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An Important Item In Getting Somebody To A Karate Black Belt In Three Months

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Training somebody to the level of a Karate Black Belt in Three Months is an interesting experience. It’s amazing fun, but there are several things you need to be extremely careful of should you plan to it. Here’s one of the most important items.

First, you need to know your Matrixing, and you have to deliver the Three Month course exactly as prescribed. There can be no variations from the program. Afterwards, you’ll find that your student’s ability to learn is so good that you can make all sorts of deviations, but stick to the program if you want to get him there.

The above noted, key to the program is knowing when the student has actually absorbed the material. He may not always be smooth in execution of technique, but it’s his mind that you have to watch. The moment he understands the material, can do it with certainty, no matter how ragged it looks, you congratulate him and move on to the next piece of material.

This is critical, because if you don’t do this he will hit a plateau. He may also become discouraged, for he has achieved something important, not been recognized, and he may even decide to move on.

When I first realized this factor I was confronted with a choice. Do I ignore him winning, and work him until his movements are smooth, or do I accept a ragged movement that works, but is not pretty? I found that if I recognized his win, his rate of learning accelerated, and, here’s something astounding…he tended not to forget as easily.

Now, some martial arts sensei are going to have a rough time with this, for one wants perfection in the martial arts, and it is the right thing to want. But, accept a slightly ragged movement in technique, and polish the living daylights out of him at a later date. Guaranteed, you will have faster learning students and less people will walk away.

The key factor to remember in this is that we are gauging experience versus knowledge. A classical Black Belt will have some of the knowledge and lots of experience. A Three Month Black Belt, done according to my program, will have ALL the knowledge, and some of the experience.

So, which do you prefer…a person who looks pretty, has some knowledge, and is learning at a slower pace…or a person with all the knowledge, who doesn’t look pretty, but can make it work, and who learns at an incredibly fast rate? Personally, I will take Martial Artist who has knowledge any time, because that opens the door for even more and faster learning. Once a Karate Black Belt is past such things as plateaus, has discovered his real potentials, and has the knowledge, he can be polished to a far finer degree, and his art will rise like the sun.

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How to Do the Three Month Black Belt course

Karate Black Belt
The Three Month Black Belt Course is really the ultimate in Online Martial Arts training.
The way to do it is to simply watch the videos and do the material on that belt level.
Each level has a form, two man form, applications, and the Matrix.
So you get a partner and do the basics each lesson. You watch a segment of the basics, see my student doing the basics, understand exactly what he is doing, and then do it yourself.
Then you do your two man form, making sure you work on it exactly as I tell you in the video. Check your partner out and have check you out, and make sure you have perfect form by using the drills I give, and by reading written material on the Matrix Karate course.
Do the Two man Forms, back and forth, until you can do them as easily as walking.
Then do the Matrix Forms. These Kata are simple, yet make the connection between form and fighting.
After the forms, do the Matrix. Make sure you don’t bang on the each other too hard in the beginning. Get to the point where you can do the full matrix in 15 minutes or less, and with good control. Sloppy control counts for nothing. Time for the mini-matrixes aren’t important…just make sure you understand the moves and can do them easily without thinking about them.
You have to stop thinking about what you are doing. This is not memorization work, but a logical format which will pull you along.
The important thing is to do it until you remember it without thinking. This should only take a half a dozen or ten times through.
And don’t use too much force, let the force grow.
Finally, do some freestyle. Make sure you do the level of freestyle you are supposed to do, and don’t get ahead and do full freestyle until you are supposed to. Remember, you arelearning, and to break the program will hold back your learning.
Finally, when you can do the material as good or better than my student does it on the last tape, you are there. This doesn’t mean you stop training. On the contrary, you have just started. You will be experiencing intuition and all sorts of things, and you must make sure you keep training, keep learning.
Remember, you have knowledge, but you don’t have experience…you must train hard and overcome this problem.
That’s how you do it, so write me and let me know of your successes.

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