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Finding the Best Online Martial Arts Instruction

What to Look For in Online Martial Arts Instruction

For part one of this article, go to How to Teach Yourself Martial Arts.

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When looking for the best online martial arts instruction you need to assess three things. Continue reading

Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Snake Oil Kung Fu Lessons

Now it could be Taekwondo Lessons, or Karate Instruction, or online Kenpo classes, or any number of odd beasts, but it is all the same. It could be the inside cover comic book ads or late night infomercials, but you know what I am talking about. You can have the power to destroy eight tat covered gangbangers with a single never before revealed secret technique!

Now, the weird thing is, some of these things you see on the web actually have worth. Some of them are the product of dedicated martial arts senseis. The sad truth, however, it is still a ‘buyer beware’ game out there.

The plot line for these magic courses is pretty predictable. First build some common feeling with the reader. Since everybody grew up and has been picked on, telling the crowd that you used to be picked on by bullies is a pretty good tale.

Now, you’ve put the idea of being picked on in the rube’s head, the second step is to give him a solution. You’ve got to convince him that if he studies your method he will be capable of beating up the bullies. This magic formula, if you think about it, is at the heart of every kung fu movie ever made.

Now, except for the taking his money part, you’ve basically got it figured out. It is all that simple. Sell him a problem, give him the solution, take his money. Or, if you want to get egghead, suspend his belief, lead him to a fantasy, take his money.

Now, let’s be honest, some products actually have some great worth, and some should be avoided like smelly, day old toilet seat covers, and the way to figure out the difference is easy. If the pitch follows a certain predictable line, you might want to avoid it. A guy who follows an exact script has done his homework, and he is trying to build his bankroll on your back.

The better alternative is the guy who doesn’t follow a script, but who actually talks to you. It is not a selling format, but a voice that has substance and belief. It is a guy who believes in what he is practicing, and is selling out of compassion and love for what he does.

This is not to say that there isn’t sometimes some great deals in some of the Snake Oil Kung Fu Lessons, or Karate Instruction, or Kenpo Online. Be it prison fighting or ghetto blasting, or secret CIA techniques taught in secret by an ancient vodun priest…there could very well be some juicy stuff, or even a new way of viewing things. Sometimes, you know, Snake Oil is what you need!

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Online Martial Arts Upsets Society…Something Is About To Happen!

The boy sits in front of his laptop, inspecting karate fighting on youtube, googling kung vs karate, and generally perusing the many types of martial arts…online martial arts. Many think he is trapped in a virtual prison, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Something is about to happen that will enlighten mankind, and change the world forever.

Consider what the boy with the laptop is doing. He is engaged in the process of storing energy. Yes, there is a certain parasitic concept in this energy thing, but the boy is getting more than he is giving.

The watching of conflict causes muscles to twitch, installs synaptic responses that cannot be denied. The exhilaration of winning and losing causes an excitation of the body nervous system. Most important, the images splashed into the brain are a lesson.

Why do you think this thing is called programming? But the programming is not happening in the computer, except by the way. The real programming is happening in the mind of the boy.

Excessive knowledge is being poured into his brain. He starts to know about all manner of things, and his education swells. He begins to mull over such things as Krav Maga, TaeKwonDo, Kenpo, and more.

The visions of Gung Fu movements to be implemented becomes instilled in him. Within his psyche are the seeds to handle all manner of confrontation, physical and otherwise. The next cycle of humanity is about to open its eyes.

This has occurred before. It occurred when mankind was forced into cities during the industrial revolution. When man released his energy at the end of that revolution the world was transformed.

It happened when mankind pushed himself into television sets, and then exploded into the world with all manner of new concepts. It happened when mankind pushed himself into computers, and the world became a virtual conception of unlimited design. It is about to happen with online martial arts, when the boy pushes back his chair and goes to explore what he has learned…and the world will never be the same.

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