe has just hit the stands. The digital stands, that is.

The Monster MartialArts Journal Four is up and ready to go. You can read it online, or you can download it. Here is the URL.

This issue has the winner for the infamous Jesus teaches Martial Arts Contest.

Also, there is a very incisive article concerning Shaolin Martial Arts and the directions of the five animals.

Other departments include Matrixing, Shameless advertising (this is a hoot!), and a growing resources section. People who want to take advantage of a little free advertising should get in touch with me. The journal is small, but growing, and it won’t be long until, like Gozilla, it just eats the whole wide world.

That’s the Monster Journal…the absolute best when it comes to free Martial Arts Magazines.


Pump Up Your Martial Arts Biz is with Free Online Martial Arts Magazine

free martial artsA free online martial arts magazine is a great way to pump up your biz.

When I write my mag I am competing with such mags as Black Belt, Kung Fu Magazine, Ultimate MMA, and so on.

I post the ads in obvious places, but I keep them polite. Ads pay for the mag, but I don’t want to drive people away.

A good idea is to place the ads infrequently in the beginning, and then have a resources at the end of the mag. Actually, the small ads enable me to format the magazine without large blank spaces. People usually read the resources, most people are looking to improve their martial arts.

I write articles on a variety of martial arts. While I try to conceptualize the mag towards one specific area (Matrix Martial Arts, in my case) I want to write for everybody.

It does take a few hours to put a mag together, but, in my case, it is a total labor of love.

Make sure you are absolutely honest with all customers, include all information about email notification and how to cancel any email notification. And make sure that you never allow or support spam in any way. That is the fastest way to kill an online mag, and even website, that I know.

Be prepared to spend a few months building up lists and customers, and, it goes without saying, make sure that you are selling a quality product in your pages, what you sell, and even in any ads you put in for other people. People will know you by your quality. Think about it this way…crappy magazine equals crappy art, most excellent magazine reflects thought and consideration and a quality martial art.

Now, to understand what I’m saying here, it takes me 4 – 6 hours to write a mag, and you should check it out to see how closely I follow my own advice. It is free, and you can read it on the website, or download it and read it on your own computer. Here’s the link. Free Martial Arts Journal!

If you love to write, research, and talk to martial artists around the country, then you should definitely consider writing a free online martial arts magazine.

Online Martial Arts Upsets Society…Something Is About To Happen!

The boy sits in front of his laptop, inspecting karate fighting on youtube, googling kung vs karate, and generally perusing the many types of martial arts…online martial arts. Many think he is trapped in a virtual prison, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Something is about to happen that will enlighten mankind, and change the world forever.

Consider what the boy with the laptop is doing. He is engaged in the process of storing energy. Yes, there is a certain parasitic concept in this energy thing, but the boy is getting more than he is giving.

The watching of conflict causes muscles to twitch, installs synaptic responses that cannot be denied. The exhilaration of winning and losing causes an excitation of the body nervous system. Most important, the images splashed into the brain are a lesson.

Why do you think this thing is called programming? But the programming is not happening in the computer, except by the way. The real programming is happening in the mind of the boy.

Excessive knowledge is being poured into his brain. He starts to know about all manner of things, and his education swells. He begins to mull over such things as Krav Maga, TaeKwonDo, Kenpo, and more.

The visions of Gung Fu movements to be implemented becomes instilled in him. Within his psyche are the seeds to handle all manner of confrontation, physical and otherwise. The next cycle of humanity is about to open its eyes.

This has occurred before. It occurred when mankind was forced into cities during the industrial revolution. When man released his energy at the end of that revolution the world was transformed.

It happened when mankind pushed himself into television sets, and then exploded into the world with all manner of new concepts. It happened when mankind pushed himself into computers, and the world became a virtual conception of unlimited design. It is about to happen with online martial arts, when the boy pushes back his chair and goes to explore what he has learned…and the world will never be the same.

I’m sorry, but if you Mouse to Monster Martial Arts life will never be the same.

The Martial Arts are a Puzzle

The odd thing is that I’ve never heard anybody thinking of the martial arts as a puzzle. People just follow along, do what they’re told, and they get somewhere…but, man, they could have gone so much further and fast. Here’s a win.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed quite how they (combat exercises) fit together, and how they provide a step-by-step progress to a level of martial arts that is far beyond anything witnessed in recent history (save by a few exceptional masters.) And that this high level is obviously attainable if I were to just follow this road.

So weird that I would be the one to come up with this. One simple question, and the martial arts are changed forever.

I’ve got a book on Matrixing that explains all this. It’s at Monster Martial Arts.

win #42